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Friday, November 29, 2013

I know I've told you before.

Whale whale whale.

So, Laura, how's it been, over 3 months being a Taylor's Lakeside student?
and how's life since your last post?

I'm so happy for your concern dear blog. I will update you the best I can. :)

Well, in terms of uni life, I find that this sem really...irregular. It gives an odd illusion like there's not much to do and study and then there are strenuous weeks of churning out assignment after assignment, quiz after quiz, and videos and reviews and then, nothing much again. I appreciate the short classes very much though, thank you Taylor's for letting me slowly get used to the stresses of uni life, and the culture shock that comes with it.

Academically, it's been quite okay so far, for me. My assignments have been getting good marks, and my midterm came back quite well, and the quizzes are okay so far. I NO CHEAT some more. haha.

Coming from a science stream background, this stuff is kinda easy peas really. From cramming all processes of digesting sugar and dna mutation and chemical processes and math permutations and then suddenly learning theories about life, society, media and critical thinking, it's such a break for my brain. Though most of the time my inner pride and nerd is constantly pressuring me to do AMAZINGLY WELL since it's apparently 'so easy' for me. go big or go home Laura.

and the facilities here never fail to amaze me. enough said, I'm not promo-ing taylors. Everyone, go and study somewhere else cheaper.

friends here are more similar to my high school mates though. i think form 6 just happens to pool together a very specific type of people that are amazing in their own ways, but different. so, somewhat more used to uni friends. I'm always bummed out everyday though that mass comm has a horrible guy to girl ratio. More guys next sem PLEASE. handsome ones.

and I'm glad that I slowly get to know that there are more Twelveans studying here than I originally thought. Yay to that.

Next life event please.

So, successfully organized and executed the 365's Got Talent 2013 earlier this month. and it feels like such a relief to get it off my shoulders. I thought this event planning would come easy to me as I've planned so many events before, and two similar ones in usj 12. But no. the vast differences in resources, manpower and protocol really took it's toll.

In usj 12 I had unlimited resources. Printing? Done. Paid for. Publicity? WE SEE EVERYONE EVERYDAY. Manpower? My infinite amount of ever-ready-to-serve-me prefects at my disposal. and it's for profit anyway. 365's Got Talent was not for profit.

In the end though, after stressful days and nights and rushing and all, it turned better than expected. And plenty of good reviews from everyone too. :)

So thank you God for that.

So, at the moment? Life?

I have my finals a week from now. and an assignment due next week. It's crunch time now. sucks, when most people have holidays already.

my current dilemma? my last paper is only after camp, which means i have the opportunity to go for youth camp.

But SHOULD I? that's the question.

can't wait till Christmas. and my 3 month-long holiday :)


My late granma's birthday passed last Sunday, and the days that led up to it were very tiring emotionally. I had an exam, the talent event and assignments due that week. Most of the time i just felt so distraught.

Midweek was awful. Vivid dreams of both my grandparents, random crying spells and a general bitterness at everyone.

I think if i can avoid it, I will never want to voluntarily go grocery shopping at giant anymore. Seeing cute retired old couples shopping with their grandkids makes me so nostalgic.

and we visited the columbarium.

and to think, her previous birthday we were still taking her out to dinner.

what am I going to do. a Christmas without them. CNY without them. and then it'll be a one year anniversary. One whole year of this. I het it.

Why you so bitter Laura.