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Saturday, August 30, 2008

don't leave me hanging.

laura's obsessed.
1. with a website
2. with a boy
3. with her hair
4. with sleeping
5. with 'after PMR' plans.

yeah. i bet you guys have damn alot of after PMR plans too right?
like, on the last day, the Friday, after Geografi, which ends around 10!! i'm sure all you wanna do is burn your books and run to the nearest mall.
er. try donating your books though :)

and it's annoying la. how many plans you have edi.
but it's like, it won't come sooner.
but then you're scared when it does, cause OMG PMR is so near.
its already, er..44 days left.

well Laura got straight A's for trials!

aren't you tired of freaking studying?

Monday, August 25, 2008

viva la vida/for some reason i can't explain.

got results.
them good.
but no mood to tell you all larh.

i know i go online more often now as i did.
and hey, pmr is actually getting nearer.

i actually have nothing much to blog abt then.

then, will tell you abt how much laura loves coldplay.
they is awesome.

haha that's about it really.

erm. compensate with pictures?

this was taken last year.
in vbs.
i think i have more pics with aski than anyone else.
except my own self of course.

hey i know.
i will blog abt one of my old old posts abt the vbs. that i didn't manage to post up last year.
so bear in mind, this was last year, and was during the holidays.
so i was particularly happy la.

1. kids only remember your name for a certain period of time.
2. and if they do still remember your name, then youre a REALLY nice person =D
3. you really should spend lots of time with someone you THINK you know..cause they're actually really different once you get to know them.
4. make sure that you make sure you know what youre doing.
5. being tooo whiny isnt good =O
6. always say please and thanks yous
7. you can't walk around barefooted in the church office
8. you can't play violent hide and seek games in the church office
9. you're not supposed to go on msn in the church office computer
10. make sure you make proper lunch plans or else you're stuck with eating chicken rice. AGAIN.
11. and when you're playing that violent game of hide and seek in the church office, do not hold your phone and your slipper with the same hand.
12. you might accidentally throw your phone too.
13. and if you do throw it, you should be lucky to have a stupid motorola that did not suffer any side effects!
14. when your friend is rolling you around with the trolley, its fun =D
15. when youre playing with elevator and offing all the lights inside the elevator, DO NOT accidentally press the stop button and risk giving the people inside the lift minor heart attacks
16. eating cheezels and blowing bubbles inside the lift is also fun =)
17. always use the lift even if youre going just 1 floor up
18. good things happen in the lift =D =D =D =D
19. borrow random peoples' jackets
20. steall lollipops.
21. when SOMEONE tries to contaminate the pretty red heart just because he's trying to get 'creative' it means he's about to destroy it ISH.
22. take lots of pictures.
23.you lose your voice when screaming GET INTO YOUR CIRCLES!!! to little kids
24. try to make other teams lose by yelling at their helpers
25. if you're nice to kids, they give you their doughnuts and brownies!!
26. people sleep on busses, so make sure your prepared with your camera.
27. lil kids have nice white puma shoes laaaaa
28. guys are so predictably random.
29. playing football with the masking tape is fun.

nar. a glimpse back of laura 2007.
have it :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

with all of my heart and soul.

er. i have a stomach ache.
i had it since...goodness for how long (the whole week?), but it seems to be worse now.
you know what helps?
hugging my bolster. in front of the laptop.
which is great cause u know laptop screens are adjustable so i pretty much look like a sick dog with my head on the table now.

not watching tv cause the olympics closing ceremony is my-gawd-boring.
parents wanna watch it though.
my parents right, are ridiculously amazed abt the astro channel thingy where you press R and you can see everything in one screen.

anyway. i saw the pics nicky took when the guys went rock climbing.
jealous gila.
stupid idiots with no tuition and unlimited amounts of cash and freedom.

on saturday, after church, we went to ooh leona lewis and david beckham just came on! erm.
we went to grace's house.
we ate like, alot.
and we played taboo :)
which i'm very rusty at already.
i took pictures!
will be facebook-ed in, approximately 1 and 3/4 months.

have to remind myself to remove my nail polish.
and cut my nails.

and OMG trials results.

you know, i damn miss someone.
but some guys ar. can really hurt you and they have NO idea what the bloody hell they did.
i was like, so close to him man.
but now we like barely talk. look at each other also like what lar.
and he seems okay with it.
and i feel like i'll never get over him.
wth right.

Friday, August 22, 2008

run baby run, don't ever look back.

yeah that's how i start my post.
i feel abit more cynical after reading anisa's blog. and her other blog.


tuition. 12 hours a day, 3 and a half days this week.
yeah i'm serious.
whatever lah you all.

tuition lar what else.
nothing much except that we went out...at 5 i think.
to the park nearby.
we hit 7-11 first, then watched them play basketball.
nice larr to stretch a lil.

erm. i don't remember much, except that i was bloody uncomfortable.

teacher was pissed for some reason.
threat: don't get A for bm, no lunch today.

ooh. and i watched dark knight with my family.
yeah nowwww only watch.
it started at like, 11.55 pm.
came home at 2.45 a.m., felt like dying.

dark knight was ok. not as good as you all make it sound, but definitely worth remembering.

today was cool wey.
she let us go to kai xin for lunch.
er. it was packed.
and we restless kan?
so we walked all the way to taipan.
not all of us la.
just me, stephanie, rayna, kar ling, jun yu, alvin and vi ven.
went to mcD. yes, thats like, reaallly far.

she let us off at 3.
and i slept till 6.30.

but didn't feel really well at prayer meet.
headache and stomach ache.

anyway, was thinking.

**you always have to look back. or else you'll move back.
it helps to know where you came from, and what you used to be, to what you are now.
you can only move frontwards now, so appreciate the fact that the bad things have passed, to prepare you for what's ahead. experiences like these aren't ones you want to remember, but it's better to have them earlier than later. so you can change for the better.

lalalalalala. reminiscing.

Monday, August 18, 2008

you know exactly what you do.

its a monday!
woke up to an awesome morning of rain.
stayed in bed till 11, but not necessarily asleep...
feel a lil pressured to study.
but i don't know what to do. what to study.
and now, i'm sleepy. damn.

feel like doing KH.
but i tak ada mood.
i basically have nothing. to do.

erm. i reorganized my blog posts. deleted some drafts.
you know, the ones i somehow forgotten to post. a long time ago.
i took away abt 15 drafts.

studyyyyyy. but i can't.
theres like, a post exam mood.
and maybe, me and my sis gonna make the parents bring us out for a movie.
cause i didn't get to watch my last movie.
omg hey!
then i should study.
and when i finish, i can give them a see-how-good-a-daughter-i-am/pity-me-and-my-tragic-holiday look.
which wiillll work.
see, what a way to motivate me to study.

i have tuition from tmr till friday anyway right.

Friday, August 15, 2008

just go ahead and just jump.

so well.
i know, its the holidays right.
go bite yourself.
i'm a lil annoyed.
well, mostly cause its 1 am and i.am.up.

goodness lar.
really frustrated now.


i didn't post that up earlier. scared that i'll start throwing out names, and insults with those names.

paradise was at church today.
they were kinda cool :)
paradise, is a worship team from australia.
they are from planet shaker's (?) mother church.

yesterday was the first arsenal match of the season!
whoa right?
we won, 1-0.
not their best game, but their chun style still there wey.

oh, and i just reorganized all my photos.
like, all.
all my folders la.
even my documents, ushering stuff, etc.
so, i have have abt 12 different folders now :)
there's a whole folder of just me. camwhoring. wahaha.

last year. in class. you can see edward! and patrick! and i think, oon's ass.
me and thung. before she cut her hair. and her speccies are gone now too.
hehe. i like her.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

baby all i want is you.

tagged by anisa. hee.

1) What is the most important thing in your life?

2) What is the last thing that you bought with your own money?
mm. my turquoise nail polish :D

3) Where do you wish to get married?
wow i have no idea :o

4) How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?
25. average lah hoh.

5) Are you in love?
infatuated and obsessed, yeah. but not love.

6) Where was the last restaurant you had dinner?
nan king. taipan.

7) Name the latest book that you bought?
Kertas Sebenar Geografi 2008

8)What is your full name?
laura. chien. su-lynnnnnnnnnn.

9) Do you prefer your mother or father?

10) Name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time.

11) Christina or Britney?
omg they still ask this question?

12) Do you do your own laundry?
er. i put it in the basket...

13) The most exciting place you want to go?
exciting? a world class theme park. disneyland?

14) Hugs or kisses?

15) Point out 5 things about the person who tagged you.
nisa: random, unique, lala, smart, brilliant :)

16)8 things I am passionate about:
my friends.
myself again lol.

17)8 things I say too often:
a) omg (not O-M-G)
b) sampat.
c) cacat.
d) anyway.
e) and then and then and then...
f) whatever la.
g) damn.
h) wait lah.

18)8 books I’ve read recently:
a) KH form 1 text book
b) KH form 2 text book
c) KH form 3 text book
d) Geo..
e) Sejarah....
f) komsas/literature
g) science
h) the Bible.

im serious.

19)8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
a) one republic - someone to save you
b) one republic - say all i need
c) dashboard confessional - ghost of a good thing
d) my chemical romance - i don't love you
e) maroon 5 - sunday morning
f) justin timberlake - my love
g) jason mraz&colbie caillat - lucky
h) john mayer - serendipity

20) 8 things I learned last year:
a) people can change alot
b) how to saw wood in a straight direction
c) you can always trust God for anything
d) how to use photoshop
e) football is addictive
f) never ever trust anyone except the person you trust (ehh?)
g) my hair is actually very nice :D

tag who..
chewie, mun chun (on his class blog thing, if he wants, and if they let him), nicky ng...er i guess thats all lah. everyone else is tagged edi.

simply because I am on fire.

trials are over :D
it actually means you should be freaking out about PMR right about now la.
mmf but i'm going to procrastinate and waste my time away.

geo and maths today was ok la :D
but maths paper 1 was like, so, no time lerh.

i studied till like, really late yesterday.
try 2 a.m.
i thought tuition was a waste of time la.

so, i'm actually bloody tired right now.

and amazingly, i am going to school tomorrow.
like a couple of hours are gonna make a difference.

its like, studying right?
might as well do it in school.
and do you realize that exams are an awesome time to sleep.
everyones so quiet :D
except when Pn. Suhaila's around la.

enough sleep talk.

Monday, August 11, 2008

isn't it messed up, how i'm just dying to be here.

no tuition today!
phwoar. I'm free to study my own nonsense by myself :)
but just somehow I'm here. mm.
(someone drag me awayy)

i'm gonna tell myself i'm gonna study. at maybe, 4.
but then i won't i know it.
i should just run away.

so, exams today.
wasn't bad.
charmaine can go blind at this point.
don't read!

bm2 was oklah. it sucks, but i like my ringkasan. and hey, Mr.Bryan Ch'ng said peleraian was coming out, anddd it did.
so, yay him.
tho, i had NO idea what Meniti Kaca was about.

bm1 was freakin hard.
sejarah ar. mmmfmfmff (strangles self)

suddenly ridiculously nostalgic about youth camp. eeeee.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

i will never wish back then, what i wish for now.

some people really don't know how profoundly they can affect someone else's life.
and i mean in the you're so FREAKIN self-centered kinda of way.

so, Happy Olympics everyone :)


Happy Trials! tho, not so so happy.

who can honestly say they're ready for trials?
(ignoring Amiga-ians)
i think. i can get a high B for sejarah.


last week, i went out with brenda!!
and syaza, juliana, aqilah, & brandon.
my skss-ers?
haven't seen them in a longgggg time.

we got a cookie from The Famous Amos.
cookie = -Rm4
we went to secret recipe!
black pepper lamb pie = -Rm6
went to toys'r'us.
childhood memories = free.
went to elianto!
nail polish = -Rm5
AND baskin robbins
raspberry cheesecake ice cream = -RM5

i'm kinda broke?
my daddy one day randomly decided to give me 10 bucks.

oh yeah, we had no 365 that day.
but we had a CSM meeting.
man i was sleepy.
i prayed with chewie!

i went home. parents wanted to watch something. so, yay.
all tickets were sold out.
so, shopping!

fast forward.
skipped tuition.
went to lunch with sam and rich.
meetings like that make me feel, responsible and important :D

a ridiculously painful stomach ache (and a lil headache).
apparently not very convincing to Cik Norhayati.

at night, went to subang parade again.
bought nail polish again.
i think i'm going to make it my thing.
nail polish.

i'm back on friendster! for awhile.
will be fully back after PMR.
and what on earth are applications????

but it'll be more like a blog extension. hee.

like, how many plans do you have after PMR?
it's like, crazy sometimes.
but i think everyone will just take at least a 12 hour long nap first.
cause i will.
no, i wanna go out the friday itself.

and omg a new EPL season is starting again.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

when the sun shines we'll shine together.

my goodness.
after a whole week of tuition, finally had a friday break.
after school, came home and had lunch with daddy and che.
came home and SLEPT till abt 5?
studied till 6.

and then mummy made this cool weird sandwich thing of ham, cheese, & egg. hee.
for dinner.
then they left for church (yeah wey for the first time in months, i missed a meeting).

laura, alone, watched, nicholas ng's Kung Fu Panda!
it's damn cute. not as funny as i thought it would be, but chun :)
then watched memoirs of a geisha.

i realized i had left my phone upstairs the whole day.
4 messages, a missed call, and 1 bar left of battery.
who cares right?
but i have nothing to blog abt anymore :O

i would, could, do a tag.
argh no time.
i'm going to subang parade.
see ya :D

gonna meet my darrlllin brenda wong. wahaha.
stupid internet also.