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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

months just fly by

Wow, I went through a whole semester without posting a single thing here.

I think it's been the fastest few months ever in my life. I know I was looking forward to so many awesome events this year, and they're almost all gone, we're nearer to 2015 than 2013. So many ups and downs and I can't even begin to describe how incredible and terrible things have been.

My second semester at Taylors went by faster than I realized. 14 weeks came and went so fazzz. I remember we had assignments due by week 2 or 3 and thinking okay, no joke man, compared to sem 1.

And at first I disliked my schedule, because I had class everyday. But after awhile, I could rearrange my classes to be just 3 days a week. Nice right. I think thats why I've never really felt unbearably busy. In all honesty, my late nights were only because I left things last minute. But i would have enough sleep anyway, so. yeah.

Other than my marketing subject, the other subjects were real artsy fart stuff lah. Drawing, colouring, photoshop, illustrator, website design and editing, video production, flash animation, news features and writing. They were reasonably fun, some more than others, but i'm glad that mass comm provides me an outlet for my creative side. At times it felt really useless and trivial, but ah who am I to complain, I think my next few semesters are just riddled with theory.

Marketing really was tough. It's fun to learn i guess, but by the time we realized what our assignments should actually be like, its the end of the semester and you're staring at two B grade assignments and hoping that exam results will not bring down my cgpa by too much. aih.

Also the semester which i start using the Taylors gym. I'm still a nub at most, not like I've never been to the gym before, but it's always full of guys at the machines, and my confidence isnt particulary up when i'm sweaty and panty while the other girls there are in their supermodel hair and sports bras okay.

But I hope to improve by next sem. We'll see. NEED to find a gym buddy. Adrian is too busy for me.

I suppose I have lost some...mass. I may have lost like one or two kgs, but i know my pants and skirts are looser. But not by much. meh.

and i don't want to shower there yet. but i know i can't continue traipsing through uni to my car looking like a siao poh anymore.

now, my moral class was no fun. 5 to 7, twice a week. eventually of course i started skipping it, but it wielded its whip alright, the final exam falling on a beautiful saturday morning, which also happened to be on #abelandjasday. I did the paper in about 30 minutes and still missed the ceremony. :(

all in all, the content of the moral lessons were not bad, just bad presentation.

a summary of the semester:

1. late classes, more conducive for my late night productivity and sleeping in
2. avoid driving if possible
3. i've learnt how to draw humans systematically. and hate it now even more
4. i know how to use illustrator properly now! my photoshop days will be extinct. hurray for vector programs
5. editing videos are not some form of sorcery
6. I will never willingly touch adobe flash ever again
7. lecture hall 22 is seriously like a cinema. also, front entrances are awkward for latecomers and toilet exits
8. at all times, just use the staircase
9. chicken popcorn omg <3
10. dropbox is a life saver

more on other events later.

i return to lotr: the two towers.