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Thursday, April 30, 2009

seems like it's been forever.

may 1st is tomorrow!
omg :D
in about 24 hours we'll be on our way!

i don't know why i skipped school today, i know i was really tired last night, and during the game -_-
yeah i watched, it was ok lah.
man u are technically good lah..

well, i've decided to study chemistry today, and well, i took a one hour break.


and my nose is all stuck and all and i've got a headache from the pressure...
this is usually what happens when i sit around doing nothing too much.

i can't believe exam's so near.
i sudah cemas dah.

wth i've nothing to post about...
fine, i'll tell you about tmr...
tmr there'll be me, my sis, nick, nat, steph, joycelyn, paris, joanne and the younger chan, and then joyce, joshua, and joel and jared yim, and the chua's, and pearly, and sasa, and maybe paul? and and..i think thats it.
we're gonna cho dai di the whole night away.
or if not, surely something fun lah.

see then 1 hour break has become an hour and a half break. followed by two hours, and then i'll go well its lunch time now, and then drag out in front of the tv, and thats 4 hours, and then i'll tell myself i'll sleep an hour, but then wake up at 7 instead where i'll have to eat dinner, pack and watch heroes.

i'm a darn SUPERhero.

now the flu i have is making me feel feverish, and then worse i'll just sleep the whole day away.

too bad they aint going.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

now if he does it like this.

i gotta do a fast one here...
hey everyone :D

oo someone just rang my doorbell..

yesterday i went to panda's church with, panda, zach, janice, wen jun, roland and shen yi.
4e invades fga lol.

then after everything, roland's mom gave me, wen jun and shen yi a ride home.
we wanted to walk lah
i wanted to show them it only takes 15 minutes to walk to my house from usj 11.
haha but they're such wimps i tell you.
its late lah, my mother will slap me lah haha...

k, may 1st is 6 days away ;)



3 days more! waha.

anyway, happy sweet 16 mr afiq nazar.
know you for about 4 years now, and its happyfying seeing your face every morning at role call :)

and then arsenal must be the greatest thing we share in common, hi 5 :D

speaking of which, fabby scored 2!
seeing his name on the score sheet is a good feeling, i think he deserves it ;)

how was class today darling?
okay lah.
adeline adeline.

and and, mm, stupid eu mun :D :D

i tell you i went through so much trouble to find out my add maths homework only to totally not do it.
and then today my bm teacher fat pei hey again, so we must hantar a complete tatabahasa book, which i dont even have by tmr, so get ready lah tmr i'll be zooming :D

i'm in a good mood?
i did physics again today, and actually read up some bio yesterday.

and and i really wanna change my blogskin too, i think its gonna be magnificent...
but i guess i'll do i around holidays there lah.

i feel like this post is supermessy loh.
but wth lah.

haha see ya!
my gawd may 1st :D

oh oh: you know zach and i had a thing for each other in std 6? haha. at least we got guts to admit it now!
kao oo!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

still here if you are.

ah emo post, i suggest you don't read it.

i miss you, i'm so sorry omg i really don't know what my problem is/was.
all i know is that i'm a pro at screwing things up, and i think if i pray hard enough, God will let me have a second chance because you are a good guy and He knows i know how special you are.

damn i sound like a 12 year old right now, but wth.

sorry :/
ahhhh, and yet i'm still choosing.
maybe one day when i'm fed up with compensating for you, someone better could come along, but i really doubt it cause you're super amazing and i wonder if you that.

now only memories and of what-could-have-been of you are in my head and i regret nothing more.

my heart is yours, to break or bury.


happy anisa's birthday today!

there's alot to say about her, but i'll keep it short.
she understands me like crazy, and is as easily excited as me.
she has strong principals, and haha a very strongheaded person.
she is anti-cliche, anti-conformist, and has zero tolerance for loser morons.

shes someone you know who's meant for success.

hugs lah :D

ah, i also forgot alvin's birthday on the 21s, he's a tuition buddy of mine, and wow is he lame.
haha happy birthday dude :)

selain itu, i dont think there's much to post about.
except that i love my class, again.

i had a long physics class today.
and i guess tmr as well.
that's three days in a row.

i hate physics, i really do.

i'm blanking.
ooh i can talk about nick and nat.

i tell you, they're real funny lah, even if they don't mean to be.
play cho dai di with us ah, you must think we left our brains somewhere else.

and we were talking about sleeping beauty that day, how freaking scary it is, you know the part where she's in her room alone, and then tiba-tiba, a green glow appears *cue music* and then she follows the glow up the staircase, alone.....

haha i know nick can get chills just reading this.


MAY 1st is coming!
in exactly a week.
bertahan , bertahan.

ps: get well soon, i wanna see you :)

didnt even know i had this picture.
this is panda, in form 2! hahaha.
so cute er.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i want my money back :/


hello, sorry adeline, another football post here.

the liverpool game!
kudos to jian onn, kyle, and cousin aku.
if i were to like any other football team not counting spanish and italian teams, it would be liverpool :)

see, this is the kind of game where it is entertaining for both sides, with the resident commentator and a proper ref.

well, firstly, lets talk about that miserable defense.
we're very lacking.
or just plain useless.

it goes to show that a 4-5-1 position for arsenal's opponents would scare our back 4 silly already.
i.e. drogba, and torres.

i just hope it gets better.

next, our keeper has semi-redeemed himself from that chelsea nightmare, and made fantastic! saves in the first half.
and he has to pick up the leftovers from that scrappy defense anyway.
so not his fault dah.

and, lastly, arshavin :D :D :D
quote le grove, "a superstar has landed, worship at will".

i was speechless everytime he scored (which was 4 btw ;) hahahaha) like, i kept nodding off to sleep, but when he scored i'd get up and be like omg :)

have you ever seen such superstardom, talent, composure, timing, finishing and whatever crap they use to define fantastic footballers in this time?
he's gonna be famous!

its like when walcott scored that hattrick for england.
ah arsenal aku :D


but only a team as good as liverpool could cancel that magic out, so, yeah.

i admit that liverpool and chelsea have something over arsenal, which is, for lack of a better word, experience.
but arsenal are that good in a sense of their youth hor?

now if only they didnt have those ugly mustard jerseys.

everyone's talking about arshavin.
i can't wait for tmr's newspapers.

ANYWAY, here's the real post.

i skipped school today, and really wanted to finish up my homework (moral, english, sejarah, mod maths) but i just couldnt.
but i went to tuition for like, 4 hours anyway for physics.
one more 5hour class tmr, and i'll abandon physics till the night before exam,

next week, PD trip!
and then soon, midterm :(
then i think my hong kong cousin will be back after how many years, so i guess we're going somewhere again as well.

and and and i've been looking at the new line of nokia phones, they're so pretty :) and kinda affordable :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

it's everything i wish i didn't know.

hello, hello :D

that chelsea game ah.
can die watching.
i've never been so pissed just looking at the darn tv before.

firstly, the arsenal players looked totally disinterested in the ball, except maybe gibbs, and walcott (who was ineffectively running around without a purpose at ashley cole) and maybe maybe van persie (who was always falling anyway).
super pissed at diaby, losing the ball everytime, and even more pissed at why wenger refused to sub him with, hmm, i dont know, arshavin? nasri? vela? ahh geram.
was annoyed in the first place at leaving arshavin on the bench.
stupid kan?

i hated the referee, and the commentators.
bias, and annoying, i had to watch the game with the tv in mute okay.

whatever LAH.
passed adi, but imagine my absolute annoyance that even man u lost, so if arsenal had played superbest like always, it would have been a more winnable arsenal vs everton final.


how was you weekend?
mine was good :)

saturday, went with una to the bazaar, later joined by my sis, nat, jamie, eugene and paul.
had lunch at a&w with them, a half hour nap and went to church.
callling people like crazy looking for ushers and all D:

it was okay in the end.
the treasure hunt was ok.

tgif :(

and then sunday, after meeting, i went out with una again, to mcD for lunch.
haha thats why, i'm so broke, i'm in debt.


eugene still thinks he's cool.
see that face?
i think NOT.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

it's all i will know....

hey hey!

it's a big arsenal month this April (damn i sound like espn) and after that ridiculous game against villareal on thursday, where i almost cheered my head off at 3 in the morning, i can't wait for chelsea tonight.


and then that tuesday match against liverpool, and we're meeting man u at least twice more in the season.

so, so.
haven't seen my pc in awhile.
pc dont mean computer btw. lol.

the past week passed by fast, i don't remember much except i am not bound down with homework anymore, i mean, i still am, but not as much lah.

friday was a - day.
you know hammy's and my theory of, when something goes really bad, something good is about to follow, and vice versa?
well yeah.

friday didn't feel nice at first.
no charmaine, dianne, adeline, debbie, sue chen, or even mr.purple...

but my classmates really rock socks ;)

adeline i hope you regret like hell for not coming.

chin hua sat with me, and we talk talk talk during physics, while panda was at the marching practice.
and after rehat, we went to the library for bm.

wth nilam books. lol.

in the library, i fought with eu mun for the newspaper, and aiyo he, wen jun and kae huey kept kutuk-ing arsenal...
so i went inside the small room at the back, with the aircon?
and pretty much almost everybody else landed in there lah.
got zack, chin hua, panda, roland, rajiev, arinah, aesya, jian xiang, me, eu mun, wen jun, and arif, jian onn, and jin onn moving in and out lah.

we had so much fun laughing about rubbish, and videos, and shoes, and everything lah.



thats the way.

going to the bazaar now!
you guys have fun at your sports day lah.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

just enjoy the show :)

i saw pui yan that day btw.

puiyan, if you're going for usj 12's sports day, you'll be missing me for the second year in a row.
i do miss you though :)

these stupppppppppid construction workers ah, start work at odd hours and bang here and drill there, and then talk so loudly about rubbish, like WOI.


i love my classmates :D
you wait lah, form 5 i'll be kicking and screaming when i have to leave.

i tell you.
i thought leaving the complacent classes of a, b, and c, into these group of friends i would never have made friends with, if not for this 4explorer, and the wisdom of someone to put here in the first place, would be really hard and different.

well, i like them alot.
and they make me laugh each day i'm at school.
and therefore, very happy.

today, adeline, eu mun, chin hua and i walked up the jambatan for fun :)
i wanted to walk there with debbie that day...but it was closed...

and yay, my homework is being done!
i'm really happy with myself.

ah :D

hate mod maths, hate hate physics.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

do you know where your heart is.

hey :D
happy 14th of the month again.
just to remind you all, 14ths are my favorite days.

and its a good day, because it marks the day, that i finally passed up my add maths 1, with actual complete work, and am on track with my other homework ( not counting mod maths and physics)
and i actually am liking logarithms in add maths.

see, that's the way.

may not be such a big deal, but finishing homework is miraculous :)

weekend time.

saturday, went for the talent search wearing my pretty gray dress!
was rushing tho.

late for church also.
but later at night, went to johanna's house for a sleepover.
with una, aski, irene, yi jan, nat, and johanna of course.
we are such a bunch of lazy pigs.

and there was good food :)

pics super blur.
and facebook like taking forever to upload the video.


ah ah ah football.
love arsenal, kan?


Friday, April 10, 2009

you're all i need.

happy good friday.

i feel so sad.

twelvean's talent search tmr.
hope we don't screw it up.
good luck everyone else :)

apek leong.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

only you.

yo :)
happy rhys lee's birthday today...
i haven't actually wished him yet haha.
i'll do it by tmr lah lol

rhys, is a good person.

i'm like so sick of homework lah.

this has not been a good week at all.
firstly, i lost my 2 black G2 pens. haiyo. again.

and then that stupid lady bothering us on monday and tuesday morning.

and then bad news about my granpa.

and then i forgot to bring my est books on monday, even though i carried everything downstairs but then after that i don't know what happened.
and then on tuesday? i packed all the right books, but brought all the wrong books.
then i left the books in school, and realized my homework was inside :(

and not to mention alot of stressing about the twelvean's talent search.

and charmaine's missing. has anyone see her?

and more.

good things: i've made new friends :) and gone closer with others.
my class is still fun.
he talked to me :D
and, i hope my saturday plans go through :)

and and and arsenal vs villareal!
i watched the first half, and slept the whole second half and missed the awesome goal D:
like, goal of the season or what :D


the cho dai di gang.
and may 1st!

Monday, April 6, 2009

hey mister!

hey guys, this is the official promo video for the twelveans talent search :)
wanna promote it on your blog?
click here and do so :D

credits to eugene, and darling prefects okay?

Sunday, April 5, 2009


i'm so sick of photoshop for now.
i don't want to do work anymore.

my room is so messy, i have clothes in my bookshelf okay, and books all over the floor.
and then so much homework, i think, i don't know, i can't remember.
and i don't want to worry about that other thing anymore.

and my stupid nose ah.
been running all saturday long, and at least its gone, for now.

i tell you about my weekend lah.
friday, after school, we went to adeline's house, to celebrate her's and eu mun's birthday.
lazy to upload pics now lah.

and then saturday morning, had to go to school for some ceramah for prefects.
and then i went home, and my nose was like horrible.

then in 365 also, i felt so sick lah.

then today, after service, had my meeting, and then went to lunch with them, at taipan.
haha got more than 20 people.

and then i came home and have been doing the photoshop till now, and i'm so sick of it.

btw, my daddy bought a new computer flat screen lcd :)
its very nice, and althought stuff look abit penyet, its much clearer, especially when u need to see clothes online, and you can see black and dark stuff better.

i need money D:

i need to plan for this saturday.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

and everytime.

happy adeline's sweet sixteen :)

that dear girl.
the 7 things i hate/like about her

1. I never thought i'd ever be friends with her, let alone close friends, cause we travel around
different circles, but this year she has taken over my school life and i see her face all the time :)
2. she talks really loud
3. makes lame jokes (and laughs at them herself)
4. she makes friends as easily as anything (but doesn't mean she's friendly ;)
5. i think she know's almost every song in the world
6. she's crazy confident and doesn't really care about other people
7. she loves me :p

crazy thing is, i've known her for like, 3 months only.

and and and, STUPID simultaneous equation, i know how to do, but all wrong wan.
and and tmr we do the potato experiment for bio.
and, tugasan harian 2 must pass up tmr.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


happy april fool's day :)

i kinda of started what i was supposed to do la, but so far it seems in on schedule
means i have to do homework now

my brain ran out of ideas, so i had to stop.
i was just staring blankly at the screen.
the best inspiration i had was to use like, brown.

so i stop lah.

and i miss football lah.
for about 10 days no football, and fabregas is out of spain, and they aren't showing any holland games right?


see ya.