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Saturday, September 22, 2007

i might not care...

erm..2nd post of the day eh..hehe

guess what?
i think im starting to like pink again..
as in the colour pink..
my toenails are pink too!
suddenly entering the girly girl phase that didnt show up when i was into barbie huh..

a few tips. on how not to get called by teacher.
1. hide your darn name tag. inconspicuously of course...
2. avoid any eye contact with the teacher.
3. dont draw any attention to yourself
4. but dont ignore her too...
5.give boring answers
6.dont falll asleep

but if the teacher already knows and hates you then too bad ;p
=D have to go eat lunch and then YF so see yaa!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah =D

when their together...

ok..bitter post alert.

i dont think YOU should be anywhere near me.
in fact, if you're not gonna do anything just TELL ( shout, scream, yell, whisper, write, sms, email, or you know, something you haven't really tried, like TALKING!!)
yes, tell me!
then we can allll move on from this disastrous episode of my life ok?
instead of dragging it on for what it feels like forever...
i mean...the false hope is really degrading to a person =(
ok..maybe u have insecurity issues too..
but be a MAN for goodness sake!
theres only so much a teenage girl can take ya know?

but i know its fun =D
quite fun...i guess..
if u call depression fun...

anyway...phew...i got that off now =D

click on it for a better view!
class photo!
its funny how beginning of evry year i hate my class but then towards the end i love it instead?
to put aside my pride for a while,
i think the guys in my class are funny...
but they can still suck sometimes!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

people always getting your attention.

i was gonna give a deep post about how life sucks again but no..
i wanna talk about chairs =D

that day at the NECF thingy... me being me..i need to complain about their chairs.

oh what the heck i dont wanna talk about stupid chairs.
i want to talk about last night..but then..not really..
i just dont have a blogging mood ya know..

i dont like blogging much anymore..
it requires a kind of high i only get on the weekends..
so..you guys just have to wait..
not like any of you are reading anyway...

me and aski 'click'