Pick Me

Thursday, March 20, 2008

you ain't cause you not.

yay. can type with 2 hands.
apparently, i'm not the only one with side effects.
sue, anyone?

spent the whole morning and mid-afternoon at church.
it was. okay.
everyone at church is falling sick too.

okay. gtg do homework edi.
just would like to say to someone, who most probably doesn't read my blog:
im sorry. its not a 'har'?(i'm abit blur) it was supposed to be a smile and a muah.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

you make wanna drop.

i would like this to be a nice long post.
cause i have alot of discontentment.
and i mean, ALOT.
but i can only type with one hand.
thank goodness its my right hand.
because my left hand hurts. and its really numb.
this morning had a bad fever.
so i couldn't, JUST COULDN'T go to school.

i still got a major headache tho.
will try and have a good rest.
but stressing abit abt homework.
i'm feeling very warm and drowsy.

i think i'm obsessing over this guy.
like, purely infatuation.
and, i think i'll nvr get to know him.
of course he knows i exist. i ain't that pathetic.
but its like, people i know, know him.

oh. and cant reply all of you people's friendster comments.
typing this post has got me exhausted.

i hate yee sang.
these people are weird.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

above and beyond.

i very like this above and beyond phrase.
explains alot dontcha think so?
holidays gonna be over!
and well, i managed to wash my school shoes, and my adidas shoes too. they're cleaner la but not clean.
the leather is peeeling =(
i didnt do any homework.
cause i dont know abt any homework.
gosh this post is getting boring.

okay i know.
cleaning church toilets is fun!
very dangerous but fun.
note: bring extra clothes.

i was supposed to go to church today and be sad.
i was supposed to give a sulky face and be antisocial and give fake smiles like nobody's business.
but i forgot to.
but just to let you guys know, 3 hours before prayer meet, i was SAD.

this one makes me happy.
<3 aski!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

so much more to life

don't u love the nothingness of the holidays?
so. monday right.
i slept for about, hey, the much needed 8 hour duration everybody says you gotta have.
and then, i basically spent my much precious holiday time by most conveniently wasting each minute away much to my mother's dismay.(hey that rhymes!)
i watched 8 hours of tv. not continuously of course. going blind isnt gonna be my holiday story.
do you realize, that 8 hours is already 1/3 of your day?
+ the 8 hours i spent sleeping, thats, 8 hours left!

well what does one do with the remaining 8 hours?
i finished every single sudoku puzzle in the house i could find,
i read the newspaper...like, as in not just the sports and the comics, all that election crap too!
i cleaned my room (by my standards, clean, means not fatal)
i folded the clothes!!!!
im so ..(i wont use bored) free that i do house chores =)

what a nice monday right.

grrr that arsenal GRRRR.

oh oh!
i bought shoes and a shirt!
the shirt's from nike!
unfortunately, the shoe isn't.
but its still awesome la