Pick Me

Monday, November 28, 2011

the 'who cares less' competition

nat and i. sitting on a skateboard. :)

i think you all should think before you talk. i love you all, but for goodness sake, consider how other people (ME!) would feel about it?

i know you're thinking about your future, your dreams, and your aspirations. but how can you be so quick to disregard me from it?

i'm not saying your life should revolve around me or anything like that. sigh.

i'm so sick of caring about our friendship more than you do.
and you make me feel so pathetic about being so needy. and that you actually don't need me in your life. and that you've got better things to do.


ANYWAY. that's that. 

extra classes. last week, and the next two weeks. so NOT a holiday. maths is actually okay. but when chem starts this week, i think i'll be chewing my fingers to get through the day. my beautiful manicured fingers.

can't wait till camp and that stretch of holidays.

these 4 days were very welcome indeed :)
friday after school ryan and nat and clemehhhh and i went to mydin to get some camp stuff. 
it was fun, but super tiring man. and we were hogging the price scanner. lol.

and then home, and then church. and supper with some of em at melur again. seriously, melur every week?

saturday, mae came over for awhile :) then we went to church, and then afterwards had this ridiculous confusions about dinner plans with nick and steph and my parents and their parents. haha, but in the end, me, nat, nick, steph and melissa went for dinner to celebrate u.martin's 60 birthday in selayang.
awesome food indeed.

sunday, church. yes, my weekends revolve around church. :) then lunch with the gang at ac. i drove. yes ah i proud. daniel bought chatime for me :)

joe drove my car back, cause...it..was raining? idk. noob. haha.

then we had camp games tryout. it was super fun. splashing water, playing in the rain. like kids ah.

went home, got ready, drove to the mgm concert. it was kinda cool. why am i always late ah. 
saw... someone there too. hehe.

then supper with jie, joe, paul and kyle.

at melur again ahhhhhh.
tried the roti tisu milo :) quite nice lah.

then today, recuperate. hehe.

goodnight. schoooooool.

remember to give bruce wayne some love.
i think he's lonely.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

who's a memory hoarder?

i'm in that mood again. i guess it's getting very pathetic, even to me, but i can't help me? and there's nothing actually wrong with it,...is there? D:

i think i'm going to call it memory hoarding. or, compulsive memory hoarding.
i'm mulling over how to explain it, but i think i won't.

i'm like this now cause it's only 11.30, it's rainy, everyone's already asleep, and... i'm waiting for my hair to dry.

i'll try and mumble it out anyway.

it's mostly to do with guys lah. haha.

i wish someone would've told me when i was younger, about emotional ties and emotional boundaries.
at the same time, i'm glad they happened, so that i'd learn never to make the same mistake again.

yes, i'm going all self pity mode now.
my crazy hair won't dry itself! no, i don't use the hair dryer. it's still in the box, with all my handbags. why? because i'm a messy person. mmhhmm.

i've made mistakes.
seriously, future boyfriend, you make sure you get it right. no need for perfect, but not wrongly, or selfishly, or carelessly.

if i sound like a crazy 13-yr old, well then, that's prolly how my emotional state is right now.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

nigel gordon eustace.


okay, we couldn't seem to find a name for my fat pet caterpillar.

he looks just like the guy in this picture, but since we've been feeding him, he grows longer and even fatter. yuck.

he's completely fat, ugly and disgusting yet i can't seem to get over him. and the fact that my whole family is quite enthusiastic abt him too. haha.

he's abt as close as a pet as we'd ever have. he does not however, take bulbul's place. never.

but it's kind of the same story.

he chose our garden.
only this time we kept him in my ex-murukku jar because he eats like a machine and poops like one too.

he's also ugly and fat and when he moves it freaks you out cause all his flesh wriggles up and down. and that yellow pimple like thing on his butt. and the two pigments on his body that look like eyes.

hahaha. but i'm very attached to him already. and one day, he'll leave me, and i'll be kind off upset again, like when bulbul did.

now, if nigel gordon eustace would turn into a butterfly, i'd be more insistent on keeping him. but as i'd just found out, he's a larvae of a hawk moth. yuck.

and the only reason i'd keep him till he turns into a moth (assuming he doesn't die in captivity) is to kill him, and pin him to Styrofoam for my biology practical.