Pick Me

Friday, February 25, 2011

i see it isn't so.

after my habitual facebook stalking of guys i used to like, i keep amazing myself. i can't believe i used to like them, or believe that anything would have happened.

it is ridiculously therapeutic and effective to get over them. okay lah, just in terms of other girls lah. i don't mean like you playing farmville is a turn off or anything.

well, there are a few categories. like, guys i used to like. but they don't necessarily like me back. but they knew at one point i was interested LAH. don't tell me you haven't been there -_- well.

and guys that i like that liked me back too.

i can't say ex-boyfriends because that's a whole other story that i can't spew all over the internet.

in both categories, i can proudly say that i'm glad nothing happened. you see their current choice of girlfriend. YUCK. can i say low standards? and crazy relationships? D:

i guess God knew better for me. i really thought some of them were the nicest people i've ever known, AND THEY ARE! but they are just like almost every other lost teenager desperately seeking SOMEONE to be theirs.

maybe i AM a bit bitter, but that's natural. and maybe i'm a bit oh so high and mighty like i know everything about relationships and i'm so awesome because i am single and happy.

but that doesn't change the fact that i am grateful for being such a picky, no nonsense person. so that i don't turn out like them.

yeah. that's all for today.

Friday, February 11, 2011

how to paint a door.

well, as some of my stalkers would know, i recently painted my previously 'un-laura-like' green bedroom to a more familiar me color, which is pink.

pink is not a bimbo color. go away.

anyway, it is pink and gray. the trimmings on my wall and ceiling is white, from the previous paint job. which was also done by me. few years ago. hmm. i would say no less than 2006. how many of you have painted your own room twice in your lifetime at this age hmmmmmm?? :)

which leaves the door. which was brown. sigh. so i wanted to paint in white. it's white now. very pretty. but the process was borderline traumatizing. and. next time i want to paint a door, i will be more prepared! gas masks and all.

you see, wall paint and door paint is very different. wall paint, when not yet completely dry, is not waterproof. can be wiped off, washed off, or drained off. on the other hand, door paint (for wood and metal surfaces) is acrylic based. basically, waterproof.

i decided to do in a tuesday morning. and just so happened i had lunch plans with my mimi :)

i made mixing the paint a more complicated process than it should have been.

first coat of paint, no problem. just paint only lah. only i used the mini-roller. which absorbs paint. lots of it.

stains on the floor, and on my hands. i made a mistake of washing the brush with water and squeezing it with my fingers. guess where all the paint got stuck.

i couldnt find the thinner which made me panic. i cant go to lunch with smelly white hands! well charmaine pointed out the nail polish remover. which saved the day.

turns out, you cannot soak those brushes and roller in water.  but i didn't know :(
on...wednesday i started second coat. found the thinner.

dipped my brush in thinner. so much better. however thinner + skin? not good. hands were burning :O

and i don't know what sort of useless skills i had because the door still looked uneven and patchy :(

well. i thought i learned my lesson, remember to soak brush in thinner. i did! but in a thin plastic cup.

and more nail polish remover for hand stains.

i come home hours later to find the thinner melted my plastic cup into mush. and stained my toilet!

of couse i don't want my parents to know. well, i had to use more thinner to clean the toilet. and the sink. hands burning again.

third coat. however the brush was a secret hideout for some plastic flakes that were not melted, which explains now why there are white bits on my door :(

used thinner to clean my floor. personal experience has thought me that nail polish remover + floor are not good friends. i found out that thinner + floor not good friends either. as is thinner + metal and thinner + skin or thinner + weak plastics.

and all this time i've been inhaling paint fumes, thinner fumes, and remover fumes, which have specific warnings such as DO NOT INHALE and HAZARDOUS.

so, maybe 1/4 of my brain cells have died, but hey! my room looks so much better! :)\

ps: had to sleep in su-ann's room for a week too.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

it's red, gold and noisy.

must have chinese new year update :)

boring as it may sound, but not many people blog anymore and cny posts are harder to come by. AND. cny this year was funner than previous years.

reunion dinner was awesome. so much food, i was actually tired of eating before i got full. lol. OH. and must note, this year, didn't eat as much as usual and very good control when it came to junk food and shandy. :)

Day 1

i got this really pretty purple dress that was simple and comfortable and i think i look so pretty :) haha. and because you crazy vainpots influence me to like makeup :) sigh. eyeliner and lipgloss. of course if nail polish was unanimously considered make up i'd be a make up afficianado since i was 7 :)

anyway. i had the privilege of waking up late everyday. the days don't start till about 10 am? so i had enough sleep everyday.

lunch at granma's with the family. and then we go to my tai pak gong's house, which is my granpa's brother. really miss my yeh yeh this year. looking at my granduncle is very hard, because they look so very alike, and very lovable.

and then to my grand auntie's house. she's 91, but still very awesome :) and then my granduncle's house. they just bought a beagle. so cute la beh tahan. missed the usual crowd cause we were very early. and had to leave early.

went back home to pee and drink water then off to sepang. there met the chuas, ngs and wongs. saw my natalie! haha. we would eventually end up seeing nat, nick and steph everyday for the next four days lah :)

reached home late so schleepy. sang every alternate song on the radio on the way home. 45 minutes. waha.

Day 2

i wear my new cotton on skirt. i like :D

went to shah alam to have breakfast. very non-traditionally. at a western kopitiam. no chinese there but us wan :) my whole family. i like them. so funny. then went to visit my yeh yeh at the columbarium (??) it was sunny and windy and peaceful. i miss him so much.

then went to nat's place for lunch. laksa :D haha. and played monopoly deal with nick and steph. it was also nick's birthday btw! :)

ily nick ng! :D

and saw mae and joe awhile. then had to leave. srsly rushing here and there -_-

went to my other grandauntie's house. ang pao central man :) my extended family is fun too :) and the usual comments la.

wah, so pretty. so tall. what you doing now? your hair is so nice. so, results ha :) and stuff like that. -_-

good food too!

and then back to kk to see the ngs AGAIN. haha. went to bukit tinggi mall to watch the green hornet. it's not bad. jay chou sexy :D

and then surprisingly the adults wanted to go yumcha wor. so wtv la. kids happy :)

Day 3

wear new dress! :D went to ps. hong seng's house. more 365-ians than adults after awhile. waited for jamie :) then goooooo. jess drove :) fun lah. 6 cars. total almost 30 of us? :) went to aunty michelle's house next.

AND. there was this (seemingly) cute and shy kid. ben's cousin. he's four. very handsome. keenan?
at first he was funny lah. he likes to hit joseph. who was sitting next to me. SUDDENLY he hits ME. ME! i didn't do anything to provoke him or what, he punched me. and quite painful lah. o.O nick had to pull him away. and joe made him say sorry. honestly i was abt to cry, cause it hurt. and a bit embarrassing. i'll never forget that. D:

then we split up. 3 cars, jess, lawrence and adrian went to visit amanda and benjamin. then to louisa's house. more osm food! very crowded. left for adrian's house. lagi crowded. then i think 7 cars suddenly. went to sean's house in saujana. you know those nice houses opposite on the left of the federal highway opposite empire? yeah. very naise.

then gotto go for dinner. 2 cars had to go, the rest went ahead to john's and jeremy's. sigh :(

dinner with my mom's side. only gamble with that side of the family wan.

well. day 4 nothing adi la. but there's more to come. some other time. :)

btw, really enjoying having the computer in my room. hehe. and it's so pretty :) sigh. just need some more deco to make it cosier.