Pick Me

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

we sing. we dance. we steal things.

wait. wait. wait.

separate those words on top heee.

i'm so tired of being sick.
and blowing my nose.
and coughing can kill me.

we'll start of by, arsenal lost D:
was still a nice game, just frustrating.
tonight! champions league match!
arsenal vs fc porto!
2.30 am :O

going to Raub tmr.
for no reason lar.
my family and nicky's family..and i think other families also.
haven't enjoyed a good car ride for awhile :)
hope my cough goes away by then (which it won't)

went to tuition yesterday.
felt like dying, i honestly wanted to do my work properly, but was really sick.
went out to lunch with them.
walking back, it started to rain.
but who cares!
Rachel has a Jason Mraz shirt :O
i saw him! (no, not jason mraz, himmmm)

starting to worry abt worrying.
i'm actually not worried abt PMR.
and that worries me.

i know its like an overconfidence issue, which is going to backfire on me and before you know it, straight Bs!
help me!

me, clarissa jr, and danielle :D

remember to drink lots of water, take your cough medicine and lots of sleep.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

take it all.

i hate this.
i'm like kinda still sick, but i know like even a whiff of air movement might set the sneezes off.
but its still really hot then right?
cause the fan is set to number 2, which feels like number 1, and number 3 feels like number 5.
number 5 would prolly launch the ceiling into outer space.
imagine huh, our school classrooms have all 3 fans at number 5, everyday, 5 days a week.
thats how many classrooms, and how many schools.
wah the world is so big.

and my goodness i hate it when they on the lights in class.
the ugliest fluorescent lamps.
appreciate the dimness k?

yeah BTW.
i hate those stupid exam papers that they all give out.
like, we paid 30 bucks for that?????
i have a stack of unwanted paper now.
and teachers give ME look when i don't wanna do anything?
Pn.Choo told me the papers were good lar.
but i doubt them teachers will do anything after the raya holidays.

so happy raya everyone :D

nail polish nail polish nail polish
nail polish nail polish nail polish nail polish!

anyway, i'm sweating. and blowing my nose. and its HARD to fall asleep.

wonder if i should be worrying abt pmr now.

well. we had the big 365 barbecue just now.
what a time to fall sick as well.
but hey!
i paid that 7 bucks ok.

its was ok.
i like sausages.
and green apple salad.
although i dont really like apples.

ah i can't breathe.
oooooo yeah.
arsenal vs hull city later.

i love umbrellas. i hate sunshine.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

stop making plans, start making sense.


has anyone seen arsenal lately?
(anyone seen man u lately? hahahaha)

i got 91 for my maths!
and 83 for sejarah!
and damn am i happy.
stupid geo.

started my studies again.
or tried to.
going to school today was a total waste of time...
will go on friday i guess.

the only thing i miss abt school, is, the fried rice la alongside friends and uh, guy :p, and well, results?

i'm at peace with my studies, and my stress is minimal (for now)
so i shouldddd be in a perfectly good mood, or else its probably a guy thing..

well. today i burnt the butter.
i wanted to melt the butter faster today, and i couldn't wait for room temperature to get it's ass moving, so, having discovered the convenience of the microwave nowadays, i tried to put it in.
er, the butter is wrapped in aluminum foil.

after one turn, it sparked a lil flame.
freaked me out you know.

like hmm, wait for the butter to melt, or burn the house down.

i'm fine, the butter's fine, and the house is fine.
and the butter did melt faster :D

because sometimes things are just that pretty.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

you burnt every bridge i ever bulit.

slept at mummy's room thursday night cause dee was at sibu.
the room's air conditioning is much better than mine.
but quite paranoid the whole night, i dont know why.
before that, had a girly and relieving midnight chat with anisa.
and then the com just zapped off.

i finally went to school :)
but i looked like another crappy day when i got my results.
i already have 2B's.
i could have just started crying in school, but then, hammy and i talked abt what's gonna happen after PMR.
it really gets you up and going.
felt way better la hee.

church! stomach ache's again.
it'll never end.

btw, i left my charger in hammy's house last week, and my phone completely died.
tried asking alot of people if they had nokia chargers.
but stupid idiots and their sony erricsons. lol.

went to her house to get it after church,
and, my gawd she was studying :)

i feel like a stupid cow.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

you'll always be my thunder.

i miss you and i.

i'm online for the third night in a row, and :) i've never felt better.
not that stress abt studies.
till next week.
enjoy the relaxed laura while you can...

mmm i hope there's no more exams till PMR itself.

last night, i planned to wake up at 2.30am to watch arsenal's match right?
for some STUPID reason, my alarm didn't ring, or i subconsciously offed it or something.
and i woke up straight up in my bed sweating like crazy, attttt 5.12 am.
you must've imagined how pissed i was man.
didn't sleep till 6 cause i was that pissed.
and this isn't the first time it happened either.

well, thank goodness there was a repeat at 10am.
and it was way better, accompanied with gratitude, milk, and tau sa pia.

i watched click yesterday. alone, thank goodness.
cause i cry like silly at the sad part.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i drowned out all my sense.

i wish i were a bat so i could sleep my day away. and upside-down too.

on saturday after church, i went to hammy's house for a sleepover :)
we watched my arsenal game. fuiyoh.
arsenal rocks! hee.
it was fun you know?
i love her la.

ugh. school's a crappy waste of time.
on monday, there was the ridiculously uncoordinated penilaian koko thing.
during role call, they told us abt the really complicated plan for all the prefects.
but i think we got.
i spent the whole day shuffling around 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 3V, and 4L.
nothing to do.

didn't go to school on tuesday.
and hey holiday today!

staying up for my champions league match.
and so is ng.

skipping school again tmr. don't think i can make it through the day if i wake up at 2.30 and sleep at..5. and wake up an hour later.

but going on friday.
results are gonna smack me in my face.
i'll be super depressed if i get a B for anything. which i will.

taking a kind-of study break.
for this week.
aside from tuition and tying up some loose ends, i will not stress or worry abt studying.

i'll start the obsessive hardcore stuff, next week.
help me decide which days of school i'ma skip.

and i'm somewhat addicted to spider solitaire now o.o
i know its lame, but i dont play the one color/suit kind. thats easy crap.
go try the 2 suits kind.

oh yeahhhhhhhh.
went to jeanie's just now.
or min huiiii as you know her..

happy birthday dear :D

jammy and i :)

i edited this post like, 8 damn times.

Friday, September 12, 2008

i just can't stop.

yay internet's working again!
2nd trials are over!
honestly, i feel so tired of everything la.
will take a break this weekend la :)

and yay to my Mr.Theo Walcott!
my Arsenal dude scored 3 goals for England!
i hate England, but hey, i so proud!

(omg, there are 5 exclamation marks in this post already)

and Spain and Holland are first in their groups.
i happy.

well, this is only a short post.
have blogs to visit and emails to delete.

such a coincidence how the internet screws just before trials and is fine today.

its a B.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

all the things you had for me.

shake shake, shake shake, shake it!

anyone up for some 'i DON'T care' ?

no football matches today.
and no, ain't waking up at 7am to watch Spain kick some poor country's team's butts.

erm. emo?
can't decide.

guess not.
i wonder if i should like, really stop internet-ing because of pmr and all.
alot of people are.
i used to be able to not come online too, for a long time.
but you know lar, now its harder.

cause the more you stress, the more you play :)

darlings and i have more than enough after PMR plans.

Friday, September 5, 2008

tryin to keep from going under.

going to school for just 1 day this week sure screws with your time orientation.
you barely know what day it is.

i have a headache.

fine. hey, like the weather anyone?
where its so cold you actually don't need to sweat anytime in the day. and night.
and, you can sleep cuddled up in your blanket.

i studied the whole afternoon.
with minimal sleep breaks, because, i slept around 10 or 11 last night. and woke up at 9.
which is good.

anyway. don't you hate being obligated to do something, when, you're already doing it blissfully, and then, suddenly you're told you HAVE to do it, then it becomes no fun anymore?

i'll be off now. wanted to post a long post abt merdeka and shit, but, nobody cares. so.
either will be going to polyvore or pacman now.

michelle, me, janice
merdeka day!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

you were all the things i thought i knew.

my brain's run off.
with all my insides.
but has conveniently left my stomach in.
i'm bloody hungry.

i feel very very lost.
i think there's something wrong with me these days.
or, uh, now.

well i did wake up sad today.

i have absolutely no mood for studying. yeah this may be normal, but not in my case, no. especially inconvenient when post trials are 4 days away and um, the real thing is 39 days away. and my sejarah is starting to rot again. i'm serious. it does this after any sort of exam.
and yeah i'm freaking worried. i don't know what to do.
tuition and school ain't helping much.
i seem to have lost all willpower. and time management.

feeling very sucky about it.

and omg stupid guy issues.
damn it.
yeah, for the first time in a long time, i don't feel self assured knowing he's right there for me.
cause he's not.

and, i'm not happy bout my hair nowadays.
you may think this is a small thing..but really lah, its not that awesome anymore.

i feel like i have no time for anything anymore.
i'm so sick of putting off everything.
and i hate feeling guilty for every minute i waste not studying.
like here!
i'm wide awake annoying myself.
3 hours ago i could have started studying and now i'd be saying i studied for 3 damn hours.

i think its a psychological thing.
i'm never been so stressed out.

yeah last night i spent the whole night praying about it.

and you know what?
people are changing.
and it sucks cause hey! it's good.for them. but they don't know how much it can affect the circumstances.
its harder for me now.
cause life's been good for awhile.

but hey, like me and my hammy know, when something really good happens, something really bad is coming.
it's proven.
and it works the other way round too.

anyway. i'll let you guys off this post with a happier feel.

hey laura :) can ya dance?
this will make sense soon.