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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Twenty Fourteen so far.

I've edited my blog again, to suit my color mood.

Obviously, pink is a big deal to me. I can't get enough of it, especially this current shade that so happens to be splashed so unabashedly all over my blog :D

I don't know if I've ever tried to convince all of you how amazing pink is as a color, and why it appeals to me way more than any other color. Yes, even more than those amazing hues of blue, green, teal and turquoise.

I will one day, buzzfeed style. ;)

Well, I'm trying to make my blog more practical for the year. Being cryptic and sentimental is so 2010. Hahah. I'll try to make the titles actually be functional towards the posts kay. Content wise though, I can't say I'll divert much :( The big issues in my life which are hard to say out loud and put in audible words will be here, and then mostly recaps of events and stuff.

Since January, I've been interning in EY in Damansara. I'm surprised not many people don't know that it's a top 4 audit firm, or maybe just trying to connect ME to an audit firm is just too ridiculous. Heh.

Working here has really helped me learn a lot honestly, about life. I'm reasonably free at work lah, I mean, I redesigned my layout and wrote this entire post here LOL. But I'm glad I was sort of forced into doing this early in my uni years rather than wasting my three months away.

CNY is coming up and this year I wish I could just skip it. No amount of money could make me feel better this year. Just can't even..ugh. First cny without both my grandparents. I don't know. In the family heirarchy, it starts with my oldest uncle now? Reunion dinner and first day lunch not in somewhere different.

Imagine, about 15 years of tradition all changed. I don't wanna make things sound more dramatic than they are, but there is a certain privilege in paying respects to your elders and receiving angpaos and being altogether as a family.

I innocently watched a recent cny petronas ad like before loading a video and it like slapped me in the face. If I ever see it on tv, I don't even think I can handle it.

And we'll spend the second day of new year at the columbarium. That's gonna be our new tradition now I suppose. And visit all my grandparents relatives, without them being there. and it'll kill me again because they all look and act so alike. and they're so sweet and i'll get super jealous of my second cousins because they're so fortunate and they don't even know it.

But if we don't go then it would be even worse a feeling.

It's a heavy kind of loneliness.

PS. kay, shouldn't have written this while at work. Hahaha. padan muka.