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Monday, April 18, 2011

honesty is such a lonely word.

As you know, weekdays are again, pretty uneventful. blissfully happy, but sometimes kinda lonely because you're all busy. :(

on friday i went to get my sakae sushi pay, i don't know why, but still feel incredibly pai seh to go back there. D:
my manager gave me my cheque and the amount nearly scared me to death, but then he showed me another slip. i am to get 50 bucks one month later, and there's 40 bucks in my non-existent epf account. say whut.

and everyone there, all the staff were just standing around staring at me D: no more jye and shahril lah of course
:( did i mention that i miss them? abiiiittt lah. hehe.

so gotta tell about my weekend, they're so cram packed. osm, compared to stupid weekdays.

well i got to drive to church on friday night, and saturday morning. the saturday morning one i actually had to park, and i was slow. and then off engine i turned the key right instead of left and the car practically farted in my face, and just so ngam kyle got out of his car and laughed at me :(

after church was breakfast at melur with kyle, julian, joel, adrian, terence and i can't remember who else.
and then back home, took a 20 minute power nap, because the weather was osm! then gid fetched me back to church for practice. till about 10.45. then somehow there was food upstairs for us :)

then jie, mummy and i went for mum's ex-colleague's garage sale. she's extremely pretty and fashionable btw :)

bought a cheap, and very nice, dress :)

then went home again, another 20 minute power nap. was supposed to go to snogurt with jamie, steph and mae, but there was a jam and i had practice so i told them to go ahead without me. i asked them to tapau bubble tea for me instead :)

went to church for worship practice. worship was good that day.

and omg :D johanna's back! waha! i miss her so so so much and she didn't tell us she was coming back so i was like omgzh the whole time. johanna and julian back at the same time? i love you easter holidays! (in aussie)

after church went for dinner with my family :) my very late spm results celebratory dinner.
and ironically enough i really wanted to go to sakae sushi :) but not the one in parade my gawd but the one in pyramid :)


church. after church mae and i asked daniel wong to drive me home real fast to get some clothes. then had auditions. and they said i looked super power :D and then mae and all did their dance which was osm :) so proud.

then a few of us hung around waiting for joel to come back from ojt.

then joel, mae and i went to kota damansara for chilli pan mee (-_-) cause joe was around there. then adrian fetched jeremy, clement and sean while joe went to fetch julian. ish. by the time they all got there joel, mae and i already finished eating D: we left. at 4. lexus doh :D

we went to the kelana jaya lrt station. and the train reached kinda fast :) the 8 of us (minus jeremy) even got to sit cause it was kinda empty. (unlike when joe and i used the ktm to go to mid valley it was so packed can die) i guess we were all kinda tired but this sean and adrian still so energetic. i would have slept, but they were noisy lah.

and mai gawd, everytime when i'm with them sure there's this moment where they do something silly and noisy and EVERYONE stares and it's super funny, but embarassing. same thing on the lrt, ac, face to face, snowflake....

then klcc for the pcfair. whatever lah, lots and lots of people and lot's of walking. and we kept losing each other. i tell if joe don't follow me i confirm lost adi. i'm useless like that. we got free balloons! :D haha! :D

and then by the time we came out it was almost 7. and then lrt back also not many people. also got chance to sit. and also got chance for them to do sampat stuff.

and then adrian, clement and sean left. we sent mae back to dj, and then we went back to joel's house for awhile cause that dungu joseph rajasingam left his phone there. and the van was there anyway.

why didn't we have dinner i still don't know, but i think because it was late.

then joe and i went back to subang. i tell you, sitting in the church van is osm :) i can see everything! :D

then i reached home at 9. ate some spagatta nadles for dinnah :D and a good shower. by that time i was so tired already.

and surprisingly mummeh let me go out again at 10.30 to watch arsenal vs liverpool. haha. kyle fetched me. joe kata nak datang, tapi tertidur. nemai lah, he was also super tired.

then we went to rock cafe. stupid place. didn't turn on their big screen, and didn't turn on most of the fans there. so potong you know.

gid, julian and joel came also.

was generally a boring game. then arsenal's penalty. omaigwd julian and i were so happy when van persie took it cause we both captained him. then stupid noobs conceded the stupid penalty. and then they all laughed in my face :( i emo sikit ah. then kyle sent me back at 1.20 and i slept straight away, cause man was i exhausted.

that's my weekend. it was fun.

that's all kthxbai :)

Monday, April 11, 2011


harrow! :)

just need to tell you about my weekend. since i am still free, and yes, STOP ASKING ME! i'll start my studies again in JUNE okay shut up already.
and i might or might not get a job.

i'm not obliged to do anything, i'm sorry if you are, or if you feel that you are, by your friends, parents, or whatever, but me? i'm okay with this. :)

anyway. it was a lonnnnggg weekend.

friday night after church, the girls and i had a sleepover at mae's house. jamie and jess drove. but first we went to melur for supper. then we went back. the more bimbotic side of us came out and we had some nail polish party. :) jess and mae also have a lot of nail polish btw :) i think jess has almost 30, and mae has 30 plus. i have 30 plus too! :)

and then we played taboo. and skyped with joel and julian han and nick and su-lyn! :D haha.
yeah, julian is back! for a few weeks too :D i miss him lah. and he's taller than me already.

then we watched on junior masterchef on the big screen :D i think one by one they fell asleep except me and jess. then we watched how i met your mother. then itu dungu clarissa complain, so we turned it off and jess and i talked lor.

and then we slept. at 4. -_- then jess was talking in her sleep and woke me up. at 6? and faya's alarm rang for so long. and then i couldn't sleep adi. so i stared at mae who was hehesnoringhehe. till about 7.30? then i slept again and woke up at 10.30.

then we made pancakes! and pizza!
then we went to snogurt, which is kinda osm and cheaper than tutti frutti anyway :)

then church. and then practice. and then we went to ac. and then gid and i rushed home cause my parents and  they're cell were having a durian party. haha. then i realized that there was still alot of durian left so i called terence, faya, mae and joe to come too. haha.

durian, football, and good friends? best combo ever :) i should be guy :(

family friends are the best. nick and steph and melissa and they're parents :)

and then i had to mop even though i was so exhausted. and still had to wash my hair cause i smelled like durian. i slept at 2. so. so. tired.

then. sunday. after church, we went to nirwana at usj 9. i think about almost 30-40 of us. first time sitting in lawrence's car which is weird cause it's been how long...?? haha.

then sotb. then i drove joe's car again and there was this weird market there? and i had to make this really tight u-turn so i freaked out. i drove again near usj 3a there. and everywhere and in the church parking lot for fun. and i was at this traffic light where i panicked and forgot to release the clutch and was stepping on the accelerator and was screaming MOVEEEEE??!! so dungu right. my gear changing and breaking better adi though :)

exam on the 25th! :)

fatty ho just passed today btw. if she can do it, so can i :)

went to buy my phone, the samsung galaxy ace. it's really new. and not cheap.
i know most of you tech-illiterate simply assume it's not a good phone cause you haven't heard about it. whatever lah kay. sorry lah i can't afford an iphone (not that i want it lah, hehe) and whatever expensive htc.
i can waste my time telling you a thousand tech facts, but i won't.
it's not in stock. hopefully next week :)

see. i should be a guy.

i have bacon downstairs! :D
bai :)

and, btw. i is going for justin bieber's concert yo! :) for free too. arrr :D

Thursday, April 7, 2011

the nitty gritty.


that day, i just so happened to be lucky enough to be able to watch a live game of ice hockey at pyramid. i even surprised myself at how much i enjoyed watching it.

besides the fact that they were all not local, and very sexy, i was deeply drawn to it and my dad even left me for awhile to go look at some stuff while i gaped liked a suffocating fish down at the skating rink.

there's something extremely captivating about group sports (now, i say group sports because i couldn't care less about tennis, squash, badminton, ping pong, or anything that has less than 4 people per team kind of sports, OR cricket and baseball. yech.) and extremely entertaining even though i don't follow consistently on it.

i didn't really like sports or realize that i liked it before...i was 14 or 15 but then again, i don't really know anything much about myself before that age. it is a blur in my head D:

so i thought the only reason i liked sports was because i like football and even though some sports are completely different, they had some sort of correlation. but then, i don't think so anymore.

it's not that i like sports because i like football, it's more of i like football because i like sports! :) get it?

woahhh i can totally smell my sister's shampoo from here o.o

i've always been sorry that i can't actually play these sports. i can't play basketball, football, volleyball, hockey, netball, rugby, etc.
i can't play MOSTLY because i'm a girl. and opportunities to play don't come often. or at all o.o

and i probably can't play because i don't really have the talent to. and even if i had it, i wouldn't know, or can't sharpen it, because i can't play regularly. and i can't play regularly because... don't make me repeat myself.

i should have been born a guy. really. i should.

and besides those sports, i also feel really sad about not being able to do well in athletics. running or jumping or anything. i joined. yeah. but heck, that was nothing. and i think it brought more discouragement than anything else.

so, i am ridiculously inferior because i have this intense attraction to sports and athletics but yet the only participation i can do is it watch.


and saturday futsal? everybody busy. including me la. but still. >:(

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


i think my last few twitter posts have been ahccccckkkkkkk and i think so will my next few.
i don't know what else to say or how else to react D:

i hate making decisions. how stupid does that sound right. i mean, i can, but making decisions usually means having to go through with em.

meaning i have to get off my butt and actually do something already.

i hate it when i know i'm free now but in just a month or two i'd be starting college. it's like peering down into a endless hole of responsibilities and dreading to jump but there's no where else to go already. i can't do anything about it now, so i just sit in one place jittering about.

and apparently the job i thought i could get now i can't get anymore cause they want me to work for a minimum of 4 months. :/

i want a job :( for two weeks. hahaha.

well. looking into the future, i can only say, ahhhcccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk o.o

and i can't decide on my new phone. so again, ahhhhccckkk.