Pick Me

Sunday, December 30, 2007

you make me feel better!

i wish i were psychokinetic.
i wish i had more money.
i wish i had more clothes.
i wish i had more freedom.
i wish i could be telekinetic.
i wish i had better relationships.
i wish i were smarter.
i wish i had wavier curlier hair.
[straight hair is oh-so-boring]
i wish i had every bottle of nail polish in the world.
i wish i could get free nike and adidas merchandise.
i wish there were more guys lol.
i wish i were skinnier.
i wish i had longer calves cause they are short and fat -_-.
i wish.
alot of things.

when you have God in your heart, you dont need to seek out all of these worldly things.
cause they do not matter.

and He will instill peace within you.

i am blessed.

am i a blessing?

man i love my FGT.
and my Jesus.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

swell time.

this. was taken from bryan's bulletion post.
nothing to do la...


Those Were The Days 2007...

1. Best friends?
hammy!!! and still my lovely aski and una =) still got la =)

2. Lost any friends?
sure got =(

3. Gained any friends?

4. Met a new good friend?


1. Went out of the country?

2. Moved?
literally, yes. but no.

3. New school?

4. How many times on an airplane?
none =/

1. Have you changed?

3. Biggest conflict this year?
hhahahahahahaha. not telling you.

4. Most depressed time this year?
still not telling you.


1. Did you fall in love?
i honestly dont know.

2. Did you get heartbroken?
maybe. i cant fully figure it out myself.

3. Who was your summer romance?
we dont have a summer in msia.


2. Least favorite season this year?
the schooling season?

3. Good birthday?
hah NO.


1. Snuck out?
maybe =) shhhh..

2. Met a person who will change your

3. Had a first something?
not telling...

4. Liked someone who didn't like you?
i still dont know.

6. Got bad grades?
no =p

7. Got suspended?
hello..im a goody two shoes -_-

8. Moved states?

9. Got a myspace?

10. Done something you totally regret?
of course la haix...

In 2007 I...

[X] broke a promise

[ ] made a new best friend

[??] fallen out of love

[X] lied

[X] went behind your parents back

[X] cried over a broken heart

[X] disappointed someone close

[X] hid a secret

[X] pretended to be happy

[] kissed in the rain

[] slept under the stars

[ ] kept your new years resolution

[x] forgot your new years resolution

[X] met someone who changed your life

[ ] met one of your idols

[X] changed your outlook on life

[X] sat home all day doing nothing

[X] pretended to be sick

[ ] left the country

[X] almost died

[X] given up something important to you

[X] lost something expensive

[X] learned something new about

[X] tried something you normally
wouldn't try and liked it

[X] made a change in your life

[X] found out who your true friends

[X] met great people

[X] stayed up til sunrise

[ X] cried over the silliest thing

[X] was never home on weekends

[ ] got into a car accident

[X] had friends who were drifting away
from you

[ ] had someone close to you die

[X] had a high cell phone bill

[ X] wasted most of your money on food

[ ] had a fist fight

[X ] went to the beach with your best

[ ] saw a celebrity

[X] gotten sick

[dont know =) ] liked more than 5 people at the

[x] became closer to a lot of people

so..do i like 2007?
ok, no.
it sucked.

worst year of my life.
and could be my best too.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

dont need to hold back

augh augh augh augh augh.

mm... you know what?
no you don't know anything la what on earth are you talking about?????

i hate everybody.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

white and pretty =)

you know small kids are brutally honest right?
so when they say you're pretty, they mean it!!!

it was the Christmas dinner last night..
and it was awesome!

i wanted to wear the lil black dress wan but i chickened out.
so i wore something else.
somebody slap me for not taking any pics urgh.
anyway, the food wasnt that good..
except for the roast lamb!!
and omg omg there were CLOWNS!

lol. trust the guys to go bother him..
we spent most of the night talking.
throwing rubbish at each other.
playing the oh-so-lame chi ku pak.

AND AND AND i found out something.
not like i can tell you all lah.

look! its chewie and li zhen!
my donkey friend, and my donkey!
they said he was nice to her lol

Friday, December 21, 2007

this is real

so the girl that i live with has a new handphone.
a quite ok looking sony erricson phone.
k something something wan.

so i get her old phone, the nokia that everybody has one.
3 something something.
so yay!

now u guys can actually call me!
and i dont have to charge it e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y.
cause the battery is awesome =)

yesterday, i went to 1u with...some people..
i cant be bothered to name all of them..
we watched national treasure!!!!!
it was darn scary..
i was abit too jumpy la..
not scary parts also i scared edi

we went to see john at starbucks..
they got discounts.
i didnt la..so expensive!!!!
anyway lunch hor, we went to nandos.
but then dowan.
then to carls jr.
but no place.
fine la go the silly food court.
ciplak like what la...

but whenever we were free,
i feel kinda bad abt this,
i dragged danielle to almost every shop i saw..
cause well, im like that la hee.
but i didnt buy anything for anyone.
except my parents la so SHHH.

jess and lawrie bought me socks!!!
red and black toe socks!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

so is it sure?

man i have to use my old nokia now.
battery is LAME...
and you dont even have to off it you just smack it and it offs itself.
but i do miss its message tone la hee.

camp pictures!
ok i cant decide which ones to put.
i shall put just one.

i have a bottle!
im a group leader =D

Friday, December 14, 2007

watermelons and candy canes

im not gonna say anything la.

bleach sucks.

i refuse to emo!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Señora Laura es muy hermosa

that means laura is beautiful XD

its in spanish.thanks the afiq nazar who so deaaarlyy sucks.

La signora Laura è molto bella ( Italian)
Madame Laura est très beau(French)
A senhora Laura é muito bonita(Portuguese)

so anyway.CAMPS OVER.
= (
no more awesome sermons.
no more stuff from my angel.
no more talks with my roommate.
no more awesome worships.
no more games.
no more ordering people around.
no more la.
but at the same time,
no more stress of being late for sessions.
no more banquet nite and variety nite worries.
no more sandy salty sardiney flourey clothes.
no more sandy bathroom.
no more cold nights.
no more weird insects.
no more running around for lost and founds.
no more running to una's room for all my stuff.
no more water deprivation.(cause the water supplier thingy is allllll the wayyyy THERE)

AND i have a sunburn.
face la mostly.
and surprisingly, my shoulders...
i think i put sunblock evrywhere but the shoulders.
so it hurts like crazy.
oh, and must refrain from slapping them guys in the back cause they are ALL sunburnt.
they arent vain/smart enough to put sunblock.
only that weirdo joel han.

leg and butt muscles still hurt like crazy.
the stairs to the beach are really a long way down.

btw.dont calll my hp yarh.
sms can edi.
call my house phone.
cause IM SO STUPID i left my charger in my dorm.
and my shampoo and body wash.
i knew something like this would happen.

last year, i forgot my shoes you know.

pictures soon!