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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


What a year.
Being new year's eve, let's get a bit sentimental and reminiscent.

As i think I've posted mostly throughout the year, i don't needa repeat most of it lah. Just major events then?

Beginning of the year was mostly just enjoying my freedom and post-stpm life. Woah, thinking about it now, it feels SO long ago.

A lot of late nights and late mornings, just like now. hahahah.

I had my telemarketing job at empire with jess for like a month or so? The thing i remember most was that it was stressful. and NOT FUN. but i earned money, and i had a blissful week-long trial at the fitness first platinum gym there which i'm obsessed about. If i were ever rich enough, that would be my gym of choice. lol.

and a lot of hospital visits. every weekend, tuesday and thursday night to see my mama. and my last chinese new year with her. I think it was better than expected anyway. and then her passing. :(

then literally the few days after that, would be my 3 month long stint at SOM. which changed my life and perspective of Christianity forever. and all those wonderful people.

and it was busy man.

then after that were my bunches of holidays again, where..? kampar, genting..? langkawi? :) seriously, it feels like so long ago! :O

more late nights. hahah.

personal record would be coming home at 6am. I wonder if i dare try it again soon.

then i think i started work at sunway medical? till about one week before uni started.
money! :D haha. and kids.

then my life at Taylor's began. and i've already said all i wanted to say about it.

planning the talents event. stress my brains out.

my 20th birthday, which was okay.
Then Youth Camp, exam, and now. :)

I also remember spending a lot of sunday's at the koo's house. like week after week. and spent almost my entire Christmas there too. hahah.

and we just had our last Christmas dinner, and watched the Hobbit last night. and since nothing cool will happen today, I guess that's it!

Like I said, what a year.

1. I'm still single. Sometimes I do wonder why it is so easy for those around me to find a partner so easily. I am filled with apprehension just thinking of all the decisions, commitments and changes that come with being someone's girlfriend. I guess I'm just a long way off you know?

Sometimes it's tiring when you catch up with old friends and be like, YEAH. STILL FOREVER ALONE. and I LIKE IT. my life can be all kinds of happening without a certain boy being one of the protagonists.

we'll see how 2014 goes, I'll be officially 20 and unofficially 21.

2. I'm a lazy cow. So lazy. My lifestyle in 2013 has been a napful one. I've worked hard here and there, but I just wish I had more in me to be more productive and spend my precious time on more valuable things. Sleep is amazing I know. But I've got the potential for much more!

In 2014, I need some sort of catalyst. What's my motivation for self improvement?

I take too much time to complete things.

But I've also realized, most of my half cooked work comes out better than others. or still manages to be excellent. This is just an honest observation, not self-praise. I think it's one of those things God has blessed me with, NO not the excuse to be lazy, but that if I really put in more effort and preparation into things, I could do better!

3. Health wise, I'm sick now lol but over the year I've been okay I guess, less of the sinuseyness and flu attacks.

I remember falling majorly ill somewhere in September was it? or is it my imagination? Well, in December this is the third time falling sick so, lol, I've learnt my lesson, less junk food, more rest, more water.

I thought I'd start at the gym at uni adi, but I'm not comfortable enough with the idea to start. Next year! :D

I took on a challenge by paul, joe and ryan to get flat abs for a while, then exams came and now I'll be like what. no. way.

4. I have to more of a people person. It's such an irony of life that I head a department at church which prioritizes people skills. My introvert self is hard to change, but change it must, year by year.

Especially in uni. Making friends should be more of a priority you know, I will be seeing them for the next few years hellooo.

I'm trying to change, and it's one of my big 2014 resolutions, loving people. I've let my best friends find better friends than me, and I've let my pride and self-righteousness get the better of me.

Even as my birthday passed and my friends do cute and wonderful things for me, and I'm thinking, what did I do for them this year?

JUST let me stress how much of an issue this is. I mean, in general, not being really able to idk, 'love' people. I have more affection for my soft toy vegetables and neighborhood stray cats than I have for a single human. WHERE is my empathy. I want to do more than just tolerate people, I want to be interested in them!

It's a very Enid Blyton thing, if I want better friends, I have to be a better friend.

5. I gotta grow up. Cook my own food, wrap my own presents, clean my own room. Learn how to handle my money. Stop losing all my stuffff!!!! Spend less time on the tv and computer. This sounds basic right?

Be focused on the things I do, understand consequences for myself and others, just be less of a kid lah.

Doesn't mean I'll be less fun though.

and stop being such a grump, and easily frustrated, and throwing fits, and being overly calculative.

So, out with the old.
Another post for all things new. another day. :)

Happy New Year!
I can change, I will change, I must change.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

If memories were gifts.

First Christmas without you.
I just can't.

Maybe I'll just sit in your house for awhile.

Merry Christmas up above :)