Pick Me

Saturday, November 24, 2007

numb numb numb you him him

still numb.
or purposely numb?
are u telling yourself to be numb?
its better to be numb!
or is it?

do u guys understand?
numb as in emotionally la of course not physically or else i would be in coma or something

this is a mental note to myself.
*I.[hate/dont like/despise].[some/all/one].of.you*

i actually wish i were physically numb.
nothing nothing nothing nothing

whee i feel psychotic!

not one of my best photoshops but I like lah
theres lots of pink =D

Monday, November 19, 2007

going around in circles.

im still emo thanks for asking.

but i guess theres nothing i can do about it.
just live life.
go on with it.

holidays are good.
they make you happy enough so that you cant wait for the next one.
but boring enough so that youre unnaturally happy to go back to school.

they exist......

Saturday, November 17, 2007

laura hates.

BLAH i dont like you all la...
lol(a fake lol)

i seriously wanna write all kinds of things here...
but i guess can sum it all up to basically my previous post quote you all are stupid.

well this is the reason i choose to remain ignorant and helpless you know.
so sheltered and kept away.
ignorance WAS bliss.
then something just had to happen la.
not just one thing, its evfrything happening at once.
and i think its unfair for you all to do this to me all at once.
at least do it one by one so i can vent to the next person right??
but its not your fault too la..

emp post what the heckla..

misanthropically of course

you stupid, stupid people.
are really stupid.
and can even get stupider.

but yet so lovable ish.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

freak!ing out.

i woke up EARLY this morning.
as in up la but not out of bed.
and then i started freaking out about the holidays.
like, i've been waiting for the holidays for like, forever.
and then its here!
i mean, its already november!!!
*blacks out*

weelll soon, got VBS.
then camp.
then my hope.
then xmas.
then PMR year.
(translation for danielle: its so fast =O)

then i start freaking out about clothes.(yeah. seriously..clothes..)
girly moment or something la..
but then i was wondering if i had enough clothes to wear?

and i dont =(

laura loves being at home alone hehe.

Monday, November 12, 2007


if theres one thing i wont complain about life (which you all know i have alot to complain about), is the fact thats its always full of surprises.
the bad ones like if someone really close to me dies or someone having cancer or failing PMR or something are usually OK with me. i mean, i know God will take care of me no matter what.
the good ones absolutely rock dont u agree?

i think right, that when there are bad stuff that happens in your life, it usually means good ones are just around the corner.

and its kinda nice being depressed sometimes.
(this coming from the emo girl)
i dunno how to explain la.
but wheeeee.
theres nothing you can do about it i guess...

i have AMAZING dreams.
i obviously cant tell any of it to any of you...
not that i dont want to, i just dont want to want to.


this is another old one.
but its adidas and i LOVE adidas.

Friday, November 9, 2007

breathing is quite hard.

omg yeah it is.
im not joking.

and its a real pity too cause mummy made brownies and the wholeeeeee house smells awesome.
i feel like purging out my lungs.

hey people.
do you know people change?
its ok if they become better.
but what if they become WORSE?

its abit scary you know.
actually, very.
one minute they rock, next they're.........
i know *ahem* KNEW people that changed.
yeah whatever la.

whart a rubbish post.
im sorry.
im bored, a magnitude 6 stomach ache, worries about HIM, breathing problems and i cant find my sims 2 :(

click its dumbos.
its one of my older ones.
maybe not the bests ones.
but I like it!
it looks so Hollywood!

ITS ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

whats a damn widget?

no more prefect stuff.
i would like to complain but anyone of them could find they're way here so...
it was fun.
thats all.

should i blog about why you all misunderstand me or about how weird people are?
i guess they interconnect somewhere right.
and the only reason i came online was to blog...
okla. im more important than any of you so i'll talk about me.

do you all know im actually...
ARGH. forget about it.
im gonna get pissy again.
the basic thing is.
you all are stupid.
not really la...but some of you are...

im going to be all girly and get high from sniffing too much nail polish.
lets see..
green.black.gold.pink.purple.or hit the malls and test evrything?
oh well.

blueberry pancakes from waffle world
i know! droool...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


i just got a shock of my life!
its a real happyfying one.
i cant even think of an emo title like always.
=D x 100000000
i dont even think its real!
maybe i'm delusional!
im so scared to check again cause then it might be gone!
omg its still there kill me im so bloody happy over one itty bitty thing how miserable and pathetic am i omg i think i shall drown myself in music again yeah im gonna do that timbaland here i come
im stiill gaping pathetically at it.

so my life isnt the most awfullest ever.
i should stop comparing it to other people.

if it wasnt for that tiny thing there, you just THINK what kind of post I'll be posting man.
it'll be really emo and i hate alot of people and you people are psychologically retarted (WHICH YOU STILL ARE) and why one earth you all are so darn sensitive.
oh well.

this one wont be so nice.
i just wanna show how i feel.
ok..dont have..too busy lol
another day ok?
not like u all care anyway.
see ya =D

Friday, November 2, 2007

he him that guy he rocks

i know 3 guys.
they are the kind of guys you know you cant have but are just too darn good to look at.
you dont like them or anything, but they are the ones you fantasise about.
and there are 3 of them.
its killing me.
really. they are that hot.

*grumble grumble moan moan yuck yuck*
its not like they're perfect or something (YES THEY ARE!!)
shut up.
i'm such a girl la ish.

anyway, photoshop again!= p

(finally! something not pink!!)
lol. click it.
=D will hammy like it?!? its purple!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

when you got no one to love

as much as i would like to fall in love, i think it'll be a while before i do.
i think love is one of the biggest things that can happen in someone's life and i doubt it'll happen now.
or do u think we'll have more than 1?
i dont know.
i'll just shut up about this kay...

anyway. photoshop!

i tried laying off the pink, but i guess i don't have very good willpower eh...
tell me what u think kay?