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Thursday, August 25, 2011

time after time.

i've been seeing my noobs alot recently. :)
like suddenly only, alot.

i don't even think i can remember all leh o.O

i hate this laptop.

um, i'll just go chronologically, as from my hp's calendar.

last last wednesday was mae's birthday :D she came to my house as usual like almost every wednesday, as with the ng's, and jeannnie :) and then said we wanna take her out for "just ice cream". hahaha.

then, very eerily almost like my 15th birthday, the guys, faya and jamie came down the street with a cake singing happy birthday! :) surpriseeeee. it was, vin zhan, joe, joel, fayaaa, jamie, eugene, and paul.

we went to mcD. sat upstairs, outside. it's the only place that would fit us. and danielle came for awhile! :)

it was a nice night :)

then thursday, i don't remember. i don't remember friday either. yeesh. saturday? erm i dunno. got go out, but forgot with who, and to where D:

oh! friday! :) we went to the bazaar. wanted to walk to adeline's house and all, but it was raining :(
so panda fetched me, debbie and zack. alot of rushing, cause ini zack fails in communication.
and then we met eu mun, adeline and arif there.

quickly buy lor cause raining. share two umbrellas. hehe.
went back to adeline's house and buka puasa :)
and then we go to her room to bersampat. like always. it never changes. :)

then panda fetched me to church.

er, i remember sunday after church for lunch i lightly suggested to meng chern abt chilli pan mee and next thing you know ALL of us are eating there. sat in irving's car officially for the first time :)

and then blur again.
tuesday night. aha. zack, debbie and i went for dinner in kfc. cause fatty had the voucher right. :)
then came back my house for awhile for me to finish up some homework.
then went out again. see, so nice when one of us can drive everywhere :)

first said wanna go lakeside's old town, which failed, cause it was closed. then we drove back to adeline's house first, and then we all sat in the avanza to, well, we couldn't decide till we reached the federal. whatever lah right, fun :) me, debbie, zack, eu mun, adeline and arif.

ended up going to Piccadilly. i always hear about it, but never been there. or so i thought >:B
turns out i've been there before. once. when i was 14 or 15. an arsenal vs liverpool match. with joseph, gideon, daniel and i can't remember cause it was long time ago.

so we went there. and i reached home dunno what time lah. next day holiday kan. :) and i got to drive zack's car home from adeline's house. heheheehe.

wednesday, see each other again, same people + panda at the usj19 digital mall. the pool there is pretty. and i swear i've dreamt abt it before lor. even though it's my first time seeing it.

yes, i didn't swim. i watched them, and played with all their iphones and itouches. mmhmm. still fun lor. then went to papparich downstairs to eat.

the place reminded me of irene jie's wedding that time. and we used the staircase where joseph and joel tried to scare mae and i but scared the security guard instead? ahahaha.

then home.

i saw them again on thursday. where the heck did we go? i don't even remember? oh oh oh. i know.
alexa told me she's be working at starbucks lakeside at night right :) so zack, fatty and i went to visit her at night. yeah, my free green tea cream chip soy frap.waha.

then he and fatty wanted to go for dinner. but i bu yao. coincidentally my sis, nat, nick and kyle were around so i followed them instead. we sat by the lake to stare and the fishes. and talk about genting! :D

and then the next few days over the weekend i just remember being extremely pms-ey and irritated alot. so -_-

had a really awesome dinner on saturday night at the regency hotel in kl. it's amazing. the roof bar? :D u. martin belanja.

seriously, the rooftop pool is so awesome. future boyfriend, i'm hinting at you. we should have girl's night out there too. i'm so jakun right, like never seen nice things before.

while having dinner the ars vs liv match was on too. make me emo.

sunday had lunch with mae, vin zhan, a. janice, and nat, nick and steph. and talked more about genting!

yesterday was wednesday, talk more abt genting!

it's 3 days away wheee.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i just want you to know.

mae and i at the beach! :)
so on thursday zack, fatty and i went for the usj4 bazaar. sort of a last minute plan. and hey, i only had exams that time right? :) haha. zack had the car! :)

it was drizzling. and then raining. sigh. we bought some stuff though anyway :) then went back to debbie's house to eat. with her sisters. haha.

and then all of us sent debbie's sis to 3k. 

they could make me feel better anytime, anywhere :) i mean i love all my ex-classmates, and esp the gang, but i just feel more ngam with these two lah :)

then friday after school, zack and i went for lunch in parade. sakae sushi. hmm. it really feels weird there lor. i hate the smell and the sound there. can you believe i only worked there for 2 weeks? felt like 2 months -_-

then we walked around. hehe. and then we went to ss15 starbucks. cause cheryl was there. heh, free drink. my tall green tea cream chip with soy milk and whipped cream. yup. mmmmm.

then we drove to taylor's lakeside. why? cause i forgot where it was.
and then we went back to his house cause i haven't seen his dog in a long time :)
and then dinner at signature. then he sent me to church. so naise hor :D

after church, he fetched me again. and debbie. we went to melur to see our noobs :)
eu mun, chin hua, oliver, jx was back!, adeline, amanda, arif and the three of us lor.
OMG so fun. hahaha.

they make me so happy to see them again and at the same time so sad that we can't do this more often.
still noisy and full of nonsense. heeh :) <3

how lah to ever find people like them again? :)

then at 12 we wished debbie ho happy birthday :) with a fail cake that zack and i bought. passionfruit and mango. sounds good right? haha. only the icing was nice :/ but just eat lah!

then we left. we saw kae huey! :) like small girl. drive big car. tsk. then we made such a commotion in front of melur. sigh.


saturday morning at futsal. lawrence fetched me :) haha. another awesome driver. i played like one verrrrryyyy short game only. excuses or what, but i was having stomach aches and i kept worrying about dirtying my shoes. so......

:) then yumcha lor. till 12 this time. siao. haha.
went home expecting to crash till time for youth service, but my parents. were cleaning the house -_-
so had to wash my aircon filter bla bla bla. had to lift my old ancient vacuum cleaner with one hand for like 15 minutes? my tofu muscles can't handle it.

sunday i didn't go to church. >:( why?! cause i had ANOTHER school event. too much right? seafield is mad.

though, it was a trip to klpac. :) my teman was cheryl lor :)

it's a really pretty place :) i usually dislike big groups of people i don't know well. right. and walking. and places of restriction. well, i didn't feel that there.

i felt very relaxed and fascinated the whole way :)
i think all aspects of art appeal to me :) i happy.

i came home. ate my own ramen :D cause it was too late to join the gang at nirwana right :(

i was gonna emo, cause i didn't see them :( my s.a.d. rightttt. then mae texted me that we're gonna watch captain america that night.

WHAT :D so happy. i thought it would be on thursday. and just with my family and the ng's family.
next thing i know it's on sunday night with almost 20 of us PLUS my family and the ng's family. 
awesome right?

i don't hafta to pay for my tickets >:P and mummy paid for the cushy socks i was talking abt :)

so the parents sat at the back, while we took a whole row :)

nick, me, irving, steph, jie, nat, gid, eugene, darren, and then thanks for being late to joel, boon, mae, and joseph. i really hope i didn't miss anyone out?

movie was good. omg chris evans :) and really sad too. :( it was also cold. very cold. :(

then fyi, after the credits, as in after the whole long credits, there are still extra scenes :O
yeah. you gotta wait a while.
mae and i went sampat around the cinema :)

i can't wait for the avengers.
oh, if you wanna get on my good side, try and be more knowledgeable abt the avengers. or pretend you do. especially if you're a guy. don't ask me silly things like who's this and who's that. i'm horrible like that i know.
but try and find out yourself from the other movies and the internet okay? it's real interesting i promise. 


goodnight yall.
sorry if it's overly long and boring :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

moves like jagger.

i know i always gloat about all my darling best friends, but for once, i honestly don't know who to tell what i want to tell now. i really don't. dear blog, can i tell you instead?

i know i always talk about knowing what's better, but yes, the grass is much greener on the other side, and it seems like everyone is already there. and those of us left on this side, have nothing to complain about. i wish things were more simple and that FINALLY, i'll be on the other side. and that i'll truly judge for myself what's better. why can't he be more right for me. i'm just a girl, warm smiles and warm hugs are about all it takes to make me realize how unbelie - wait, i know who i can talk to abt this. maybe.

thanks for being a backup fatso. bai blog.