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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

so beat it!

hey kids!

my painkillers wearing off, and i can feel every ounce of pain through my throat and ears right now.
why are they connected?
i dont know. something about pressure.
but i'm trying to ration my painkillers cause i only have three left.

and my epic period cramps are coming and i want my painkillers to help me with that too, and in school as well.

oh how it hurts.

tags from the noobs at the cbox :)

1.) Besides your lips, where is the favorite spot to get kissed?
the side of my head there.

2.) How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
i thought it was a joke.

3.) Who was the last person/people you took a photo with?
hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. i think i remember jia chui pulling out a camera in mcD and me desperately trying to get in the the pic withhhh, my sis, kar kien, and some of irene's and pearly's cell.

4.) Would you consider yourself spoiled?
no, not really.

5.) Will you ever donate blood?
i'm anaemic. i want all the blood i can get.

6.) Have you ever had a best friend who was the opposite sex?

7.) Do you want some one to be dead?
erm, nope :)

8.) What does your last text messages say?
haha i will come 1:) dont worry be happy.

9.) What are u thinking right now?
i'm in pain, and i cannot find the ridsect.

10.) Do you want someone to be with you now?
oh yes :D

11.) What was the time you went to bed last night?
1am only lah.

12.) Where did you buy the tee that you are wearing now?
hmm. i dont know. but its very sexy :)

13.) Is some one on your mind right now?
a tie between hao ran and maegan.

14.) Who was the last person who text you?
wen jun :D

i've realized, i'm very silly.

spot the sampat!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

shut up and put your money where your mouth is :D

good gawd that restaurant city cannot load now haiyo.
that's the only reason why i'm here.

i think i'm ready to head back to school.
with a fully legitimate excuse of why I didn't my homework.
yes :)

i still cough alot of though, and sometimes its tiring to hear what everyone thinks.
really alot of aunty opinions.
yes i drink alot of water, yes i've seen doctor, yes its NOT swine flu, yes i know i should 'do something about it', yes i do take whatever i need to take.

for goodness sake i'm taking this chinese stuff which passes off as some kind of cough syrup but believe me, it's petroleum, or tastes like it anyway.

and oh how horrible it was in the cinema.

well, there was a 365 outing to summit to watch transformers 2 and there were about 180 plus of us and it was cool knowing so many people in the cinema.

i sat in the corner next to megan whom i kept saying omg its starting to :)

i tell you, i drank two bottles of water, one pain pill, and two strepsils and i forgot the consequences.

for one, i still couldn't stop coughing so that was abit spoiler lah, and then i had to pee like nobody's business, and since i had to hold it in my body probably had to find another way to get water out and yeah i was so hot and sweating in a fully air conditioned cinema and so i couldn't really enjoy the end part.

but wah megan fox is hot :O
man or not.

i think the movie was okay sahaja, entertaining and darn cool, but not AMAZING like the first one.
and the idea of it was getting abit old anyway.

but :D

suddenly thinking of my 2 cyber days :)

nostalgic cause of my report card.
my results last time were good man!

and now i just feel no hope :O
especially in add maths -_-

hope it's not too late.

i'm really bored now.
i think i am less sick and am suddenly not so very tired, but er i haven't taken my cough syrup yet D:

i'll talk about just now later :)
get it?

you know what i'm doing now?
i'm looking at stickers.
yeah the plastic stuff you stick everywhere.

my sis and i used to collect stickers, alot.
mostly consisting of sailormoon and 101 dalmations.

why am i talking about stickers anyway.
its because i very jealous of marcus yuen's calculator at tuition and i couldn't get enough of it ooohhhh especially the squidgy doughnut :D :D

so i want nice plushy cute stickers to stick on my calculator too and avoid being like adeline and amanda and zhe kai who always mix up their calculators and then memfitnah each other for no reason and then go like 'oh cheh there it is (malu face)' kinda thing.

i used to be good at hunting for stickers, especially in primary school where i don't carrrrrreeeee about anything wan, except my art file which i'm very kiasu with -_- and so i'd get very pretty stickers though i'm sure my taste has obviously changed.

pokoknya, i want lah stickers.


oh and its nice hearing every michael jackson song on the radio :)
i don't feel sad he's dead, i mean i don't know him and he stopped making great music now and hes so weird! and in no way affecting my life sooooo.
its just like any other news to me :D

how could you be so heartlessssss ahhhhhhh hahaha.

Friday, June 26, 2009

you are the reason that i believe.

i'm not happy, no.

after this i never ever want to be sick anymore.

it sucks.

all i do is barely eat, sleep alot, and watch tv and play RC which after awhile pisses you off cause why on earth do the toilets get dirty so fast hmm???
oh i can't be bothered grr.

i didn't go to school for a whole week too and that worries me like crazy, because i won't know scary stuff like mod maths and add maths and probably miss out alot of homework and then i need to pass up my maths folio swt.

although i'm sure my darling classmates haven't yet passed up their moral folios too right?

i won't mind going back to school you know, if you let me sit down all the time and take naps when the cough syrup kicks in, provide me an endless supply of painkillers, and keep me away from the oily smelly canteen.

well mostly i'm absent because the cough is giving me such pain from my stomach and back.

and btw, i really did lose abit of weight :)
like 1 or 2 kilos like that.
very big deal.

anyway, rather interestingly, i've been having alot of dreams as i've been sleeping so much.
alot of dreams mean, more than 10 that i can remember.
most of which are nightmares.

somehow nightmares of things i need to do and worst case scenarios resulting in me waking up with fits of coughing until i feel like throwing up.

dreams involving the microwave oven, thomas vermaelen, most of my homework, sejarah, my pills, transformers -_-

omg i hope i get better by tmr or else you all are gonna hate me for coughing so much in the cinema.
I'm still going to go no matter how sick I am okay transformers is a big deal.

a whole post on 'sick'.

i'm bloody unhealthy.
yeah i can run -_- -_- -_-

an old pic :)
joel, eugene, sam, chewie and me.
look at my hair :D :D

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

thinking of you.


i thought i might as well be here than slugging off on that couch.
whoo the cough syrup really gets you going.

and there's so much phlegm in my throat as well.

but relax, its just a simple throat infection though i'd rather not miss school.
i can't imagine slacking off on my studies nowww.

it started on satuday.
i didn't even go to 365 o.o
and that's weird for me.
and i was fine on sunday morning, but after that i guess not.

and i've been home sleeping 15 hours a day.

ok i'll stop posting about this.

and yah!
transformers 2!
yay this saturday!

i can't believe on how undependable and useless you are, i'm happy you're so easy to let go off.

my secretly-confident monopoly face.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

bite me.

now i was somehow doing my maths folio and somehow ended up here.
mysterious ain't it?

i think this counts as a horrible week.
remember mine and ham's theory about when there's a bad thing, a good thing is sure to follow (dan sebaliknya)?

how bout a bad day?
or a bad week?

i doubt i can get a whole week of happy :o

what to do.

i'm have a very blah mood now.
and constipating, and have sporadic headaches.


damn i reallly should be doing my work right now.
and i hate that stupid moral project.

i really am well, sad :(

yeah i wear the school shirt as pajamas.

wth. i've deleted two long posts saying how much i don't...uh... agree with you.
okay this is the nicest one.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

can't go back.

yeah my second post.
cause i'm feeling happier.
facebook improves my mood.

anyway, after comments and lame applications, and arguing with lamE haha
i feel like posting something that'll match my mood lah.

happy :D
transparency is good yes?

this is gunnersaurus rex.
he's the official mascot of arsenal fc,
and gosh isn't he adorable?

this is fred the red devil.
the official mascot for man united.
not only is he scary and butt-ugly,
he is also very unhuggable.

this is chirpy.
he is tottenham's mascot,
and it looks like a NOOB.

i don't know this dudes name,
but it's manchester city's mascot.


falling again.

hey noobs :)

another horrible results day today.

next term and future terms are gonna be so much harder, don't you feel like giving up now?
i do :(

I hate that I'm so indecisive and wimpy sometimes.
i know what's right, and what's wrong, but it's never that simple isn't it?

i've made the same mistake again and again, and yet i seem to not get the hint.
such a teenage girl lah.

and it seems like i can't get away clean from this one.

stupid laura :p

Monday, June 15, 2009

i feel something high.

haha results :(
when i get em all back i can tell you lah.
one collective blow rather than one punch at a time.

i was teaching my dad how to work facebook on the way to tuition today lol.
i like facebook have i told you that?

why do i have so much spam in my junk box -_-

oh well i have nothing to post about again, i don't know why.

i super really miss football loh.

alamak i am so self absorbed.
yesterday was June the 14th, my daddy's birthday :D

besides that though, i thought the day was abit glum :(
wanted to continue my happy streak of 14ths, but ah well.

and June 12th was Shaun's birthday too!

so happy birthday, birthday people!

bad days ahead...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

i wouldn't understand.

haiyo :(

guy neutral my ass lah.

argh inferior.

never ending.

school's in two days, and i promise i'll start on homework tmr given that anybody remembers what to do.

i wish we had one more week, but then again i can't wait to get off my butt and start doing things yang lebih berfaedah you know?

i went to play futsal just now.
i haven't been there awhile, and i remember why hmph.

with all the knocks and whacks and terence lourdes eeeeehhh

but still fun i guess?

i saw wen jun and his friend, and played some basketball with them awhile.

and yeah brenda i do got twitter but i feel lazy to use it.
gimme awhile :)

lazy to post pictures. instead, why don't you check out facebook?

Friday, June 12, 2009

and it's over :)

i feel slightly more liberated now.
i am happy :D

i wanna thank him, if he reads my blog, for making my life so much easier.


i've spent 3 days in a row with my cousins and aunties.
today being the most... unbelievable :D

you guys will see lah.
but yay!
i be blessed.

bye bye elaine!
will miss you so much.

i can't wait to see my classmates, and talk and yabber all day like my aunties do.
i dunno what to post about.
time to do a tag?


eh facebook!

now, i wish i would hook myself onto twitter and hook other people too.
its awesome :D

here have an ugly one, i'm so drawn to my facebook right now.
bye :D

ps: happy end of holidays!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

move it.

i'm back :D

what do you think?
i thought it was great :)

er, alot of things have changed though, and its hard to not get depressed about it.
guess you just gotta move on.

ah headache.
my head's gonna drop off.

what did i get out of it?
a better sense of self, a new obsession with the word NOOB,free peanut butter and blistered baby toes.


and i think everyone put on weight lah.
come on, breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner AND supper?

pigs la we.

and i remembered yesterday.
cause i was at my that auntie's house lah.

and, when we go back to school, we're going to get our results back.
now, isn't that such a shot-in-the-brain-kick-in-the-nuts kind of feeling when you think about it?

yeah. i know.

and homework!
wth right?

oo, my com just made the 'toot' sound like it does when it's going to hang and die on you, but surprisingly, it didnt.


i want to upload i am a gummy bear onto facebook.
yes i miss facebook!

i am officially guy neutral.
*big smile*

Saturday, June 6, 2009

you found me.

i hate the weather more than ever.
even waking up feels terrible cause it's so hot.
and more so because of my lack of ventilation room.

i'm not having the most spanking fun and busy holiday like i wanted because of my financial condition.
it also shows that i have willpower!

one thing i miss: football games.
i've resorted to reruns and reviews okay.

speaking of which, spot yi jan!

2 more months!

went to jamie's house for a sleepover last week.
with the cell girls :)

jamie, jess, steph, faya, clarissa, amanda, danielle, and meee :)
very fun (thumbs up)

and then that whole making the cross failure.

and then i went to 1u on thursday.
to watch terminator with jess, aski, jeremy, sam, terence, joel, annddd no i didn't forget anyone.
it was a good movie.

and then i dunno o.o
youth rally today..
ps: wth ffk-ers (angry face)

tmr's sos.
be seeing you all on tuesday then :D

my cousin and aunt from hong kong are back!

and irene che also back!

bye bye :)

this is just to show a picture of nice cupcakes, and, a belated happy teacher's day.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

have you ever really.

i hate the weather.
its so hot, and so humid so you're always sticky, and the rain is makes it worse.

we went to tgif that day with a 100 ringgit voucher, thinking it would be a semi-free meal.
the total bill was RM198.


but i had this strawberry lemonade slushee, and it was good.

i've been really hungry nowadays.
i'm constantly craving for savoury spicy food.
specifically green curry fried rice and um, bacon (non-halal).

went shopping at sungei wang today.

my holidays are boring lah.
wanna go out also cannot.