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Sunday, November 29, 2009

unicorns are NOT farm animals, and should actually be called unihorns.

mama's 71st birthday :)

see debbie and i so cute :D

the girl with the black converse got baptised today yo :D
maegan is love yes?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

naps are dangerous if you don't set your alarm clocks.

google chrome is abit useless sometimes.

its nice because it's so simple, you can change the skin anytime, and it remembers your most recent pages in the new tabs page, and it auto-detects what website you wanna go with just a few characters, as well as you can search anything from anywhere without having to go to google's homepage.

but it always gives me broken links so i have to refresh again.


so i did go out yesterday, with wen jun and his australian friend joseph. we went to watch new moon, which was kinda nice to me :) and i don't really care whether you absolutely love twilight or absolutely hate it, it was just NICE for me kay?

it was nice. though those bloody heels, i thought they were my friends :( usually they're comfortable and easy to walk in, please I've walked the whole of Pavillion in them before, but ystrdy, it give me a cut and a blister. so, flip-flops for the rest of the weekend :D

and then my granma took my family out to eat @ patisfrance again...

i gave that place good business man, since Louisa took me there, I've brought my entire Chien side family there.

um, what do you call that? nvm.

and this morning, i VERY reluctantly woke up for morning prayer at church. and nick asked me to go for futsal.

it was drizzling when we got there, and when we played it was pouring, and then intense sunshine that was so hot, and then drizzling again.

there, malaysia's year round weather summed up in two hours.

i haven't played futsal since...a few months, i'll never get used to playing with so many guys.

and i met daniel's pet baby snake. for real. i want one too, just...more sedate and uh, vegetarian.

yah. see ya'll later.

Friday, November 27, 2009

only rockstars like me.


this is why i never go out. i can ask and ask and ask and never get an
answer, and by the time the other party is frustrated with me, i'm already frustrated with my parents and then proceed to be in silence the next day feeling sorry for myself AGAIN

why la whyyyyyy. i've told my parents why, where, when, how, with who, and my reply?

and I quote "....."

i am 16 for goodness sake. i'm not going to be raped the moment i step out in sunlight right? i'm safer in pyramid than even when i walk to and fro from school.

and i think we've past the point where going out with a boy! is wrong right? i'm in a co-ed school everyday don't you worry i do stupid things with any of those yahoos from 7 to 2 ?

not that i do of course.

i'm not angry, just why? its not just abt tmr's outing, how about in the future? what, till i'm 18?

sigh. i'm watching highlights again, in dutch. annoyed lah.

i've watched finding nemo twice today. and i alternate between the computer, the laptop, and the tv. and sometimes simultaneously too.

my parents should learn something from that show.

nah. something that made me less grumpy.
yes, thats walcott, fabregas, arshavin and sagna in uh, suits.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

i'm going to hit the next person who says they are 'damn bored laaaaaaaaaaa'

just a little reminder to myself...

the weather's been getting a lil warmer again, so before i forget, ahemmm. the past few weeks have been great. its so cold, your fingers and toes are always chilly, you can't sleep without the blanket, and even at 12pm, its still awesome. right?

so when it becomes so hot you can't even bear to lie down on the oven you call a bed, you don't even have to turn on the heater and the water is still warm, you barely left the house for school and you're already sweating, and the sun shines silly at 9am, and you wish you lived in friggin siberia, maybe i won't go mad by remembering every once in awhile, the weather is nice. yeah.

so i won't move to siberia with nothing but a bikini. or you know, one of those places where the temperature is pretty cold all year round even in the summer? um geo....the mediterranean? or i'll just settle at australia lah. or cameron! :D


omg something large just flew by me so no pics for now kay i'm gonna run.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i think that i lost it.

wazza :)

i accompanied my gramma to the hospital this morning. i woke up, at 6 O:

i couldn't sleep well last night, i mean, besides the fact i slept around 2.30, i was thinking about my granpa again. i really can't remember whats its like to have him around. and whats more depressing to think about is that he was actually still around 4 months ago. and that 4 months passed by fast.

the only bloody thing i can remember is the funeral. grr.

anyway, last weekend, i was so pissed at arsenal. i watched the game with the mute on again after their goal. so retarded. i can't even bring myself to see my fantasy league.

well we won the game against liege, and why not. can't say i'm looking forward to the chelsea game.

anyone worried about next year yet? :) see ya!

Monday, November 23, 2009

i wish i could have talked to you today...

i watched twilight for the first time just now, and, well.

its a nice movie really, and robert pattinson is kinda hot also lah. i know everybody goes like EW he looks like drug addict, and he does, but he still good looking... anyway, i'm keeping an open mind about twilight from now. rar. and don't tell me to read the book, I WON'T.

so hmm. haven't been very busy, busy enough, but about to get busier.

well we had that sushi thing, which was fun :) we should do it again when we're less sleepy. and now that we're more experienced.

went out on wed, thurs, and friday. managing to eat kfc three times, and at mcD once. i'm just worried about all that pepsi/coke/poison...

and, I've been pretty pissy nowadays, i know, but there is valid reason of course. to repel. so simple. stupid nonsense some people think the world revolves around them.

right. i should better go and sleep.

Monday, November 16, 2009

my dad watches tv with no sound -_-

seriously, go to mylifeisaverage.com okayokayokay?


that day, in school, we had planned for the form 3's to watch a movie. we made them watch G.I Joe. i realize, i hate form 3's. most of them lah. they are ridiculously immature, and got some perpetual face problem and i seriously worry about the future generation.

but don't worry, some form 3's i know, really are human :) and i like them.

this weekend, was kinda boring.

but we bought dresses!
out of 9, we picked 3.

there was one really sexy dress that looked expensive, and unique and wahh :) but we didn't buy it. ah well.

good luck for spm nerdo and afro :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

absence makes the heart go colder :)

why am i updating so often nowadays? i don't know. its not that i'm less occupied or bored, i just have more to say. probably because i go to school less and communicate less. so need to offload more.

just now we went to get a slurpee, and my dad wanted whatever's green. i went down, called him and told him there was only vanilla raspberry which was pink, and um, mystery flavor. which was yellow. and creepy. he said the pink one, but i somehow absentmindedly got the yellow one.

some rubbish wintermelon pineapple rubbish.

and no matter how many times i get a slurpee, the machine never fails to impress me, and i never fail to spill everything everywhere and give a stupid smile to the counter guy. he's probably thinking "now i have to mop that crap off i hope she gets a brain freeze and die". or something like that :)

there a whole post about slurpees :)

and, this morning, my mom woke me up at exactly 7.36 when my alarm was going to ring at 8. i fell asleep again only to wake up at 8.30 and my phone telling my my sim card is not inserted when its blady embedded in the phone. and then i reach school at exactly 9 o'clock, and was late for the meeting -_-

sometimes i even continue talking on the phone for 2 minutes and realize its been disconnected ages ago. or when theres a pause between me and the person on the other end, and its SO awkward for me, then i realize again, yeah, disconnected. thank goodness these things dont happen in public okay.

i'm off. everytime i'm on pass 1, my dad will tell me not to chat with anyone, or be on facebook because its not good to let people know i'm online so late. i will not say what i think off this rule. my dad reads my blog sometimes.

:) i love you daddy!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

wow! consecutive posts!

sort of the last day of school today.

forgot to watch chuck. anyone know when's the replay? bugger.

i get to go to school at 9 tmr :) 'get' being the key word here. i don't mind. a meeting only less than two hours i hope.

we played pictionary in school today. was fun for awhile lah. school was just okay. you should see the kinda crap we draw. and WHAT is a space needle?!

and today, besides having meeting, i had the chance to be like a normal student again :) there was no role call, and then i rehat with the noobs. no tugas et al :D

i don't like how some (alot) of people assume you do something alot just because you did it once. er, get what i mean?


its taking me forever to think of an example without hurting anyone's feelings.

nevermind. you just shouldn't label anyone for something they just did once okay. its not nice. human behavior is subjective! and first impressions are important, but not conclusive.

oh ya! we got our report card back. and i have adeline's one with me too because she's too chicke-ahem i meant worried. i actually did better than i expected, for one, i passed chemistry despite getting almost all the facts wrong in the essay. and a good b3 for add maths.

just the stupid 42 for bm lah -_-

altogether 5a's, 4b's and bm.

and! tribal!? wo bu zhe dao lah.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

'friends' reruns still get good ratings :)

hey :) i've been on the whole day, and i'm abit tired. so i'm going to be tv-ing the whole night. yeah.

abt that thing, haiyo, i know you all will sure have alot to say if you hear my valid reasons, so i will simply tell you i won't go. and yes, i'm being quite indignant about, but who asked you all to be such inconsiderate rich brats. fart you.

i still have not cleaned my room. haiyo. only the shelf. can't seem to just do it.

i did my *something* though, half done with the photoshop, and i can't find the book, so i obviously didn't wrap it.


my dad exchanged my 4gb pendrive to an 8gb one, some weird exchange with his boss lah i dunno, but now i have a superbig thumbdrive, and nothing to put inside. what do you use them for besides storing in stuff to bring to print shops, or powerpoint presentations?

i'm really not sure about going to school tmr. i probably will :( see lah. who's going. i forgot what work i had to do anyway, so by going to school, i will feel less guilty. hee.

yesterday, after school, i had my lunch, and some tv, then had to go to mummy's office because its the kids annual concert.

i forgot how cute these kids were man. and theres this guy aimen who is so yummy, he's only ten years younger! i got chance right?

i changed the kids into their costumes, yes, literally stripping them, and then put make up on them, even boys -_- and help to move them from point A to point B. i still had time though, to walk around summit by myself. what can i say? its summit kan?

well. i shall go. there is an awesome dinner ahead of me.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

cotton on is everywhere now! :D

its my mum's birthday tmr. yay. means good dinner today. we had kenny rogers.

after kenny rogers, i had this horrible crippling stomach ache and had to drag my sis to the toilet which was miles away, i almost died. stupid old wing -_- old wing had noob toilets. unlike the new wing, or even pyramid. anyway, the toilet was pretty quiet, and i did my thing lah. for abt 15 mins. so painful. and the toilet bowl was disgusting! especially after you flush, yuch.

and yes, i got a new pendrive. 4gb. me and pendrives were never meant to be, they always leave me :( anyway, this one is locked and chained to my housekeys, so unless i lose my entire set of housekeys or the thing just happens to fall off, i'm pretty sure this one will last. i hope.

tmr's gonna be a pretty busy day, but the classmates all planned to show up, so darrrn, i think i wanna bring the camera. don't snitch, losers.

and, future boyfriends, read this!

i don't like guys who carry their girlfriend's handbags for them. and well, don't like the girl too. its okay if the girlfriend is busy and needs free hands, but if you're blady walking in a mall, hold lahhh your own bag! -_- anyway, i have friends who do this, so i'll leave it as that.

right. i watched the wolves game yesterday, pretty okay, but wth did we need to concede! why! why! why! why!

my life plan: stop studying, start working, get alot of money, fly myself to london, marry aaron ramsey, have good looking footballer kids, live happily ever after.

dunno if i wanna stay and watch chelsea vs man u, you know what i DONT wanna see? plastic fans on facebook. mmhmm. like i already said before, whatever happens, arsenal benefits.

kinda cleared my bookshelf a little, sigh, so many notes i made, only to get so low.

*refer back to life plan*

goodbye! :D its late...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

i know how to draw lines.

i don't know how i slept last night, but my neck hurts. but other than that, i slept well :) i know how to appreciate a good night's sleep accompanied with dreams and good weather.

if daddy makes it back in time, we could go to lunch with the ng's today.

tonight we're away to wolves, can i say tapao? maybe not, but whatever, i want to win, and man u to win. or at least a draw. actually either way it goes, arsenal benefits lah :)

worked in church yesterday. after school, changed, then had lunch with louisa, aski and lameee. and then did alot of printing, photocopying, and paper-cutting. then had pizza with aski and gideon. was so tired after prayer meeting...

apparently all of my classmates are planning to attend school on monday, with kantha, to have one last, i dunno, not reunion, uh, something lah. but i'll be busy on that day! yerrrrrr :(

my phone's being weird again.

i love you blog, but i love poker too. bye :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

i want a hug.

i woke up this morning to watch the game. mmf. i thought it was at 2.40, but it was at 3.40. so i set my alarm and slept downstairs, but my shit phone is just shit, so i woke up after the second half, and we were 3-0 up. yay :D

i watched the highlights again just now, and wow :D i love arsenal :D i really think that all football fans around the world must be really respecting us man. and i don't mean that in a taunting way.

and again today, another slew of bad results. i'm gonna be the school janitor when i grow up, you'll see. someone rich, marry me!

had fun today in school, of course :D today we even played with hasif, jian onn, and jin onn. i even forgot to do all my prefect stuff! zhe kai and sue chen kill me lahh.

since i was sick on sunday, i've had bad stomach aches, and always feel like throwing up man. i almost did sometimes too, but i just swallow lah (yuck) i'm just saying, i'm very uncomfortable :(

right. i gtg. don't go to school tmr! or go!

because i am :( i have to. nvm, free food!

i love 4e!

us sexy girls :D panda, arinah, debbie, mua, and adeline

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

don't scare me into bullshitting :)

i need something to do :/ that doesn't involve the school or prefect board.

its not that i'm bored, i don't mind not doing anything, but for now i feel like i wanna... watch a football game, or play a football game.

its easy to be a football fan when your team is doing well (stop telling me arsenal sucks and man u is better okay, we're level on points -_-) how hard is it to be a liverpool fan now huh? arsenal have been there before, and i know how they feel. unlike man u, one loss and fans go nuts.


we cleared up the prefect room today. there's all kinds of crap in that cupboard really, leftover from camps.

theres about a dozen healthy matchboxes (with matches inside duh) , and i swear about 20 rolls of rafia string, another 20 sponges, old blindfolds, a sejarah book -_-, alot of mahjong paper, manila card and color paper, alot of candles, loose stationery, cooking oil -_-, canned chicken -_-, toilet cleaner -_-, 1.5 litre water bottle (still full), an ugly digi bag, ridsect and uh rubbish lah.

there was also a dirty floor mat and an old suggestion box. we threw alot of stuff away. and sue chen ripped off the old papan informasi stuff.

i'm not saying the new one is nicer, but anything is better than the old one. no offence to which prefect that did it in the first place.

arrggh i've had to restart this computer twice in the last hour. stupid.

and, i honestly think i may have failed my bm. not exagerating. you do the math for me, 40something + 30 something over 240 x 100? i don't even know what that equals to. and i didn't take the paper home anyway, its somewhere in class. on the floor.

i'm going to marry a rich guy, end of story.

hmm. i realized this post has no smiley faces in it, except for its title.
well, goodbye :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Monday, November 2, 2009

there's no shut down button for thoughts :(

nah i'm not going to bore you with a post about how i'm sick or another boring weekend, besides the hitea and what i still have to worry about for the next two weeks.

i'm going to tell you that i'm eating siu mai and mama's porridge for lunch, and watch ALOT of tv :)

anyway. my inbox is full again. i'm not the kind that deletes messages, no :( not that theres anything scandalous inside there right? but i hate deleting messages, except chain messages, or the ones from maxis.

abt 2 months ago, i accidentally deleted everything :O i was just going to delete all sent items to make room for my inbox but i pressed the wrong one, and man was i unhappy. there were alot of nice texts there... from last year, some really sweet birthday stuff, and uh, messages from my dad and sis about my granpa during his last few days. andd heee just plain sweet messages from :D :D you know lah.

i'm okay with them deleted now, but the inbox is really cramming up again, and feel like i can't delete anything.

ah well, i gtg. take some meds and sleep the day away again.