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Monday, September 28, 2009

back to school again :D


yeah, school again, and haha i sangat love my classmates loh.
they so cool, and awesome, and funny, and noob and etc.etc.
i sat with aesya today, and yeah we giggle like sampats over nonsense..

and then OH!
(OH is hydroxide ion. sigh.)
it is dianne's birthday today!

and also zechary's!
its funny, cause like most of my classmates, i nvr ever thought i'd be good friends with him.

especially since we liked each other in std 6 at skss and then never talk to each other until this year and i think i didn't like him alot also haha.
but now we kawan baik, and my kao oo partner ;)

happy birthday!
not like he goes online anyway...

bloody eyboard is lgggin again see wht happens when i dont retype everything i saw.

see you all tmr!
and study hard, exam really is next week :(

fail semua ya?


Friday, September 25, 2009

i have found [temporary] happyness that costs RM40 only :)

lots to post about, but then again, why do I have to tell YOU what i've been doing so far anyway?
its basically what blogging means right, i know, but not to a point where i want to worry about it, so i'll just leave to your imagination what life's been like then.

how bout a summary then?
since last thursday?

thursday: -skipped school, and subsequently, the ajk meeting, sorry, or not :D
-went to my granuncle's wake service (EMO)

friday: -planned on studying, but my aunty planned a (very) last minute cousins outing to KL, went to Saisaki for japanese buffet, and then to pavillion to buy kim's going away present
PS: adeline! yeah, cotton on rocks!

saturday: -went to my granuncle's funeral at semenyih.
haih :( two funerals in three months is too much. that day, emo tak bertahan.
i love jess alot :)
-went to kim's farewell. food was awesome.

and then nothing much, studying alot recently, but not much gone in my head lah.
went out to parade to celebrate dianne's birthday today.

gasp. found this in the old harddrive.
centre parting, pinafore... this must be in form 1 :)

blah. got that stupid sudoku book.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

wait until you love me.

i know not updating frequently is blog suicide.
but i don't find the time to post anything after i visit everything i visit.
facebook itself already takes more than an hour.

and yes, when i say i'm studying, i probably am.
but today is tough, can't seem to do anything.

having my monthly 'i-miss-him-why-am-i-so-stupid' state, and all i can do is stare at his facebook profile and wonder why is he so awesome.

will post long post when i feel like it.
till then, be content with my twitter.

suddenly miss them alotalotalot, we see each other only on weekends but always busy.
we don't even sit at the bball court together anymore.
wahhhh :(
i want us to stayover at una's house and babble about nonsense.
immediately after aski's exam kay?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i didn't study at all today.

don't get a wireless mouse and keyboard.
it eats up batteries like a fat man in an allyoucaneat buffet.
no offense to the overweight.

i'm having the mother of all cramps right now, its normal lah, but wah does it hurt.

today, is the 16th of September.

my granduncle passed away this morning :(
the last time i saw him was at my yeh yeh's funeral.

i like him alot, he's abit like my granpa, old but healthy, and very nice...

i feel sad for my tai yi poh, and the kids and grandchildren.

i think this year sucks.
i hate it, and i think it's unfair.
why the hell are we worrying about stupid insignificant immature baby crap when there are other things more important in life.

i went to school this morning and felt like total crap, thank God i have charmaine for a literal shoulder to cry on.

i honestly think the rest of you won't understand how i feel, how would you know, why would you care.

the wake service is tmr, funeral on saturday.
i don't think i could handle it.

miss my yeh yeh too.

besides that, frim hike was fun, i still love arsenal no matter what, and selamat hari raya.

haha, can't see ryan.

Friday, September 11, 2009

some guys make it simple for you.

its hard lah, to study in the afternoons -_-
but i'm progressing, slowly.

i was thinking about it, imagine all my subjects were like dogs.
and i'm a dog walker,
there'd be english, est and mod maths which are small cute dogs happy to walk along, and then there's bm, who's fat and lazy but drag-able, followed by moral, which is slowly being more understanding, and then bio and chem will be the ones at the back fighting with each other for attention, and then lastly, my sejarah, add maths and physics will be the fat, angry, growling dogs that refuse to move.
get it?

see i'm so crazy, i'm using canine metaphors -_-

anyway, its arsenal vs man city tmr.
can i wait or what?
wanna trash adebayor :)
have you twittered?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

do YOU know awesome people?

It's okay when exam is, for instance, a week away, and you have a tight schedule where time flies, and before you know it, exam's over.

It's NOT okay when you worry about exam a whole month before it actually starts where you do have a very tight schedule but how, how can you put so much energy into studying now?


darn, sleeping late again tonight. haven't even bathed yet -_-
- see you on twitter and fpl!

Monday, September 7, 2009

must learn to jaga diri.

the bbq was awesome. good food, good friends, good time :)
i guess adeline will be more detailed about it lah. go here.
it's late, i wonder why.
i'm supposed to try and sleep early.

happy holiday monday!
see ya :D

arms so toned :0

Sunday, September 6, 2009

he's just my good friend :)

where's una?
so :)

the whole week of school was a mass of ups and downs, i really do appreciate having charmaine around.
i wonder what she's doin now...

but the weekend was okay.
on friday i was abit unhappy, cause i did the ohp the whole nighttt, and didn't sit at my own place, couldnt talk to aski, jess, johanna and whoever else.
but i liked being infront, helps you concentrate.

i slept early on that friday okay.
its my long term plan to having proper sleeping hours in the next few weeks, so i can squeeze in more studying time in the afternoons, instead of dying for 3 hours on the floor everyday.
but i still woke up at 10.30 anyway -_-

after that was abit of a blur, because then suddenly pearly, nat, jamie, faya, steph and danielle came.
yes, that's 6 girls.

plus me, my sis, and debbie.
9 girls :)

and then ken jee and daniel came over, so thats 11 people.
plus the folks, 13 total in my house at one particular time.

and its not that i'm complaining, but my room was left messier than before.
*eyebrow raise*

we had the 365 world tour!
and cheongsams and kebayas and all these are really cool loh :)
thumbs up to rhys and sean, they were one of the only guys who wore traditional and not formal.

i wished the four of us could have stayed longer and enjoy the food there, but we had to rush off to pyramid.
ate at tgif, and watched i love you beth cooper.
don't watch the movie.
waste of money.

not that i paid...
thanks lah ken jee :)

and later, going to aina's house for the buka puasa thing for our just-recently-ex teachers.
and theres a pool there...
i'm not saying we are gonna get wet, but i'm not saying we aren't :)

i dont know how this will be different to the pool parties at adrian yap's ex-condo, but i suppose here will have more girls, and a sampat like adeline and oliver who will be gila sporting.

see you guys on tuesday :)

ps: join twitter and the 365 league on fpl!

Friday, September 4, 2009

i don't get some people.

nerd glasses :)
we look nothing alike.

erm, i think i got my pms adi.
i can feel myself getting angry at everything.
so er, don't step on my toes :)

i love charmaine anne augustine!

ps: join twitter & the fantasy premier league!
see yah!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

i wish i lived in london.

this is aaron ramsey (no16)
he's 19 this year.

he's hot!
not to mention talented heee.
seriously man, i mean, don't think of him as just some super amazing football prodigy, but imagine seeing him on the streets or just as a buddy, how hot would you think he is?
he's welsh.

imagine how lucky the is the girl he fancies :)

i think i will migrate to england and stalk him.

alright. enough guy gushing, hello!

today, pn.teo said sejarah for finals will be from chapter 1 to 10, not 5-10 as previously assumed.
haiyo :(

i'm going to start studying hard next week okay?
i must!

this week i can't get anything but sudoku puzzles done because i sleep at such odd hours.
and the afternoons i think i don't move at all.
but today was little worse because my nose is spoiled again, dripping.

what else?
i dunno lah :)

365 world tour this saturday :)
i wearing cheongsam!

and hopefully my plans go well.

bye darlings!

back to school; i think i am hot :D

yay we're back in school, although i can't say we've gone back to learning 'stuff'.
i'm wondering though, why on earth are we still learning english from a textbook?
isn't it easy enough already?
and they wonder why malaysia tidak maju.
i want more literature (not short stories of useless people) and i dunno... other things...

so yes, i got to go back to school.
i saw charmaine! :D
and she is awesome.

saw the nooblings, they is awesome too.

you know, except for SOME people/person.

i think i whine too much about that person. hammy, is it annoying?
i wanted to come here and post a long post about how unreasonable and horrible that person is, but eh. i lazy now.
good yah :)

and i got 97 for est!
why don't people just take est for a simple A1?

i'm going to try and sleep early today.
trying only ah.
don't be surprised if i am still here at 2.
gnite :)

it seems that we won't be selling yeh yeh's car.
and i wonder why they wanted to in the first place, its so full of memories and makes you all nostalgic.
and next year shaun can drive adi, but i suppose i will have rights to it too?
i miss you yeh yeh!