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Friday, January 30, 2009

now would you put the past away...

hey :)

so, now must tell you about thursday.
i went jogging with daddy!
damn i love to run :)

and then went to pyramid with una, and aski.
i so love them lah.
we watched bride wars.
and guess what, in the oh-so-crowded cinema toilet, i saw, eunice! and then ling yi!
haha :)

and then we ate and stuff, you know, normal stuff..?
we stayed there till 4.45, then home, i was tired....
and aiyahhhhhh heroes is overrrrr T.T

i dont usually use this lala T.T emoticon, so when i use it, i really am sad.


and today, so lazy to wake up and jog lah.
my love for sleeping overrules my love for running....

i went to pyramid, again, with daddy.
and we bought my watch.
my pmr gift...sort of.

i know you silly people less a's than me can get laptops, chunted phones and more stuff you don't deserve, i get a nice watch.

expensive dohh.


i must show charmaine and adeline.

btw, there no prayer meet tonight.
it feels, so empty again.
i spent forever trying to do my add maths, cause i just missed one thursday 2 period lesson, i have no idea how to do inverse functions.
thank goodness i'm so smart, cause i get it now :)

but its still alot weyh.

btw, i saw this girl today.
really pretty, and with the most amazing hair, that looks just like my old hairstyle, the long one.
and i miss it...
and i don't understand why her boyfriend is as ugly as anything.

this is cae me. and this is laura.
this is how pretty people look like :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

no you're not that good for me.

it's my 250th post :)

i know most of you all will be bored with more chinese new year stories, as the cina is somehow the more common in blogland, but i know that these things documented are for me to look back on, and those of you crazy enough to be interested.
i want my future me to know how witty and opinionated as i hope to be :p

2nd day of new year.
i wake up at 11 again.
go the nick's house for lunch, and cho dai di with my sis, nat, and paul.
no money involved yeah?

then home, and then dinner at u.james's house.
and then to bergamble at my aunties house, or uh, jeannie's house lah...
then home.

3rd day of new year.
super packed day.
wake up at 9.45, go to ps hong seng's house at 10.
more food, more ang pau.
then followed lawrence and bryan with jess, to ps hock huat's house, and got lost summore.

then played more cho dai di with them, and paris hilton, and joycelyn.
then to richard's house!
where we were late and it was packed with people i didnt really know.
food was awesome.

and OMG. people.
or, nicky ng and aski!
its bleu cheese not actually blue cheese!
( i think i just blew a nerve. too excited. haha!)

then went to ben goh's house.
and saw princess :)
and then joel sent me home.

and then watched some tv, and then went to melissa's house for dinner.
and guess what? everybody ended up there anyway.

the ss gang, and then cae me with the yap brothers.

and guess what we do again.
cho dai di again!

fun wey :D

then home.


Monday, January 26, 2009

just like me.

hello morons :)

firstly, happy chinese new year :D
most of you will be doing what i'm doing, growing fat, getting potential sore throats and remembering how many unknown cousins you have and how on earth they're related to you again...

anyway. i had an okay weekend, there was no yf or prayer meet.
but i spent the whole saturday cleaning my room.
a real clean.
i have like a billion tissues under my bed.

i discovered the joy of the vacuum cleaner :)
it just sucks up stuff like that.
despite the fact of having to always find the nearest socket and lunging the huge thing around, or worrying if it sucks up anything it shouldn't, it is quite convenient :D
haha dust bunnies are no match for me!

feel like doing my add maths homework.

anyway, it was so hot, and tiring, and my nose can produce an inhuman like amount of phlegm whenever dust is involved.

and then we went to parade!
i like parade :)
we bought clothes, more nail polish, and i had the prosperity burger.
nice right?

i got to wear my new dress today.

and then we cousins sit in marcus's car.
and also got baskin robbins.

and wow, its like, eating every minute of the day.
and we saw elaine tan at tai pak kung's house :)
where there's always alot of food.

i'm sick thinking abt it also lahh..

mushroom mushroom mushroom!

Friday, January 23, 2009

thanks for the memories.

you lazy pigs that didn't go today.
i hope you will be unhealthy, lack vitamin D, and grow fat.
jk lah :)

today was the larian twelveans, a 3.2 km run around the USJ12 area.
i didn't get top 20 lah.
ok, 30 something only.
i'm abbbiiiitttt disappointed lah.
i shall let hammy blog abt what number she got lah.
(number10 o.o)

it was ok.
i spent most of my day with my dearest anisa.
i met my supposedly dead supposed boyfriend's lil sister.
and observed mr.purple from the blockD staircase.


yeaha, prefects get to roam around the school while you normal, mere average students have to find some nice place to sit or else you kena fried by the sun, or you have to smell sweat, or a place where prefects accidentally scatter lots and lots of dry, peeling paint from the upstairs wall like snow from heaven but instead you get annoyed and throw a fit.
it was an accident lah :)

and its li ann's sweet sixteen today :)
she's an awesome netball player ya know?

i came home, took a yummy fantastic bath, and ate my McD and watched chicken little.
then i came here, and then hehe i found my long lost avril lavigne cd.
her first album, not this bimbo crap she does now.
that and fall out boy's first album as well.
and then i played it on my daddy's fancy amplifier thingy.
wah happy :)

and ha my blog is so, dark? now.
crap yeah its chinese new year lah.
major cleaning spree tmr.

enjoy your free time now.......

this is laura. and this is nat.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

keep your eyes there.

hello :)

so busy hor.

theres so much homework everyday.
and then they give you extra saying its chinese new year holidays.
so what? we have people to visit! places to go!
what do they think we cina are doing at home?
lounging around counting ang pau money, eating new year cookies, and watching lame chinese singing shows?

monday, was a good day?
i don't remember.
i remember at training though, where we had to go to the pedestrian bridge/jejantas/jambatan/whatever and do that whatever lah for 2 sets of 20 mins.
tiring :O

and then tuesday and wednesday ran the 5.5 km thing, or uh, walked lah, for me...
and then yesterday, somehow ended up playing frisbee :)
damn fun :D

then i walked home in the rain.
its not as fun as you think.
and my ankles were killing me.
plus, i had to carry my fat school bag, fat text books, and shoes, and blazer.
i guess if i were carrying nothing it would be better.

anyway, laura's sick today.
soar throat and blowing out alot of phlegm.
for the first time this whole year, i woke up at 10.

with today's freeness, i, get to finish all my homework, rest my muscles, eat properly, and relax.
and then there's LBT tmr.
run run run run run :)

joycelyn, me, johanna anna banana

Sunday, January 18, 2009

hearts break.

did i tell you all?
i beat nick & steph in monopoly again!
i beat them kau kau!

i owned the yellow, light blue and brown hotels.
duh they can bankrupt lah!
can't wait for my wednesday again hehe.

so, how was your weekend?
i don't care cause i'm gonna talk about mineee.

woke up late for school. its a saturday for goodness sake.
stupid cny.

and then agm stuff.
i'm in bola baling (fun, wish i could go, but not going), music/choir (fun, wanna go, but not going)(had a better time talking with daniel than listening to pn.lucille), and lastly pbsm ( AS IF I'M EVER GOING.)

then actually had to do bio and physics that day o.o
more homework.

and we sang a birthday song to oliverrr
haha smarties :)
oliver rocks!

then wanted to walk to danielle's house with ben, but then my dad wanted to fetch.
and then showed up with my uniform lol to a party. o.o right.

anyway, it was danielle's 15th birthday!
i love that girl and she's an amazing friend and person, and my life is made much better because of her, and hee she's my queen.

then i went home to bathe, and then back to church, and then omg i saw una! after a month!
then then went to yum cha with irene jie and joycelyn, and then the committee dinner at richard's place.
with fantastic soup and pasta, and dessert :)
ah michelle chun :)

and then home.
was so exhausted.
i actually slept early and didn't go online. when the com was free.
ah well.
then i woke up for my football game, but then, i was so tired, so i sacrifised my game for 2hours of sleep.

we won 3-1 btw.

then my sunday!
went to church early.
and omg omg had an accident!
and the kelisa has a freaking huge dent lah.
thank goodness for insurance?
but i was really worried abt it :(

so the car is undriveable for a while, i gotta walk to school for training now and ugh all the inconvenience.

then church, then after that ryan drove una and i to 3k there for the absolute bazaar.
i bought clothes! waha!

and then lunch with una at a&w.

then home, the only thing i wanted was a nice nap, but daddy wanted to paint the walls outside, so i helped lor.

anyway, omg homwork.
and omg there's sejarah tmr.
and omg it's already 12.

retro :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

imagine me and you, i do.

happy together - idk.
(the david cook version rocks as well)

be happy together with me!

i was really hyped up today.
not hyper, no.
but definitely happy.

it starts with a good pj, where i get to, run! 5 rounds wey. and then can play basketball also :D
ahh so happy.

and then i was still abit happy from yesterday cause guess who i talked to!
haha guess.

i've been using moron alot nowadays.

then today, i sang songs with adeline kong kong.
i may not love her taste in songs, but she's a good singing partner.

but remember, hammy is my best duet-er (?)

i miss hammy.

talked to oliverrr, jin onn and wen liang. and zhe kai also today.
my branded watch gang :)

and omg jin onn stalks me.

i skipped training again. and mcaffee whatever crap also.
i wanted to sleep, but i just felt like i had too much hw to be peaceful.
so i went outside to do, and study my sejarah also.
and got bitten my mosquitoes, and seen how this weird plant reproduces in my garden.
(and i touched it :O)

the pool party :D
see the lack of girls?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

so pick me up.

OI bangang.

besides that, hey :)
i smile alot to kong kong now.
she's thinks she's cute. haha!

so tuesday, add maths becomes less confusing as tuition becomes more productive.
and physics is quite chun, but then again it's only the first chapter kan?

modmaths is like, algebraic equations.

today, i left training early cause well, it was raining (again), and kaki aku sakit.
hamstring muscle to be precise.
idk lah it might not be that serious, but man does it hurt.
may skip training for awhile lah.

so i came home at 4, took a nice bath, and then well, went outside in my garden there for a homework marathon :)
did my maths, moral, and english.
tried doing sejarah but i just don't feel like it.
i'll do it lah eventually.
pn teo you know?

and est! haha.

monopoly! :D
i wanna play later.

i'm so useless at times.
so, i'm sorry lah ok?

pretty camera huh?
chews, sa and i :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

you and you're non-idiocy,

form4 life is so different wey o.o


first time in my life, didn't go to a whole weekend of church o.o
and i feel so sad lah.

got camp mah.
prefect camp.

and man is it tiring.
muscles aching.

it was definitely fun, and afiq is one awesome leader.

and i love ken young! omg. haha.

so then, i realized i still have homework.
and still got. now.
why am i not doing anything also i don't know.

you come back at 1.50, training at 3, tuition at 6, and then find time to do your homework.
and tuesday also but must fit in time for 90210 and grey's.


i must go do my EST now.
i dunno how to do my add maths.
(and it's the first chapter only :/)
and then pn.teo's sejarah notes.

blah blah.


dance dance.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

i simply miss you.

i really miss everyone.


well. last night the ng's came over right.
and we played monopoly.
the new one, with credit card one.
and in millions o.o

i beat nicky ng :D

i can still emo abt my results.

fuiyoh, today.
can start crying adi man.
but then gillian had to go toilet so, aiyah.

i'm so sad. there's something abt this year that seems so wrong.
so far.

and, why am i sleeping late tonight -_- i'm gonna regret it in the morning.

i wanna go out lah. with you all and pretend its still the holidays.

i still have last year's skipping school mood.

eh, btw, it sounds so very chun right when u say you got add maths, or bio, or chem and stuff. like so mature adi :)

if like were like cuppacakes.
so pretty :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

hey sugar sugar :)

my legs are painful wey.

third day of school, i can start sleeping soundly adi.
i mean, like, if without Gillian bothering me lah :)

i skipped training today, cause man, my muscles can't take it anymore!

anyway, i thought i was excited abt my prefect camp this weekend, but now its so doom-ey.

i can't imagine missing all that sleep i need, i can't imagine cooking in school, sleeping in tents, bathing in the potentially cockroach filled place there, and then, most of all, i can't believe i can't go to church.

i'm already so sick of school, i just wanna see you guys :(

i kept thinking abt everyone today.
damn lahhhhhhhh.

amanda, gillian, and adeline are making it better lah i guess :)

i miss all my friends. school friends also. cause it's so hard to see them.

i blame that B.


i have est and bm to do.

on a happier note, una's back, though i can't see her.
i really hope you guys are having a better time.

i wanna walk around barefoot with all my friends where it's unethical to. like pyramid.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

heal my heart, and break it.

shit you man.
so angry at this idiot.

nvrmind :D

wait, my weekend first :)

saturday morning, i org rajin (robot prefect) had to go for the Form 1 orientation.
and yay i jaga :/ stuff.

with jia chie haha. she's so sampat like me :)

and then charmaine and i walked back to my house and made egg sandwiches, for my 365 lah. new year's party..

i was abit, ok, verrrray sad when i found out abt my class.
really felt like crying in church.

i didn't go to julian's thingggy.
but i should have went.
joel belanja wendy's.
omg o.o

instead i chose to spend the night with relatives that were talking abt, hey guess what? pmr results -_-

so bummed.

then on sunday morning, had breakfast with jamie koo :)

anyway, sunday evening had the cleaning room mood again.

and today school!

um, i like the fact that it's third floor, with the nice tables and chairs :)
i like my class teacher.
and amandahhh.

that's all.

i'm a very judgemental person. i tak suka ppl easily.

well, today got duties and stuff lah. didnt have to sit in class that long, but whoa that 1.10-1.50 class is like ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

so much difference...

i decided i wanna be really pro-kokorikulum this year.

so i masuk olahraga. its fun.
i dont mind that its 3-5 lah.

happy birthday lawrence.
and julian han.

Friday, January 2, 2009

if you want to take me there.

so 2008 huh.

it was a good year, its very hard for me to single out each and every event, but i'll try my best kay?
uh okay i don't remember anything. hahaha.

school is less bearable as the months passed, and i sleep alot more in school, oh gawd i think next year will be worse.
ok lah. we make this an academic related post.

i was actually very keen on my self-proposed room cleaning today.
i was very frustrated with it.
cause of the weather? and whatnot.

i reached my bookcase.

now, there is a full stack of papers and books.
and really, clearing them out for new form4 books feels like such a relief lor.
there are, a billion latih tubi papers i have never done, the one we paid 30 bucks for, i never touched, and then rmbr the photocopied booklets they gave everyone to do? haha never even opened as well.

even my notebooks and exercise books were quite empty.
haha my komsas, 3 used pages.

i think thats why i got a darn fat B for BM cause God is punishing me for not paying attention and putting any effort into my bm.

the whole stack of papers is to be literally recycled, i considered giving them to danielle for uh, referance? but they were pretty useless to me so i think danielle will trust my judgement.
bleh, she's smart anyway.
she can get my official trials papers, and then of course, my official pmr papers.

danielle, i think i might want to burn my bm paper though.
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (emoes)
fudddd lah.

and then my tuition stack, i found my 3 1/2 notebooks worth of my personal sejarah notes, dunno to throw or what lah.
if only i put in that much effort for my bm :(
and then 2 notebooks worth of geo, and 1 paper filled with bm :O

and then files filled with exercises, my tuition buddies would know :)

so, hello form4 books!
chemistry, physics, bio, add maths!

i'm also keen on taking on sejarah again.
hahah babi.

bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm.

i think almost everyone has taken a pic in front of the pyramid xmas tress :D

i'm sorry i screwd it up with you :(

Thursday, January 1, 2009

baby just say yes :o

so hey :D
its my first 2009 post.
and i'm kinda like 16, although i just turned 15 last month, i must tell everyone i'm 16 now.

like, in friendster you tak perlu lie abt your age adi, not that anyone's still using friendster *gosh*.

my last post was an after-christmas thing.
and now is my new year thing.

i know u all are still thinking abt the results thing right...
ask me personally i'll tell you lar.

and i've never been quite so disappointed since arsenal drew with aston villa.
so my life is quite simple wan lah :D

you all cannot tell me its a good enough result okay?
just you know, like, a better result can really change everything.

and, i love charmaine anne :)

so when you all ask me and think that i look fine with it, i'm not.


i always wondered why they always have new year marathons.
before and after new year, like are you really that lifeless until you sit in front of the tv the whole day when a supposedly significant day of your life passes like that?

well. i know why now.
i did absolutely nothing but watch tv on dec31 and jan1.

besides church and that nice small family dinner.

so yay to 30rock marathons!

and i watched so much tv, it suddenly died.
then yay for my computer and yay to my sister going out so i can use the computer.

and it feels very new.

on the day i got my results and came home ahem (crying o.o) my sis actually had friends over.
like, embarassing sikit lahhhh.

but anyway, my com is kinda virus free and chun now.
got the new version of messenger which is very nice :) but i can't figure how to tab chats and stuff anymore.
and theres the new adobe photoshop cs4 also which is very hard to get used to, but yay :D

friends matter :)
una's coming back in 3 days, school starts in 4, my gorgeous baby cousin shane is going back in 6 days.

happy new year guys :D