Pick Me

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

by far, the greatest team, the world has ever seen

yes, would you believe it? arsenal's coming back to malaysia. all that i regret not doing last year, motivates me to do all that i can for this year. i've been given a second chance!

the game is dangerously close to my second trials though, and i'm sure it'll cost me a bomb again, so i'll make the most of it.

stalk mode: ON.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

shallow little puddle.

another moody post.

sigh. stupid.
miss out on the hot air balloon festival with jess, rhys and lawrence to study kao kao for that stupid chem test.
chem test postponed. -_-
miss out on clement's 21st to study the night before chem test.
takes the chem test.
gets 8 out of 35.

i also don't know what lah now. this, plus everything else. i can't tell if things are getting worse, or i'm just getting more sensitive. i betchu it's a mix of both.

where's the people i can 'count on'?
i think i know what the fella meant, when he posted that 9gag thing where he (i'm sure it's not a girl) wished he could dig a hole in the ground and pretend he was a carrot.

i'm so tired and headachey right now and lol may exam.
this seafield doesn't give up on having events all the time also.


Monday, April 2, 2012

even when you're gone.

going to do some slammin' today. because i need to get it out.

i have to be real careful how i say this because it's so common for so many of you. 

i'm no fan of the 'smartphone generation' that we are today. it's quite annoying sometimes.
i love my phone i really do. i like wifi. i like my fb. my twitter and whatever else. but i'm not slave bound to it 24/7 okay. i annoy myself when i overuse any of those things, and probably i only use them when i'm sick of studying or need to check some stuff here and there. or when using my computer i just leave it on. and it's fine when i'm alone. right?

well, i think you're crazy if you're constantly glued to your stupid phone/ipad when you're with other people. my gawd. maybe just to say who you're with, or check in or whatever else -_- that's fine. but if you're casually doing alll that that doesn't need to be done, then why the heck are you out in the first place? go home!

can't you enjoy the presence of just hanging out with your friends by talking, and having at least eye contact? what's so important that you're missing out on in cyberland?

even worse if you're playing some stupid game. i think next time, i'll just get up and leave, or go sit with someone who knows how to hold a conversation. 

do you really expect me to believe that you're having fun when all you do is tweet about having fun and checking in and out of wherever the heck you are? 

if I'M having fun, you won't even see my phone, unless I have to urgently reply or check on something. yeesh. and by urgently reply i mean urgent enough to reply asap okay. 

if you want to dissociate so much, then do it, but not at the expense of other people. 

i will throw bricks at you.