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Thursday, December 31, 2009

now the party don't start til i walk in ;)

hello superstars!

my keyboard is running low on battery agn, so...

last weekend i stayed over at johanna's with jess and yi jan. we literally brought the tv into her room and plugged it in right there on the floor, turned the lights off, and watched the princess and the frog. the show is boring! very. and i slept by around 10? dunno why...

and then ooo my football :) i love football. don't you?
and its so great because now they're coming in fast, almost 3 days between. so happy :) especially since we're doing so well...

last night we went to sg.pelek in sepang, to the chua's house. sigh, they covered up their pool!

anyway, we played guitar hero, which i am quite good at :D buy for me :)

and wii tennis. i beat nick in one game, and i am happy. he beat me in alot....so...

i think i'm going to his house later... i'm not sure...

sorry my blog's been pictureless lately... nothing but lazy :)

alright, its 4 days till school reopens, and i am excited :) 5 Explorer. sounds so old...

BIG SIGH going for some hepatitis jab instead. angry. now. see ya.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i am 16 for 17 days only...

sigh. hey.

haha i thought i had alot to say, but i guess i don't. lol.

two more days till new year.

bye losers :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

don't let miley cyrus sing christmas carols!

sigh stupid fish game.

hello and merry christmas :) i actually wanted to christmas-fy my blog, but i think, i don't care :)

we buy presents, we wrap presents, we give presents, we receive presents, we open presents, we keep presents. ha.

thanks guys for all the presents i got :) sure beats the broom and pail i got last year -_-

i think i spent more on the presents i gave, than on the presents i received. i'm not being kiasu, this is just something i shall review next year.

even if you give me some nonsense, it does help if there is a personal note and my name on it! fools! so, next year, i shall focus on more personal notes, and ugh, cheaper stuff -_- and yeah, maybe just focus on like, aski and una :) yeah.

and to think i wanted to spend more on some of you. hmph. yes, i am being abit bitter right now. i do love some of the presents i got though. anyway, for your convenience and my happiness, here's some practical gift ideas for me next year :) take note if you care.

1. A bottle of herbal essences shampoo - sure, its not the most effective, but its the best smelling one! and its not like i will take offence, my hair is awesome and i know it. just the smallest bottle also can dah...

2. Earrings! - but with taste please. so cheap. and i just bought that earring rack thing so i can display them in my room :) although i have more earrings than that on the rack, if any new earrings are nice enough, they will deservedly be put on display :)

3. Sigh, nail polish - you can 'bimbo!' me all you want, but its so simple. if you know what colors i like and what colors i already have, just buy lah! mm. good brand one of course. elianto is already only rm5 :)

4. Pretzels? Famous Amos? Ferrero Rocher? Hello? - simple, and yummy. why didn't you think of it?

i actually have alot more, but i think i'm starting to sound fussy.

again, i really do like some of your presents :D

i hope you guys like your presents! i'm dead broke and had enough of buying things for awhile...

:D love YOU!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

some people only seem lucky, because you don't know the bad things about them yet.

hello :)

you know what, i really want to watch a live football match right NOW. at noon. just feel like it. sigh, unfortunately it is only 4am in the UK. sigh.

christmas does seem far away huh. and can you believe it, i have a meeting tmr in school! on christmas eve! wau.

and hey you form 3s, good luck with getting your results. if they are bad, you'll get over them, i promise. i did, and then i realized those results got me into an awesome class, and you realize again, the value of hard work.

sigh. and last night, i had a dream about my grandpa dearest. i dreamt we time travelled back to year 2008, and when i realized he was still alive, i hugged him and told him i love him so much, and cried and cried and cried. ptuh, i woke up this morning with tears down my face and a damp pillow. sigh :( if only.

well, on monday my sis and i went to 1u BY OURSELVES! :D and bought xmas presents. sigh so broke now. i honestly thought i wouldnt spend more than rm50 and thats with sharing presents with my sis, but the bill is about RM77 ++ on my part.

and yesterday, we went to the baking shop, and giant, and baked cookies, wrote labels, wrapped, and stuck labels. and there are still some left...

umm. merry christmas :)

una, upload the christmas dinner pics!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

nicky :)

haha. my best birthday present ever :)

no offense, but some of my best friends don't even get me anything, not that i mind, i don't have a gift giving streak in me either.

but this is no doubt the best present ever :) maybe beats the failed surprise the guys gave me last year.

nicholas ng gave me a packet of skittles in camp. but no, it is no ordinary packet of skittles. it is extra fat, and filled with only red and yellow skittles :) haha! those are the only colors i like.

so thoughtful and surprising right? he told me he had to buy six normal packets to fill it up. and he has the sealer too.

yay. beat that you other losers!

thanks nick! :)

i like it just the way it is :)

walla walla au! haha. i can't believe i had the guts to do that mannn.

my sister is talking very loudly on the phone now. yeesh.

anyway, on friday i saw my one and only brenda wong! she is awesome :) missed her alot, sorry no pictures, i'm pretty useless. we went to that new restaurant at pyramid, fullhouse, which is pretty cool, and reasonably priced lah. i love talking to brenda :D

and then yesterday was christmas dinner, which was quite the bomb also lah, and its a tradition i guess, every year take tons of pictures at the basketball court. the masquerade thing was more embraced by the 365 than any other dept. of course. oh yeah i won a hamper from the lucky draw!

for the past few years i've never bothered to place my ticket in the draw, either i'm a lazy ass or yes, shy to go up and get it. then this is the first time i put in my ticket, and manatau i fat hou at the toilet with una and then omg my name :)

theres some pretty good stuff inside don't worry.

lol, pictures are on facebook, go take a look yourself, even though some people haven't posted their's up yet...

oh yeah then an impromptu sleepover at una's after the dinner. we haven't had a sleepover for so long, just the three of us, and it was awesome :) didn't have much time since we reached at around 10ish, but still managed to talk... alot.

its so easy to talk to them. yeah. i love them. i tried staying up for arsenal vs hull, but i was so mad tired i slept earlier than both of them. and i woke up at 3 to watch the ending, but i stayed for only 10 mins and went back to sleep anyway. tiredddd.

becauseeee i went for morning prayer and futsal in the morning... got hit on the head with the ball. sigh.

right. gotta be at school tmr. doing important stuff again. i predict that after christmas, life is going to be very hectic.

see ya!

Friday, December 18, 2009

sigh. football.

stole this from here

There’s a lot of stupid talk going around this morning about the fixtures list, about Wolves fielding unfit players, and other nonsense but for me the most important thing is that this team sort out the following problems:

  1. Injuries (everything crossed that Cesc is OK)
  2. Getting Phil Brown a spit guard in case Cesc comes on the pitch after the match spitting like a cobra
  3. Dusting off Cesc’s bad boy yardie jacket
  4. Keeper
  5. Getting Eduardo and Arshavin pedicures
  6. Wrapping Silvestre’s hamstrings in bubble wrap so he doesn’t pick up a “knock”
  7. Beating the pants off Hull, who are (to be fair) a pack of utter, utter [insert word here]

well, let me explain.

1. fabregas did limp off that game against Burnley. He is OKAY now, but maybe not playing this saturday

2. remember what the overly tanned coach got so crazy about? if you don't its okay, he's crazy. and tan.

3. that my superman doesn't get too ahead of himself this time.

4. mm. even irving aka paris hilton could do a better job. lol

5. yes, those two seem abit invisible nowadays besides the winner against liverpool

6. clichy, gibbs, and traore injured. all leftbacks. is that a scary coincidence or what? now we're down to the fourth choice guy.

7. um, i'm actually okay with hull, just insulting them makes you feel better before the game.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

and i went like WADDDDDD?

sigh. you know those stupid mass-sending mails that you get from like friend search websites.

they is getting smarter.

the title and content of the email sounds so personal and nice. and when i got that mail from him i was like WADDDDD? :) and then OHHHHHH :(


12 Dec i went to my tuition gathering. i got a ride from andy's parents with kai ning. and headed to 1U...was hoping to see alllll the form 4s, but we only saw vern, audra, mark, marcus, kavitra and um, ourselves lah. no alvin, rayna, and karling...

then of course youth camp. which every year, is nothing short of phenomenal :)

and i emo la my birthday during camp. alot of people wished me of course, and then the cute twiggies thing, but sigh, some people you think care alot about you or used to care alot about you tak ingat wan.


today i had a meeting with sue chen, min hui, a useless bystander named guan sheng, vivien, cheryl, fui wern, and adam at starbucks.

i don't get why you gotta pay so much for some coffee when you can get almost the same thing at the mamak.

and my sis and i got our masks for the christmas dinner adi :) we made ourselves, um, very pretty lah :)

i see you sooon. i so busy sighhhhh.

eh i saw gingerbreadman earrings. regret that i didn't buy em. buy for me.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

i am of course, scared to go by myself.

haha. i was writing the lyrics to coldplay here i didn't even realize i was doing it.

reasons why its better to be a Singaporean:

1. things are much cheaper in their currency
2. there have wonka nerds EVERYWHERE
3. your parents would probably own a fancy bmw/porsche/mercedes/audi. there are taxis which are bentleys man
4. clothes are VERY nice, and cheap (imagine buying roxy things for half the price we pay -_-)
5. weather is windier...
6. you can see ang mos and sexy tourist people everywhere :D
7. the law there is less suffocating
8. there is a mall every corner you look
9. well, you can see the sea alot...
10. the guys there are all tall, buff, and the best part is, no lalas :)

why i still love malaysia more?
because its home :)

and adeline dear, i got perfumes too! not suuper cheap, but much cheaper than normal.
anna sui and ralph lauren.

am still lazy to post pics.

and can you believe camp is next week already? just realized.

oh and yay for those spm people who finished already! i get to see more of you all, but it also means i'm taking mine in about a year's time.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

i would have if i could have, but i could not so i did not.

yes yawn the trip wasnt AHMAZING because you spend most of your time worrying about how much money you spend , oh wait, its something you rich fools wouldn't know abt.

well, reading other people's blogs and facebooks, like i said, i honestly couldn't care less for your trip to nowhere land than i care for the bacteria in the air.

so i'll just tell you relatable things yes? and not vomit up photos of what i did for the past five days.

knowing me, i probably won't do anything anyway.

:) all i will say now is, its good to be home :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

these lights will inspire you ;)

hello hello :)

how was your day? lol like i care...anyway, today i went to school. apparently today is all 3 papers of physics. can you imagine next year? SIGH. didn't do much but transfer information.

i walked home again, its always nice :) just really creepy and dangerous of course.

then i went for lunch with chewie! finnallly :) haven't seen him in, he says 3 months. we walked around the whole of taipan several times. ate at strawberry fields and baskin.

Baskin Robbins ice-cream was the bomb! gelato is stupid now.

yup. then walked to my mom's office. i was so tired, cause i nap every afternoon plus this morning i woke up so early. i slept at the reception area, an empty classroom, and the couch near the bookcase. yawn.

and I KNOW i'm too hyped abt my trip to Singapore, and i also usually don't care if other people travel anywhere from KL to the United of freaking States, but this is my first time out of malaysia so humor me lahhh.

i don't know what to expect either. i suppose i have to sleep early tonight. so i'm gonna watch some gossip girl first before i go :)

my last holiday was may 1st :o

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

not happy.

can't go out again! won't complain about this shit anymore. i tell you, i give up.

well. since sunday night was such killjoy, you know arsenal and stuff (shut up abt that) i couldn't sleep since i was so upset. i stayed up till 4 playing a stupid drifting game of which i'm pretty good at, and i got hand muscle ache. yeah.

i might be going to singapore somewhere this week or next, and then of course camp, and the dinner, and christmas itself, i really don't see any of my work getting done.

but i am going to school tmr to get well something if not anything done.

by the way, can you believe its december already? i think its too fast i tell you.

i'm angry.

gonna go play the stupid drift game.