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Friday, October 30, 2009

theres tonnes of fish in the water :)

heello :)

i shouldn't have gone to school, but i went, and it was okay.

my hair nowadays is dry. and funny shaped. i don't like. i went through my old pictures and saw my gorgeous long hair :D for example the picture on the left :)

long hair makes everything look dressy. and i could make it curly anytime i wanted :/ and and it doesn't make a weird shape around your shoulders. and people always say its very nice ;) my hair now is boring and common, sometimes quite supermodel, but sometimes quite noob lah.

i am so sleepy. i'm going to take a nap now, BECAUSE I CAN :D :D and not feel guilty at all about it!

and! i know what to wear for the hi-tea already. see ya!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

ever heard of ethics? or at least professionalism?

school today started FINE, i love my noobs.

then there was the meeting, and the walking around, and the shit marks and ugh.
i really don't wanna go to school tmr, but there is bio. haiyo. one day i will do my negative post about why i'm so stupid lah.

i watched the game this morning, and it was hardd to wake up. and cold. but good game, nicer to watch than the first team.

besides that, have you ever realized most liverpool fans (guys lah) are hotter? :D i mean, if you're a man u fan it usually indicates you're conventional and simple. maybe its just that liverpool and arsenal fans are quite okay with each other wan, hence all the draws we had previously. and we hate man u, and chelsea is too different a color :D

know any hot brooding liverpool fans anyone? i do :)

right. gtg.
i love charmaine :)


i'm not saying we played poker today :) nooo.

lol, just in case this bites me back in the end, there was of course no money involved :)

about 15 of us total came to school today, but we had a blast ;) saw someone i really missed, note: don't like anymore, but still abit infatuated.

i just finished the invites for the hi-tea, of which i still don't know what to wear. i mean, if i had my own way, i KNOW what i can wear, but as this is a school thing, and we have to look decent, and i have nothing decent. i wan wear dresssss.

anyway. i want to complain, about korean/chinese dramas, where everytime you emo, you deal with it by drinking, alot, or in fact not deal with it and become insane. think about it, i know drinking one happens allllll the time, and i know several insane cases. come on lah! its life, deal with it, do what the rest of us do, sleep it off, and facebook to distract yourself loh. noobs.

i know its a drama, they meant for us to pity them anyway. why am i even watching these kinds of shows? cause my mother is watching them. i tak suka.

and i just wanna say, that i think i'm very lucky.

i'm lucky that every wednesday night, there is like a bonding session and mini party with lots of (mostly) good food :)

nat, nick and steph is like family okay, we see them so often, and even berholiday together.
and nick knows our wedding plans also adi okay?

like today, we had this chocolate liquior cake :) which is so good! and good chicken curry, and my mama's homemade durian ice cream, and noodles, and fruits :)



goodnight lah :) see ya TMR.
i promise i will update.
i've spent almost two whole days here anyway. why not three -_-

the prefect board should fund me my own pendrive.

ooh! and see my pets!
amanda the panda and adeline was supposed to be a gorilla, so i took the next best thing, i pink monkey.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

:) itchy fingers, must have a new layout lah now?

my granma is very pretty :)

i realized my last post had about a dozen or more smiley faces in it.
i'm sorry, i'll keep it to a minimum of maybe six per post.
but what if i'm really happy? :D

so i changed the layout again, i am honestly not a real purple fan, but i like it when its paired with reds and creams. but unfortunately, cream on the computer looks like vomit. i even changed my post layouts. i never really liked them, its just something i did when i was like, noob, and wanted to be different than everyone else.

well, no more!

i shall post like this, from the left hand side, and not press enter so very often.

so yes, i did stay home and skipped school. but i was still hesitating at 6am in the morning okay. i very much want to sit in class and talk to the nooblings, but i really want a break loh. notice i didn't say 'need' a break like most of you do? ha!

its 12.15 pm, and i did nothing the whole morning :) read part of a good book from jess, and watched half a movie with my nasi lemak, and am now here :D

things i plan to do:
1. clean my room. its filthy, i don't know how i can sleep in there. books everywhere, clothes everywhere, and erm, alot of hair heee. what lah! i know alot of you lat tau fat also wan okay.

2. do SOMETHING to my hair. i don't know what, i mean, i think it looks super sexy now of course, but i need to change it lah. plus, i have a hair curler now! :D

3. go out. DUH right, i'm sure everybody also wants to. i remember my after pmr happiness of going out almost everyday, and i had the time of my life! this year, maybe not so much, as the form 5s are SPMing, holidays without them would be different.

and! i have little, or almost no money to spend anyway, i'm not like most of you rich kids, at least your parents fund your outing, mine's straight from my pockets.

4. sleepovers! :D with everyone! ahem, i mean, girls lah woi. especially at una's.

Monday, October 26, 2009

she can dish it out, but she cant take it?

hurray, exam over :D

weekend was cool...

i studied the whole friday night.

and saturday morning went to church, and then me, jess and faya went to the mamak near church. i studied too.

went to caremart to teman elsa, then amanda, danielle, maegan, su lyn, jamie and aski came :D
we went to pick steph up :) and went to jamie's place.and baked! some pretty fail cookies lah, but we had fun.

then we went to the hospital to bless the nurses :) with our cookies. well its a hospital, they can treat the subsequent food poisoning lah :)

then we went to parade.

and then to church :) and guess who i saw! pamela teh! :D kawan aku kat primary school :) nice catching up with her :D

and i studied alot too. and studied on saturday night. and sunday afternoon, and sunday night. and watched a lameass west ham vs arsenal game, waste my time. gtg.

be back later :D
muah muah!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

if you want me to go to prom with you, you have to pay for me :)

5 days to go!

add maths was do-able, but still makes your heart go fast, sweat alot and nose go runny. bio was like okay, till the photosynthesis part which just left me blank, and there were alot of those questions mannn. and then chemistryyyy ahhh, i also dunno what i crap out lah.

supposed to study now, but that running nose comes with a headache and brain malfunction soooo :D alah just a small break, its just est tmr...and eeehh :D :D its raining now (nao) so i can go and stare it lah now.

arsenal drew with az just so you know. i didnt watch cause the delayed game was at 6.30 am.
last time, everytime got a champions league match, i will skip school. but takkan i skip exam today right?

and the schedule was so screwed up today anyway.

and i like how my class can still be so funny though its exams.

and PFFFT weren't you annoyed with all the noise coming from everywhere? there the form 3 announcements thing and then all that babbling from the afternoon sessions, and while stereotyping forms below us as bimbos thing is wrong, they certainly dont know how to give a good impression. grr.

ciao :) see you guys nearer to the weekend....

Sunday, October 18, 2009


hey :)

couldn't even find a decent online stream yesterday, so whatever, i left it as it is, and luckily too, turns out it was a plucky game, but a convincing win, hurray. saw the highlights though, and wah that arshavin's goal was super. like as if he should have passed, or miss it, but masuk pun :D and man u and arsenal fans unite in the delight of liverpool and chelsea losing. worry about man city and tots? haha as if.

i am fed up with add maths, it seems easy enough and you know the formulas and methods, but come exam time you're just blank, i think i'm already done studying it lorh, but then on wednesday sure kantoi wan.

and what is this. thursday one paper only, and its est -_-

and starting to dislike the blackness of this blog.
after exam okay?

just 2 weeks just 2 weeks.

i love nerds :)

sorry no pictures, blogger's being a pain.

Friday, October 16, 2009

baby i love you, baby i need you, i gotta have you, can't be without youuuuuu

yay i'm back online!
my title was talking about my internet :) haha no lah, just that song is playing now, and it will grab your attention.

yesterday i marah sangat cause i wanted to go online but the internet got some weirdo problem.

i'm sure this blog has dropped off your radars, sigh. i haven't not updated for this long ever.

but this is just for today...and maybe one more day in this 5 day break. yes, my DARN exam is now pushed further, till the 26th of October. that is 4 weeks long kay.haiyo.

lucky there's this holiday in between.

and i miss football too, this is crazy. two weeks? and ps: am NOT going to care about fantasy football, why ruin the experience?

need to clean my room after exam.its disgusting. even for me.

so so, how was my papers?

english, bm, maths, and est all okay :)
moral, i memorised enough, and i guess it was okay?
add maths? like every term lah, scared silly until cant even do composite functions, but can do crap questions like rate of change lah?
physics was ok.
i thought my chem was gonna suck, cause i gave up, cause its not fair, my hateful teacher tak ajar semua pun.......
but it was okay, i mean, i expected it to be worse, but i'm positive i can get 40+ haha.

get readehhhh.

miley cyrus song is bimbo sangat, i thought she changed...
and ahem ' why should you buy the gold disc, original disc, and not the purple disc, dvd-r?'
hmm :)

ahhhh my mad sister watching transformers 2, i dowan, i planning to watch on the 26th ;) need to go up and study bio before i get plastered to the tv.

ps, i love my class, they is awesome.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

do you realise these are the last actual finals i'll be sitting for?

yeah the com went bust.
but luckily nothing was lost :)

did you guys watch the ars vs blackburn game?
it was the bomb :) arguably one of the best games ever.
six different goals from six different (amazing) players? come on!
i know we don't have a torres of a drogba, but i think the whole team scoring is way better ;)

(and was watching the game with the ngs, chuns, wongs, and durianss!...did i miss anyone out?)

and again, magically, the next game isn't till 2 weeks, so ahem, my saturday or sunday nights are made available for stuying now :) or sleeping more...

sejarah paper 2 today was okay, quite tough.
the one thing i was scared of is one thing that actually happened.

i'm a sejarah fan honestly, sejarah for me in form 1 to 3 was a breeze.
i can remember facts and stories, but i'm horrible at details.

unlike objective questions where you circle your life away.

in the past 3 terms, i've gotten the number of the fasal in the undang2 hammurabi all wrong.
i put 236, 256, 280 but no, the answer is 282 -_-

and today i forgot ALL the kalifah's names and crapped out the essay and forgot the other fella besides john crawford.

and english is english LAH.

this week is relaxed, and tmr's just english and bm, thats why i'm actually posting :)

although i will study some later don't worry.

love the noobs! :D

Friday, October 2, 2009

lantern walk tmr?

i'm sorry i don't update, didn't realize it's been a week.

we got out exam schedule's and darn :(
exam is till the 23rd, and probably after that will be busy too.
busy but happy :D

i should be studying now.
but i can't.
such nonsense right.

well, still had a lot of fun in class the whole week.

i have to tell you abt my wedding dream.
i won't explain it anymore, but i will say it was an awesome dream.
i felt so happy, content and taken care of.

but i doubt i can find anybody in this time of my life.

i am a happy arsenal fan :)
but somehow, i am abit sick of people saying things about arsenal, or football generally, when all that they think they know comes from the back pages of a newsapaper.