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Monday, March 30, 2009

i count it all, as lost.

i know my blog is so nice now and thanks to everyone for the compliments :)

so yesterday i watched 28 weeks later on star movies with my dad, and really i can't stomach these kinda shows, accompanying last weeks I am legend.

i am such a wimp.

anyway, in result of that, i'm so tired.
i slept in school, after about a week of not sleeping in school.

my body's time used to be very chunted wan.
now its back to the sleep-in-the-afternoon+sleep-late-at-night=die-at-school thing.

so i slept just now at 3.30, woke up at 4 cause it started to rain, went upstairs and slept at 4.05, woke up at 4.30 to answer a phone call, slept again till 5, and answered another call, and slept till 6.30.

haha. some more i got so much work to do for 365, involving photoshop :D

aha my blog so prettay!

i wonder what she'll say.
look at the scrapings on her hand haha.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

happy earth hour :)

see what i got.


i don't like, no, i hate coming home and doing nothing on Saturday evenings after 365.
it's sad lah.

I've been going out so much previously at that time so now it feels so boring, when actually, it's normal lah.

i tell you ah, when the better of us can drive ah.

and no, I DON'T WANNA SPEND EARTH HOUR WITH.... my extended family.
it's gonna be a hell load of boring, i'm feeling so bitter now.

no fun, no fun, no fun.

Friday, March 27, 2009

i swear the whole world stops.

yeah i skip school today.
i know most of you also lah.

didn't do anything much in school these few days, except talk alot, and i forgot how much i like my classmates :)

stupid pmr.
one day i'll get over this lah.

nothing much i can blog about, it's been a boring week.
i'm updating for the sake of it.

Pn. Lim says i'm a good student, and very smart, but i look like i'm very tired and lethargic all the time.

i don't like being so sleepy all the time anyway.
it's not healthy to be sleeping so much in a day, and the only homework i've done at home out of my already huge pile is, well, chemistry? and thats just three questions lah.

wanna know my results then?
urm, 5 a1s, 1 a2, 2 b3s, 1 fail, and idk my bm lah.
not bad right?

that's all :D

btw, i promised adeline something, happy 3rd month. haha.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

look at the sun.



guess i'll do jin onn's tag lah.

aiyah. i have to do both tags.

Directions : Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave a comment (''You're tagged!'') and to read your blog, you can't tag the person who tagged you.

1. i spend the majority of my weekends and in church
2. pink is a nice color if you're not the biased type that think pink are for bimbos and whatnot
3. i wish i could join my school basketball team
4. i really love football :)
5. i really love nail polish...
6. I am constantly appreciative of the blessings i have. so much so, sometimes i think i'm too proud of them.
7. i can't wait to get married and have kids
8. i keep thinking about the mass amount of roxy bags that i want but can't buy
9. I got a retarded B for bm in my pmr that i cannot stop thinking about. it makes me sad :(
10. my nose runs alot. especially when near una's air cond
11. i have a very low tolerance level of anything intolerable
12. i am stuck on online shopping
13. i'm more quiet than i am noisy
14. i don't want to be a prefect anymore
15. i don't understand why some people don't know what a frown is. and i'm annoyed that there are no frown emoticons. cause i would use them alot.
16. i like my hair lah. even in this short ugly haircut, i think my hair is good :)

2nd tag

Direction: List 5 things that has something to do with you

1. 5 things you love the most
- my family, and the support, stability and comfort they give that most of us fail to appreciate
- my friends :D
- board and card games
- my hair
- cinemas

2. 5 things you hate the most
- homework
- insects
- people
- my nose when it runs
- not having alot of money (its more than just being materialistic okay)

3. 5 things beside you
- phone
- tissue
- printer
- cds
- ridsect

4. 5 babes you love the most
- una
- aski
- charmaine
- jess
- jo :)

5. 5 things you need the most
- My family
- My friends
- good grades
- church
- God :)

i don't feel like tagging people.

lawrence passed his undang :D/ sean is cute lah/ laura loves her hair

Friday, March 20, 2009

its going down down.

yo :D

happy the day after brenda's birthday :)
i'm sorry i didn't wish her on the right day, i was posting my other stuff and forgot.

sorry if it's a recycled picture. we don't have many together.

this brenda wong.
i've known her since i was 7, and i can't believe i'm missing out on her sweet sixteen.
i think we can no longer say we're best friends, but we definitely were once best friends, and are now, good old friends. yes?

i'm glad i got to know her before she jetted off to her very very fun life in thailand now and left boring ol subang.
she changed who i am.

she has divine understanding, high intelligence, and not afraid of looking silly.
this girl is the most likely among my friends to grow up and be filthy rich and famous, and u bet i'll be there living off her.

ah i can't wait till she comes back.
i miss you brenda wong :D

and. on a different note.

u see ryan? on the right? with the grey sweater?

he was fine on wednesday.
but then.
he got into a mini accident. and i hope he gets well soon.

he lost his two front teeth.

so kids. wear your helmet, and hold on tight.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

we'll take it slow.

mmhmm. busy.

hey babes :D

so so so...

i sleptover at una's hs, and woke up at 10, and did the mickey mouse 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle while waiting 2 hours for the lazy pig to get up.

and then we went to pyramid, and watched marley and me :D
marley it cute, jeniffer aniston is hot, and the movie is sad.

and then went to fetch aski, and then home.
we baked cupcakes. yes. at 10-ish at night.
ended at 2 ish?

it was fun :D

mm. then i took a bath, and slept for slightly less than an hour?

superhero aski slept about, NONE hours. no, she didn't sleep at all, and on the night before a long wednesday out (you see further down) and wow.

and then woke up to see arsenal vs hull, an okayyy game lah.
which we duhhh won.
and then slept abt 6 ish till 7, then left, to my house for awhile.

ate some cheescake, and then went to church.
no apologies. haha.
kept falling asleep.

lawrence, bryan, and rhys. yeng right?

ah the three of us :D

so then, gideon, our driver, in the lexus, drove us three girls to pyramid first, and then, met nat, nick, and daniel there.
and then headed to mcD and met michelle.

and then we split for awhile.
we went to roxy and i was 70% close to buying that omgggg gorgeous bag but thennn. i must have some sort of integrity right?
so i didn't? and i feel very sad abt it.

its oklah :(

and then went out to rejoin everyone, plus, adrian, clement, joel, julian, joseph, rhys, sean, sam, uh i hope that's everyone... and ryan lah.

and then the bowling place was having a tournament haha so we went to watch race to the with mountain instead.
i kept falling asleep again.

mm. adrian's failed stunt.
and popcorn.

and then left to asia cafe.

yeah you got a tart for your birthday :)
we sang happy birthday.

joking lah. you got a real cake :)
we sang happy birthday again.


hope people weren't annoyed that we sang twice.
really loudly too...

and then we went upstairs to play pool.
in my case, just watch pool.
i really suck at pool.
and it was so smoky lah.
reached home at 12.30

i was so sleepy.
i used the computer for awhile, and kept falling asleep also.

i woke up today aat 12.30
at something, and fell asleep again.
haha. till 4.

so by now, i should be fine lah.
one day to recover from lack of sleep and weird eating habits.

Monday, March 16, 2009

hi :D
happy first day of the holidays :D
i cleaned my room today :D
and did my sejarah, noooooo i didn't finish it cause i can't read my own handwriting.
i'm at una's :D
for 2 days.

till wednesday, of which i'm also going out.
busy lahhhh.


look at me :D

Sunday, March 15, 2009



happy sunday :)

i had a super busy saturday.
didnt go to futsal, it was raining.
instead did a videoshoot with foo kar kien and roy and lawrence and ryan and terence.

and then went to help out with the how to be more intelligent people, till abt 11.
thats a whole morning gone.

you know they so smart removed the chairs from the pm hall instead? so silly, so they had to arrange it back.

and then slept alil still 2, went for lunch, then church.
and then after that, lepaked in church awhile till abt 8?
then nat, yi jan and i went to michelle's house for awhile, and then sam picked us up.

we (the 4 of us, and faya, ben, nick, rhys, sean, joel, julian, joseph, sam, gideon, daniel, ryan) watched the man u vs liverpool game at ss14.

and ha.
i won't say much lahhhhh.
i have alot of friends who very dearly love united and are sad enough.
but was it fun or what :D

and then home at about 11, and then my own game, arsenal vs blackburn, of which we tapaued 4 nil.

i needed to bite myself amazed at arshavin's goal, the second goal.
arsenal were playing darn good that day :D


see. my saturdays so busy.
and gonna have a VERY busy week also.

lah lah lah.

omg the next door neighbour's construction is killing me lorh.
early morning, also got.
and sundays also got.
and its so annoying argh.

i'm sorry did i ever show u this? its so cute lah. im talking like an ama there and audra and her dinosaur impersonation.

aha i really miss the tuition gang lah. where are you all D:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

i've said it before.

hello :D
its March 14th...
so, happy that.
i think 14th's are special each month.

january, i forgot why lah, and then feb valentines, and then march, somehow lah, and then june daddy's bday and dec, well, mine :)


i skipped school on thursday and friday. yay?
did nothing much really, but with alot on my mind.
can't chill.

but wth, screw peka!

so so so.
on wednesday i watched the game. 3.30-7.00.
i wouldn't have made it on time to school anyway right :)
7-6 on penalty shootouts.
and scared the oxygen out of me.
nervous lah.
i think i feel bad for john terry last year at the champions league final.

and i had horrible cramps again during the whole game.

then i did nothing on friday.... watched alot of tv.
and, joseph's back from ns :D
with a nice haircut aha.

and tmr, is the how to be more intelligent event.

and and, man u vs liverpool.
i hope neither win?

i hope man u won't win, so that everyone will shut up, and i hope liverpool won't win, cause then maybe..i dunno, arsenal, could, well, i dunno, have a better chance of, um, moving up? aha yeah right.
but then i don't want a boring draw, so i guess i want a 4-4 draw with united scoring the last goal at extra time or something lah.


oh goodness my house like insect world lah with huge moths, mini moths and grasshoppers. they have to be coming from somewhere my gawd.

ah i'm so stupit i must remind myself to not sleep in the afternoons cause lookie here its almost 3am and i dont wanna go sleep at alllll and i have to wake up at like...7 for futsal.
mm. i know surviving a busy saturday with just 4 hours of sleep ain't gonna do any good.

miss my long hair. hello aski :]

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

one minute i held the key.

hello :D

happy jeremy tan's birthday!

you know, after exam and before holidays is supposed to be super fun cause all you need to do is go to school and get results and relax and talk to your kawans.

well. its all that, minus the relax.
damn alot of work loh.
that one week of holiday don't feel like much.


so so so.
had a very moody day.
spoiled everything.
cancelled all my plans, including the steamboat :( :( :( :(
but went shopping with the parents instead.

i wake up every morning and curse the prospect of going to school.
i hate it.

i got my mod maths back!
91 wey :D

and then moral, uh, uh, uh.
23 -_-
yeah over 100.
i got lower than even some of they guys in class.
stupid yan eu mun passed okay!
i so malu.

and i dont wanna tell my add maths yet. until i check properly.

anyway. skip school with me tmr :)
and then go on friday and hand in all the stupid peka.

cause at 3.30 am theres the arsenal vs roma game of which i cant wait to watch. its the only thing i can look forward to this week.
even a free thursday tmr can't cheer me up.

well well.
i tell you about today also.
we did nothing.


talked a lot. ate ,wait ah, adelineee!! its spelled as tau sar pneah haha. and played scrabble?
i wish i couldve tapau-ed eu mun and chin hua more. manatau i same marks as adeline :O


and i keep falling sick nowadays.
plus really bad cramps, weird backaches, and marathon running nose.

my body must be confused, thought can be free and relax adi, but then now its angry with me.
i want the holidays.

see see see.
this is the day we all wore the same green shirt. and omg look at my hair.
so nice :O :O

Monday, March 9, 2009

we will sing, sing, sing!

happy women's day :D
a day to appreciate us girlsss for being just awesome :)

ironically, its going to be a very football post.

i realized its been 5 days since my last post, and exam ended 3 days ago.
i'm not sorry?
i go online when i'm stressed, tired, and sleep is something sacrifice-able.


why lahhh i go school on friday?
because of the thingy where i go to each class and um, talk to the talent search contestants?

very tiring, somewhat annoying.
and i missed everyone in class.

and it wasn't a good day too okay.
i had to go see pn.teo for something i barely had anything to do with! and that was mainly why i was kantoi-ed anyway.
i can't get over it? it did spoil my day a lil, but im not one to dwell on that.

saturday :D
my magnificent return to futsallllll :)

after morning prayer, we went to breakfast, and well were late, so the futsal court was taken.
by a majority of usj 12-eans... mmm.

so we played football instead.
on the squidgy muddy field with lots of slips, slides and mud splatters.
it was fun though...

and then and then i like, scored 4 free throws in a row at the bball court too!
ask chin hua!

i'm in a supergood mood now, sorry for the hyperness.

then today, evening, i went jogging with daddy.
had little or no workout since mssd, but still jogged a long way, and manatau i had really bad period cramps when i stopped, and then fainted.
haiyo :(

second time adi loh.
last time totally unconscious, but today was just, very uncomfortable.

and then dinner, and then fuiyyyohhhh my arsenal vs burnley game.

arsenal can be real heaven to watch WHEN their in good form, i don't wanna hear anything negative about this, or you die.
i'm in a happy mood okay?
3-0, by vela, and eduardo, and eboue.
all amazing goals, not from set pieces or penalties, just perfect.

and oh tuhan (una :p) walcott is back!
and played an excellent second half too.
wah am i happy.


going out tmr, and have tons of plans for the hols adi.

can't wait for you easily distracted moron, im going without you lah.

i was looking thru camp pics again, and really, nostalgia :)

i miss joseph and siau thung.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

where do i go?


happy 2nd last day of exams!

i have a slight sore throat from repeating my nilai so many times.
can i recite it here?

bet you've read everybody elses exam posts, here's mine.
i am going to fail BM for sure.
i confirm fail, if i don't fail, i don't eat the canteen fried rice forever ok?
and i love that fried rice....

BI, EST, Physics, Mod Maths, Chemistry were okay.
no fails, but no 80+

Moral and sejarah are goners.
Add maths, was hard.

1 more! Bio!

i thought it would be easy, but i actually picked up the book and read, and there's alot to remember.
hopefully it'll turn out like physics, or chemistry.

and then freedom!

why am i online now. idk.

i just feeling failing bio who cares right.

i drool alot when i sleep nowadays.

oih and i very tired talking about my hair adi lah wey.

see ya. its DDay tmr, and then i'll be a cheerier person.

kasih sayang - kepekaan dan perasaan cinta yang mendalam serta berkekalan yang lahir daripada hati yang ikhlas.