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Thursday, July 30, 2009

the school canteen's dimsum ain't bad, and i hate stationery.

now, there are things in life where you can be inferior about, such as:

  • studying so much but knowing that there's only so much you can score, unless God helps you, and surprises you with a big fat A.
so, work harder.

  • when Arsene Wenger refuses to buy anyone and improve and obviously in-need-of-improving team, and frustrates the fans.
    and the season opens in two weeks.

  • when sometimes other people get pms or moody for any reason, and they indeliberately affect me, and it makes me wonder? am i really that postive or do i have no idea what they're going through right now?

what you CANNOT get inferior about is when you don't work hard and complain that you are going to fail everything, when you spend your money like water and complain you're broke, when you go around being such a pain in the ass and complain why the is everyone so noob.

i want to go study, but i'm scared i'll fall asleep. it is definitely proven that the com keeps your brain active. thats why i'm only on in the late afternoons and late nights.

i think i'll take a break today and just stay at home and read something easy, like bio or chem.
and then crank it up tmr with a full day of add maths.

i've been geting headaches from thinking too much.
serious, i'm not a pity person, i'm just telling you (whoever you are).

and i think i want to make someone treat me to baskin robbins tmr.

prefects have more fun than you think ;)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

studies and where do you get water from?

deng you guys should see how many amaran letters they send out to everyone okay, pn. teo's room was like yelllooooowww so don't lah be so bangga that you ponteng too much all. we all got the letter lah :D

sehubungan dengan itu, i'm trying so hard not to skip school, but i think studying at home will be much more efficient, and i can leave my rc on too! (they have drinks now!) :( but since i don't want to get a green letter next time, i'm trying to study in school.

wasn't school meant for studying anyway?

whatlah i am so worried about exam next week even though its some kucilek topical monthly test.
i am praying hard, and studying hard.

my brain is constantly thinking of what to study next larh :/ disgusting right? i know.

SPM my foot lah.

so why do i still have time for facebook and my blog?
because it doesn't count :)

everytime i get emo about my yeh yeh, my heart feels heavy, i feel lightheaded, and sometimes my hands will shake.
the feeling of missing him isn't entirely sad, but its like you lost something and can't find it anymore and you feel very inferior.

dont PUSH me :D

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

exam and tuition bound.

i'm sorry i seem to greet everyone like that nowadays :O

well there's this dead moth (i hope it's dead and not just asleep, cause they're like nocturnal right?? eh or was that bats? bats eat moths...) underneath my computer table so i'm keeping my legs crossed on the chair, which isn't really comfortable but but augh what if i get absent minded and then wham! yuck and i'm not going to mop the floor.


guess what? exam isnt just around the 15th or whatever is next week!
i know? i almost choked to death on tears when i found out kay.
fail fail fail fail fail

and know i feel like being at tuition at any free time i have..but ah.
today abit screwed up lah.
so i think i'll just try to read some sejarah here at home.

with my rc on!


so so so todday was the first time in a long time where i was in class the whole day!
no slip keluar for me at all!

someone thinks i'm cool :D

my noobs :D

aha you know the owl?
who? who?
i crack myself up :D

Sunday, July 26, 2009

green eyes and i hope i don't fall.

i'll try going back to normal blogging.
i have alot to let out anyway :)

i miss my granpa again.

nat, nick and steph came over just now after dinner.
and haha we watched sleeping beauty.
and omg we freaked out during the scary part where the witch tiba-tiba appears at the fire place and it scared us mad, even nick screamed okay.
yeah yeah we're all sissies.

and then nat made us watch barbie?????

well. tmr is the majlis pelantikan.
i am NOT looking forward to standing stiffly on the tapak perhimpunana in front of everybody for an hour or so ahemm speeches.

i miss football, i can't wait for august 15th, but its some killjoy we're only playing everton, but tak apa.
i am however also worried about exams which will be somewhere around there, and i HAH i am not ready.


my sis and i at seafield's hari kantin.

you know BOON is spelled NOOB backwards?
haha rebekah noob mae gan :D

bye bye...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

my yeh yeh and having late watermelon juice.

two weeks ago at this time, i was right here.
at this computer, doing my work.

i posted an angry post here because i was frustrated at alot of things.
i took it down again.

in 3 more hours, it will be exactly two weeks since my granpa passed away.

i saw him take his last breath.
i was right there by his bed.
it is by far the scariest thing ever, but yet it is a memory i don't want to let go off.

something in me died when the doctor officially pronounced him dead.

and the next few days weren't that easy either.

i miss and love my granpa alot.

i'm so angry with myself because i should have spent more time with him when he was still conscious. and that was probably like, a week or two before his passing.

my house is just one block behind and yet i think i can say i spend the least time with him then.

the last long conversation i remember having with my granpa before him being sick was when he drove me to training one day, he was telling me how good a sportsman he once was, and that he was happy that i was active in sports too.

and that was in april -_-

going to church on sundays is weird too, not seeing my yeh yeh there anymore.

well, our lives go on, we know yeh yeh's in a better place.

i have since been very busy.
and honestly the most stressed out i've ever been.
and i'm not going to do well for my term exam, and i might as well say finals too.

it took me awhile to post this, but i wanted my first update since my yeh yeh's passing to be about him, for me to remember in the coming years.

thanks to some for being there, it really helped alot.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i really shouldnt miss you.

i will lose my mind if i ever lose my stationery again.
especially rulers.
yes, rulers.

sorry haven't been updating, it seems pretty dead here, but i'm updating for the sake of releasing tension here, ahem.

i'm actually ahead on my homework mind you, even more than other people who are perpetually less busy than i am.
and i'm very happy about that.

except for my moral folio tho *frowns*

and i need to say thatt AUGH i miss football.
i can't wait for august for goodness sake!

but then if you think about it, its already july :O
and btw, you know i'm going to fail everything in the next term.

except for maybe...est.

and :(

i hate thinking about things so much.
i stress so much nowadays i dream about my stress okay.
almost every night.

nvm, i'll tell you about my weekend :)
saturday morning, i forgot to go to s.u -_-
but i was busy doing work anyway.

and then in 365 we had the memory verse game..which took too long..and i feel so bad.
anyway its over kan.

i have a video of sean and kyle doing their 'dance' :D

then at night i think i did more homework...
and then sunday!

i went to seafield :)
went with alot of people, we should have started a 365 stall there and tapao everybody!

pictures next time.

and i got this sampat sunburn especially on my shoulders.
it wasn't so hot anyway that day, but i guess UV rays and such.

that night, i kept yelling i'm red! i'm red! to the mirror and i hate getting sunburned on my face cause the tan line follows after my specs.

but i think its not that obvious?

okay, i wanna go sleep now the weather awesome for once!

so much for kuala selangor -_-

Saturday, July 4, 2009

remember what you told me.

eeee :D

i don't seem to feel like updating much nowadays...

i haven't been doing much though, i find it harder to wake up in the evenings, but i do, and then have a homework marathon and they just keep piling up grrr and its been real busy nowadays.
and my obsession with rc makes it much harder too :(


and i think my cough is going away.
abit lah.

its quite annoying, i hate coughing while sleeping, or cough till you can feel your stomach twisting and you feel like throwing up, or trying to laugh without choking to death.

and even more with this silly h1n1 business, you'd be surprised how many people are paranoid about it -_-
if i did have it, a whole lot of people would be getting it already okay.
especially the people living with me? they'd be dead kan?

use your brains abit.

lol, i need to have less posts talking about how sick i always am.

bleh busy busy, and silly trainee teachers are going to make me fail.
big sigh.