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Monday, July 22, 2013

don't cross your arms.

Well, it's already the end of July. And I've just officially registered at Taylor's. In about one more month, this honeymoon period of my life will really end. :( and time definitely does fly when you're having fun.

From December till now, I've been really having the time of my life. (of course, funnily enough, losing my grandmother during that time would be the worst).

It's a rare combination of circumstances that somehow aligned for me to enjoy these 6+ months so thoroughly :') having enough money, time, freedom, and the best company who so happen to have the money, time and freedom as well. yes, our holiday phases align, how very rare.

Let's see. When stpm ended in december, I've had my holiday to Singapore with my family, Genting with my form 6 classmates and then Youth Camp at Port Dickson. And of course Christmas and all that.

Yep, sitting on a plane for a very first time, shopping and sightseeing at Singapore. and then first time squeezing into a tiny hotel room with 7 other girls, walking in the cold in the middle of the night to a mamak in genting. Camp, of course, is never not fun. so. yayyy. :)

And then working for about, three weeks I think, at Empire, earning myself enough money to survive quite well throughout my holiday. and then I started my SOM Bible Course at church for three months. Which was really fun and enlightening :) and made really good friends.

Immediately after I graduated, I went for family camp at Kampar, and then a short stop to Ipoh, and then Genting, again. :)

Kampar was fun, cos these camps are a lot more relaxed. Every night sleeping late, and hanging out. Regret not going for paintball :/ and the last night being the only girl (again) just talking to the guys in their room. and then followed Gid, Ryan, Joe and Matthew to Ipoh, just to get chicken. and walk around aimlessly. And spending 3 days in genting in matthew's apartment with the chee jack, ben, marcus, matthew, edwin, and clement and joseph on the last night. steph and i having a huge bed to ourselves for being the only girls >:) board games, trying to cook breakfasts, lunches and dinners, going up the cable car to watch fast 6, and then going back down a scary cable car ride because of the rain and lightning.

and then happy weeks of freedom, including doing photoshoots and videoshoots with nick, adrian, kelvin, sam and joseph.

and then Langkawi! with my sis, nat, faya, adrian, joe and ryan. second and third flights ever in my life :) from Monday evening till Wednesday night. nice hotel, walking distance to the shops, and near the awesome beach. first time wading in so deep in the water, having a failed campfire, running in the rain, more board games, underwater world (penguinnssssss), bubbles, really strong winds, and exploding shampoos.

and then, one more one day trip with ryan, matthew, ben and gabriel to genting to join the monash cf camp. met zhi wei there, and a lot of other friendly people. also the day we realized ryan's car has cockroaches. yep.

lastly, went to Camerons with my whole family. haven't had one with the cousins in a long time. the last one was to langkawi after my granpa passed away, and now this one after my granma. sad. first time on a extended family holiday without grandparents.

No one to nag at us to sleep earlier, wake up earlier, drink more water, pick up after ourselves. yah.

It was really cold up there, due to the rain. Underestimated the need for packing anything other than shorts. haha. We went to strawberry park resort. another sad fact, the whole family with grandparents went up there to stay before, when i was about 3? and there are lots of memories and pictures tied to that place. :(

went up on a Saturday morning, stopped by Ipoh first to have lunch. bumped into Alexa, of all people of all places. haha. and then reached up at 3ish. a crazy round of taboo. had steamboat for dinner. really. really. cold. that night. and stayed up playing mahjong. morning had buffet breakfast :D went to the market. and then back down to ipoh for lunch and buying chicken and kaya puffs and soooo many other things. then on the way back, my uncle's radiator broke down, and then we were stuck on the highway for a while, and then carried to a lonely, forsaken mechanic in Gopeng, and stuck there till 11pm. yep. 3 to 11. what an experience.


to add to all these, a lot of nights staying up late and coming home at 4, 5, 6 in the morning especially with faya, gid, ryan and joe. crazy things happen on early mornings.

these late nights have since been banned when faya left :(

and now, working at Sunway Medical just to pass by the time, and earn some money before uni starts. aih. it's also been nice that johanna, yi jan and joel han are back for awhile, and kylie comes home next weekend.

yep, so different from any other phase of my life. I know people expect me to become a vegetable, since I didn't really do anything substantial these 7 months, but there's never been a day where I can say I was bored, or lifeless, or just not content.

It scares me that when I go back to uni I'd just be mess. and never would I imagine that I'd go to Taylor's. yeah. although, the conditions that allow me to go are just ironically sickening.

and now, I'm here typing this, because trying to juggle a full social schedule with work involving sick kids, has left me down with a sore throat, flu, cough and I predict a fever any minute now. great.

also. remember the things I said I wanted to accomplish, here: http://staringmedown.blogspot.com/2012/03/better-than-before.html

well, I still haven't picked up chinese, i've improved on the guitar though. not really fit and toned up, but badminton every week has been really fun. didn't learn the things I wanted to, but i promise I still want to. definitely been reading, though it can be improved. But spiritually? Still baby steps.

<3 :)