Pick Me

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Stop getting on every train

Just a thought as I'm here in Korea and only being able to witness the Pokemon Craze in Malaysia from afar.

As much as I love Pokemon and I think that the game is quite genius in letting us live out our dreams to be a Pokemon Master, I won't be downloading it (I hope). It's great, and at the same time there are the over-paranoid camps saying how evil this game is.

I doubt the game itself is evil, rather the only somewhat unethical part of it is how much information about our lives we're willing to stream to a third-party which earns money from it. But that isn't far from Snapchat or anything else so it's also okay. I'm nobody special, you can analyze my cache and cookies all you want.

The only problem with the game is the amount of time and energy harnessed into what is indisputably an obsession, an addiction, a hook.

There are tons of articles out there so go take a look. I just feel the need to express it here personally because well lots of my good friends enjoy the game and its fun as i see it, but I hope people understand the value and worth of their time to be spent with more important things.

With that said, when I go back, if anyone is playing this game in my presence as I'm sitting there needing your personal company, then I would be really disappointed. QUALITY time, guys.

You better be catching the rarest Pokemon ever or something.