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Saturday, February 28, 2009

waiting for your....

happy the-last-day-of-February-the-only-month-in-a-year-ending-earlier day.
means its the 28th.

my mood's been abit down lately.
i wish i were happier.
but i feel more reserved now, i'm okay lah, i don't know why i'm not so hyped up anymore.

mssd was..quite?bad?
kinda what lahhh
but the experience and the can-skip-school-with-a-valid-reason thing is also nice...

i'm going to work harder next year k?

i damn proud of my SMK USJ 12 lah.
we won alot of medals, and still can win alot more.

even squash, i think we won? or in the finals? or something like that.
you know who playing?
mr.edwarddddd :D

i skipped school on friday too, so i had a 4day weekend lah.

and 365 is gonna play frisbee after meetings now :)

and omg my 2month ban from futsal is gonna be overrrrr and i can start playing again next week, after omg exams, which hahaahahaha hahaha hahahah ha nobody studied for (you are all liars) ok I actually havent studied anything at all.

anyway, i'm starting to have a low tolerance for people who complain about crap nonsense when there's actually nothing to complain about, and then their most stressful circumstance would be, actually doing things they dont like, like OI get a life. literally.
heck no you wont be getting sympathy for me, some of us are actually working our butts off while all you do i whine about, once again, nothing.
or maybe, your mom didn't let you go out for once, or you say you have no time but somehow can squeeze in time to go out with your friends, and claim you have no money when ah u get the point lah.

i only go online late at night and sacrifice alil sleep lah.

eh facebook so slow.

this is so candid.
pearly, su-ann, nat, me, aski, bit of chewie, couch, stereo

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

think a lil bit harder.

hello superstars.
happy 3 days after paris's birthday :)

omgsh its so fast 3 days after saturday...
anyway mr.paris and their whatever gang went to asia cafe to celebrate.
no doubt they went cc also.
you see ah, the girls ah, tak tau buat apapa pun.

i wonder why some people blog about how other people blog.
i mean, that nicky ar, we blog about what our lives revolve around :)

and mssd is a big deal lah!

i think i'm tired of stressing about it lah.
i fail at mssd, fail loh.
i fail my exams, fail loh.
i he fails me, fail loh.

i've 10 mins from now till tuition.
and i might just give up on add maths argh.

had a better week in school.
homework is less, although the stupid folios do pile up.
on monday i slept a whole hour! in school :)
today, we talked like, alot :)

and i don't have to go for training anymore after this month!

some stupid people, act like they know everything.
die la you moron! grr.

my sexy long hair weyh.

Friday, February 20, 2009

my life would suck without you,

i [insert word] hate you lah.
stupid girl.

i feel abit emo nowadays.

i haven't ber-emo in a while, cause my life is good and all that, but for now i cannnnnnnoooottttt stop worrying about mssd competition, homework, studies, church stuff, and all the sosial things that we teenagers go through lah :)

i'm going to overstress myself and grow more white hair.

and i have like, rashes.
they hurt when i bathe kay.

i'm sorry lah i don't wanna complain and like look damn kesian now.
but instead of boring someone about it again, i might as well tell me soul-less blog, and you have a choice to read or not again lah.

andddd, physics is reallly hard wey.

oh oh, we got our nametags today!

at abel's.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

i don't wanna lose you, nowwwwwww.


hello! and happy the day after ashwin nicholas oon's birthday :)

that boy is retarded i tell youu. but in a nice, lame way :)
i've been in the same class as him for form 2 and 3....
uh, he likes green o.o

i'm so tired. i skipped training today, and then stayed home and do work lah what else.
but while lunch, we watched bedtime stories, which is actually ugh boring.

i did my moral essay! (first time doing moral homework) and my rumusan! (first time ever passing up a somewhat complete bm book) and i did my bits of my bm folio ( first time it looks like i can finish not last minute)
i feel asleep on the table, thank goodness i had a pillow with me cause i was drooling like a dog there and you know G1 pen ink ain't waterproof hor.

and why am i here?
if i'm so busy why can i still update my blog every now and then?

because lah need to menenangkan minda and me-release-kan stress right.

ahlabu arsenal!

my stomach is in knots and i feel like throwing up and i bet i release ridiculous amounts of adrenaline (and i wonder why i haven't pee-d in my pants yet) everytime i think about mssd.
i'm so worried okay!

i'm gonna failll haiyo.
and picture day is on mssd also, me! no class picture! wargh!

this is chewie. this is aski.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

slow it down, slow down.

cupcakes :)
there were a total of 11 cupcakes. guess who i gave the other 5 to...
i love switchfoot :D

hello and happy evelyn's birthday!

busy, tired, sleepy.

anyway. i'm just on for like a while, i wanna know my cardiff game results (stupid game show at 3.30 am), and adeline wanted me to see those rings her whoever gave her for valentines.
i jealous lorh.
you morons.

i got my mssd events adi.
and i think i'll die.
i know most of you are sick of hearing abt this olahraga crap.
but i'm so worried.
i suck at everything.

oh thank God we beat cardiff 4-0....
baby eduardo is back!
and guess what? his debut saw him scoring 2 goals :)

this is laura. and this is clement. the better of the yaps. haha!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

baby, for as long as I'm here.


happy valentine's day lah :D

i'm not the kind that thinks valentines is such a commercial overemphasized pointless day.
i think it's amazing, despite the fact that certain morons will forever be morons, and that my moron is much too moronic argh.

but i'm honestly happy if you guys have your person to celebrate it with, if not, hey, your friends love you also what :)

so if you are the kind that is annoyed and bitter abt valentines, then well, do not come and tell me lah.

i like valentines okay and i'm annoyed that nobody single likes it as much as i do.


on v-day, daddy, su-ann, and laura went to get baby back from the workshop.
the amat bersayang, baby kelisa :D

it looks fantastically brand new!
eeeeee i love that car.

and then while su-ann was washing it, i do homework.
and then we took the car for a ride, and then dropped off hammy's cupcake :D
and then while su-ann slept, i do more homework.
friday also.
after training, homework.
after church, homework.

church had the valentine's event.
i assume less people cause cause cause got school mah.
so sad.

but it was good.

and then, we made last minute plans.
we went to parade!
una, aski and i.
jalan jalan.

aha rachel gibson :p

and then went to una's house to sleepover.
it was fun.....

laura gave cupcakes to everyone!
ok, not everyone, but eee they were so pretty lah the cupcakes.....
creds to arinah and aesya, and mummy!

cupcake pictures next post!

now, i gtg START my bm scrapbook or i'm screwed ok?

i love you alll.


psssp. famous!

Friday, February 13, 2009

i'll sing it one last time for you.

happy friday the 13th!

laura's so busy :/

trainings at mpsj now.
yesterday, walk from mpsj to mummy's office. at usj 9.
near all your tuition centres all.
i bet some of you saw me :D
well. it was far.
and fun.


guess what!
it's valentine's tmr!
on a saturddaaayyy.
apeks don't go for school lahhh.

i'm gonna stay home and complete my homework again.

and the kelisa's coming back tmr!

this is where i share what i think about valentine's.

somehow, all my previous relationships were never near valentines.
so, yet another one being single.
who said i cared anyway.

instead, i decided to do something nice for everyone loh.
you all see tmr ok?

and, and, i'll be with una and aski.
and maybe hammy in the morning!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

well you were standing there.


happy 3 days after abel's birthday and 2 days after florence's birthday!

guess what?
i just tapaued the crap out of my sis, nat, nick and steph in cho dai di!
i win 5 rounds!

anyway? how you all?
i havent updated for about 5 days.
havent been online, for about 5 days.

so, my busy weekend :D

saturday morning i went to mpsj cause moron kantha say must go, but only end up me, dianne, and melvin went.
moron-ing there.

saw a hot subang utama guy there :D

then home at 11, then went for lunch with irene jie, while in the car must think of a last minute memory verse game.
stress sial.

we went to ss2, and then visit vania. my last ang pow :)

then to 365, then afterwards to abel's party.

then sunday was the all night prayer.
pray there from 8pm-6am, hee :)

then morning went for breakfast. abt 30 of us at sri melur. haha.
then came home and died.


ps: homework weyyhhhh.

oklah, starting to like my class.

arshavin belum main lagii.

romeo like arsenal too!

Friday, February 6, 2009

have heart my dear,

oi! :D
happy sleepy friday the 6th :)

i slept alot today.
neeeeddd tooo stuudddyyyy.

i feel very sad :/

i love running lahh.
and i shoot 3 pointers!

it's gonna be a busy day tmr.
and i have the memory verse game thing.

you all stop asking me to go futsal lah.

eh my this post is so pointless weyh.

una and ryan have a live rooster living in their front porch!

whatever, i'm not in a good mood anyway.
but still cheery enough.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

oh dear, you look so lost.

care much?
hello :)
happy after-nick's-birthday day :)

i will tell you.

so yesterday, after school, and something i nvr feel like remembering again, i skipped training and went out with irene jie :)
we picked una, and then went to joycelyn's house for a visit...
and then dinner, and then pick nicky, and go to una's house for....monopoly :D

if you think i'm good, you pergi tengok una.
she and i totally tapau-ed nick and irene jie.

we rock socks!

damn, supposed to study my sejarah now :/

laura awaits the busy weekend.

arsenal fiiinnnnaaalllllyyy signed mr.no6thbestplayerintheworld :)
the so cute andrei arshavin of russia.
haha i'm so happy :)

i remember how much i used to LOVE arsenal so much.
every game they win i can go tell nick about it.
and i would watch every single game they showed.
and would visit arsenal.com like i was very free like that.
i could talk all day about arsenal.

they played so well and perfect before.

its hard to watch their games now :/ disappointing sial.
nvm okay?
so when we have arshavin, walcott, fabregas, and eduardo back, and mr.van persie being the frontman, we would so rock :D

i hope.
the tottenham game is next.

ah che and i :)
ahem height difference ahem....lol.

what happens next?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

romeo, save me.

hey my morons :D
happy february :)

i'll make this quick, i have abt, 10 mins for this...

Happy Birthday to Nicky Ng :D :D :D

he is:
- so cute (in an almost hot way, seriously, alot of pretty girls have liked/like him wan)
- he can laugh really weirdly, and without stopping and looks really jakun
- he is polite, enough, and...nice, enough.
- he is growing, way taller.
- he is naturally good at sports, amazingly, good actually.
- he is prolly really bengang that his budday is on just a wednesday instead of the weekend.
- he hates manchester united. HAHA!
- he has a nice taste of shoes. and clothes.
- he knows how to do that thing where you're just standing around then his knee will kena the back of your knee and you will crumble down :o
- i don't really know if he's smart or not :/
- he's kinda like paul leong. lol.
- he eats ALOT and is still so skinny. not SO skinny lar.

he rocks okay?
happy birthday nicky :)

ps: he doesn't really like to take pictures.
and he ain't photogenic anyway.