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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Genting 2011

just imagine, this time last week, i'd just taken a shower, and it's so cold, there's nothing but mist outside the window.

yes, genting. :)

at first i was super duper excited. kind of hard to sit still through the last week of school.

what was abit of a downer, was, of course, we can't invite everyone. place was limited right. everyone is close to everyone else.

not that i want to highlight my own thoughts, but hey, it is my blog, if you think i'm being pretentious then go ahead. i was upset that a few people couldn't go, and that maybe they were upset. if you were upset by HOW you found out about the trip, i'm sorry. there was no reason to let everyone know if we weren't doing anything wrong.

we wouldn't be missing any church events, no one was skipping class, there would be chaperons, and we're all nice people :) me, su-ann, nat, steph, mae, jamie, paul, nick, irving, joel, joe, vz, and kyle.

i think i'm going off topic...

anyway. oh how fidgety i was the whole week before :)

so, sunday afternoon after church, we went into our three cars with luggages, vin zhan's, paul's and joel's. i no have small luggage >:( so i use my twelveans bag again :)

so mae, steph and i in vz's car. we all went to ac for lunch. indo mee and taiwanese sausage for me.

then while waiting for joe to come, me, joel and irving went up to play foosball first. man i'm so rusty at it. irving and i vs joel. i think he still won lah -_- then watched mae and paul play pool.

when joe came, we all went back to care mart to buy nonsense. which we didn't even get to finish. it's called tam sam. lol.

so off we go.

i really like car rides. and in the pajero, where you can see everything :D

mm, the next part not so nice :(

around just before the base of genting, the pajero's air con was gettin kinda warm suddenly. at first we like didn't care lah. hey, my car got joe right? car expert :D then the radio was getting wonky D: so then we just went to the nearest shell station to check the hood lor.

joe said might be the battery, we went down to check. then the car couldn't start, so okay lah, sure battery problem. so jump started with paul's proton saga. then off we go again. LOL before we reached the main road, the car died. :(

OH. and steph left us :( she went to sit in joel's car with my sis and nat cause she said mae and i too noisy, she cannot sleep :( hahahaha.

so get all get down again. then jump start with joel's accord, and leave it for awhile. then joe drove. then for awhile we were okay :)

then while going uphill, this time, it died again. it was getting cooler by then lah, so not so bothersome.

so we got down again. at the side of the road. dah lah so many people got chance to stare at us the whole day.

well, there was a lot of water leaking from the hood, and when they opened the battery cap (i think that's what it is???) the water or liquid or whatever was boiling and steaming. scary mannn.

lol this indian man on his motor came and asked us what's up. when he saw joseph he started talking to him in tamil. ahahaha. joseph such a coconut.

so instead of three cars crammed at the side of an already narrow hill, we thought it be better for some of us to go up first lor. leave the machos to stay back and do dunno what lah. so paul and joel drove the rest of us up first while vz, joe, irving and kyle stayed back.

so i sat in paul's car with paul, jamie and nick. :)

sigh, just 5 minutes away from mae's apartment, paul said his car was feeling abit weird. his wheel was wobbling, and when he turned it made this horrible clunking noise. so, lol, get down again. and yeah, people staring again.

by that time i was already flustered. these kinda things affect me a lot wan. so they tightened some stuff and looked around at some stuff. and then okay lah, drive to mae's apartment and park there first loh. it was literally just around the corner actually. haha.

so half of us went upstairs first, while joel went back to get the other guys. had fun just chilling and talking with aunty janice, aunty nancy and han wei. they super funny wei.

then mae and i went to take a nap. we could hear them playing taboo outside :)

we hung around for awhile, and then the 13 of us went down for dinner. at u.boon's friend's restaurant. big chinese dinner!


then we went back up first. the walk there and back is kinda far, but it's so cold and nice and you don't sweat. and there's really good durian ice cream... :)

we also went to take a walk at the apartment's outdoor garden. naise. :)

when upstairs we were debating on what to do next. stay here? or go further up to genting? watch the match?

well, by the time we all mushed around, everyone also sure lazy lah right, and the weather was so nice and all.

so we sat around and just talked nonsense for awhile. then took turns taking shower. now why is that important? i dunno, but after MY shower, it felt super amazing. cold and comfy and ahhhhh :D

and only one of the bathrooms had warm water. and it was the smaller one. after shower, sit around and talked more nonsense again. hehe. :) i like. played monopoly deal, cho dai di. or otherwise just talked lah.

also played jeannie's fruit game, which is always super fun and noisy. we made so much noise, like we were the only ones in the whole frikin apartment yo. :)

mm, we didn't watch the match, but of course i got texts and paul brought his laptop and broadband. ah yes i emo.

i will have a long, insightful post about arsenal another day. ptuh.

emo lor. cry okay. it will sound less pathetic when i explain myself next time okah?

so after that, we got ready to watch a movie. that one lots of debating too. WHAT MOVIE TO WATCH.

naturally i wanted to watch some disney movie. everybody was sleepy already anyway! >:( but in the end we watched i am number four. haha. one by one all falling asleep, except me, nat. steph, and joseph. haha.

when the show was over, at about 3.30 i think, i was still super wide awake. like O.O but nobody else was really awake and the guys were sleeping in the hall so there was really nothing much else to do.

the 6 girls slept in the tiny but so cosy room on mattresses. and we realized, we sleep in the same arrangement as when in mae's condo in damansara! :) i'm always between mae and jamie ;)

why this joseph keep taking my pillow? sigh i had so much energy that night to takao anyway.

but had to sleep right!

i fell asleep fast anyway. and slept WELL. the weather was super nice at night.

and guess what? i was the first one awake! (among the girls lah) haha. i was still used to school timing lah. i woke up at 7.30. my usual routine is pee and drink water first. i went back to lie down for awhile, but meh.

kyle so sampat wake up first thing in the morning, and do sports the stuff in the guys room already. sigh. and irving already was muttering like should i put toothpaste on joel's face and pacing around. haha. joseph come and kacau kyle. so i climbed to the top bunk. OMG so much more comfortable. talked abit, then fell asleep again. seriously nice.

everyone was lazing about again, then we were super hungry for breakfast. so we walked down at 10? for mamak. 13 people is kindofa big group. and the mamak was crowded. so we just stood around and waited. then when got table we split into guys table and girls table.

surprisingly, the food there was really good, and their roti is almost as nice as, or ! even better than melur's. and fried chicken, goood :D

we went back to the apartment, cause paul and kyle nak bomb first, so we packed up a lil, and bummed around somemore :)

urm, we finally decided to head higher up genting, to first world. YEAY CABLE CARS.

we went to the parking lot to check out paul's car first though. joe checked it out lah, and then drove around slowly for awhile. then he say like, cannnot, really cannot drive adi. so all the guys pushed the car to park properly while nat steered lah.

ooh, and she made this sharp turn, and paul's drive shaft thingy part just died. it broke and fell off underneath the car. D:

we walked to the cable car station, which is kind off a super long walk too. we passed by horses :)
we reached the station and met aunty janice there. apparently, there's 7 free tickets. so if we share and buy 8 more, one ticket only cost rm6 :)

and the best part? LOL we got express card! haha. the line was crazy massively long, and the 14 of us just walked through :D hahaha. bangga hor.

cable car was osm. the weather up there, super super super cold wey :)

we walked and walked. to first world. we took the none escalator way, which is a very steep downhill. haha, joel was telling irving and i about his philosophy on dating the whole way down.

ah the first world indoor theme park. brings back awesome memories when charmaine and i went there after upsr std 6 :)

we bought cotton candy!
went to the outdoor theme park. those noobs didnt wanna sit the flying coaster so only mae and i went. it was shorter than i expected, but still very very fun :D

then we went uphill somemore and took pictures. :)

sigh. i would post all the pics here, but i'm lazy.

and then we had to go back abt 2 cause paul's mechanic was gonna come and pick up the car.

cable car! :D when we went back down, it was so misty, all you can see is whiteness when inside the cable car. is this what heaven feels like? hahahaha.

went back down. walked back to the apartment. naturally there's the slower gang, and the faster gang. haha, slower gang and i were walking, then this mini bus driver said he'd take us back, for free. hahaha.
alar we scared what? got irving and joel kan?

haha. we passed by the fast gang. reached so early, so we sat down and waited for them.
they came like 5 minutes later, in the strawberry taxi thingy. LOL that they had to pay. losers ;p

so, same thing, nat steered and the guys pushed the car up the hill to paul's mechanic. people staring at us again :/

we went back up and dawdled packing up. emoz lah. go home :( i sat in the pajero with mae, joe and vz again. this time, whole way down, no car troubles. yay.

mae and i could finally open and use the sunroof. felt like my face was going to fly away. also, hard to breathe.

eventually we fell asleep in the car. went back to church. we sat there and finished up the cupcakes and brownie cheescakes.

then after some left, the rest of us went to mcD for ice cream. saw jared working there, essshhh :)

then home. and i slept so much and so deep. and fell sick the day after.

just perfect ;)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

forever and a day.

man i've got lots of stuff to post about.

genting, arsenal, melaka. :)


i no time now.

i'll be back.