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Saturday, March 27, 2010

immaimmaimmabee :)

ah. i forgot i even had a blog...
whenever i'm online, i am playing bejeweled. its hard to stop lah.
it's addictive.

i've been busy. exam marks are so bad. but i'm okay.

i've always wondered if i was doing enough in school. i mean ptuh prefect -_- and mssd, but besides that? i've never actually entered in sports day, or went to any of those taylors and sunway college organised things. i'm not in the redaksi, i'm not the type that joins debate. i had a brief scrabble moment in form 3, but no more after that. sigh.

scholarship my butt. doesn't spm and studies and your future worry you all the time?

and now there's the talent search competition. i haven't missed that many classes yet because of it. but from what i can see, my whole april will be bussehhh like madness. sigh.

i don't know how people do it.

i should go sleep now. i going futsal tmr :) yesh.
i haven't been in a while now. i can't wait.

no sam though. i wonder how's he doing in jb. :(

stupid bejeweled so addictive. i'mma be be be be gonna sleep now. imma be is so awesome.

i love the explorers, charmaine, my hair, sleeping, and bejeweled. goodnight :)

kyle has the tough job of waking me up.

Friday, March 12, 2010

you sexy thing :D

haha arsenal so osm :D
each goal was a product of osm passes, and osm skills :D
i love you arsenal, even though you break my heart sometimes, and you cannot beat your other two compatriots, i love the way you play :)

and i realize how majority of my time online is spent on football. arsenal blog, arsenal website, highlights, premier league website. haha.

today, sigh, we watched the 18yr olds get their results.
i feel so inferior nao. i mean, wad lah so pro :(
congrats to yen yi, xin li, eu gene, jian yao and LAWRENCE :)

i dunno how they do it. really dunno. i give up. i marry oliver kau tim la.

sigh. oh. yeah. pictures :D

olahraga :D
carlos, kitmun, qi en, ashwin, kantha, nicole, schew ee, alia, zi xuan, amanda, darryl, boon seng, LAURA :D, siau thung, her bro, athirah, and koit. :D

yes i am wearing my stupid hairband. it keeps the hair of my face, and i sweat less. shuddup.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i'll love you twice as much tomorrow (L)

hey hey :)

so mssd is over.
i regret like crazy for not giving it 100% effort, i feel like it was such a waste of time. it makes me think of other people you know i know i'm better than the average person, and i think the commitment you put in training and the sacrifice and guts it takes to compete in a district level is tiada bandingannya.

i would say overall, i am more sad than happy. sad i didn't do well, didn't do my best, wasted all my time and screwed my march exam.

but i can also be happy :) i got a nice tan, toner legs, koku points, there is no other experience that i'm ever gonna get like this, and there's nothing like screaming GO KANTHA!!!!!!!!!!!! with the rest of the olahraga. don't forget the free shirts, free bags, free kfc, free mcD, free 100 plus, and i think that's it :) free water, but that's expected right?

and i am sick talking about it also. this is my sum up. janganlah tanya saya lagi.

so in the future, i can show this to my kids. MAN are my kids gonna be athletes in the future i tell you. i don't care. i'm going to be a horrible pressurizing and pushy mom forcing my kids to do well. :) and hopefully a supportive husband with awesome genes. hah. not oliver.

so just to let all you twelveans know, there is gonna be a talent search this year, and soon too, after the march holidays :) its gonna be big okay? and anyway, i'm one of the organisers, so duh it will be awesome :)

sigh. i am staying to watch arsenal vs porto, i tell you, if we lose this and tak masuk ecl, i will mengamuk and show my mean face in school tmr. okay? gar. plus the lack of sleep all also :)

i can't wait for boot camp heee again, and i really want to shop.

*alot of photos in my camera not uploaded, even my sis can't be bothered. haha.

see you.

i love explorers :) and charmaine.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

in my head...


hmm. first time i totally and willingly screwed up an exam, a march test no less.

um, i am getting increasingly worried for mssd. i didn't do so well on monday -_- and apparently alot of the olahraga not doing well also. sigh :(

i am also very tan :) but i do hate stupid questions like people asking me why. its the sun lah. training lah. THEN.

and that blady talent search. haven't really done much about it.
if i abandoned the design team thing, the prefect room thing, and the tshirt thing due to sheer lazyness and lack of initiative, then this is certainly not going to have the same fate.
that talent search will be planned, and organised, before mid-terms or i will... i dunno.

i am now going for boot camp, and ditching the prefect camp. well, the only thing i could benefit from prefect camp now would just be what, a cert for show? heck. i'm going to bootcamp and i'm gonna have fun. how's that hmm.

so finally new year is over :( but the good thing is there's still alot of leftovers cookies, and best of all, shandy :D i think now itll probably be a can a day if i don't jaga.

and first time my angpao reached a four figure sum :)
i, want to go shopping. i haven't stepped into a mall in a while, but i actually feel like going alone. haha.

i remember i have to go for tuition, but i dowan. sigh.

adeline kong, i hope no tsunami will hit your cruise.