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Thursday, March 15, 2012

singing in the rain, just singing in the rain.

i'm enjoying my holidays immensely. :) 
there's been a lot of talk about stress lately, and honestly, the more you emphasize that you're stressed, the more stressed you'll get! so get over it, and think of better things to do than express your stress.

okay, this isn't directed to anyone in particular, but it does apply to some of you.

i'm not saying i don't vent out my frustrations, but i don't do it regularly and with such intensity okay. 

for muet, pn joyce gave us a topic and an essay on stress. causes, symptoms and ways to overcome. and it made me realize how pitiful we are sometimes. i know it is a fast paced world and it's difficult to keep up without pulling some hairs out here and there, but i would say, stress is just an emotion, and it is a choice on how you handle it.

our lives here are pretty good wouldn't you say? we're at the age where we have good health, abundant energy, independence, freedom, sufficient (and even disposable) income, a roof over our heads, with electricity, water, air con! and wifi!, family and friends with us, and alll the time in the world.


you cannot control everything, don't act as if you don't know that, just let it go, and do something else. :)
you chose your path, try harder!
stress is not an excuse to throw tantrums and fusses, it's not an excuse to procrastinate and not do anything either. 

trust God. everything will be fine.


this holiday week has been nice :) i wish i were sliggghhhtttly more productive, but so far i think i'm doing good. though, if you take out all the stuff i do for church, then well, you'd see my productivity as much less, coz all i've done is one loooong night of math, and a few sleepy hours of biology. but it's okay though, anybody can study and do work, but not anybody can do what i do for church. #proud

the weather is also awesome. :) i know God doesn't plan weather around me, but i do feel like He told the weather to be extra nice to me this week, so i can enjoy more :D

sleep is an absolute love. :) and football is best enjoyed like this. :)

i'm a simple girl, i take pleasure in simple things. :D

Sunday, March 11, 2012

better than before.

things i should probably do after stpm is over. 

(i've learned my lesson, and won't waste time (but happily) like i did after spm)

  1. learn a new language (or two) - CHINESE.
  2. get fitter - jog! a lot! tone up. get a gym membership?
  3. get a clue - learn something that makes me go nuts, like shares, taxes and investments
  4. sharpen skills - finally learn illustrator, improve on photoshop, dance classes?, sports :)
  5. grow spiritually - read the entire bible!, join s.o.m, join ee
  6. read - reread the whole series of narnia, hp, percy jackson - get started on all my other books!
  7. get a job! and more than one!
  8. pending :D

Friday, March 9, 2012

boys out.

you know what every girl needs? guys.

yes, some guys are dumb like buckets, but some of em really do make life better. and i promise you don't have to be in a relationship with any of them -_-

i'm not posting this so i can brag about how much of a guy magnet i am or some nonsense like that, heh. i just want to stress the importance of platonic relationships between girls and guys.

now, girls are awesome in every way possible and i love all my girlfriends and i hope i've never or will never choose any guy friend over them. but sometimes girls are a tad bit too emotional, too picky, too uptight, or just the downright stereotypes like too girly, too bimbo, too shopping-minded, too concerned about how they look and all that. not every girl is like that lah i mean. myself included of course. and sometimes it's tiring to hang out in girl world.

that's where having guy friends are awesome as pie. because they remind you to take a break and shut up about that kinda stuff because they don't really care about that. guys have more objective and blunt points of views. sometimes it's annoying, but most of the time it's really refreshing.

and sometimes, i feel, guys care more? some guys, some times. lol.

and i don't have to feel so scared about hurting feelings so much. they're tough, they can take it. 

and come on, guys are kinda funnier all the time. sometimes i'm as boring as a pile of bricks. unrelated. okay. some girls are super funny, yes, but MOST guys I know are nuts. disregarding vulgar and sexist jokes -_-, their lameness and sarcasm is just so enlightening. 

and its fun because you can talk to them about food, and sports, and tell them "if you roll up your sleeves, you'll look much better" kind of thing. 

and male chivalry exists you know. i like that they treat me well and i don't have to be anyone super special but their friend to deserve that. 

i miss a nicholas, a jeremy, a joseph, a zechary and you know who? wen jun. mhhm.

it helps if you're hensem also. ;D

Sunday, March 4, 2012

happiness in proportions.

how you feel, after two goals.
my monthly exams are over, and at first i was, hallelujah, can take a break! then i realized, it's already march! D:

i don't mean to be a killjoy or come off as a jerky nerd, but i do think time has passed by awfully fast, and in 9 months i'll be sitting for stpm. there's still so much to take in and understand!

the exam that just passed felt okay to me, like OKAY :) and not like.. ohhkaayy :( haha. because i know me, i haven't studied at all last year, and i was so thankful that the syllabus covered in this exam was a lot less.
and to contradict myself, also freaks me out because my gosh, there's so much more! D:

if spm you can get by with hard work, memorizing and shallow understanding, stpm is mega hard work, ultra memorising and the understanding of a god. seriously. i do one math question and i feel like a genius already! :)

i pushed myself kind of hard this exam, and i'm quite amused that it feels kinda of like it did for spm. studying to the point of no appetite, mood, or energy.

and to sound more dramatic and pitiful, i feel a fever coming on now. from a sore throat. and it's getting worse by the hour! :(

and there's the r&d report, inorganic chem presentation, and the science week experiment. :/

on other matters, meng chern has now left for melaka. another one gone! why do you all like to leave me.

nat and steph bought me subway cookies to celebrate exam being over! :)

fickle tickle.

i changed it again! phew. i knew my red phase was only temporary. this is more me, i can think and decide clearer when my head is less crammed with equations.

:) so girly. i like it.