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Sunday, August 29, 2010

there goes.

i suddenly realized i need to, i mean i should update this space before i head off to malacca tmr :)

i had a great weekend. of course :)

i wo OMG there is this HUGE, FLYING COCKROACH right next to me at the curtain thingy and i was like thinking what sound is that? and i looked and i looked and i saw it and i bet my soul ran faster than my actual body to the living room, and my dad dutifully killed it.


i woke up late again on saturday. :) i would have gona tracting, but i couldn't get up :(
i bothers me how much free time i actually have if i don't study. i am at this spot or at the spot in front of the tv most of the time.

saturday i didn't go out at all, except to church and dinner.
i like that okay.

this morning i went out with jess, mae, aski, and steph for breakfast :) i wish faya could be there with us though. WHY DIDN'T WE TAKE PICTURES.

and then church :) and then lunch. and whole day home again.

you must think i'm such a moron for having such low standards, i mean, barely doing anything and calling it an awesome weekend. well, church itself is great :) there's alot of awesomeness packed into those 5 letters, and when i say church, i do mean SUPEROSMNESS.

tmr is gonna be a long day though.

since i can't (CANNOT) go to school tmr, because you are all lazy pigs, and charmaine's driving exam is tmr (GOOD LUCK BABY!), i am going out with jess.

i love her so much more when she can drive :) hehe.

she's gonna be here at like, 8 in the morning. and then all the way till about 4 or 5. where we all meet up at church. and then go for dinner, and then to malacca.


i'll tell more when i come back.

remind me to charge camera.

laura, go and charge the camera.

in fact, go away, and start packing nao.

after some bejeweled.

latest 12 am okay?

after the cockroach stops twitching.

and come back when all the games are finished, to check your fantasy premier league.

charge your phone!



and my stupid htc is very stupid.
the whole weekend had been traumatizing because i had apparently no service.
okayla, don't exaggerate, not traumatizing, but terribly inconvenient. i couldn't send or receive ANYTHING, and my battery died within 6 hours on a full charge.

anyway. it had a virus lah that's all.

but i had an incredible episode of self pity on saturday night. because it annoyed me so much that every phone i ever had was a hand me down. yup. from sister. from auntie. from daddy. i never actually had MY OWN phone.

and every second hand or third hand phone (yeah...) had some sort of hidden dysfunction that only comes alive when I'm using it. it rebels and repels me and my sim card.

i didn't wanna be grumpy. i know just having a phone is a great privilege. and hello? postpaid! i don't have to buy my own credit, and i have absolutely limitless service.

and the htc is already a good upgrade. i mean, a windows mobile 6.0 (thats and old version btw) a touch screen, GPRS, wifi, SOLITAIRE :D, and i dunno..stuff lah...

and it's already better than most of your phones. so shut up laura shut up.

anyway now it's fixed cause my dad reset the whole thing.

that means my old texts and reminders are gone.
and that stupid 10 alarms i was complaining about? is now on a thirty day trial.


fyi, though, i am GOING to get a new phone. after SPM.

i am not spoilt.



seriously, have you guys googled spaghatta nadle yet or what?


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

all we are.

hey now :)

my exam's over :) for now. yay :)

how do i enjoy? hmm.

after every exam i drag my parents to eat at mien tui mien. which is a pan mee shop :) there's one near asia cafe, but it's always crowded and parking's a mess, so we go to the one at sunway, near the one academy.

not to say it has the best pan mee around, i just like the chilli there. it's incredibly salty and spicy, and i go through it like water. there's more of it in my bowl than actual noodles. and then i burn a hole in my stomach lining.

i went, but the standard is decreasing fast.
and there's always new, foreign workers there, and my dad gets confused easily. and then confuses them. about the menu stuff, and they get a bit scared, and my dad more confused, then i just pffftttt at everyone and write down the orders myself. it's not nice.

so one day i've got to like hit and run that place. hit as in steal a tub of their chilli, and run as in get into your car with no license plate.


i ahm going to malacca next week too :D yahh! :)
with jess! and whoever else is going!

yahhh. :)

i didn't go to school today. i thought i would be more efficient you know.

like cook breakfast for myself. clean my room. clear my clothes. organize my notes. blog. download songs.

i didn't do anything.

firstly, the weather is too hot. makes you angry and irritable.

secondly, breakfast? what breakfast? cook in the morning? i don't think you should handle anything fire related when you just woke up.

and UGH. i hate ants. i HATE ants. dear God, i know You made them for a purpose, but i don't like them AT ALL.

cause the lazy alternate to cooking, is cereal and milk.

fresh, cold, low-fat milk? check.
colorful bowl? check.
donald duck mini-spoon? check.
healthy appetite? check.


usually i am very cautious about my cereal. because it is resealable, i always make sure i don't leave crumbs on the top, and make sure it's tightly closed.

at first, it looked great. still tight and spotless. i open it, and there. are. ants. a. lot. of. ants. inside.

wth? i think my house alone has taught ants to evolve and adapt. do you know that big black ants can stay alive totally underwater? they keep a bubble around their spiracles, and walk around underwater like they're fish-ants, or fints. fants. fiants.

and that cereal is expensive! i'm the only freak in my family that likes cereal with milk. that cereal is expensive in the can-only-buy-from-places-like-cold-storage-or-jaya-grocer kind of expensive.

argh. i got so angry. and freaked out.

so i drank chocolate milk instead.

bad choice, drinking a large amount of cold stuff.

i got the cramps of death for the whole day after that.
it will paralyze me and i make funny faces. and then i begin to wish i was a boy. sigh :(

thirdly, the tv and computer also paralyze me.

fourthly, i am a naturally lazy person.


you know what was nice though?

my alarm woke me up at 6.20 as it does everyday, only today i off-ed it, with a smile :)

usually, i snooze till 6.40. and since it's a stupid touch screen, i have to be careful what i press. i might like, spontaneously start a game of bejeweled or something.

and then i also finally found a non-annoying alarm tone.

i used to hate my old nokia phone, cause it only has stupid pop-tone alarms in ascending volume. it induces pure hatred, and annoyance, and is probably why i "drop" my phone so often.

well, the new htc has better alarm options. of course, i mean, :)

for one, it does not ascend.
it is an option, i mean, for those deaf and dead as a log sleepers that couldn't wake up even if a bomb exploded next to them.

so of course i chose NOT ascending. its just a simple mp3 file.

ah, but what song do i pick?

this weirdo phone gives me seven, yes, SEVEN different alarms to set. why would i need 7?

so they all basically are set to 6.20am, or 4 pm. but all with different tones.

i took my time to experiment.

for awhile it was bieberlicious with somebody to love, but the intro after awhile sounded like ninininininiinininiinininini so no.

then it was quietdrive's time after time, which was nice, but too fast and loud.

then danity kane's ride for you piano intro, which was nice also, but i just can't wake up to it.

there's also coldplay's shiver. which actually ascends by itself! yeee.

and then avril lavigne's anything but ordinary, but its too short, and i actually have to hear her sing.

and glee's halo/walking on sunshine, but again, it was too fast, and too short.

and then alicia keys's(s?) try sleeping with a broken heart. which was nice at first. but after while it was like a transformer in slow mo. you know?


the acoustic version of gavin degraw's chariot. it's slow, soft, transitions to a piano, and when he sings, it's still nice.


this is a very long post.

please forgive any grammar/spelling errrors. my brain works faster than my fingers and cannot wait for them to catch up.


EDIT: wait! wth! it's TEN alarms! 10! why do i need ten?????? D:

Friday, August 20, 2010


hello :)

i wonder why blogs have died down so much recently.

i mean, besides my own social circle and links, overall, most blogs have been left for dead, with a post every few months that say "GAWD THIS BLOG IS SO DEAD I KNOW, I WANT TO THANK MY READERS WHO ARE STILL LOYAL TO ME I PROMISE I WILL CONTINUE POSTING" or rubbish like that. and then you leave it there, to collect cyber-mould that your
"loyal readers" have to see and think 'what a douche'.

i suppose there are many valid reasons why that happens.

  • people are busy!
i would think you're such a moron if you update e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y and about what can you update about everyday? your cat, your outing with your friends, you think your hair is ugly, you need to buy more clothes, you hate so and so, you are depressed....

people have exams, or assignments, or er, are busy, with uh, bejeweled or monopoly deal okay. unless you want them to blog about that too. (ugh)

  • you think people don't read your blog
so then you get self-pityful and you don't want to waste the infinite amount of internet space with your apparently boring thoughts, and you think nobody cares.

might be true. a reason to have a blog is to let people know what you've got to say, if you're quite sure your blog's not a hit, you might as well talk to your cat. or your pillow. or record it on your phone to play it back to yourself. or your mother. (don't tell your mother.)

it's your fault anyway. for being so boring. or having a white layout with neon green words.

  • you run out of what to post about
this is rubbish. YOU CAN POST ABOUT ANYTHING. that isn't mean lah.
the weather, school, your friends, your cat, how you nearly got into an accident, how accident prone you are, how accident free your friend is, how much your phone bill costs, that snail you saw today, that pimple you saw on your toe, global warming...

its just if you're original or opinionated enough, or interesting enough. or even witty enough.
see, a normal person would write "i don't like cats"
but a witty person would say, "i REALLY don't like cats"

haha. that's not what witty means. don't mind me.

  • change begets change.
the less often other people blog, the less often you will blog too. subconscious or not, it's true. you are less motivated by un-updated blogs.

i also realize more than 3/4 bloggers are girls. because we are annoying, have a lot to say, and like to post pictures. guys are boring.

today, was a good day.

after my supposed break, the daunt of add maths paper 2 came upon me.
i suddenly realized the opportunity i had to revise more add maths the days before.
i didn't regret that i didn't study, i regret choosing to not study. you faham?

well, i enjoy studying late at night. really. i'm not being sarcastic. i focus more, and i waste less time because i want to sleep! esp. now when it rains at night. it's like God is accompanying me.

so my add maths paper was the best ever :D i haven't done so well (i think) in it before. i finished the whole thing. in time.

i did not freak out and sweat and bite my pen and stare at my watch or spend more time with the liquid paper than with actual equations, and i didn't look at su-ann or panda with contempt.
hee :)



oh and i want to show you something!

this is what photoshop can do.
the one on the left looks like michael jackson. i know.

i basically changed what the world perceives of as pretty.
a thin face, light eyes, small nose, pouty lips, bigger boobs.
the browner hair is just for me ;)

creepy huh.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


look at how tan i used to be :)
i love car pictures. this was in jamie's :)

er. i will do birthday posts when my exams end okay?

today we have a sort of break cuz tmr we only have bm, and the day after only english and est. friday, next monday and tuesday are not good days though.

this exam's been tough, in the way that i was barely prepared for it, and it's like, i can't stop this, i still have to sit through this!

i can't stop time!

this is no surprise, who can?

but it feels like sometimes you just get through the day only to realize time is passing, and the less you work hard, the more angry you're going to get with yourself, then the more bejeweled you play, to relieve that anger, and then, you just wasted an hour shifting ugly saturated gemstones in 3's and 5's while exploding and electrocuting some.

and then you wonder? will this make a difference in the long run? does my extra hour (or so) sitting here affect my very results for the next day, and subsequently, the difference between that A and A+ for SPM in which affects your ability to get a scholarship or SOMETHING and then you become a beggar living off the kindness of your rich friends for the rest of your life?

the answer is: YOU WILL NEVER KNOW. because you CANNOT risk the fate of your life on an experiment that will take years to fruit up a result, and the thing is, you cannot!!! go back in time!!! and change it!!!

i don't remember if i posted this previously or not, but when watching the ex-form 5's take their spm results this year, even I was full of emotion. and i told myself on that day that when i go to my teacher and take my slip next year, i will not have an ounce of regret in me and that i have done everything i possibly could, and that God would decide the rest.

and if i did well, according to or above my expectations, i will burst into tears and thank all my teachers and hug and cry into the arms of my hypothetical boyfriend who was there to support me. and then i will thank God like nobody's business. and spend the rest of the day wasting my money on 3-D movies in the cinema with that hypothetical boyfriend. WHO ALSO DRIVES! and he will pay for me too...

and then i will force my family to take me out to a nice dinner at chilli's or italiannies that night, and let me order an expensive burger that i can also make myself.

and that night, i will have the best sleep ever and wake up the next day smiling :D and go on facebook. and i won't say what i got there, only if people ask i will answer.

and the following weeks i will tell people that, if you work hard, you can achieve it, and not be a hypocrite. then my future is bright and i live happily ever after. and marry that hypothetical boyfriend.

and then we will get kids, either 3 or 4, and let them suffer from having an annoying mom that keeps saying "back when i was 17 ah..." or "arsenal used to be a good team..." or "your father used to be good looking.." and stuff like that.

i am way off topic. i'm only like this because i just barely recovered from a fever that i got since saturday but had no time to rest and i have a massive headache now, and it's 8oclock. means i have to study. or else i will come back and reiterate this entire post back to you. in spanish.

i am tired.

i cut my hair, although it's barely noticeable. i look less like a shaggy dog now and more like a supahmodel :D er. i intensely hate the fantasy premier league, and. tthat'ss all :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

time trial.

i was just looking at all fb photos :) and all i can say is i'm thankful for all the fun memories i had. and that i'm not ugly (sometimes).

i love this candid shot alot, cause we're all laughing at.. something... i dunno :) but we look cool :D

see ya guys in school tmr :)