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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Divination; Merry Christmas!

beautiful mornings with my beautiful girls :)
i know i always complain that it's crazy to have to give presents to so many people every year. well, the more friends you have that you care about the more you want to (not have to, but sort of) bless them with christmas presents.

well, over the years, the elite few who get to receive presents from me have become not so elite and more and more people have creeped their way into my list. 

and if you think about it, it gets very overwhelming. to think of what to give, that is thoughtful and personal yet doesn't blow your budget to smithereens. AND THEN YOU HAVE TO WRAP THEM.

yeah. and then you have to think, hmmm, have i gotten them this before? my gawd. for girls, the jewellery will run its course won't it? but at least there's lots of girly stuff to give. wtheck do guys want??? 

sigh, and then some years you put so much effort (and money) into people's presents and all you get back from them is a (cheap) bar of chocolate. potong like madness.

but believe it or not, this year isn't that for me at all. for the first time. :D 
i put in serious thinking of what to get for 90% of all of you. except one or two which is getting you something for the sake of it. :p and i honestly couldn't care less if all you gave me was a hug and throw glitter at me. or if you didn't give me a thing at all.

same as my birthday.

i'm actually scared that all this is because i'm becoming more cold and hostile, but for now, i'm going to steer the positive way and say i'm probably just growing up. you know? :)

i have amazing friends, and knowing them, they don't show love by giving gifts because i'm sure as anything that that's not how i show love too. 

christmas isn't a chore, and presents are not obligations. it's just a reminder to put in effort to show your friends that despite your terrible (and cheap) gift choices, the my-dog-ate-your-present-and-then-spit-it-out wrapping condition, the drunken like handwritten tags, and everything in between, you still love them and want to bless them with something that might even minutely make their day sliggghhhtttlllyyy better. :)

so give a packet of tissue for christmas. i dare you.

cheers to another christmas with all my loved ones.

and omgsh, 500th post. :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

double feature!

jozef :(

i'm beginning to think i sound a lil preachy and depressing on my blog, which totally doesn't represent me entirely. 

i'm actually very super awesome. it's just that i choose to use my blog as my emotional garbage can. so all my nonsense is here, so i can focus all my energy onto being awesome in my non-cyber life :)

well. :) i don't know if the blogger blog stats are lying or not but there are apparently real people that come here to read this stuff, so, i can post happy stuff too.

sort-off happy stuff. it's actually very sad. :( :B

firstly, as promised, camp! :)
i got to be on the committee this year, and it's a whole different level of tiring.
mmhmm. like, the moment classes finished, the entire week before camp was for camp stuff only. 

annnnd my sister's 21st birthday. :) and not to distract from all that fun, friends and family stuff, but the salmon omelet i had was the bomb.


yes. camp committee. 

spent a lot of time in the church office with clement, matthew and ryan, and on saturday morning with almost the whole committee too.

i forgot how fun doing stuff in church was with fun people. we used to that a long time ago right? its always cold and we're always hungry and always making too much noise. :) 
even for vbs also. and now we're all busy and stuff we don't do that anymore.

yep. so sunday.
i was using my new luggage bag. have you noticed? it's awesome. yes, it's a big dilemma choosing between my new cute cartoon luggage or my old twelveans olahraga limited edition bag. notice how proud i am of my twelveans olahraga limited edition bag when nobody actually says hey! that's a cool bag? what's the story behind it? and i get to tell you my olahraga phase that wasn't actually very successful but it sounds cool and i got free stuff? yeah.

that's why i chose new bag. welcome to camp.
it's still big enough to fit everything and my mini pillow, so no worries there :D

got the chalets again, but the bungalow side one this year. with una, faya, clarissa, and sarah steevan. :) hehe. they so fun :)

it would be pointless to describe all 4 days and 3 nights to you. i'm just going to tell you the stuff that IIIIII want to take note of.

committee meetings every night. which is okay, because, lights self destruct at 11? too early for me. anyway. meetings run till 1ish.
and i made sure i made it to morning prayer this year.
first day i made it 6.10. second day was 6.30. last day no show. progress is progress. :)

i must make myself clear that every year my pre-period pms strikes during camp. and this year is actually the first year where i've noticed the pattern, and realize my grumpyness is not caused by the lack of sleep or lack of alone time. :)

if i just made myself sound more crazy then well.....

games were fun, and omgsh disclaimer, despite the game being called 'laura says' and me looking like a boss at the station, it is all meng chern's idea. i'm just there to look cool wan. :)

every session was great too, and everybody's prophecy? really great :) i guess a prophecy is too personal to share here, but i want to remember that it was spot on, and very encouraging. and i hope it was for everybody too. :)

morning prayer too, because so many people made it :) wow.

and beach! :)

and the last day. i'm going to be careful on how i describe this day. :)

well, it was my birthday. :) and yes, it brings another set of emotions, that in concordance with fatigue and pms, probably made me seem more grumpy, then i'm sorry. :(

i didn't want anything special at all during camp, because well, i felt it would distract from camp. i don't know how self absorbed i am that i think a birthday song for me would take attention away from God and camp, but that's how i feel lah. you know? i was actually totally okay if nobody wished me at all? which is a first.
see this is a sign of maturity. ;p

but all in moderation. my bus did sing for me. :) thank you!

and i sat with joycelyn and we talked the whole way back. about everything, past, present and future. :) friends for about 10 years already? :)

despite the bus tyre puncture too.

then back at church! and suddenly you remember how tired and dehydrated you are.

jie fetched me back. and after i shower i slept. really long and really well. :) 

then joseph's farewell. :) 
and my birthday sort-of-i-don't-really-know surprise.

jie belanjaed me subway. and we went to mcd. we tapaoed the whole playground side section.

me, jie, nat, nick, steph, mae, boon, joseph, julian, joel, kyle, paul, jamie, eugene, kelvin, irving, pearly, meng chern, ryan, rhys, sean, terence, and daven. i thiiinnk thats everyone.


after mcd we went to baskin robbins. i went to fetch faya first. then we went into baskin robbins and they sang for me :) and for joseph. with cake! :) 

again, i'm not the type that likes this kinda thing, but i'm very grateful all the same. and jie belanjaed my ice cream. :) ho yeah! :) rhys offered too! 

and we all just talked lor. and we made it so noisy. like we always do.
just as we were about to leave we prayed for joe, and they prayed for me.

i miss you joseph! :( you better be reading my blog regularly. 

it'll be hard getting used to you not being around. who are we gonna say our racist jokes to anymore? no more friday night suppers? no more ejek-ing your car and your phone? and your 67 girlfriends? no more movies? and you're not even celebrating christmas and cny with us! no more of your high pitched voice or dolphin laugh?

haha. it's just 6 months or 1 year right? right.

bye for now.
gots another dinner tonight.

Friday, December 16, 2011

like waiting for paint to dry

with jack and sarah :) they're really nice!
alrightey. camp post will be up soon. no way i'm gonna forget about camp. :)
and maybe a short one of my birthday.


things are happening again. and it's almost the same, though the sequence of events is a lil different.
what hasn't changed is how i feel.
which is ridiculous! hor!

it's been two years, wait, THREE years (-_-) and it scares me that i still cannot juggle feelings with judgement.
the only progress that i've made is knowing my judgement sucks and that it's better to not have these sort of feelings at all. and it's been a long time since.

all i can remember and have observed since is that it's easy to lose proper judgement amidst of mushy feelings. emotions take hold of you so easily and it's more convenient to choose to act on what makes you happy temporarily and for all the wrong reasons instead of acting on what's best and what's right.

and even more so when there are not many examples of people doing the latter isn't it?

there's a lot of emphasis on not over-thinking things and just risking it, but that's crazy.
these things require so much more otherwise it has consequences that'll affect you for a long time.

and i've been through all that already. and phwoar it's super tiring. -_-


it's so easy to hope for the best and jump in with my eyes closed and to imagine life going happily ever after.

i want this to happen, but with as little mistakes as possible. and making sure it's okay with God. and my friends and family.

i'm so scared to make the same mistake i made last time. and i'll pray hard for the very best.


ps. hadn't had a mushy feeling in a while now.

Monday, November 28, 2011

the 'who cares less' competition

nat and i. sitting on a skateboard. :)

i think you all should think before you talk. i love you all, but for goodness sake, consider how other people (ME!) would feel about it?

i know you're thinking about your future, your dreams, and your aspirations. but how can you be so quick to disregard me from it?

i'm not saying your life should revolve around me or anything like that. sigh.

i'm so sick of caring about our friendship more than you do.
and you make me feel so pathetic about being so needy. and that you actually don't need me in your life. and that you've got better things to do.


ANYWAY. that's that. 

extra classes. last week, and the next two weeks. so NOT a holiday. maths is actually okay. but when chem starts this week, i think i'll be chewing my fingers to get through the day. my beautiful manicured fingers.

can't wait till camp and that stretch of holidays.

these 4 days were very welcome indeed :)
friday after school ryan and nat and clemehhhh and i went to mydin to get some camp stuff. 
it was fun, but super tiring man. and we were hogging the price scanner. lol.

and then home, and then church. and supper with some of em at melur again. seriously, melur every week?

saturday, mae came over for awhile :) then we went to church, and then afterwards had this ridiculous confusions about dinner plans with nick and steph and my parents and their parents. haha, but in the end, me, nat, nick, steph and melissa went for dinner to celebrate u.martin's 60 birthday in selayang.
awesome food indeed.

sunday, church. yes, my weekends revolve around church. :) then lunch with the gang at ac. i drove. yes ah i proud. daniel bought chatime for me :)

joe drove my car back, cause...it..was raining? idk. noob. haha.

then we had camp games tryout. it was super fun. splashing water, playing in the rain. like kids ah.

went home, got ready, drove to the mgm concert. it was kinda cool. why am i always late ah. 
saw... someone there too. hehe.

then supper with jie, joe, paul and kyle.

at melur again ahhhhhh.
tried the roti tisu milo :) quite nice lah.

then today, recuperate. hehe.

goodnight. schoooooool.

remember to give bruce wayne some love.
i think he's lonely.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

who's a memory hoarder?

i'm in that mood again. i guess it's getting very pathetic, even to me, but i can't help me? and there's nothing actually wrong with it,...is there? D:

i think i'm going to call it memory hoarding. or, compulsive memory hoarding.
i'm mulling over how to explain it, but i think i won't.

i'm like this now cause it's only 11.30, it's rainy, everyone's already asleep, and... i'm waiting for my hair to dry.

i'll try and mumble it out anyway.

it's mostly to do with guys lah. haha.

i wish someone would've told me when i was younger, about emotional ties and emotional boundaries.
at the same time, i'm glad they happened, so that i'd learn never to make the same mistake again.

yes, i'm going all self pity mode now.
my crazy hair won't dry itself! no, i don't use the hair dryer. it's still in the box, with all my handbags. why? because i'm a messy person. mmhhmm.

i've made mistakes.
seriously, future boyfriend, you make sure you get it right. no need for perfect, but not wrongly, or selfishly, or carelessly.

if i sound like a crazy 13-yr old, well then, that's prolly how my emotional state is right now.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

nigel gordon eustace.


okay, we couldn't seem to find a name for my fat pet caterpillar.

he looks just like the guy in this picture, but since we've been feeding him, he grows longer and even fatter. yuck.

he's completely fat, ugly and disgusting yet i can't seem to get over him. and the fact that my whole family is quite enthusiastic abt him too. haha.

he's abt as close as a pet as we'd ever have. he does not however, take bulbul's place. never.

but it's kind of the same story.

he chose our garden.
only this time we kept him in my ex-murukku jar because he eats like a machine and poops like one too.

he's also ugly and fat and when he moves it freaks you out cause all his flesh wriggles up and down. and that yellow pimple like thing on his butt. and the two pigments on his body that look like eyes.

hahaha. but i'm very attached to him already. and one day, he'll leave me, and i'll be kind off upset again, like when bulbul did.

now, if nigel gordon eustace would turn into a butterfly, i'd be more insistent on keeping him. but as i'd just found out, he's a larvae of a hawk moth. yuck.

and the only reason i'd keep him till he turns into a moth (assuming he doesn't die in captivity) is to kill him, and pin him to Styrofoam for my biology practical.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

sometimes, being heartbroken can be a good thing.

if the concept of God is something too hard for you to understand, then well, you're not alone. if even the topic of God and Christianity makes you shudder and think 'ah this is for the holy people' then well, you should care even more. if you're mature enough to think for yourself, then you should ponder on the purpose of life.

sometimes we get carried away in life that our only purpose is to get a good education, get a partner, get married, get kids, and retire happily. at some point in your life, i bet even in the first 20 years of it, you wonder as you get up at the same time, go to the same place and do the same thing, that, there really has to be more than this isn't it?

when things get tougher and more complicated, do you accept it as a part of life?

okay, well, it is lah. but honestly, God planned for greater things for us.

i'm so thankful everyday that I got to know God for myself, through the darkest times in my life, to the brightest and shiniest :) isn't it great knowing that you have Him to lean on, and through the whole roller coaster that is life, one thing remains constant, which is God.

i'd never be the person i am today without God, my church, and my friends there.

this is just to encourage myself, cause i feel so MEH now.

Monday, October 24, 2011

a steadier grip on the path of doom

ice cream on a hot day, at the camp site
i've been missing the twelveans again. and not just my gang, all my classmates, and form mates, and then school mates.

even if i didn't know most of them well, i miss just seeing them. or walking pass by them in the corridor. the 5D, 5E and 5F stretch of classes. i always loved those classes, cause we're all kinda smart, and yet, still cool :D

by saying that, i think i just made it sound not cool. whatever. haha.

joseph says that psychologists say that dreaming about the same people constantly indicates that you miss them. well how true is that. my dreams alternate between my church gang and my ex-school gang. and i think i'm the only one this pathetic.

maybe cause i can't seem to find a footing in seafield. i've got some great friends and classmates there, and the prom comm is cool too. 


the juniors just had their graduation, and oh such good memories it brings back. :) 
back then i had no idea what i wanted to in life. and now i think i do, but i wish i knew it earlier. it would have saved a lot of heart pain. this year in conclusion has got to be the weirdest year of my life so far. and i think i'm just going to kick start my studies properly next year. 

on another note, i can't wait for camp. :)
it would be my sixth camp consecutively, and being on a committee is fun on a whole other level.
i'm upset that a lot of people can't go, i know it's always like that, where some of the uni people sure can't make it, but now, the uni people are the ones i'm close to, and camp without them? D:

it will still be great nevertheless.

change is inevitable. can someone teach me how to accept and move on? yeesh.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

how i roll.

see my man feet. hahaha.

anyway, i've come here to blabber on about uptight-ness. because i don't like it.

i know i'm much to relaxed and go-with-the-flow for my own good, but i'd much rather be like this than uptight, fussy, and closed off.

i know sometimes it comes down to how you were raised, and your social interactions with others. i do.

but some people really have got to learn to RELAX.

you can't control everything about your life, let alone others, and you know, if you don't get that one thing done, you won't die or the world won't end. OKAY. if you're some sort of cool fbi agent or bigshot ceo then go ahead lah, but if you're just another kid like me, take it easy once in awhile. trust that God knows what He's doing.

i know sometimes i can be abit insufferable, i seem to be late a lot, keep forgetting important things, and sometimes i have problems with authority, but i'm trying to work on it :)

i might also be a bit sloppy, childish and uninhibited. which i am also trying to improve.

but i think it's what makes me cool right? hahahaha.

at the same time though, i don't condone being easygoing all the way, all the time.
grow up. manage your responsibilities.

super don't like people who can't seem to just relax sometimes, and don't like people that don't like me for being too relaxed.


ps: i already know what i want to do. :) yay! big achievement in life. the problem is making sure it happens :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

When Football Gets Serious

you'll never see this again :(

so this is my football post on arsenal.
it's been a tough season, and it no longer brings me as much excitement as it used to, and sometimes the total opposite, in fact. :(

assuming you know me well enough, yeah, imma big arsenal and football fan. maybe now it's not so obvious, cause there's really not much to be proud of :(

haha. okay. so serious. tak payah :) 

over the seasons, football has taught me how to grow up emotionally, and accept defeats as graciously as i accept victories.

and you can only care about football, as much as you choose to.

and i don't wanna be that crazy girl that cries over football games. righhthtt?

last season was a wreck. especially after losing out in all those competitions so unglamorously.

the pre-season record this year wasn't good too. :( 

i am thankful everyday that they came to malaysia, and that i was lucky enough to go. :)

but things just go worse and worse. wow, i'm so sorry i'm writing line by line and not by paragraph. hahaha.

overall i think i'm a quite an easy going person hor? too easy going to a point of carelessness and lazyness right? i think so.

i think i snapped at the 8-2 loss against man u. how NOT to snap lah?

before that i was in a state of denial, 'they'll come back. they always do, come on, it's ARSENAL for goodness sake.' right? 

fabregas and nasri leaving, and not many people realize how many players were being released. and by that time who did we buy? another 18 year old kid. wth right!

and i think it accumulated and accumulated and bammmmmmm. 

there i am, in genting, happily enjoying myself with they all, and the weather and all. and then i hear this crappy news. from oliver at first. sigh.

at 4-2, i was just like, HUH. what. woah, okay. and then by 7-2 i think i just shut down. and then 8-2. sigh. yeah, i went into a room by myself and emo-ed :(

i wish i didn't have to act like that, but at that point a million things (football things) were going through my mind and yeah, i'm just a girl for goodness sake -_- i no need to be a macho guy right.

firstly, i was so angry at fabregas and nasri for leaving. yet i knew exactly why they left and why they should too. see, misdirected anger and conflicting thoughts. not a good start. i was upset that they said they loved this team and yet left it so easily. especially nasri. at least for fabregas you've been hearing it for awhile right. and OMG to manchester city? there's no team i despise of less than them. obviously money was a motivation then right? and i thought i couldn't hate mcity anymore than i did. yeesh. and i was upset that fabregas didn't come to malaysia and i didnt get to see him in an arsenal jersey up close for at least once in my life.

as i have previously posted, i get very attached to people and i don't really like change. and yes, this is change for the worse. i've grown to care about them for about 3 years and then they just go? yes, in a sense they were leaving ME.

i was thinking, now i have to unfollow them on twitter and unlike them on facebook, because other than the fact that they were in arsenal, i no longer have any reason to like them D: it's like breaking up with someone. and then they're doing well in their respective teams now. it hurts right?

and it makes you think what about if everyone else gets fed up and leaves too? that one day, when i grow up, and i watch the arsenal team, that none of them were the ones i first loved?

secondly, i was feeling so upset for players like wilshere, walcott, ramsey and van persie. imagine the hurt and heartache they must be going through. that they had to endure such a game like this, such a season like this in their history and portfolio. and that one day they'd leave too! D:

thirdly, i'm no football expert, but i'm pretty sure i can blame someone in the management for the way things turned out? how dare they just sit back and not fix the obvious problems this team had even before this game showed it off so spectacularly? was it wenger? is someone overruling wenger? conspiracy theories? why didn't we buy anybody? why was it so hard to buy somebody? what are they doing in their plush air conditioned offices?!

fourth, why was i being this upset after i told myself i shouldn't be this upset about football? was i such a biased fan until i could only support my team in good times and not bad times? why am i so attached to players? and why did they affect me so personally? i hate change. i hate that i couldn't stand to watch a full 90 minute match anymore. i hate that i couldn't watch reviews, replays and reactions happily anymore. i hate that i couldn't get excited to read match reports online and on the newspaper anymore. And I can’t watch weekday matches in the wee hours of the morning and still feel energetic the rest of the day. Sigh.

fifth, i was seriously considering to stop supporting football. i had been saying it a few times nonchalantly before the game, but never really believing it. until then. i thought, if arsenal continues on like this, they'd only give me pain, and i was already half trying to block them out from my mind for awhile now. so why not? but then of course i didn't want to. i mean, me without football? that's so weird. other than that, i think i'm quite boring wan lorh. haha.

imagine not being able to talk football stuff with nick or oliver or adrian wong or afiq or ryan or kyle or FAYA anymore! and then i'd have to stop playing fantasy football too! and then i'd have to unattach myself from my arsenal keychains, bags and whatever else. what am i going to do with that whole folder of arsenal pictures on my computer! i'd have to pretend i was deaf when other people or the news talked about football. and then futsal would only bring unhappy memories. and no more late night mamak sessions. remember me? not a fan of change?

and then i'd have to explain to people why i stop supporting football, and then they'd think i'm more of a freak than i already am right!

it was like, removing a part of my personality!

see how dramatic my thoughts were that night?-_- haha. yet they were very practical thoughts right? 
D: yes, i was thinking about ALL of that. right down to the very last detail. WHO WOULDN'T GET UPSET? especially someone as crazy as me!?

lol. but i'm okay now. for now.

because, that weird scramble to buy players before the transfer window closed (brings up more questions hor?) happened. so things should get better right?

mertesacker and arteta being the most satisfactory transfers. and they each took over the no.4 and no.8 respectively. and then gervinho plays quite well right? and then we still qualified for the ecl.

and most recently, 3-1 against shrewsbury, and a 3-0 win against bolton :) and all that follows after a good game. so my football world did not just die out. :)

i suppose it was a lesson in itself right? :)

also, what's different is i don't get to go to smk usj 12 on a monday morning, walk up to 5 explorer and listen to eu mun, arif, oliver, jian xiang, jian onn, hasif and kantha talk about football anymore. i miss that, and them so much :'(

and no, no guys in my class talk about football. none. bryan is vaguely aware about football, but he wouldn't understand... :S

so there you go. 

in conclusion, football and arsenal is still part of my life. :) and i will still struggle with the ups and downs of football, but that's what it's all about. 

man united fans are also useless. not you nick, not you. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Genting 2011

just imagine, this time last week, i'd just taken a shower, and it's so cold, there's nothing but mist outside the window.

yes, genting. :)

at first i was super duper excited. kind of hard to sit still through the last week of school.

what was abit of a downer, was, of course, we can't invite everyone. place was limited right. everyone is close to everyone else.

not that i want to highlight my own thoughts, but hey, it is my blog, if you think i'm being pretentious then go ahead. i was upset that a few people couldn't go, and that maybe they were upset. if you were upset by HOW you found out about the trip, i'm sorry. there was no reason to let everyone know if we weren't doing anything wrong.

we wouldn't be missing any church events, no one was skipping class, there would be chaperons, and we're all nice people :) me, su-ann, nat, steph, mae, jamie, paul, nick, irving, joel, joe, vz, and kyle.

i think i'm going off topic...

anyway. oh how fidgety i was the whole week before :)

so, sunday afternoon after church, we went into our three cars with luggages, vin zhan's, paul's and joel's. i no have small luggage >:( so i use my twelveans bag again :)

so mae, steph and i in vz's car. we all went to ac for lunch. indo mee and taiwanese sausage for me.

then while waiting for joe to come, me, joel and irving went up to play foosball first. man i'm so rusty at it. irving and i vs joel. i think he still won lah -_- then watched mae and paul play pool.

when joe came, we all went back to care mart to buy nonsense. which we didn't even get to finish. it's called tam sam. lol.

so off we go.

i really like car rides. and in the pajero, where you can see everything :D

mm, the next part not so nice :(

around just before the base of genting, the pajero's air con was gettin kinda warm suddenly. at first we like didn't care lah. hey, my car got joe right? car expert :D then the radio was getting wonky D: so then we just went to the nearest shell station to check the hood lor.

joe said might be the battery, we went down to check. then the car couldn't start, so okay lah, sure battery problem. so jump started with paul's proton saga. then off we go again. LOL before we reached the main road, the car died. :(

OH. and steph left us :( she went to sit in joel's car with my sis and nat cause she said mae and i too noisy, she cannot sleep :( hahahaha.

so get all get down again. then jump start with joel's accord, and leave it for awhile. then joe drove. then for awhile we were okay :)

then while going uphill, this time, it died again. it was getting cooler by then lah, so not so bothersome.

so we got down again. at the side of the road. dah lah so many people got chance to stare at us the whole day.

well, there was a lot of water leaking from the hood, and when they opened the battery cap (i think that's what it is???) the water or liquid or whatever was boiling and steaming. scary mannn.

lol this indian man on his motor came and asked us what's up. when he saw joseph he started talking to him in tamil. ahahaha. joseph such a coconut.

so instead of three cars crammed at the side of an already narrow hill, we thought it be better for some of us to go up first lor. leave the machos to stay back and do dunno what lah. so paul and joel drove the rest of us up first while vz, joe, irving and kyle stayed back.

so i sat in paul's car with paul, jamie and nick. :)

sigh, just 5 minutes away from mae's apartment, paul said his car was feeling abit weird. his wheel was wobbling, and when he turned it made this horrible clunking noise. so, lol, get down again. and yeah, people staring again.

by that time i was already flustered. these kinda things affect me a lot wan. so they tightened some stuff and looked around at some stuff. and then okay lah, drive to mae's apartment and park there first loh. it was literally just around the corner actually. haha.

so half of us went upstairs first, while joel went back to get the other guys. had fun just chilling and talking with aunty janice, aunty nancy and han wei. they super funny wei.

then mae and i went to take a nap. we could hear them playing taboo outside :)

we hung around for awhile, and then the 13 of us went down for dinner. at u.boon's friend's restaurant. big chinese dinner!


then we went back up first. the walk there and back is kinda far, but it's so cold and nice and you don't sweat. and there's really good durian ice cream... :)

we also went to take a walk at the apartment's outdoor garden. naise. :)

when upstairs we were debating on what to do next. stay here? or go further up to genting? watch the match?

well, by the time we all mushed around, everyone also sure lazy lah right, and the weather was so nice and all.

so we sat around and just talked nonsense for awhile. then took turns taking shower. now why is that important? i dunno, but after MY shower, it felt super amazing. cold and comfy and ahhhhh :D

and only one of the bathrooms had warm water. and it was the smaller one. after shower, sit around and talked more nonsense again. hehe. :) i like. played monopoly deal, cho dai di. or otherwise just talked lah.

also played jeannie's fruit game, which is always super fun and noisy. we made so much noise, like we were the only ones in the whole frikin apartment yo. :)

mm, we didn't watch the match, but of course i got texts and paul brought his laptop and broadband. ah yes i emo.

i will have a long, insightful post about arsenal another day. ptuh.

emo lor. cry okay. it will sound less pathetic when i explain myself next time okah?

so after that, we got ready to watch a movie. that one lots of debating too. WHAT MOVIE TO WATCH.

naturally i wanted to watch some disney movie. everybody was sleepy already anyway! >:( but in the end we watched i am number four. haha. one by one all falling asleep, except me, nat. steph, and joseph. haha.

when the show was over, at about 3.30 i think, i was still super wide awake. like O.O but nobody else was really awake and the guys were sleeping in the hall so there was really nothing much else to do.

the 6 girls slept in the tiny but so cosy room on mattresses. and we realized, we sleep in the same arrangement as when in mae's condo in damansara! :) i'm always between mae and jamie ;)

why this joseph keep taking my pillow? sigh i had so much energy that night to takao anyway.

but had to sleep right!

i fell asleep fast anyway. and slept WELL. the weather was super nice at night.

and guess what? i was the first one awake! (among the girls lah) haha. i was still used to school timing lah. i woke up at 7.30. my usual routine is pee and drink water first. i went back to lie down for awhile, but meh.

kyle so sampat wake up first thing in the morning, and do sports the stuff in the guys room already. sigh. and irving already was muttering like should i put toothpaste on joel's face and pacing around. haha. joseph come and kacau kyle. so i climbed to the top bunk. OMG so much more comfortable. talked abit, then fell asleep again. seriously nice.

everyone was lazing about again, then we were super hungry for breakfast. so we walked down at 10? for mamak. 13 people is kindofa big group. and the mamak was crowded. so we just stood around and waited. then when got table we split into guys table and girls table.

surprisingly, the food there was really good, and their roti is almost as nice as, or ! even better than melur's. and fried chicken, goood :D

we went back to the apartment, cause paul and kyle nak bomb first, so we packed up a lil, and bummed around somemore :)

urm, we finally decided to head higher up genting, to first world. YEAY CABLE CARS.

we went to the parking lot to check out paul's car first though. joe checked it out lah, and then drove around slowly for awhile. then he say like, cannnot, really cannot drive adi. so all the guys pushed the car to park properly while nat steered lah.

ooh, and she made this sharp turn, and paul's drive shaft thingy part just died. it broke and fell off underneath the car. D:

we walked to the cable car station, which is kind off a super long walk too. we passed by horses :)
we reached the station and met aunty janice there. apparently, there's 7 free tickets. so if we share and buy 8 more, one ticket only cost rm6 :)

and the best part? LOL we got express card! haha. the line was crazy massively long, and the 14 of us just walked through :D hahaha. bangga hor.

cable car was osm. the weather up there, super super super cold wey :)

we walked and walked. to first world. we took the none escalator way, which is a very steep downhill. haha, joel was telling irving and i about his philosophy on dating the whole way down.

ah the first world indoor theme park. brings back awesome memories when charmaine and i went there after upsr std 6 :)

we bought cotton candy!
went to the outdoor theme park. those noobs didnt wanna sit the flying coaster so only mae and i went. it was shorter than i expected, but still very very fun :D

then we went uphill somemore and took pictures. :)

sigh. i would post all the pics here, but i'm lazy.

and then we had to go back abt 2 cause paul's mechanic was gonna come and pick up the car.

cable car! :D when we went back down, it was so misty, all you can see is whiteness when inside the cable car. is this what heaven feels like? hahahaha.

went back down. walked back to the apartment. naturally there's the slower gang, and the faster gang. haha, slower gang and i were walking, then this mini bus driver said he'd take us back, for free. hahaha.
alar we scared what? got irving and joel kan?

haha. we passed by the fast gang. reached so early, so we sat down and waited for them.
they came like 5 minutes later, in the strawberry taxi thingy. LOL that they had to pay. losers ;p

so, same thing, nat steered and the guys pushed the car up the hill to paul's mechanic. people staring at us again :/

we went back up and dawdled packing up. emoz lah. go home :( i sat in the pajero with mae, joe and vz again. this time, whole way down, no car troubles. yay.

mae and i could finally open and use the sunroof. felt like my face was going to fly away. also, hard to breathe.

eventually we fell asleep in the car. went back to church. we sat there and finished up the cupcakes and brownie cheescakes.

then after some left, the rest of us went to mcD for ice cream. saw jared working there, essshhh :)

then home. and i slept so much and so deep. and fell sick the day after.

just perfect ;)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

forever and a day.

man i've got lots of stuff to post about.

genting, arsenal, melaka. :)


i no time now.

i'll be back.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

time after time.

i've been seeing my noobs alot recently. :)
like suddenly only, alot.

i don't even think i can remember all leh o.O

i hate this laptop.

um, i'll just go chronologically, as from my hp's calendar.

last last wednesday was mae's birthday :D she came to my house as usual like almost every wednesday, as with the ng's, and jeannnie :) and then said we wanna take her out for "just ice cream". hahaha.

then, very eerily almost like my 15th birthday, the guys, faya and jamie came down the street with a cake singing happy birthday! :) surpriseeeee. it was, vin zhan, joe, joel, fayaaa, jamie, eugene, and paul.

we went to mcD. sat upstairs, outside. it's the only place that would fit us. and danielle came for awhile! :)

it was a nice night :)

then thursday, i don't remember. i don't remember friday either. yeesh. saturday? erm i dunno. got go out, but forgot with who, and to where D:

oh! friday! :) we went to the bazaar. wanted to walk to adeline's house and all, but it was raining :(
so panda fetched me, debbie and zack. alot of rushing, cause ini zack fails in communication.
and then we met eu mun, adeline and arif there.

quickly buy lor cause raining. share two umbrellas. hehe.
went back to adeline's house and buka puasa :)
and then we go to her room to bersampat. like always. it never changes. :)

then panda fetched me to church.

er, i remember sunday after church for lunch i lightly suggested to meng chern abt chilli pan mee and next thing you know ALL of us are eating there. sat in irving's car officially for the first time :)

and then blur again.
tuesday night. aha. zack, debbie and i went for dinner in kfc. cause fatty had the voucher right. :)
then came back my house for awhile for me to finish up some homework.
then went out again. see, so nice when one of us can drive everywhere :)

first said wanna go lakeside's old town, which failed, cause it was closed. then we drove back to adeline's house first, and then we all sat in the avanza to, well, we couldn't decide till we reached the federal. whatever lah right, fun :) me, debbie, zack, eu mun, adeline and arif.

ended up going to Piccadilly. i always hear about it, but never been there. or so i thought >:B
turns out i've been there before. once. when i was 14 or 15. an arsenal vs liverpool match. with joseph, gideon, daniel and i can't remember cause it was long time ago.

so we went there. and i reached home dunno what time lah. next day holiday kan. :) and i got to drive zack's car home from adeline's house. heheheehe.

wednesday, see each other again, same people + panda at the usj19 digital mall. the pool there is pretty. and i swear i've dreamt abt it before lor. even though it's my first time seeing it.

yes, i didn't swim. i watched them, and played with all their iphones and itouches. mmhmm. still fun lor. then went to papparich downstairs to eat.

the place reminded me of irene jie's wedding that time. and we used the staircase where joseph and joel tried to scare mae and i but scared the security guard instead? ahahaha.

then home.

i saw them again on thursday. where the heck did we go? i don't even remember? oh oh oh. i know.
alexa told me she's be working at starbucks lakeside at night right :) so zack, fatty and i went to visit her at night. yeah, my free green tea cream chip soy frap.waha.

then he and fatty wanted to go for dinner. but i bu yao. coincidentally my sis, nat, nick and kyle were around so i followed them instead. we sat by the lake to stare and the fishes. and talk about genting! :D

and then the next few days over the weekend i just remember being extremely pms-ey and irritated alot. so -_-

had a really awesome dinner on saturday night at the regency hotel in kl. it's amazing. the roof bar? :D u. martin belanja.

seriously, the rooftop pool is so awesome. future boyfriend, i'm hinting at you. we should have girl's night out there too. i'm so jakun right, like never seen nice things before.

while having dinner the ars vs liv match was on too. make me emo.

sunday had lunch with mae, vin zhan, a. janice, and nat, nick and steph. and talked more about genting!

yesterday was wednesday, talk more abt genting!

it's 3 days away wheee.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i just want you to know.

mae and i at the beach! :)
so on thursday zack, fatty and i went for the usj4 bazaar. sort of a last minute plan. and hey, i only had exams that time right? :) haha. zack had the car! :)

it was drizzling. and then raining. sigh. we bought some stuff though anyway :) then went back to debbie's house to eat. with her sisters. haha.

and then all of us sent debbie's sis to 3k. 

they could make me feel better anytime, anywhere :) i mean i love all my ex-classmates, and esp the gang, but i just feel more ngam with these two lah :)

then friday after school, zack and i went for lunch in parade. sakae sushi. hmm. it really feels weird there lor. i hate the smell and the sound there. can you believe i only worked there for 2 weeks? felt like 2 months -_-

then we walked around. hehe. and then we went to ss15 starbucks. cause cheryl was there. heh, free drink. my tall green tea cream chip with soy milk and whipped cream. yup. mmmmm.

then we drove to taylor's lakeside. why? cause i forgot where it was.
and then we went back to his house cause i haven't seen his dog in a long time :)
and then dinner at signature. then he sent me to church. so naise hor :D

after church, he fetched me again. and debbie. we went to melur to see our noobs :)
eu mun, chin hua, oliver, jx was back!, adeline, amanda, arif and the three of us lor.
OMG so fun. hahaha.

they make me so happy to see them again and at the same time so sad that we can't do this more often.
still noisy and full of nonsense. heeh :) <3

how lah to ever find people like them again? :)

then at 12 we wished debbie ho happy birthday :) with a fail cake that zack and i bought. passionfruit and mango. sounds good right? haha. only the icing was nice :/ but just eat lah!

then we left. we saw kae huey! :) like small girl. drive big car. tsk. then we made such a commotion in front of melur. sigh.


saturday morning at futsal. lawrence fetched me :) haha. another awesome driver. i played like one verrrrryyyy short game only. excuses or what, but i was having stomach aches and i kept worrying about dirtying my shoes. so......

:) then yumcha lor. till 12 this time. siao. haha.
went home expecting to crash till time for youth service, but my parents. were cleaning the house -_-
so had to wash my aircon filter bla bla bla. had to lift my old ancient vacuum cleaner with one hand for like 15 minutes? my tofu muscles can't handle it.

sunday i didn't go to church. >:( why?! cause i had ANOTHER school event. too much right? seafield is mad.

though, it was a trip to klpac. :) my teman was cheryl lor :)

it's a really pretty place :) i usually dislike big groups of people i don't know well. right. and walking. and places of restriction. well, i didn't feel that there.

i felt very relaxed and fascinated the whole way :)
i think all aspects of art appeal to me :) i happy.

i came home. ate my own ramen :D cause it was too late to join the gang at nirwana right :(

i was gonna emo, cause i didn't see them :( my s.a.d. rightttt. then mae texted me that we're gonna watch captain america that night.

WHAT :D so happy. i thought it would be on thursday. and just with my family and the ng's family.
next thing i know it's on sunday night with almost 20 of us PLUS my family and the ng's family. 
awesome right?

i don't hafta to pay for my tickets >:P and mummy paid for the cushy socks i was talking abt :)

so the parents sat at the back, while we took a whole row :)

nick, me, irving, steph, jie, nat, gid, eugene, darren, and then thanks for being late to joel, boon, mae, and joseph. i really hope i didn't miss anyone out?

movie was good. omg chris evans :) and really sad too. :( it was also cold. very cold. :(

then fyi, after the credits, as in after the whole long credits, there are still extra scenes :O
yeah. you gotta wait a while.
mae and i went sampat around the cinema :)

i can't wait for the avengers.
oh, if you wanna get on my good side, try and be more knowledgeable abt the avengers. or pretend you do. especially if you're a guy. don't ask me silly things like who's this and who's that. i'm horrible like that i know.
but try and find out yourself from the other movies and the internet okay? it's real interesting i promise. 


goodnight yall.
sorry if it's overly long and boring :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

moves like jagger.

i know i always gloat about all my darling best friends, but for once, i honestly don't know who to tell what i want to tell now. i really don't. dear blog, can i tell you instead?

i know i always talk about knowing what's better, but yes, the grass is much greener on the other side, and it seems like everyone is already there. and those of us left on this side, have nothing to complain about. i wish things were more simple and that FINALLY, i'll be on the other side. and that i'll truly judge for myself what's better. why can't he be more right for me. i'm just a girl, warm smiles and warm hugs are about all it takes to make me realize how unbelie - wait, i know who i can talk to abt this. maybe.

thanks for being a backup fatso. bai blog.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 12th and 13th: When Country Versus Club.

ticket and training pass :)

oh epic days that i live to see and enjoy.

I am so thankful that they decided to come to Malaysia :) and that i had the opportunity to be there :) 
i regret like MAD for not stalking them at their hotel, and going for the signing session, not sitting near the tunnel during training, not having binoculars, not having an arsenal jersey, not buying (fake) arsenal merchandise from the game, not taking enough pictures and all that.

bimbo moment: but OMG i was there! with people around me that love arsenal! (not joel and joseph lah -_-) and in the same country! i breathe the same oxygen as them! theo walcott and wenger waved at our direction! D: isn't it mind blowing? :D

i'll start from the very beginning. as you can see, i just deleted the events page, since it's so fragile. 

so events will continue on being posted here. in excruciating detail, i'm warning you. 

joseph, faya and i went to buy tickets at pyramid but it was sold out already. so before joel joined us, we asked him to detour to parade and buy there. 

he said can buy, but if we wanted training passes, we'd have to go to the curve and buy. he'd book for us first.

then on sunday ini punya joel dungu han didn't go and take on saturday, so faya and i emo. budden joel dungu han suddenly called and say still got, and he bought adi. hehe :)

so, the day came.
July 12th, training.

for once i'm excited to get up, and go to school, and be done with it. after school, cheryl and schewee needed to make a detour to mydin to buy stuff for their class for hari karnival.

omg, i think my mom is making muffins now *happy*

anyway, we went. round. and round. bought stuff. and then the time was 4 before i even realized it. and then i rushed them.
cause joel was coming at 5. and i needa shower and change, and if possible, eat.

reached home at 4.30. shower. i think i took up more time deciding what to wear. -_-
then a maggicup lah since rushing. then joel came first. then had to wait for rajasingam riiight.

then he came and we went to fetch faya!

it was really jam there. so we parked far off. and walked. 
we got seats opposite the tunnel and benches. didn't know the other side would have been much better -_-

almost died when they came out of the tunnel. lol, no binoculars. alot of squinting, pointing, and giggling with faya. 
the first to come out was gunnersaurus. ahhhh you lovable dinosaur. thank goodness arsenal didnt use a large animated cannon or something like that for their mascot -_-
walcott was by far the friendliest one, with all the waving.
dunno whether the guys were bored or not :/
then we walked back to the car, about 10ish i think. or earlier.
saw an accident. we didn't want to be so kepoh so we didn't stay and gape like everybody else lah.
went to eat mien dui mien for dinner! muahaha :D

matchday, July 13th

the next day, in school, i could rant like a silly girl to bryan. hahaha.
i went home, and ate a big lunch, cause i didn't wanna get hungry at the game and spend money there unnecessarily. thats the cool way of saying I'M BROKE D:
joel picked faya and i up and we headed to the kelana lrt station at 4.30 and meet jozef :)
everywhere there was people in arsenal jerseys. :D
all i had was an arsenal cap. malu :(
reached the stadium at 7 D:
decent place to sit lah i guess. dumb smokers. -_-

first they came out to train. omg :) oh yeah! and faya brought binoculars BD
arsenal's training was super organized, compared to malaysia's one, which looked like a failed pj warm up.

the crowd was noisy, and excited. as annoying as the horns were, it did help the atmosphere. i guess. kinda. i will kill them. i'm very sorry i don't actually know many arsenal chants, except the very creative "arsenal, arsenal, arsenal, arsenal" and the totally impartial "we've got cesc fabregas" song.

the crowd did sing samir na-nasri, which he annoyingly didn't really respond to.

i was abit upset that we didn't sing negaraku first. i envy the kids up front with the players. the p.a is very bad.  and it was hot.

the match started, and wow, it's a real different feeling when you support both teams :) you get to cheer both on :D

all the goals were awesome, except maybe the penalty, cause, well, it was a penalty.
it's okay though, aaron ramsey <3

it would have been amazing if fabregas came, how dare he get injured and ruin this experience for me >:(

pictures still with faya. :/

anyway, i'll never forget this experience. so cliched, but it's true isn't it? now i just have to go to the emirates. and just at least, touch aaron ramsey. or whoever else. :)

thanks faya, for jakun-ing with me. thanks joseph and joel, for being our bodyguards, and for not totally criticizing arsenal.

however though, i have to i feel my love for them fading :( last season ended off so sourly for me. 
it's getting quite bad. i used to spend hours on their website reading everything.
all i see now is, the same stuff i've been seeing for years. 

hypocritical quotes and saying we'll do something about it, and yet not doing anything is infuriating. and this time, pre season isn't even getting me excited. i think this is going to be a 'liverpool-esque' season.

august 13th babes. it's coming.
 (somebody buy me an arsenal jersey LAH)