Pick Me

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I belong to You.

so, two weeks of school has passed, and i feel like i've just walked out of a battlefield. 
its a neverneverending strain of homework, projects, and studying. yes, you can say i'm a bit hypocritical because i still do take an hour nap every evening. but that's because i tell myself, my gawd, it's only january! i gave up naps for spm in october!!

pui. haha.

i'm so happy i've got a one week break. i promise i will study. but i will also enjoy myself silly. yezzzzz. i will.

food, fun and friends. oh. and. uh, family. believe it or not, when people say 'money!!' i'll be like, meh. it's a great bonus, but i honestly don't see it as cny's main attraction. :)

i'm already missing some people like crazy.

this post is becoming pointless.
lets make it in point form. :)

awesome things so far:

1. driving to school
- no matter how sleepy you are, you will still feel like a boss
- you won't get tired of the looks the juniors give you
- you can go home any time you freaking want 
- radioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
- can throw your stuff anywhere in the car

- always worry if you parked too out, or forgot to lock, or left the keys in the car
- have to honk at fat chinese boys that walk in the middle of the road
- still quite sleepy

2. sleeping in school
- not as much as i used to 
- because there's more work to do -_-
- although i still sleep more than my classmates

3. my quiet time! it's more regular now, and somehow less difficult than it used to be last time. so it really is true when they say this really improves your relationship with God. :) 

4. a general thankfulness of everything. i'm always thankful i have 
- an education. its not a fancy private college or and ultra exclusive uni, but it's good nevertheless, who says that it is in anyway inferior in quality? :) some people get peas for an education okay. PEAS.

- a nice house, a nice bed, the megacomfortablest pillow on earth. i don't live in a mansion, but hey! this place has got water, electricity, i have my own room and all that. :)

-  a computer, enough (more than enough) clothes, a car that is partially mine, with a working air cond and radio, and all the other material stuff in between. sometimes i think, living in this society, we're impervious to the fact that only a few percent of people on this planet have enough money to spend on things we WANT, after we've already spent of things we need. i don't spend like crazy though, remember that ;) 

5. friends and family
- i think i've got the best friends and family combo that no one can ever top. seriously. i win. 

6. going to sound superficial, sigh, but i'm very thankful i'm not an idiot. some people at this age still are idiots, trapped in their own crazy world, i'm glad i've got a good sense of maturity ( i guess??) and general knowledge. my life doesn't revolve around a few unimportant things. does this make sense? to me it does. mmhmm.

7. inevitably, guys. yeah. i think i may sound conflicted about guys based on what i've previously posted before, but i know now, more than ever, i know what i want. i really do. sometimes the decisions i've made in my head and my heart may waver and sound questionable, because of things like temporary feelings or yeah, jealousy :( , but in the end i'm back to square one where i'm completely sure, that, no, i don't want and need a guy right now. 


7 things. :)

happy chinese new year! :) 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

so far, so not good.

so far this year seems like a real fuzz. not good fuzz.
today is only wednesday of the second week of school, and i'm already beginning to feel burned out.

first day of school already had a megablast fever. first time having a high fever in a long time, but that healed quite fast lah. had too right, got school. can't miss it.

otherwise i've been doing much better in school which even i'm surprised at. i've done more studying and homework in 5 days than i've done in the whole of last year. 

though, the amount of homework is starting to get to me. it never ends! pn daisy was upset that students spend more time on maths and chem, and not enough for bio.
LADY, if i had the time to read bio, i'd much rather do it, but i cannot OKAY, because there's forever chem and maths homework that flows in every single day. hmph.

and then we have small tests next week we have to study for, coincidentally for chem and math also -_- , so, where, when, and how can i do anything else. har.

i haven't been sleeping well either. nights and afternoons. pui don't judge me yet. i sleep in the afternoon, TRY, to sleep in the afternoons because i didn't get much sleep at night. but all my sleeping has been very light and fitful lately. i can't wait for friday so i can try to sleep for a thousand years. assuming i don't study lah.

so yes, here's to a full year of all this nonsense.