Pick Me

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

get outta my head

hey ya!
skipped school.
who wants to spend all that wasted time being unproductive?
plus, its HOT.
stupid weather.
will be going to tuition later.
i'm trying to quit my last minute pre-exam cramming.
im going to study. and study. and study.

there'll be barbecue at nicky ng's house tonight.
we're in charge of marshmallows :D
then tmr going to joel's house.
then possibly going out with jen wen.
then, come home, ANDDDD.......

i changed my windows. (i read this back, and it sounded wrong. so i mean my Windows XP theme)
i now made it all green, blue, and brown.
its VERY nice mind you.
my blog shall soon follow suit but maybe sometime later.
i still like mangoes.

oh yeah, my com is okay now. heeeee.

some other time.
lunch now.
remind me to charge my camera.
then there'll be more pictures for you guys okay?

however, i would think just a nice post was good enough.


Friday, April 25, 2008

do you just pretend to be nice.

bombastic hello!

hey guys. i know. its been awhile. a long while.
but not my fault.
since i complain that i dont have time for anythin but schoolwork, i generally do not want to be a hypocrite by spending all my time online. but ugh. when i CAN go online, the com..justs... er, stops working la.
internet also.
but yeah. daddy and his laptop lar hor.

quite a waste since i uploaded all my nice new pics into my com but then cannot upload it.
this day, this week, was bad.
had some good days.
but some people are just so, dumb is the nicest way i can put it.

but, i have a charmaine to vent it out on.
no, not like shes my pin cushion or anything, she's my therapist.
go her!

well. hmm. lets summarize updates.
a) i freaking love my hair!
b) tmr is Hari Interaksi. so..(?)
c) i have 5 bucks only. (YES ITS A BIG DEAL)
d) was sick-ish on monday.
but not sick enough to skip school and tutition. have difficulty breathing sometmes.
e) generally no homework except the KH folio, Geo folio, Sej folio, Seni folio, and what..Sivics? see. no homework at all.
f) i want to nerd! i want to study dammit!
g) Labour Day! Labour Day!
h) i lost a shirt.
i) i had mcdonalds breakfast, ironically, for lunch!
j)(i'm trying to see if i can make it all the way to z without boring you guys)
k) i miss jen wen!
l) i can do the rubik's cube too.
m) i have dreams every night now. scary dreams.
n) i am slowly regaining my maths chun-ness
o) i've got nice pictures (ah well we all know that)
p) i want to buy surf pants
q) i bought a new eraser! andddd i need a G1 refill
r) oo have u ever seen an 'r)'???
s) 's)' is even weirder!
t) i miss the untalkative bunny
u) i want to go shopping
v) i watched a scary- SCARY local movie named congkak
w) i love strawberry cheesecake baskin robbins ice cream
x) most of these arent even updates
y)second last one!

byebye and have a great week people. sorry no pics la.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

do you care whats on my mind?

i think i have a very low tolerance for idiot-ism.
not like you're silly and hyper kind, its the I'M AN ASS kind.

i don't understand how some people can be so different. you know?
they subject themselves to such, self-degrading acts.
just for the sake of impressing other idiots.

i. am. veryyyyy. thankful for the way i am.
would never change it.
i like my life system.

some of you idiots do disrupt it of course.
my way of handling it depends on how sesat it is.
i sometimes just take a break from whoever it is.
i try to lose all contact from you until i think its ok.
or it will just be pity only larh.

whatever right...

hmm being a bit pissy today.
i'm skipping school today.
i skipped school today.

supposed to do homework la.
KH and art.

had pizza last night!

you can choose to be calm you know.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

you know it's never gonna be that simple

the feeling of desperation.
makes you wanna hurry your ass up.

sorry haven't been online in a while.
actually, no, not sorry.
i've been spending more quality time on tv, and by goodness, STUDYING.

so, Heroes sudah habis.
i can be like you people, download other shows from various unprotected websites and waste my time and spoil my eyes, but, i dont mind waiting for all the stuff to just appear on tv.
and i'm not one to invite viruses in anyway.

anyway. lil miss perasan here has decided, to not cut her hair till next year.
a whole year.
i love my hair that much man.

my limewire has turned pink!!!

now, to balance out the girlyness here,
laura shall watch the 2.30 am arsenal vs liverpool match later.
honestly, im SCARED out of my wits.
wondering if it'll be tears of distraught or tears of joy.

cousins eh.

just a lil update on my life la k.
btw, stupid midori.