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Thursday, April 21, 2016


Whoa okay I haven't updated since last year. My life didn't end at turning 22 guys hope you know that. There's a lot that's happened in the past 4 months. Lets break it down.

1. My internship at VLT

Really had a blast at VLT, and learnt a lot both personally and professionally in a field I might really consider venturing in. It's a digital (ONLINE) media advertising company and I chose it because it was well known for it's good people culture. Not downplaying the quality of their work and credentials, but really it's the culture there that's amazing and it really just could be down to the persistence of a few amazing individuals that I got to work with.

I could have chosen any of the bigger, more reputable or well-paying agencies like O&M, Leo Burnett, Astro etc or the countless ones even within a nearer distance (VLT is in Damansara Perdana like near Ikea which is minimum 45 minutes one way, and can be as bad as 2 hours just to get home in major jams). But 'people' would be my most important requirement.

And I chose right. My supervisor and my other boss were both people who really inspired me and believed in me, without ever babying me and treating me like 'just an intern'. I did real work and rubbed shoulders with the COO and CEO regularly.

It's a startup culture (even though VLT isn't thaatt young) and the hours, office and dress codes are very flexible. At my laziest I just wore a tshirt, shorts and slippers. but not often. lol. and there was always free food lying around from cheap but good fish biscuits, freshly cut fruits to all the good stuff like chocolates from Japan or rich chocolate cake from Le Trianon. I was spoilt.

and one of the best parts were having the other interns around. I started on the same day as James and Tristan and I adore them both. Sometimes we get to work in the Quiet Room (the nap room, yes we have one) together and just be silly kids. then we got Andrea and Bryon. and eventually James 2 and James 3 (didn't hang with them much, can I just like them because they were also interns?)

and meeting the people there in general. lunches were quite extravagant sometimes. thats where a major part of my salary probably went, given the area we work in. i've never been to nando's and village park so often in my life.

there were skills training sessions, birthday celebrations, planning the CNY dinner, designing, copywriting, SOP sprees, minutes, food shopping, free meals, a crazy office fire evacuation...

anyway. I have no regrets there. don't be silly and think it was all easy lah, i mean towards the end the work was just piling up and i wish it would just end and not have to stay late, but that's just part of life.

2. Gym Loving

another big part of why i enjoyed VLT so much was because of a staff perk which is a RM25/month pass to Chi Fitness just underneath my office. so i would go before work at 8 and walk into office at 10.30 after a good workout and shower and feel like a superstar. so that probably helped give a good mood.

the gym looks amazing and some mornings it's quite empty and its where i could really de-stress. and worked out hard.

3. My ankle

and I appreciated being able to work out because my ankle is mostly healed. aw yes. throughout it would get quite sore and stiff here and there, until i had to get more physiotherapy, which may or may not have worked idk. but overall back to my normal self, and working on strengthening and increasing my flexibility.

I'm also back to regular captain ball and badminton hallelujah and i'm enjoying and appreciating it a lot more. but very injury adverse. less risk taking and careless, but i'm working on that. also looking to get a more suitable training shoe.

i can also wear heels now.

4. My eye

hopefully the last of my series of major accidents, i was almost blinded at around late Jan to early Feb due to a bad eye infection. poor contact lens habits led to a tear in my cornea! and I had to stay indoors in the dark for a week. and had to abstain from wearing contact lens for a month. (doctor said possibly forever but no i cannot accept) and I was so scared. and it was so expensive. and i lost my new pair of sunglasses because i was half blind. but now i'm good. now as in end of April, 3 months later.

5. Misc
- Pearly and Yew Joe got married!
- I'm in my final sem of uni and it's getting real crazy real fast

Okay i can't think of anything for know but I know i have some philosophical things i wanna post.