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Monday, December 29, 2008

my heart has wings.

hey :D

so, on christmas day, the dance was good...
could feel myself losing balance alot, but the video shows me perfect :D

mm i got a broom and bucket and detergent.

and then the day after, we had to clean the house up, i cleaned my fan and windows of the infinite amount of dust. cleaner now lah...

and then at 4 we went to asia cafe with uh, eugene, michelle, daniel and paul.

nvr eat the extra spicy taiwanese sausage.

then we left to joseph's farewell at adrian's apartment...

i've eaten kfc for 3 straight days o.o

i really lazy to post pictures...

after that, the next morning, went for futsal, my alarm didn't work again, so had to rush and get ready in 5 mins. superfast :D

then sunday, my relatives came over..
for tea/dinner.
then we opened presents.
cousins and i went to the court to play basketball/futsal. haha.

thats all?

bye Joseph :(
stupid ns.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

though it's been said, many times, many ways, Merry Christmas :D

you have to be happy by default because it's christmas :D
i'll smack whoever's not happy tmr ar. i tell you.

whoppers haha.
well this is my christmas post.

am apologizing in advance, christmas presents will be late!
am annoyed with ribbons right now.

i really wish we had snow, and a fireplace and all that, so nice and cosy.
but i guess not.

i turned on the christmas tree lights for an extra kick.

it's quite sad a feeling now, but there's tomorrow, with presents, carols, the dance, and the christmassyness of christmas la :)

we went to a.christina's house for dinner.
there was like, big prawns, lamb, mussels, sotong, and turkey. and good dessert.

christmas this year, is
1. without Una
2. is so infuriatingly on a blimp day in the week, Thursday
3. with PMR jitters, turns out, its on the 30th.
quite late lah. but i miss everyone.
4. with presents! last year i didn't really give out any, except i remember to danielle only.
why? i don't know :)
5. with my uncle terry and his family from america.

i am happy :)
if not, then just very content.

i've got many more kawan this year to celebrate with, and a closer relationship with Jesus to make me really appreciate it.

oh yes. and my new blog banner.
just for now.

dancers! (without ryan)
dancers are supposed to have like, more poise and all right.
the jokers in the front row there........
ah pek sitting ah pek style :p

group pic!
find me :D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i'll dent your brain you loser.

i'm very pissy now.
and that org bodoh is so bodoh so now i can't go on messenger.
i wanna throw something.

we'll start with myhope, last friday.

(argh there are ants all over my keyboard!)
(i'm typing the way i type when i just polished my nails)

and then saturday.
went out to watch the kungfu show in summit.
with i dunno who :p

and then slept all they way till christmas dinner.
i looked so hot :D

ate nth much but siew yuk.

(omg the ants are everywhere!)

sunday evening, we went to see my baby cousin, shane eason teoh.
american by birth, cina by heritage :)
he's so cute man.

then around 12ish (night), joseph and joel fetched my sis and i to where i thought should be somewhere in subanglah, but instead like, all the way to uh. i dont know what you call it lah.
its near johnathan's apartment/condo lor.

we were there to watch the arsenal vs liverpool game with daniel, sam and gideon also.
ok lah with the draw.
the warm milk and fries at the restaurant did help :)

woke up at 11, dance practice was at 2.
our very last practice before the big day this thursday.

the big day is chistmas, not pmr results, and i'm just waiting for the newspapers flashing potential heart-attack news.

it was a good practice, however i can't bring myself to smile while dancing, cause its so weird to dance and smile to, no one.
well, there's chloe in the front row there, either terribly disgusted by adrian's moves, or otherwise, actually impressed la hor.
erm, joseph was there (he's like joel's driver or something now)

then we left to sri melur.
daniel joined us.
and hmph i don't like him now.
you know why.


and i wanted to follow them go ice-skating today.
but somehow am happy that i didn't.

1. well, i wouldn't even dare ask my mom cause she was in such a bad mood.

2. i bloody hate pyramid and refuse to shop there maybe till next year.
( which isnt far awway omgggg form 4.....)

3. i woke up with an about to be really bad sorethroat in which another day out which means lack of water, would kill me before christmas.

4. my right leg has this ridiculous pain, which is beyond muscle cramps, i can barely walk and haha, barely sit as well, cause my butt hurts too. imagine me, skating.
(i've nvr even skated before o.o)
(imagine them trying to help me skate o.o)

5. and i need to stop spending money like there's no tomorrow.

6. and i'm in a crazy bad mood refusing to reply anyone's messages.
(and no credit)
(ok, i use postpaid la, but i really am scared to look at my bill this month seriously, so when i say i no credit, it means i'm beyond my limit)
let alone lovesick preteen boys who message you as if they're worth replying to, and then assume you're stuck up and hostile when you don't reply them.
i replied pc tho :)
but didnt reply afterwards, and i know he'll understand my moods.
and rhys! sorry!

ooh! nicky just smsed.
free publicity: go check out his blog and new skin!

i'm sorry i'm telling you all this.
i'm against people publicising their inboxes and semi-personal stuff, but my msn not working.
that idiot even deleted windows messenger.

and i fully blame joel grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
the virus in messenger isn't really affecting me on my account, but wah i have to pay the consequences.

she already uses the computer like half the day and then uses it again after dinner.
she claims it in the early morning before i even dream of waking up, well i'd like to think her punishment, or well, compensation by hanging up the soggy clothes in the morning.

well shes at jamie's house for the ncgg thing.
haha mcnugget haha.

and um, i have to say.
arsenal's abit sad lately.

the latest crap is that fabregas is injured and out.
so arsenal can die now lah.

and i really miss walcott.
and i know everyone's going to leave arsenal during january and nobody wants to come in anyway, might as well transfer to tottenham or something.

and we'll see arsenal in about 7-10 years time, when all their famous kids grow up, and start to take over the world and come back slowly from nothing worse than maybe just the second division.

but haha who can wait that long.

i miss unaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

arghhhh ants! and mosquitoes!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

no, it won't last forever.

oi :D

so, my Arsenal's being lame lately, and well, it's so, like that now la.
but, well, i'm happy to say that Eduardo is back! and hopefully, he'll affect Arsenal positively.
now just waiting for Walcott :(

and why isn't anyone online now?
except terence tan.

i slept till 12 today.
came down, broke an egg, smashed some papers and magnets of the fridge, and drop my phone and nail thingy again.
abit, sampat la.

and then watched tarzan, and half of tarzan 2. stupid thing hannggggg.
and refusing to fall asleep since i slept so long adi, i am stoning in front of the com now, and facebook will be overload one day :D

mummy's making cream puffs, and it didnt really turn out right.
but still nice :)

myhope is tmr!
una's leaving tmr!
christmas dinner, is Saturday!
arsenal vs liverpool, is Saturday!
(i wanna go somewhere and watch la, with people)

and i wanna go out somemore.
do u realize we get our pmr results in abt a weeks time?
and well therefore christmas as well.

i've been thinking abt this guy, and how he's STILL in my mind.
and it bothers me.
and i hate it.
someone give him a tight slap abt it lar.
i just wanna talk to him abt everything that happened.
and stay good friends.

and gosh, rumors!

hams and me.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

nat is nice :)

hi :D

so yesterday hor...
woke up and set up the xmas tree :D
there were like so many thingies to hang, and like, so little tree.
cause my tree is so mini and scrawny and like, no meats.

after that we tried hanging stuff on the wall with cellophane tape, but haha nothing stuck and everything fell down.

lol then we watched hercules while eating lunch.
not bad lar.
then una's dad came and sent us to (omg) pyramid again.
ar around 4.

and shopped, but can't tell you all anything lor :D

walked around alot lor..

so tired so we went to sakae sushi just to sit.
and drink green tea. lol. cheapskate kids.
oh yeah, we took the large 6-8 seater table, instead of the 2 seater table the waitress placed us at.
so they gave us a look. haha.

then we left at around 8.

to johanna's house..
for monopoly!

i love monopoly.

joycelyn and irene che joined us also..
too bad the guys at the ng's house went back so early or not they could have come also :D

and johanna first to bankrupt.
cause she was busy smsing someone la :D
then after irene che left, we had girly talks.

slept at 2 ish?
and then talked abt scary thiings.
that silly una..

and then woke up at 9.45, and then now, i'm at nat/nick's house..

so ugly lah this tree (says nat)
mine better :D

Monday, December 15, 2008

that's what i get for wishful thinking ;p

um :D
i know you all that know that i'm happy :)

i will still post abt the last 2 weeks and all.
but eee my weekend!

saturday is futsal, church, dance practice, and dinner.
and then! my birthdayyyy :D

actually that joycelyn chan wished me first hehe.
must mention the birthday song from daniel mah, orient, and prem..
and everything else..

my daddy wished me when i was still half sleeping, and o.o he did it again this morning as he gave me an angpao...

at church, jess belanja-ed me some (not really nice hahaha) tasting nasi lemak for breakfast...
er then uh, you know, church o.o

and then the dance audition, i tak buat warm up so like, up, bicep crams and such B-D
but yay it was good except for the serious expressions on our faces which is wrong considering we should all be happy for christmas :D

and then we went to pyramid!
an all girls thing..
i, aski, una, joycee, yi jan, joycelyn, jess, johanna, and irene che.

ate a wendy's and then split up to bolt and quantum of solace.
then jess belanja me again at baskin robbins, peanut butter chocolate!

walked around here and there and took pictures (haha that irene che)

went home at abt 7.

then dinner with my parents at parade, sakae sushi.
the standard there like so lame adi.

and then went home.
and and and!
one of the best parts of my day,
(must remember this ok?)

after my bath and stuff, thinking my bday would end so fizzingly in front of the tv watching pirates, erm erm,

the guys came to my house :D
walking down the street singing happy birthday to me!
erm, joseph (yang memandu), joel, lawrence, rhys, sean, ryan huo, and julian han actually came to my house man.
at like 11ish?

(apparently adrian yap, kyle and the other ryan were supposed to come also)

then they came with the cake (which they finished themselves :D)

and a present :)

and i'm in my pyjamas all...

so thanks lah everyone :) for everything :)

i want my banquet nite pics!

tuition buddies :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

why are we waiting?

yeah i know there's like, ALOT to blog and all that.
i'll go backwards from today, till last week.

everyone ain't feeling well.
so, get well, everyone.
especially my dear aski.

today there was dance practice, at 12. yeah.
wake up, breakfast of some mini things, and then straight off.

then dance, and dance, and dance.
then a quick trip to the mamak (again!) while joel and adrian practice their solo.
after the whole thing, i, aski, joel, and adrian went over to lawrence's house.

cooked, watch the mad boring Transporter 3, slept (well i did anyway) and then went to carrefour.
the florist?
we had dunkin donuts, ice cream and crap for dinner lah.

aiyah. i must go see camp photos.
i'll keep posting over the weekend i guess.


oh and crap that arsenal wey!
losing to porto. omg omg omg.
so tired of losing.

happy birthday to mumu, kenneth, chien wen, and vania.
and the sultan of selangor.

hehe 24 hours!

omg pics!

evonne, kyle, laura, serene, lawrence
(and omg that's adrians 'L' at the back..)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

nothing is real till its gone.

i woke up this morning hoping to have gotten better.
ended up worse.
swollen, messy, and warm.
feverish warm.
and my nose running marathons again.

the ng's are worse i bet?

i would tell you vbs in detail.
but i am in a mood so dull, the wall could be more interesting to stare at.

and whoo i have a headache.
must rest later la.

so sunday, last minute went over to noona's (una!) place to sleepover.
paul drove us.
then we made him go to the mcD drivethru for us.


we saw Max.
una's obese puppy.
adorable sial. but i like scott better.

we took a walk to the park, around the fancy kota kemuning neighbourhood and then to jamie's house.
i dont remember what else we did, but later at night we had like hour-long girl chats in the park again.
then at night!

after watching ronaldo get sent off, hah!
and then we took out the cluedo, while ryan went to the mamak to tapau more food, we watch my arsenal and ryan's chelsea.

we won anyway.

then vbs!
kids are adorable, had fun, blablabla.
tuesday went to sushi king in pyramid.
ha free sushi!
and then now its over and am i glad i have one whole day to recooperate, before camp.


rhys lee...has mickey mouse shoes, and pink shoes.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

the rest of us?

hey :)

i think i'm pms-ing. everything also so pissy.
except my girlfriends :)

vbs is in 2 days!

i'm tired.

well, on thursday was the most boring day of my life. so far.
woke up early summore o.o
10 ish.
computer and then aladdin 2 and then the lion king 3, and then computer again.

but nvm, friday was ok.
went for dance at 4.
at the sanctuary!
big stage :)
it really gives me memories of the last dance you know.

and then dinner, and then discipleship.
which was nice :D
really, i like discipleship classes.
i like Irene che and Joycelyn.

supposed to go for futsal this morning, but couldn't wake up....
and then got camp worship practice, sang until can x.x

we had camp briefing today!
wahahaaahaha i can't wait.

then we had our most tiring dance practice yet.
and you losers keep messing up.

and i'm grateful to be home :D
no football today, but it's super Sunday tmr!
arsenal vs chelsea!

sash fight!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Rules & Regulations.
-Do not copy the answers.
-The tag questions must be 100% same.
-Tag people after doing the tag.
-No tagging back.

A. Tag
  1. Afiq
  2. Anisa
  3. Aski
  4. Charmaine
  5. Chewie
  6. Danielle
  7. Muayyad
  8. Nicky Ng
  9. Pui Yan
  10. Rhys Lee
How do you know 1? {Afiq} - primary school, secondary school, and a fellow arsenal kawan!

What would you do if you never met 2? {Anisa}
- i'd be more than insane right now :D

What would you do if 3 &4 dated you? {hammy, aski}
- am already dating no.3 :) i think i'll drive aski insane hee.

Would 5 &6 make a good couple?{chewie, danielle }
- actually, er, no. danielle is too chun for chewie :D

Do you think 7 is attractive?{mumu} - boleh tahan lah. he's cute tho :)

Do you know anything about 8's family? {nicky ng}
- wahhh. the mom, the dad, and his two siblings, i know where he lives, i know his granma, er. got summore la, but don't need to tell you la...

Tell me something about 9. {pui yan!}
- she's adorable! and omg she left us :(

What language does 2 speak? {anisa}
- malay, very good english, japanese i suppose?

Who is 3 going out with? {aski} - hmm, she would have told me by now..

How old is 4? {hammy} -15.

Who is 6 favourite singer? {danielle}
- i know this! i know this! i dont know la.

Would you date 7? {mumu?}
- he'd kill me with the man u thing.

10 single? {rhys}
- you can never be sure, but i think he is :D and available too..

What is 9's last name? {pui yan}
- Yuen Pui Yan!

Would you consider being in a relationship with 1? {Afiq}
- i think he's taken?

Which school does 2 go to? {anisa} - SMK usj12. blehhhhhh.

What do you like about 3? { aski }
- she laughs at everything :D

well, finally a tag i haven't done before..

i slept at 12 last night!
quite hard to fall asleep, but thank god for music lah.
and then up at 3.
woke pc up too.
arsenal vs dynamo, we won 1-0.

i tell you, to win after so long, is like *fussssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh* can breathe adi.
mr.bubblegum boots scored a not bad goal.
you'd think the idiot would mess up like always, but he got it lor.
its nicklas bendtner :)
seriously, check out his hot pink boots lar.

slept at 6, woke up at 12.
and made the best mushroom omelet ever! waha!

k. not gonna drown in the sims today, going to clear my closet/cupboard/wardrobe o.o
see ya.

wee :D

Monday, November 24, 2008

i see sunset in your eyes.

um, there's a problem.

arsenal lost kao kao u know.
and on the day where the other big 4 had goalless draws.

nvm, there's a champions league match on tuesdayy.


ey. you know for vbs...
it's like, japanese-y right?
i don't like it anyway. ih.


i can't wait loh.
i mean, i love my decembers cause they're so densely packed!
theres vbs, the party, camp, birthday :), xmas dinner, xmas, and then, uh (pmr results).

i only have to be bored for this week only!

of which i wanna go to charmaine's house, and una's house.
and i'm somehow starting to really look forward to futsal games on saturday.

grace's wedding :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

i belong to You.

i've never actually said the F word out in public.
i think i should get one chance to say it.
but not now la.
no balls :p

but ah DAMN lah.
i tell you whats wrong with me.

eh emo post you know this one.


4. uh, man city 1- arsenal 0 at half time.

i skipped no.1 to 3. i wrote it all long out, but cancelled it.
cause you all suck and wouldn't get it anyway :)
but damn lah. damn damn damn damn.

and, AND.
i wanna tell some loser, to get your own thing.

yeah. yeah.

i so no mood lah now.
tell also don't wanna tell.


i think i'll tell you about tuesday some other time.
meanwhile, i think i'll stay away from pyramid.

had dance practice on friday, before pm.
after which we went to taipan, for dinner.
mamak, again!
i beh tahan mamak shops adi lah.
and hee, adrian yap actually sat in the boot. literally.
we closed the boot all.
and then when we opened it in the middle of taipan, everybody was staring.

and then today!
min ser and jen ling's wedding!
they're a seriously good looking couple :)

ahhh shit.
the scores 2-0.

wait, wait.
and then we had practice again.
some idiot went to penang larrrrhh.

i was so tired.

and then came home, emo sikit, and made me dad bring me to shakey's :D

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

we're all alright! we're all alright!

i'll tell you abt today, tomorrow.

omg. adrian yap actually did post those sleeping pics on facebook!
crap wey!

i like this pic :D

hamm and nisa tagged.

Your lover betrayed you,what will your reaction be?
i ignore my feelings away.

What will your dream wedding be like?
garsh. idk.

On your wedding day, what would you like to see? Him?
You'd think i'd gotta see who i was marryin on my wedding day, yes?

What's your ideal lover like?
besides all the loyal, noble and honorable stuff, well, too many to tell you.
see, i don't think you should have a list. i think you should just be amazed by how many qualities he has.

Has anyone made you unhappy these days?
him, and him, and him, and him. and omg i hate her. lol.

How do you see yourself in 10 years time?
just ended my studies? and in love. yes.

Who are currently the most important people to you?
The people that help me go through the things in life where you have to, but you don't like it.
and who know the perfect balance of being my pin cushion and letting me be their pin cushion.
gduh. i love my kawans.

Would you rather be rich & single or married but poor?
the first one. hee?

What's the first thing you do every morning?
kiss my bolster. honestly!

Would you give all in a relationship?
even i know that i won't.

What type of friends do you like?
neh. you see my friends lah.
i must have a reason for hanging out with those weirdos. haha!

What type of friends do you dislike?
same old lah. bitchy useless people. and! people who think they're better than anyone.

Are you a virgin?

Have you ever lied to your parents?
i am going to be responsible, adrian.

What did you lie about?
what did YOU lie about?

Currently,are you having any crush on anyone?
eh. NO lah. not really.

Do you think the guy/girl knows?
he looks abit indifferent, blank, and blur.
but yes, he knows.
not definite though.

What phrases you usually say when something unexpected happens?
omg. then i swear in my head. nvr out loud :)

What annoys you the most?
self pity.

What is your current obsession?
dresses and perfume.
pfft. football.

Who do you short text the most these days?

Who do you miss a lot now?
his name starts with an A!
not adrian, or oon. go die.

Who do you idolize now?
thou shalt have no idols. XD.

Best girl friends? In random order

Best guy friends?

Biggest fear?
things changing. being invisible. BUGS!

Favorite hang out place?
church? haha!

What kind of mood are you in most of the time?
i try to be happy. but mostly, inferior.

Do you like the person who tagged you?
*gives a big silly smile*

Monday, November 17, 2008

gonna be okay, just dance!

stupid anisa didn't tag me.
i will steal her tag.
unlike her, i don't have much sense of privacy and want to tell you everything about me in surveys. haha.

ps: when i insult my friends, it means i like them :)
except in special cases like Joel, which he actually IS a loser :O

1) Do you think that you are hot?
you think leh. i'm smokinnnn :p

2) Upload a favorite picture of yourself.

3) Why do you like the picture?
my hair looks nice. and i don't look superbly lala.

4) When was the last time you ate pizza?
*saddddd* a long time ago.

5) What was the last song you listened to?
Kevin Rudolph ft Lil Wayne - Let it Rock

6) What are you doing now besides this?
blog browsing, and editing photos.

7) What other name do you like besides you name?
i can't tell you. they're reserved for my future kids lah.
mr.piao took jaden adi.

8) Name 5 people you wish to tag
nah. this boring.

eh. eh. eh. eh.

i didn't wish good luck to SPMers.
good luck yeah?

especially joseph, eugene, clement, misha, and clarissa.

you asses. stop wishing my sis good luck for stpm.
its next year for her lah.

there's another post below.
its long, but i feel like you have to know what i do lah. don't ask me why.

yer. look at anisa's low quality camera.
but easily compensated with how pretty we all look.
cues the *wahhhhhhhhhhhhs*

make me say your name :D


hi :D

my internet's been insane since the lightning struck my phone line.
so i've been stuck with photoshop and the sims.

we'll start with wednesday.
so bored again.
so we watched the little mermaid 1 & 2, and cinderella 3.
so i feel like i need a fairytale ending as well...
vanessa came and brought her mini dog whats the name again?
uh, megan.
freaking cute.

i didn't go to damn prefect games thing.
don't ask why.
still abit bummed.
felt so miserable on that friday morning.

i slept around 2 in the morning.
woke up at 5 for morning prayer.
(where people take pics, not pray :p)
then went for futsal.

the kajang guys came this week :)
alot of them weyh.
so we split into 4 teams.
more than 20 people larh.
and, i got hammereddddd.

tertripped sam, and got a blue back on my calf.
could barely dance in the night later.
and then some idiot kicked the ball to my thighs there?
i just found another blue black there.

and then kena on my stomach also o.O
haha everyone's so worrieedd haha.
i think i cried.
it hurt that bad.
but it's so, weird, crying in the midst of so many guys lar :O

then went to lawrence's house to bathe, ate some secret recipe cheesecake and watched friends.

then walked to s.parade with jess.
got my orange nail polish finally!
and then mcD's.

worker's conference was so tiring somehow.
and then for abt 5 minutes i couldn't stop laughing.
too tired adi.

and then dance practice!
we finally got the bridge, and parts of the verse.
super tired, thought i can go home and blank out, but um.
arsenal vs aston villa.

*hangs head down*
they lost.

went to sleep, but spent half an hour trying to get my bolster out of the cover.
so i slept at...3?
and wasn't feeling very well, stomach pain lol from the futsal..

thats very little lah, compared to my 12 hour sleep in the weekdays.
i died on sunday morning.

danielle's mom bought us nasi lemak for breakfast!
and slept again before service.

slept during service.

so super tired.

checked the new care-mart out!
awesome :)

went to danielle's house.
with jess, jamie, aski..and uh, yeah.


super rich again haha!

then we ate lunch at that hong kong-ey place, not bad weyh.
not many pics though.

am home now, finally can go online and, i'm so happy cause u know what?

ashwin nicholas oon got me this!

um, coincidence.
you know my other nicholas?
nicholas ng?
also got me an arsenal keychain last year.
and this oon got me one as well.

i am good to the nicolases of the world!

ps: oon, stick to nic, or ashwin, cause it's so confusing my c-box.
and how to pass it to me lar :p

Thursday, November 13, 2008

timing's everythinggggggg.


ok. i watched aladdin today. and beauty and the beast yesterday :)

i'm seeing church people everyday o.o
friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday.

i need a break from them lahh.

i'm gettin very addicted to my arsenal website and the sims.

theres still the prefect games thing this friday.

i lazy to plan this kinda stuff, but if you all know me, i love basketball and futsal, watching and playing.
but damn lah why didnt i plan this at school?
now i have to make a zillion phone calls and stuff.
and pay rm2 per game.

why am I even the one banging pots and pans abt this?
shit lah you all.

i wan play.

*yeah laurahh [staringmedown.blogspot.com] says:
another day lah. i'm losing my good mood adi. looking at peoples' after pmr days can go out all the time. and my nose is running like theo walcott.

adrian thinks this is funny.
wth :D

i. miss. dance practice.
i need the exercise :)

ps: eh. go on the bananananana diet.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

but you're just a boy.

1.How old are you?
- i turn 15 in a months time :D

2. Are you single?
- eaiyearrr.

3. In what age do you think you’ll get married?
- i'll tell you next time.

4. Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now??
- definitely not. even i know that.

5. If not, who do you want to marry?
- chewie! hahaha.

6. Do you want a garden/beach wedding, or the traditional wedding?
- erh. idk.

7. Your ideal motif?
- pink. !! .

8. Where do you plan to go on a honeymoon?
- depends on the guy la. rich guy: london baybeh!
not so rich guy : erm. not sure?

9. How many guests do you think you’ll invite?
- i have alot of relatives. and even more friends :D

10. Do you want an extravagant wedding or a simple wedding?
- simple, actually.

11. Do you want the traditional vows or something you’d make up on your own??
- i've always wanted both la...

12. How many layers of cake do you want to have?
- a perfect 5.

13. Do you prefer having your reception at a hotel or at a simple place?
- igh.

14. When do you want to get married, evening or morning?
- morning.

15. You’d rather have your reception outdoors or indoors?
- i honestly don't know.

16. Do you like a grand entrance for your groom?
- yeah. than a grander entrance for me ;p

18. Name the song/tune you’d like played at your wedding??
- i forgot adi.

20. Do you want a solemn ceremony or a light one?
- somewhere in the middle?

21. What age do you want to get married?
- ?

22. Describe your ideal husband/wife
- he gets me. and loves God.

23. Do you prefer fine dining or just the normal spoon & fork/knife?
- the latter. or then again, both la.

26. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
- after the dinner.

27. Money or household item?
- money. duh. i can buy my own toaster.

28. Who will pay for the bills?
- charmaine lah.

29. Are you ready for married life?
- you think?

30. Will u always be true to your wife/husband
- i have to anyway.

31. How many kids do u like?
- 3.

32. Will u celebrate silver wedding, gold wedding, or diamond wedding?
- pink, and anything.

33. What kind of cuisine would u like for ur wedding?
- i know i want sushi, and authentic italian pizzas.

34. Will u record ur honeymoon in a cd or dvd?
- dvd?

Monday, November 10, 2008

its not possible for me, not to care.

gila lethargic now.
lazy to upload pics.
i actually don't feel like socializing.
bleh but whatever la.

i guess i'll just tell you about my weekend.

man i feel so dead.

saturday morning went for futsal again.
since dingdong went to penang, and noona's a lazy pig, i was the only girl there.
i don't mind.
they said i'm getting better at it :)
not bad huh?

then went to mr.adrian wong's house with nick and kyle.
weird ps2 games la.

no dance practice that night.
cause my gramma had her big bday dinner.
super fancy place with super fancy food.
shark fin soup wey :D

the arsenal vs man u game was on.
i so sam tung la i cannot watch.
but we came home in time to watch the last half hour of it.
plus that 6 extra time minutes where i might have just died.
oh yeah, they WON!

i can name all my kawans that like man u.
theres nicky, joel, adrian, lawrence, muayyad, yi jan, dianne, hammy, terence t, sam, and alot more actually.
ooh. jie sheng also.

but i somehow always manage to miss the repeats.
and highlights.

and then sunday after church, we went to the curve/ikano/ikea.
bought stuff :D

it was my mummy's bday u know?
u know?

we ate at this gorgeous restaurant called the apartment.
supercool la.
i wanna go there for my bday too.
ps: sit upstairs!

and my monday was boring.
today la.
i watched cinderella, cinderella 2 which was so damn boring, and then john tucker must die, missed the epl highlights AGAIN, and then balls of fury, and then top model, and now here, bored to death.

pictures soon :D

johanna's going to nz!
and lol were both wearing giraffes here :D

Friday, November 7, 2008

let the beat wind you up.


am at mumm's office :D
and, they have a lil party!

with DONUTS!
3 large boxes of Big Apple donuts.

and lil kids dont really like donuts u know?
hee. i get to eat also :D
this is my lunch wey.


Monday, November 3, 2008

you're in then you're out.

3 months. and 1 day.

i wanna go out!
i thought after today would be like the last day of school and all, but i still have tuesday and wednesday. prefect stuff.

and then there's the prefect intergames thingy.
join us!
for basketball :D

it was an ok day.
it was bloody extremely hot.
but we got to lepak outside, cause once again, we got nothing to do :O
oo. and for my scrabble thing, i got 15 bucks :D
it pays to be smart heh?

k. i tell you abt saturday!
the wedding was nice :)
very pink and purple, and everyone looked good, especially grace la hee.

stolen from kar kien!

jamie, cae me, jess, su, pearly, natalie, aski, me, clarissa

aski & i

then later at night, we had dance again. finally done with the chorus.
then we went to the mamak for dinner!
mm. yeah. :D

k. i go now. how to tahan la. 2 more days of school.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

everybody's feeling warm and right :D

daniel poh and i.

jamie poser gila.

they asked me to do the cute pose. i suck.

anisa's long awaited tag!
i love picture tags :D

1. A picture of you at the most unique environment:

Describe the environment
ralph lauren wey :)

2. A picture of you at somewhere you dislike :

Describe why you dislike that place
its school o.o
and omg i look gooood

3. A picture of you with someone that means alot to you :

Who is that person & What that person did to you before?
alot of them lah :D
they nice la what else.
i would put chewie in, but the only pic i have with him, is weird.

4. A picture of you with your best smile (mouth open)

this is ridiculously edited. XD.

Why were you smiling?
why would i not be?

5. A picture of you with your best smile (mouth closed) :

Were you posing or natural smiling

6. A picture of you with your lamest pose :

Give this picture a caption.
natalie ng LAH

7. A picture of you with a person that stands on the top of your heart

Is that person treating you like how you are treating him/her?


8. A picture of you with some toys or cute stuff

What are you with?
its a stephanie.

9.A picture of you with a white shirt

Why were you wearing white instead of black?

white uh, doesn't absorb heat?
and match my adidas :D

10. A candid picture with you and your friends

Do you look good?
the back view? look hot :D

Friday, October 31, 2008

all you can do is keep breathing.

i always somehow have late morning football games when i decide to go to school.

i slept at 1.
woke at 4, but my tv is an ass, so i went back to sleep, and then up again at 5.
by accident, actually.

in my 2 years as an arsenal fan, i have never been so heartbroken before. haha.
shut up muayyad.
its the like, omg it just happened kinda game.

shut up.
and it pissed me off more to know that the other 3 idiot teams all won.

and then omg, i went to school, and um, pn.ong sent me to bbi to get a hair pin for my hair [duh]
during role call.
and this ain't my first amaran.
damn embarassing.

and then didn't do a thing the whole day.
would have watched the basketball game, or even the football game.
heck i wanted to play! but people who don't come to school have to kena larh.
but stupid prefect shifts.

i watched charmaine sleep at the staircase for an hour in a spine twisting position.

then we went to bother the cup cake decorating thingy.
icing :D
it was cool.
and yummy!

i wanna do it also leh.
oh yeah we had the fire drill too?


i didn't do anything today.
watched the heroes thingy.
can't wait la :D

the annual simpsons halloween marathon!
wee :D :D

ooh yes.
MnG's wedding tmr :D

this blog needs a lil pink.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

fix you.

sorry bout yesterday's post.

i went out yesterday with the ohp gang.
elsa, valerie, jamie, pearly, ryan, daniel p, and terence l.
went to pyramid, more specifically, ole-ole bali.
some expensive balinese restaurant i've never heard of before.
and the food is good :)
and drinks were good too!
will have pics soon, i hope.

then we went to the MPH warehouse sale.
lots of nice, cheap books.
but i've lost my sense for books.

i saw joycee, and mun chun.

then went to the zara sale.
nothing much.
and it was so dusty!
then had an ice cream.
and charmaine called and said she just saw me.

i will resist the urge to say i'm so bloddy bored, like most of ya, because i like it :D
it's not like i have to go out and do stuff 24/7 yeah?
i like doing nothing.

have dance practice tonight as well.

my nose is killing me again.
cause i just mopped and swept the floor.

btw, notice how the sky was PINK and red that day?
thats the most gorgeous thing the sky can do, next to rainbows.
always a wonder how both our cameras have 0 battery.
and it stopped raining.
dang, right?

lastly, while everyone's life is nice and dandy now, it ain't everyone.
alot of people are still having exams, and its unfair to them that i think i can just go out with them because i am free.
sorry guys?

oh yes. and football.
hah! chelsea lost, but still, if they had scored just 1 goal, it would have made, me, and a million arsenal (and maybe hull city) fans really happy.
arsenal themselves won, of course.

imagine me.

Monday, October 27, 2008

here come the girls.

more weird dreams.
never ever sleep when your parents are watching a show abt the history of the world economy crisis. its actually really not..nice?

my whole body aches.
all my muscles. and the scabby thing on my knee makes it worse.

oh shit.
she just spoiled my mood.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

do the hustle!

stupid dream again.
the return of the giant squid, but with pink and black rockstar fur, and pig trotters.
this might show more serious psychological problems.

i have a cut from my tongue. from blowing too many bubbles with Dentyne's strawberry and lime flavoured chewing gum! try one today!
and yeah, idiots like me blow bubbles with chewing gum.

i went out with hammy, lavi, yee wan, and dianne for lavi's bday on friday.
just at McD.
playing stupid games at the upstairs playthingy yelling ourselves silly.
and omg the new McShaker Fries are awesome! Try some today!
its just normal fries with good old MSG :D

oh yay! Adrian [Wong] baru kata i quite chun for a girl at futsal.

went for futsal again this morning!
fun la, as usual :)
i fell down though, and i thought it wouldn't be that painful, but after i while i stopped playing cause it hurts like hell.
then we ate at the mamak stall again.
i think the dudes there sick of our faces edi.

mm and dance practice!
fun also, as usual :D

and omg wey, i got stuck in the elevator for like, 5 minutes.
the doors just wudn't open.
could have started crying.
lucky the lift no cctv lol.
now i know why dianne and una phobia of elevators also.

big yawn! might sleep early.
hope man u loses tonight!
oh wait, they drew :p
good enough.

and hope the big game between chelsea and liverpool becomes a goalless draw.
dreaming big :)

my parents fell asleep in front of the tv again, and the movie credits just rolling by, with the emo-est piano solo ever.
and i just so happen to drop by sharlene's blog.
and well, it's pretty darn saddening.
i don't really even know her, but i can't imagine her sadness, and i feel like i am in no position to tell her anything.
so, just my condolences to her.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

i still try holding on to silly things.

i had a weird dream involving orphans, Giant, and turtles.

i did nothing again for the whole day.
woke up late, due to that weird dream.
had a breakfast of bread and that sambal thingy.
mad right? it was so spicy i drank 2 cups of cold water.
cleared my flu like that (imagine 'snap')

wasted another 4 hours of my life watching the champions league matches of chelsea and liverpool.
downright boring, if you asked me.
not that you are.
you're all man u fans anyway.
i'm going to get sick of football if i keep watching it like this.

i lied down on the couch the whole day, and surprisingly, no massive headache.
this means i'm healthier.

but i'm very sleepy all the time.
not tired, sleepy.

i desperately wanna go shopping.
i haven't even seeeeeen a freakin mall for like, a month or so.
not like i'm being a spoiled brat, but malls are so awesome la.

yeah and i painted my nails. red :)
i think i'm gonna paint them every week.
depends on school as well.

i miss my gorgeous long hair wey.

somebody just spoiled my already spoilt mood.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

he's got his own thing.

tagged by elaine! the cousin. the distantly related one. gah i have 3 cousins named elaine. elaine tan. (i hope i'm right)

1.) What is the relationship of you and her/him?
my beloved cousin :)

2.) Your 5 impressions towards her/him?
she's pretty, cute, a camwhore :p, optimistic, and well, friendly.

3.) The most memorable things she/he had done for you.
she let me play her star wars game on her playstation once. the funnest moments of my life.

4.) The most memorable things she/he have said to you
we haven't really seen each other in a while O.O

5.) If she/he become your lover, you will..
get a lot of gifts from her. lol.

6.) If she/he become your enemy, you will...
get sued by her dad.

7.) If she/he become your lover, she/he has to improve on..
letting me be in her pictures XD

8.) If she/he become your enemy, the reason is...
i dont know lah.

9.) The most desirable thing to do on her/him is?
bribe the kementerian pelajaran to give her straight A's!

10.) The overall impression of her/him is..
happy-g0-lucky. eh.

11.) How do you think the people around you feel about you?
i'm such a girrrrlllll. am i right?

12.) The character of you for yourself is?
complex. mm.

13.) What do you hate about yourself?
lack of money.

14.) The most ideal person you want to be is?
a less sissyfied me.

15.) For the people who care about you and like you, say something to them:
thanks for everything :D and you know you guys mean the world to me.

People to tag:
can't. done this tag before. lol. i'm bored k.

school was a brilliant waste of time today.
you might as well just have read the paper itself.
and i was too tired to talk anyway.

i woke up at 5, cause the stupid espn decided to show a delayed Arsenal Champion's League game instead.
as if a man u game would be any more interesting.

it was a nice game.
what a way to start a morning.
5-2 you know.
goals by adebayor, walcott, diaby, song, and [omg so cute] aaron ramsey :)

and i'm mad.
i came home from school and watched another 2 hour replay of the same game.
XD this is what nothing-to-do means.
i'm getting very attached to my football again.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

its a lil messed up that i'm stuck here waiting.

i'm so tired of being dissapointed.
so at one point you just have to NOT care abt it.

the weather's great nowadays.
love the late night rains.
fits in perfectly with the i-have-nothing-to-do days.

i actually forgot abt all the things i planned for after PMR.

but i desperately wanna go shopping.
not that there's any money.

ok, i've been staring here for the past 10 minutes.

i've been getting pretty violent mood swings lately. and it isn't easy finding who stepped on my toes.
and i feel like i have to rely on so many people and things just to get me back up.
and frankly, my super-hyperness seems pretty forced.
and, um, i wonder if you people notice?

save earth!

ps: anisa i'll finally be doing your tag. soon.