Pick Me

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

bright green and furry.

i feel horrible.
my nose is stuck, i have a horrible stomach ache, and mosquitoes keep biting me.

guess what?
yesterday night...me and my family went to 1 utama.
and then we ate at Char Chan Teng(??) which i paid for. RM 60.61
so..im kinda broke now...
and then we went to the adidas shop.
which was next to the nike shop.
but in the end, i chose an adidas shoe...and daddy bought it for me!
im really happy...
pictures soon lah...

guess what i did today.
i woke up, and made 2half-bolied eggs for breakfast.(yummy)
and then i want to the tv.
and to my utmost horror, there was a list.

a)sweep and mop upstairs and downstairs
b)keep all the clothes
c)fold all the clothes

good gracious right??
so i ignored it a moment and i turned on the tv.
big shock.
'please insert your smartcard'
so..omgness...my mum is really serious..so i went to all the usual places where i might find the astrp card..(UPSR year...my mum hid the astro card everyday...so i usually know where it is)
but its nowhere so..
i watched pirates of the Caribbean(2nd movie, mind you) but the quality was so freaking bad so i folded the clothes at the same time.
then bored...i watched hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.
then i slept.
till 3pm.

i woke up. turned on the radio. and was in the mood for some old songs...like my daddy's era songs...
then i swept and mopped...upstairs and downstairs...
tired like shit...sweating even worse...
but i felt so...berdikari..

im going to Melaka tmr.
a very impromptu trip.
havnt packed yet

oh and btw, i know u ppl wont even be bothered to read this post anyway...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

how be you?

this is a danielle inspired post.
she said my posts werent happyfying.
well..im not happy person when computering.
i am happy outside though.

nicholas ng says: are you gonna wake up tomorrow?
i echo what he says.
i laugh.
i say: for what?
nicholas ng says: the game?
i say: liverpool vs AC Milan?NO!why should i?
nicholas ng says: (something i cant really remember)
something about arsenal?
i say: are u gonna wake up tomorrow??
i laugh again.
(thats about how the convo went..or something like that lah...i dont know the exact words...except for the first question...)

Friday, May 25, 2007

i thought i knew you

so hes that kinda person.
that kinda person in school.
which i dont think is good for me...or is it?

so anyway...today after church, me and una were the only ones left there....so we talked about last time...children church era...
about jo, aski, joyce...teachers(who's names will not be mentioned)...and stuff...
so many things to remember..

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

beautiful lalalalalala

i was thinking about first impressions.
personally, i dont like it.
because some people are generally random and unpredictable (like ME)(as i'd like to think)
or they may just be going through a rough day.
like it or not, it applies to my life or everyone's actually.
i dont like judging people at first glimpse, but yet, i do.
because naturally, since we try to find a way to connect to new people, you scrutinize and observe and then ooze out as much as your brain can interpret what kind of person they are.
well, subconsciously of course.

second or third impressions are usually the best.

the insanity of calvin and hobbes usually helps me regain sanity.

and so does this. although the guy in the book is somewhat an idiot.

how about this shoe???

Monday, May 21, 2007

colourful flowers!

i have every right to be frustrated.
it is very very against my religious principles.
of course.
i thought he was more credible than that.
he should have been.
he doesnt realize how much influence he has.
i think he doesnt even care.
attention deprived maybe.
i thought he was much more passionate about it...but for allll the wrong reasons.
if i tell u the incident and why it bothers me so much, youll probably think im overly dramatic or overly paranoid.
i mean, usually, i would have just laughed about and then forget it.
but this has affected me so deeply i kinda feel violated.
somehow the words oppression and exploitation keep coming to me

so...howsa this shoe?

Friday, May 18, 2007

i could always just lie.

*aggrieved sigh*

people confuse my insecurity with hostility.
i am veryveryveryvery insecure.
some people say i dont seem like that.
but what do they know...

happiness is a choice right?
the com depresses me alot.
so i shall cut back on computer usage.


say something anyway

nobody reads my blog.


i wish everything would just work out.
for once in my life...for the first ever time...
i want the nice fairy tale ending..
but so does everybody.
i want things to progress and get its freaking ass moving...
but i have doubts.
will it be too much of a distraction?
i never usually get what i want.

except a new pair of shoes.

Friday, May 4, 2007


all i want for christmas is shoes and drums, shoes and drums, i just want shoes and drums.

nuff said.

525600 minutes

i spent the very short holiday in Sepang.
i went to U.Richards house...
its really huge.
and has a pool.
and they have a basketball hoop.

im obsessed with drums now...
i cant stop thinking about drums...i wanna get drum lessons...

nicky was trying to teach me a beat on the drum..which i learned after (alot) of practice..
i should have asked joel chua to teach me more...


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

i cant explain this feeling, i think about it everyday...and its not love..

someone makes Laura feel insignificant and useless.
someone makes Laura wish she were more...just more in every way.
someone makes Laura tired and indifferent.
someone makes Laura a'lil bit narcissistic.
someone makes Laura bitter and resentful.
someone makes Laura angry.
Conclusion: Therefore, Laura is sad.

i have realized i get threatened veryvery easily.
like when im put in a certain position which ISN'T the HIGHEST position..
i tend to recoil/refrain from being my usual outspoken hyperactive smileysmiley self...
and then i become boring and forgettable..
so...i hate it... wish i could just forget about everyones status and be myself no matter what.
but my brain just cant manage to function like that.