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Sunday, August 30, 2009

a nibble of humble pie.

yeah yeah fireworks and flags, happy merdeka all :)

sad that this year we couldn't celebrate in school, and even if we did it wouldn't be the same (gasp! senamronik!)

hope school goes back to normal honestly, h what n what, i don't care, i want to finish the syllabus and study my ass off, no joke (wo pu kai wan siao ;p)
yes, finish finals, and have a nice holiday.


i've been having thoughts of redoing the ol' blog and changing it abit.
maybe featuring more arsenal game reviews, as i obviously have a lot to say.
and maybe feature some of your blogs too!
like when i like a post or a pic of your blog, i can link it!

and i have been feeling abit draggy to post lately, why?
i dunno.

so maybe, more posts, but shorter.
would that be preferable :D

one more holi-day tmr, its good, give us time to chill after all that chilling :)
but been sleeping late.
very late.
3 or 4 every night.
can't help it leh.

i actually didn't go out the whole week, and i can't help feeling like a sheltered lifeless baby.
been spending alot time with the parents, er, complaints? none?
hanging out with them does reap benefits though, the more evident one being, your own money is kept in your own pockets :)

bought a hair curler/straightener set, and oh my i scared i'll use it too often lah.

and watched UP with them too.
its weird watching with them, but since when am i the type to care about what other people whom i don't know think about me?
the movie was funny and awesome, abittt impractical, but hey, pixar gives you only the best right?


okay okay, now the moment all the man u fans will be licking their lips for.

it was simply not a fair game, i won't say much because theres nothing i can do about it (we all know i handle inferiority very well huh) and that it's over.

remember, i am a non-biased football fan.
except towards maybe, adebayor okay?

so, i thought arsenal were way better in the first half, and some of the second half.
but we lack composure, and were beaten by a team who only seemed better because we lost our heads for awhile.

penalties are so subjective, but i want the darn ref to say he's sorry.

and maybe diaby to be punished by sitting in a corner for awhile.

i watched the whole game standing up because 1, it was terribly kan cheong, and 2, had to update adrian yap through msn ( a man u fan oh what shame)

what to do?
'shit happens'...
same thing applies to life in all areas.

what a long opinionated post, lets just end with, i'm dying to go back to school.

ps, i am somehow losing weight again! no effort on my part :)!

chewie :(

oh oh! went to watsons with my dad today and here's what happened after we left.

laura: dee, why you buy lavendar facial mask?
dad: h1n1 lar!
laura: WHAT? facial mask?
dad: yealah, because of h1n1.
laura: dee! that is FACE mask! not FACIAL mask!
dad: oh. then the one i buy is for what? maybe i should use...
laura: errrr...got many kinds..
mummy: its for blackheads.
dad: whats blackheads? do i have?
mummy: yeah. alot.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

mini meanie and i'm not lifeless.

its 4.09 am on a thursday morning, the score is 2-0 for now, which makes it 4-0 on aggregate.
i am happy :D

and i'm a noob conversation with julian han.
here's one small part hehe

Laura says: ish. nobody will scold me lah. i'm so pretty
Julian says: dont lie pls
Julian says: not good u know
Julian says: its sinning
Laura says: okay i'm sorry i'm sorry, i'm VERY pretty
Julian says: even worse*
Julian says: you know that you're pretty
Julian says: oops
Julian says: i need to go repent
Julian says: i've just sinned , i called someone that looks like joel pretty
Julian says: HAHAAHHA

btw, why do you people succumb so easily to boredom huh?
every holiday there's always boredom plastered over any public message medium.

why why why.
such lazy hypocrites.

its the holidays! do something.

like me, in 3 days i have (OMG ARSHAVIN SCORED! :D :D) done so many things such as:

- cleared my closet
- studied ALOT
- got a haircut
- cleaned the house
- went to the shop to get new specs
- an satisfiable amount of sleep
- go online about twice a day

etc etc.
i'm not bored!
i'm happy!
and enjoying every minute of my holiday!
and i havent even gone out yet :)
yeah, i can only afford one outing per holiday you rich kids you.

catch me saying i'm boreedddd and i'll eat my words :D

well, i go now.

fantasy premier league!
still waiting for kyle....

Monday, August 24, 2009

inferiority, and why God is so important.

sometimes, i wish i were a different person.
in many ways.

what if i wasn't how i was?
my life might be better on the surface, but how would i spiritually suffer?

but then again, it sure beats psychological suffering.

okay, i just need to remind this to myself.
its okay if you guys don't get it, but somehow i need to post it here.
ahem, don't freak out.


i'd rather go drown myself in a mindless search of new restaurants in rc.

here we go.

i make my own decisions. and God helps me make my decisions.
i have made more than a few promises to God i find very hard to keep.
i am keeping them, so far, and it has only brought me nowhere.

maybe i'm being self-righteous and overly diplomatic, i mean, a sixteen year old is bound to make mistakes right?
can i knowingly do things i know which are wrong, and then assume that i will come to my senses (when i'm already fully conscious and well, sane) and ask for forgiveness and everything will be wiped clean?
i'm not sure if it works that way.

but its so unfair!
why do others get to do whatever they blissfully unaware of the consequences, and therefore, not allowed to be held responsible?

with all honesty, if i didn't make those decisions to God, i would have lied to my parents alot, would be dead broke, would have a pathetic (but hot) boyfriend and so on....

so why is it a bad thing?
oh this is so conflicting.

its okay. i've just gone mad abit.

yeah just went climbing again, let the pounds melt away!
i'm kidding, i don't climb to lose weight.
ahem, i dont have to :p

fantasy football!
i tell you ah, just cause of that STUPID gameweek 2 i'll be suffering.

i wish i could simply enjoy the fact that arsenal won.
thats all okay?

i feel like the room is spinning, abit dizzy now, i hope i don't fall of the chair
haha i feel really really dizzy now

lazy to post a pic.
sleepy, but stubborn, i dowan to sleep.

missing my yeh yeh again.

enjoy the hols!

Friday, August 21, 2009

theres no bread at home, and i'm already late -_-

i'm supposed to be at my granma's house now, because i promised her i'd be there at 12.
i have yet to brush my teeth and wash my hair, or even just realize that its time to start the day.
but i think she knows to expect me late as usual :p
there's no bread at home, i dont know how my dad promised her that we have half a loaf left.

its been different you know, since my yeh yeh passed away.
we take mama out for dinner much often now, and my cousins are mostly at her place.

yeh yeh not around is weird.
its weird going to his house and him not being there, watching tennis on espn, or sitting on the table reading newspaper, or in the kitchen cooking up something.

i wonder how my mama is doing.
we always worry how she is when she's alone at home.

i miss my granpa alot.
i simply burst into tears at the mention of his name on Sunday, must've scared the heck out of Jo and Maegan.

blur, but still nice :)

it's been abt six weeks now, but feels like forever.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

know how to keep a cool head, and ugh i'm number eight.

so angry okay, nobody told me i had to change my players BEFORE gameweek 2.
my goodness.
i put in like, sorensen and defoe okay!
but it was too late..and i got a miserable 10 points which smacks me to number eight, and now hasif is number 3.
i regret showing off like nobody's business :p
and HAHA evra, fletcher, rooney?

it annoys me that i care abt my fantasy team so much, cause it takes away the simple joy of simple results, like man u losing...


i'm just going to be prepared for gameweek 3.

sorry for all the football talk lah, its what i know best :)

and you twelveans are NOOBS.
panic for no reason.
i'm not gonna talk abt the chaos cause i'm sure its all over everywhere.

you paranoid mummys pet little sissies.
you didn't have to run out of school like it was on fire lol.

i didnt get to take my est results :(

whatever, i got to go home at 11 thanks to eugene and russell.
and i got to skip school today, idk lah.
i think i wanna go tmr...
anybody? :D

i think i'm going to go study now.
for real.

some of us nooblings.
we have yet to have a full outing :)
but we six here still rock.
i'll upload the rest another time...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the only things i want.

mmf its 3 am.
i'm sorry panda, i lied, wo hai mei you finish the sejarah project.
but now i'm done :D

and coincidentally, there's an arsenal football game on :)
which will end around 5?
haha one hour of sleep? and tmr is a busy day.

God help me.
speaking of which, guess what?
i didn't fail anything this term!

isn't that amazing?
and my marks are all higher than 54!
God really blessed me this time okay :)

i love panda for helping me to study, and praying with me before exam, and helping me to not copy also.
hee :D

zechary pu kai wan siao, ta te sejarah hen li hai oh.

and i went sampat today, i dunno why.
but laughing alot today man.

omg the ultraman dance rocks okay!
but so sorry its cancelled :(

okay okay i'll go watch my game.
i'm darrrn nervous lorh.

Monday, August 17, 2009

i love arsenal, i hate dragons.

i hate doomsday dreams.
i had s dream and it's sequel two nights in a row.
can't be a prophecy -_- unless it's metaphoric.
um, dragon = satan?

well, what an awsome opening day of the season :)
- chelsea hampir draw
- man u hampir draw
- liverpool KALAH
- arsenal? menang besar!
:D :D

i'm so lame i know.
but arsenal undeniably had the most comfortable win amongst everybody :)
we were like on fire!

i have to admit i was abit nervous before the game started, i mean, everton aren't bad, and i don't really know how to judge arsenal now...
but :D
oh-my-supersexy-new-defender vermaelen :)

even my fantasy league team also not bad ah.
i beat darshan and muayyad and muidz :D

okay that's enough.
but i thought The Star didn't do enough justice, like, why put chelsea almost winning on the cover when you can put a super tapaoing from arsenal?
i will never know.

well, i didn't go to school today, so i er uh, half did my sejarah but i bloody hate powerpoint and mind maps so i dunno lah now.
didnt sleep well because of my stupid dragon dream, so i'm very tired, but not sleepy -_-

i want to study, but i don't know what to study.

oh yah!
on saturday i went to eat steamboat with my nooblings, and it was fun :)
pics i upload tmr okay?

nerd poser.
i guesssssss i'll go study now lah.

Friday, August 14, 2009

arshavin, school, random events.

i just finished my last-minute photoshop work :)

its pretty, but nothing compared to the redaksi's work because:
1. no time
2. no specifications
3. no help
4. no experience

but its ok for some last minute amateur work.

and OMG :D i got 73 for bio!
this must really be God's work (thank you God) cause i was expecting to fail man.

i've been very busy at school, i wish i could see the noobling's ultraman dance.

and steamboat tmr is so far, ON :)

and yay tmr is the start of the season!
ESPN further fueled my love and suspense for it today by showing the arsenal vs liverpool game.
neh the 4-4 one.

it was like magic mannnn.
i'm at home screaming screaming happyness like anything.
and made me waste abt half an hour -_-

but wah football rocks okay, and its like, when theres a goal, every fibre of your being cheers crazy :D

i will marry andrei arshavin.

blogger's taking very long to upload pics again...

the cho dai di gang goes climbing :D

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

pink and green babes!

i know some of you will have a lot of not nice things to say abt my blog, whatever i love pink and green together, and if i'm not careful i'll paint my room that too.
i know some of ya can't handle such contrasting colors together.

so how's it been?
i know everyone is itching for the holidays , wondering why on earth was exam put so early for us come to school for another two weeks.
beats me.

oh yeah, to get results.
i've noticed, i'm doing worse and worse for each term.
coincidence or WHAT?

haha, i'm just not coping very well.
everything is so hard, and omg how lah.

i remember my old conversations with joel and lawrence.
they kept saying how hard it was and i shouldnt poke at them for failing, well, now i know lah.

i feel really dumb, i'm not exaggerating like you all, a B and the world is ending kind.

on a happier (less sadistic) note, season is starting this weekend!
can you feel the roar of the crowd already?

if only my manager would use that brain he's getting paid for having, and buy good players starting from like, yesterday.

my mum gets me addicted to chinese shows.
and now i'm like itching for it to start -_-

oh, and got sejarah work to do adi.

ish blogger isnt responding, so no bukit rimau (is it?) pics.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

birthdays, and the usual.

exam's over :)
but it only shows how little i know, and how little time there is left for finals.

not feeling well, don't know who to blame, i know alot of you guys are down too.
yesterday was a very bad running nose, at night when i'm sleeping, it runs like a drippy tap.
i'm serious yuck right?
well my nose has tissue-friction-burn, ahem its painful, its like putting toothpaste around your nose, only without the thrill.

i don't know what to do now, my rc is not loading, actually neither of my facebook apps are working now.
i'm confined to photoshop, i'm afraid my darling television has nothing interesting to show me at this hour.

my noobs and i planning to go out again, but i dont know wth we babble on about, i doubt we'll ever make up our minds.

birthdays :)

firstly, my beloved, best friend of four years, charmaine anne augustine.
she turned an official 16 yrs, on july 23rc, which is apparently a very common day for [according to charmaine and others, 'cool'] people's bdays.
she's a real live rockstar, and she listens to all the crap i say :) which is alot.
i love you hammehhh!

secondly, she's one of my noobs, i never thought we'd be such good friends, the fatty, debbie ho.
she's sometimes as sampat, and hiao as me, and made me walk to fatty ho with her so many times...

and for everyone else, theres always mastercard.
ah lame-o, happy birthday, to..everyone else.

post/script: fail add maths! fail add maths!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i will not copy.

best friends tie each other's shoelaces :)

updates on thursday!
post/script: i will not copy.

Monday, August 3, 2009

football and exams.

omg must blog :D :D
why doesn't everyone like football tell me?
i mean really die-hard-must-watch-games-know-everything-about-the-club kind?
ha? :D

well, i know its exam, but i found some excusable time to watch arsenal vs atletico madrid on saturday night, and haha i thought i wanted to marry arshavin?

well, i didn't see the rangers game last night thats why, after looking high and low for quality for highlights, now i think i will marry jack wilshere :)
and he's around my age too!

i would give a kidney to go watch a live game at the emirates kay.

you lucky knuckleheads that got to go see man u live... i would do anything to watch arsenal live :)

okay. anyyyywayyy.

i'm supposed to study now, so.....

i didn't finish my bm, i think i spent too much time on my rumusan.
argh i hate bm so much.

and sejarah will be full of crap answers.

chemistry i dunno.

3 days to freedom, 12 days to season open.

and, as another privelege for being an ajk, i get my own locker.
no. 122 :)
now i can stuff crap in it, like my english textbook, and hah i can actually keep anything i dont need at home in there.

see my tiny eyes :)