Pick Me

Friday, October 31, 2008

all you can do is keep breathing.

i always somehow have late morning football games when i decide to go to school.

i slept at 1.
woke at 4, but my tv is an ass, so i went back to sleep, and then up again at 5.
by accident, actually.

in my 2 years as an arsenal fan, i have never been so heartbroken before. haha.
shut up muayyad.
its the like, omg it just happened kinda game.

shut up.
and it pissed me off more to know that the other 3 idiot teams all won.

and then omg, i went to school, and um, pn.ong sent me to bbi to get a hair pin for my hair [duh]
during role call.
and this ain't my first amaran.
damn embarassing.

and then didn't do a thing the whole day.
would have watched the basketball game, or even the football game.
heck i wanted to play! but people who don't come to school have to kena larh.
but stupid prefect shifts.

i watched charmaine sleep at the staircase for an hour in a spine twisting position.

then we went to bother the cup cake decorating thingy.
icing :D
it was cool.
and yummy!

i wanna do it also leh.
oh yeah we had the fire drill too?


i didn't do anything today.
watched the heroes thingy.
can't wait la :D

the annual simpsons halloween marathon!
wee :D :D

ooh yes.
MnG's wedding tmr :D

this blog needs a lil pink.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

fix you.

sorry bout yesterday's post.

i went out yesterday with the ohp gang.
elsa, valerie, jamie, pearly, ryan, daniel p, and terence l.
went to pyramid, more specifically, ole-ole bali.
some expensive balinese restaurant i've never heard of before.
and the food is good :)
and drinks were good too!
will have pics soon, i hope.

then we went to the MPH warehouse sale.
lots of nice, cheap books.
but i've lost my sense for books.

i saw joycee, and mun chun.

then went to the zara sale.
nothing much.
and it was so dusty!
then had an ice cream.
and charmaine called and said she just saw me.

i will resist the urge to say i'm so bloddy bored, like most of ya, because i like it :D
it's not like i have to go out and do stuff 24/7 yeah?
i like doing nothing.

have dance practice tonight as well.

my nose is killing me again.
cause i just mopped and swept the floor.

btw, notice how the sky was PINK and red that day?
thats the most gorgeous thing the sky can do, next to rainbows.
always a wonder how both our cameras have 0 battery.
and it stopped raining.
dang, right?

lastly, while everyone's life is nice and dandy now, it ain't everyone.
alot of people are still having exams, and its unfair to them that i think i can just go out with them because i am free.
sorry guys?

oh yes. and football.
hah! chelsea lost, but still, if they had scored just 1 goal, it would have made, me, and a million arsenal (and maybe hull city) fans really happy.
arsenal themselves won, of course.

imagine me.

Monday, October 27, 2008

here come the girls.

more weird dreams.
never ever sleep when your parents are watching a show abt the history of the world economy crisis. its actually really not..nice?

my whole body aches.
all my muscles. and the scabby thing on my knee makes it worse.

oh shit.
she just spoiled my mood.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

do the hustle!

stupid dream again.
the return of the giant squid, but with pink and black rockstar fur, and pig trotters.
this might show more serious psychological problems.

i have a cut from my tongue. from blowing too many bubbles with Dentyne's strawberry and lime flavoured chewing gum! try one today!
and yeah, idiots like me blow bubbles with chewing gum.

i went out with hammy, lavi, yee wan, and dianne for lavi's bday on friday.
just at McD.
playing stupid games at the upstairs playthingy yelling ourselves silly.
and omg the new McShaker Fries are awesome! Try some today!
its just normal fries with good old MSG :D

oh yay! Adrian [Wong] baru kata i quite chun for a girl at futsal.

went for futsal again this morning!
fun la, as usual :)
i fell down though, and i thought it wouldn't be that painful, but after i while i stopped playing cause it hurts like hell.
then we ate at the mamak stall again.
i think the dudes there sick of our faces edi.

mm and dance practice!
fun also, as usual :D

and omg wey, i got stuck in the elevator for like, 5 minutes.
the doors just wudn't open.
could have started crying.
lucky the lift no cctv lol.
now i know why dianne and una phobia of elevators also.

big yawn! might sleep early.
hope man u loses tonight!
oh wait, they drew :p
good enough.

and hope the big game between chelsea and liverpool becomes a goalless draw.
dreaming big :)

my parents fell asleep in front of the tv again, and the movie credits just rolling by, with the emo-est piano solo ever.
and i just so happen to drop by sharlene's blog.
and well, it's pretty darn saddening.
i don't really even know her, but i can't imagine her sadness, and i feel like i am in no position to tell her anything.
so, just my condolences to her.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

i still try holding on to silly things.

i had a weird dream involving orphans, Giant, and turtles.

i did nothing again for the whole day.
woke up late, due to that weird dream.
had a breakfast of bread and that sambal thingy.
mad right? it was so spicy i drank 2 cups of cold water.
cleared my flu like that (imagine 'snap')

wasted another 4 hours of my life watching the champions league matches of chelsea and liverpool.
downright boring, if you asked me.
not that you are.
you're all man u fans anyway.
i'm going to get sick of football if i keep watching it like this.

i lied down on the couch the whole day, and surprisingly, no massive headache.
this means i'm healthier.

but i'm very sleepy all the time.
not tired, sleepy.

i desperately wanna go shopping.
i haven't even seeeeeen a freakin mall for like, a month or so.
not like i'm being a spoiled brat, but malls are so awesome la.

yeah and i painted my nails. red :)
i think i'm gonna paint them every week.
depends on school as well.

i miss my gorgeous long hair wey.

somebody just spoiled my already spoilt mood.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

he's got his own thing.

tagged by elaine! the cousin. the distantly related one. gah i have 3 cousins named elaine. elaine tan. (i hope i'm right)

1.) What is the relationship of you and her/him?
my beloved cousin :)

2.) Your 5 impressions towards her/him?
she's pretty, cute, a camwhore :p, optimistic, and well, friendly.

3.) The most memorable things she/he had done for you.
she let me play her star wars game on her playstation once. the funnest moments of my life.

4.) The most memorable things she/he have said to you
we haven't really seen each other in a while O.O

5.) If she/he become your lover, you will..
get a lot of gifts from her. lol.

6.) If she/he become your enemy, you will...
get sued by her dad.

7.) If she/he become your lover, she/he has to improve on..
letting me be in her pictures XD

8.) If she/he become your enemy, the reason is...
i dont know lah.

9.) The most desirable thing to do on her/him is?
bribe the kementerian pelajaran to give her straight A's!

10.) The overall impression of her/him is..
happy-g0-lucky. eh.

11.) How do you think the people around you feel about you?
i'm such a girrrrlllll. am i right?

12.) The character of you for yourself is?
complex. mm.

13.) What do you hate about yourself?
lack of money.

14.) The most ideal person you want to be is?
a less sissyfied me.

15.) For the people who care about you and like you, say something to them:
thanks for everything :D and you know you guys mean the world to me.

People to tag:
can't. done this tag before. lol. i'm bored k.

school was a brilliant waste of time today.
you might as well just have read the paper itself.
and i was too tired to talk anyway.

i woke up at 5, cause the stupid espn decided to show a delayed Arsenal Champion's League game instead.
as if a man u game would be any more interesting.

it was a nice game.
what a way to start a morning.
5-2 you know.
goals by adebayor, walcott, diaby, song, and [omg so cute] aaron ramsey :)

and i'm mad.
i came home from school and watched another 2 hour replay of the same game.
XD this is what nothing-to-do means.
i'm getting very attached to my football again.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

its a lil messed up that i'm stuck here waiting.

i'm so tired of being dissapointed.
so at one point you just have to NOT care abt it.

the weather's great nowadays.
love the late night rains.
fits in perfectly with the i-have-nothing-to-do days.

i actually forgot abt all the things i planned for after PMR.

but i desperately wanna go shopping.
not that there's any money.

ok, i've been staring here for the past 10 minutes.

i've been getting pretty violent mood swings lately. and it isn't easy finding who stepped on my toes.
and i feel like i have to rely on so many people and things just to get me back up.
and frankly, my super-hyperness seems pretty forced.
and, um, i wonder if you people notice?

save earth!

ps: anisa i'll finally be doing your tag. soon.

Monday, October 20, 2008

nothing lasts forever, but be honest babe.

i had a dream that there were 2 serial killers consisting of morticia adams and a giant squid the size of a football field.
they killed me too.

yeah yeah PMR's over and all that.
yeah I'm happy and free.
sure :D

don't feel like much of a difference lar.
i see all your blogs and its like, WHOA PMR'S OVER!

fine, i'll update people on what i thought abt the papers.
bm was !!!! hard.
paper 2 kononnya plot. what idiots.
science wasn't that bad.
paper 2 was ok.

(skips english & math cause it was peas)

sejarah was. OK.
kh was easy. dont know i spend so much time on it.
geo was..ok as well.

wanted to go out.
but then lazy LAR, so stayed at charmaine's house with scott and the sims. hee.

at night, at prayer meet, aski, joyce and johanna came.
can't tell you how happy i was :D

then aski and i followed jamie to una's house.
slept over.
watched a lil bit of mamma mia! and then got bored. haha!
went online and talked abt well. everyone. hehe.

went to morning prayer, and then to futsal at usj 20 with around..20 people. hee.

and i ain't bad at it :D
might even go again next week.

dance practice was better than last week.
i can actually do the whole 2 choruses edi!

stayed at una's house for the second night.
her house like a hotel like that la lol.
watched the arsenal game with ryan and una's dad.
arsenal won 3-1.
with all my beloved players, nasri, v.persie and walcott scoring.

well. chelsea, liv and man u won also.

so, i loved my weekend.

and now, doing absolutely nothing :D

sweaty, smelly, and happy :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

do you remember?


we had our first dance practice just now!
no adrian yap.

prolly the only form of exercise i've had in a while.

i'm trying!

2 days to pmr!
er. i don't know how i feel actually.
scared la definitely.
and pfft i'm even online right now.

good luck all of ya :D
and the next time i see you here, i'm free as anything!
expect the pictures i owe you guys on facebook!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i catch a glimpse of heaven.

skipped school yesterday and went to tuition for er..10? hours.

skipped school today as well.
did maths the whole morning (1 hour only...)
indices is still hard wey!

had a really bad headache in tuition today.
but not like i was able to pay attention to all the crap sejarah.
my mind is seriously occupied with...well... stuff.
and its so annoying!

it's not even important.
but so depressing lar.

anyway! look forward to the future!
dance starts this saturday!
pmr ends..hey! next week!

er. i said i wouldn't be coming online till pmr hor.
i lied.
its hard la.
and i think if u study enough the whole day, u deserve it.

well, after that awesome win against porto, arsenal manages to slap you in the face with an almost-lost-game against Sunderland.
coincidentally, there's internationals the weekend before PMR so i wont hafta worry/get pissed.

i still prefer this to j.co....
cause the logo is bright pink and orange!

Friday, October 3, 2008

whatever you like yeah?

one morning i woke up, looked at my phone calendar and realized it was 2 weeks to PMR.
then only i started freaking out lar.
i have a very detailed schedule of how and what i want to study for the next few days.
and i can't stick to it cause i HAVE to blog.
i hope you guys had a good holiday.
mine was, very balanced.....?
all work, all play :D

on wednesday!
nicky blogged abt edi!
but i will too.

(this is gonna be long)
first we went to raub. what's in raub? nothing...
it was a really long way there.

the petrol station we all stopped at.
and bought asam :)

first food stop of the day, curry!
plus sotong, fried chicken, fish curry, mutton, veg and others.

the adult's table was totally cleaned and they ate ALOT.

depressing kids ate a lil, and there were still remainss...

from here the adults suddenly decided to go to Fraser's Hill. yay?
the longest winding road to possibly imagine, and i felt like puking when we were heading uphill.

this jungle trail was scary wei!
and we were all wearing slippers.

and then we just walked around.
then, leeches :O
i tak kena, but mummy and su ann kena. so did u. martin, and a.jo.
pictures of that will come shortly.
leeches are ugly, btw.

we stopped by the Pines Resort to see Pearly and her family and her uh..gang?
and i had mushroom soup i shouldn't have had.

now on the way down, i'm sorry to tell you all this, but heh. i really did vomit this time.
we stopped on the road twice, you know, the one lane winding road?
but i didnt wanna vomit, cause i phobia of it mar.
but in the end i did, disgusting.
and i didn't feel better at all!
i felt horrible the whole trip afterwards, even when we reached subang. and the morning after.

had no appetite for the supposedly famous ice cream, but they said it was nothing much, so okay lar.

we went to the stream afterwards. i felt better.
see the bridge? it was shaky..
not as dramatic as shrek and donkey's, but fun :)

natalie was coming down with a fever though

throwing and skipping stones. the stream wasn't fun. AT ALL.

lastly, we had dinner. no not that bug. that moth thingy likes nick!
we waited for an hour plus, while fending off stupid bugs.
yeah, i bugphobia too.

thats abt it.
there are more pics of course, but i'm lazy, and i want to edit them.

its just the basic outline of what we did lar.
im tired.
study study study study.

10 days to PMR/ 15 days to freedom!