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Friday, September 6, 2013

keep me next to You.

Let's turn things around. It's been an emotionally numbing week. I haven't been feeling like this since I was 14, and hormonally imbalanced. 

and just a disclaimer, from the feedback i've been getting from those of you really still read my blog, my recent posts about my granma are when i'm at my worst. I am not always like that, nor am I fragile and sensitive, and you don't have to worry about stepping on my emotional toes :D 

With the stress of planning a difficult event, starting uni (and assignments), and trying to hold up and reshuffle a department, and having a spiritual crisis here, I just feel utterly bogged down. The kind where I don't want to get out of bed in the morning, or don't want to fall asleep at night. 
okay. actually, I didn't mean to pile on the sad stuff here.
I changed my blog layout, and was going through some old posts again. and I thought, in honor of successfully maturing into a reasonably well rounded person, and not pregnant, not smoking, not doing drugs, not drinking and clubbing, not overly bimbotic, not irresponsible with my life, not in debt, and just being averagely not in trouble.
what has the world become that being average and normal is already the best thing you can hope for.
I did this at the end of 2007, when i was 14. and i cringed at almost every line. so lets see what a 20 year old (actually 19 >:)) version of me can do.


2013. even though the year hasn't ended.


1. Best friends?

Troubling that I can't say that I have that one or few best, best friends anymore. But I have enough love, support and encouragement I need from the group I have now.


2. Lost any friends?

Not on purpose. Inevitable. Form 6 friends, and every year that passes, my usj 12 schoolmates.


3. Gained any friends?

Here and there. and at uni.


4. Met a new good friend?

I did join SOM for three months. Amazing people.




1. Went out of the country?

This year no. Singapore was the end of last year. But had plenty of local holidays. :)


2. Moved?

I doubt I ever will. Haha. 

on another note though, 365 did move to a bigger hall. I miss the old one, but, progress is progress.


3. New school?

Never thought I'd ever study in Taylor's. and sometimes i still feel like it's a wrong decision. no peace. haha. Let's see how this semester goes. 


4. How many times on an airplane?

Langkawi, both ways. First time in a night flight. Sat uncomfortably next to a large middle eastern man. Adrian's shampoo exploded in his bag.


5. Have you changed?



6. Biggest conflict this year?

Conflict? Like argument? Like internal conflict? I dunno howz to answer dis.


7. Most depressed time this year?

When my granma passed, and funnily enough, now.




1. Did you fall in love?

Not that I know of. I don't know what the feeling consists of. Learning to admire and respect different qualities in certain guys, but love? vat is dat.


2. Did you get heartbroken?

So dramatic. Please. No.


3. Who was your summer romance?

no summer, no romance. haha.


4. Least favorite season this year?

When granma passed.


5. Good birthday?

Not yet.




1. Snuck out?

I don't anymore. Haha. It's the sneaking back in that's the problem. My midnight curfew has been re-implemented.


2. Met a person who will change your life?

All the people in SOM. 


3. Had a first something?

lazy to think.


4. Liked someone who didn't like you?

Infatuate over countless handsome guys that don't know I exist. Biasalah. Aaron. Ramsey.


5. Got bad grades?

STPM results were good. :)


6. Got suspended?



7. Moved states?



8. Got a myspace?

This is an invalid question.


9. Done something you totally regret?

Telling people things. Really, the more I keep to myself, the better.




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