Pick Me

Thursday, October 25, 2007

i need u to hurry up now cause i cant wait much longer

need i say that exam is OVER?
should i tell u all the ridiculous nonsense?
yes i will brag to you how easy sej, geo, maths and science was =D
you know the most ridiculous thing is?
moral, sivik and art is KILLING me!

ok i'll tell you my marks.....
lowest to highest or highest to lowest?

moral-72 (a big hurray considering i almost failed last term)
english-78 (abit embarassing here nvm it gets better from here!)
sejarah-82 (well deserved i must say =D)
siviks-86(does it even matter)
science-90 (also very good considering i havnt done an ounce of homework the whole year...)
kh-92 (i have to admit, this one is just lucky)
MATHS!!-97 =D

Saturday, October 13, 2007

he hates you!

3rd post of the day.
laura is crazy.

laura is super emo today.
like REALLY emo.
you know the post before this?
i'm regrettin like crazy now.
its so IH.
IH is an expression.
its not explainable.
thats why its IH.
i mean, this is not the lack of attention kind of emo.
its omg! emo.
like an extreme sugar crash.
it happens alot.

when u get really hyper!!!!! and then only to be disappointed, like really.
its the worst feeling ever.
anyway. desperate for photoshop therapy.
oh well. tomorrow is a new day!

bomber man is fun to play.

jelly jelly woo!


when you're doing something wrong, u know its wrong but you do it anyway right.
you know it will hurt people.
you know it will slowly eat you up inside.
you KNOW its wrong.
its against all your policies, your standards.
you hate people who do it, but yet, YOU DID IT.
but u just need to know.
what will happen if you screw up so badly.
because everybody does it.
and they all seem fine to me.


but its too late.
i just have to wait and see what happens.

no. if in doubt, shut up.

stay away from jeremy tan.

will you stick with me through whatever

im not a vanessa hudgens fan.
i just like that song.
and i want someone who will help me through anything.
which i dont.

its funny you know.
someone likes someone. who likes me. who likes someone. who likes someone else. who might like him back.
i dont know la.
humans suck i tell you.
we are so psychologically complicated.
yet thats why i love humans.

i've been trying hard to not hate people.
so i imagine myself in their position.
and i think i would know better.

(looks like im self obsessed right??)
this is my desktop bg.
i like photoshop.hehe.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

a year, a length of hair and a red ago

dont mind the title.
so i havnt been online in a while..
i mean i have..but not in friendster or here.
and it seems pretty dead here anyway...
kinda my fault i guess...
anyway..the reason i dont emo on my blog so much anymore is cause i have found people to tell all my crap to!
and they rock!
they actually care....
i actually like people...
not so misanthropic after all eh...
its because i'm a positive person...

i know i used to be different..
i found out that people react positively to positive people and positivity but react negatively to negative people and negativity...
trying saying that realll fast muahaha..
i have to go study
geo somemore...
i shall nvr be a geologist.

this is ng againnnn..
i actually dont wanna put his pic here..but he asked me too.
and he asked me to say something nice..
which is hard...
okay la..he looks better than me..
i look blur with the drums.