Pick Me

Sunday, December 30, 2007

you make me feel better!

i wish i were psychokinetic.
i wish i had more money.
i wish i had more clothes.
i wish i had more freedom.
i wish i could be telekinetic.
i wish i had better relationships.
i wish i were smarter.
i wish i had wavier curlier hair.
[straight hair is oh-so-boring]
i wish i had every bottle of nail polish in the world.
i wish i could get free nike and adidas merchandise.
i wish there were more guys lol.
i wish i were skinnier.
i wish i had longer calves cause they are short and fat -_-.
i wish.
alot of things.

when you have God in your heart, you dont need to seek out all of these worldly things.
cause they do not matter.

and He will instill peace within you.

i am blessed.

am i a blessing?

man i love my FGT.
and my Jesus.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

swell time.

this. was taken from bryan's bulletion post.
nothing to do la...


Those Were The Days 2007...

1. Best friends?
hammy!!! and still my lovely aski and una =) still got la =)

2. Lost any friends?
sure got =(

3. Gained any friends?

4. Met a new good friend?


1. Went out of the country?

2. Moved?
literally, yes. but no.

3. New school?

4. How many times on an airplane?
none =/

1. Have you changed?

3. Biggest conflict this year?
hhahahahahahaha. not telling you.

4. Most depressed time this year?
still not telling you.


1. Did you fall in love?
i honestly dont know.

2. Did you get heartbroken?
maybe. i cant fully figure it out myself.

3. Who was your summer romance?
we dont have a summer in msia.


2. Least favorite season this year?
the schooling season?

3. Good birthday?
hah NO.


1. Snuck out?
maybe =) shhhh..

2. Met a person who will change your

3. Had a first something?
not telling...

4. Liked someone who didn't like you?
i still dont know.

6. Got bad grades?
no =p

7. Got suspended?
hello..im a goody two shoes -_-

8. Moved states?

9. Got a myspace?

10. Done something you totally regret?
of course la haix...

In 2007 I...

[X] broke a promise

[ ] made a new best friend

[??] fallen out of love

[X] lied

[X] went behind your parents back

[X] cried over a broken heart

[X] disappointed someone close

[X] hid a secret

[X] pretended to be happy

[] kissed in the rain

[] slept under the stars

[ ] kept your new years resolution

[x] forgot your new years resolution

[X] met someone who changed your life

[ ] met one of your idols

[X] changed your outlook on life

[X] sat home all day doing nothing

[X] pretended to be sick

[ ] left the country

[X] almost died

[X] given up something important to you

[X] lost something expensive

[X] learned something new about

[X] tried something you normally
wouldn't try and liked it

[X] made a change in your life

[X] found out who your true friends

[X] met great people

[X] stayed up til sunrise

[ X] cried over the silliest thing

[X] was never home on weekends

[ ] got into a car accident

[X] had friends who were drifting away
from you

[ ] had someone close to you die

[X] had a high cell phone bill

[ X] wasted most of your money on food

[ ] had a fist fight

[X ] went to the beach with your best

[ ] saw a celebrity

[X] gotten sick

[dont know =) ] liked more than 5 people at the

[x] became closer to a lot of people

so..do i like 2007?
ok, no.
it sucked.

worst year of my life.
and could be my best too.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

dont need to hold back

augh augh augh augh augh.

mm... you know what?
no you don't know anything la what on earth are you talking about?????

i hate everybody.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

white and pretty =)

you know small kids are brutally honest right?
so when they say you're pretty, they mean it!!!

it was the Christmas dinner last night..
and it was awesome!

i wanted to wear the lil black dress wan but i chickened out.
so i wore something else.
somebody slap me for not taking any pics urgh.
anyway, the food wasnt that good..
except for the roast lamb!!
and omg omg there were CLOWNS!

lol. trust the guys to go bother him..
we spent most of the night talking.
throwing rubbish at each other.
playing the oh-so-lame chi ku pak.

AND AND AND i found out something.
not like i can tell you all lah.

look! its chewie and li zhen!
my donkey friend, and my donkey!
they said he was nice to her lol

Friday, December 21, 2007

this is real

so the girl that i live with has a new handphone.
a quite ok looking sony erricson phone.
k something something wan.

so i get her old phone, the nokia that everybody has one.
3 something something.
so yay!

now u guys can actually call me!
and i dont have to charge it e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y.
cause the battery is awesome =)

yesterday, i went to 1u with...some people..
i cant be bothered to name all of them..
we watched national treasure!!!!!
it was darn scary..
i was abit too jumpy la..
not scary parts also i scared edi

we went to see john at starbucks..
they got discounts.
i didnt la..so expensive!!!!
anyway lunch hor, we went to nandos.
but then dowan.
then to carls jr.
but no place.
fine la go the silly food court.
ciplak like what la...

but whenever we were free,
i feel kinda bad abt this,
i dragged danielle to almost every shop i saw..
cause well, im like that la hee.
but i didnt buy anything for anyone.
except my parents la so SHHH.

jess and lawrie bought me socks!!!
red and black toe socks!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

so is it sure?

man i have to use my old nokia now.
battery is LAME...
and you dont even have to off it you just smack it and it offs itself.
but i do miss its message tone la hee.

camp pictures!
ok i cant decide which ones to put.
i shall put just one.

i have a bottle!
im a group leader =D

Friday, December 14, 2007

watermelons and candy canes

im not gonna say anything la.

bleach sucks.

i refuse to emo!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Señora Laura es muy hermosa

that means laura is beautiful XD

its in spanish.thanks the afiq nazar who so deaaarlyy sucks.

La signora Laura è molto bella ( Italian)
Madame Laura est très beau(French)
A senhora Laura é muito bonita(Portuguese)

so anyway.CAMPS OVER.
= (
no more awesome sermons.
no more stuff from my angel.
no more talks with my roommate.
no more awesome worships.
no more games.
no more ordering people around.
no more la.
but at the same time,
no more stress of being late for sessions.
no more banquet nite and variety nite worries.
no more sandy salty sardiney flourey clothes.
no more sandy bathroom.
no more cold nights.
no more weird insects.
no more running around for lost and founds.
no more running to una's room for all my stuff.
no more water deprivation.(cause the water supplier thingy is allllll the wayyyy THERE)

AND i have a sunburn.
face la mostly.
and surprisingly, my shoulders...
i think i put sunblock evrywhere but the shoulders.
so it hurts like crazy.
oh, and must refrain from slapping them guys in the back cause they are ALL sunburnt.
they arent vain/smart enough to put sunblock.
only that weirdo joel han.

leg and butt muscles still hurt like crazy.
the stairs to the beach are really a long way down.

btw.dont calll my hp yarh.
sms can edi.
call my house phone.
cause IM SO STUPID i left my charger in my dorm.
and my shampoo and body wash.
i knew something like this would happen.

last year, i forgot my shoes you know.

pictures soon!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

numb numb numb you him him

still numb.
or purposely numb?
are u telling yourself to be numb?
its better to be numb!
or is it?

do u guys understand?
numb as in emotionally la of course not physically or else i would be in coma or something

this is a mental note to myself.
*I.[hate/dont like/despise].[some/all/one].of.you*

i actually wish i were physically numb.
nothing nothing nothing nothing

whee i feel psychotic!

not one of my best photoshops but I like lah
theres lots of pink =D

Monday, November 19, 2007

going around in circles.

im still emo thanks for asking.

but i guess theres nothing i can do about it.
just live life.
go on with it.

holidays are good.
they make you happy enough so that you cant wait for the next one.
but boring enough so that youre unnaturally happy to go back to school.

they exist......

Saturday, November 17, 2007

laura hates.

BLAH i dont like you all la...
lol(a fake lol)

i seriously wanna write all kinds of things here...
but i guess can sum it all up to basically my previous post quote you all are stupid.

well this is the reason i choose to remain ignorant and helpless you know.
so sheltered and kept away.
ignorance WAS bliss.
then something just had to happen la.
not just one thing, its evfrything happening at once.
and i think its unfair for you all to do this to me all at once.
at least do it one by one so i can vent to the next person right??
but its not your fault too la..

emp post what the heckla..

misanthropically of course

you stupid, stupid people.
are really stupid.
and can even get stupider.

but yet so lovable ish.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

freak!ing out.

i woke up EARLY this morning.
as in up la but not out of bed.
and then i started freaking out about the holidays.
like, i've been waiting for the holidays for like, forever.
and then its here!
i mean, its already november!!!
*blacks out*

weelll soon, got VBS.
then camp.
then my hope.
then xmas.
then PMR year.
(translation for danielle: its so fast =O)

then i start freaking out about clothes.(yeah. seriously..clothes..)
girly moment or something la..
but then i was wondering if i had enough clothes to wear?

and i dont =(

laura loves being at home alone hehe.

Monday, November 12, 2007


if theres one thing i wont complain about life (which you all know i have alot to complain about), is the fact thats its always full of surprises.
the bad ones like if someone really close to me dies or someone having cancer or failing PMR or something are usually OK with me. i mean, i know God will take care of me no matter what.
the good ones absolutely rock dont u agree?

i think right, that when there are bad stuff that happens in your life, it usually means good ones are just around the corner.

and its kinda nice being depressed sometimes.
(this coming from the emo girl)
i dunno how to explain la.
but wheeeee.
theres nothing you can do about it i guess...

i have AMAZING dreams.
i obviously cant tell any of it to any of you...
not that i dont want to, i just dont want to want to.


this is another old one.
but its adidas and i LOVE adidas.

Friday, November 9, 2007

breathing is quite hard.

omg yeah it is.
im not joking.

and its a real pity too cause mummy made brownies and the wholeeeeee house smells awesome.
i feel like purging out my lungs.

hey people.
do you know people change?
its ok if they become better.
but what if they become WORSE?

its abit scary you know.
actually, very.
one minute they rock, next they're.........
i know *ahem* KNEW people that changed.
yeah whatever la.

whart a rubbish post.
im sorry.
im bored, a magnitude 6 stomach ache, worries about HIM, breathing problems and i cant find my sims 2 :(

click its dumbos.
its one of my older ones.
maybe not the bests ones.
but I like it!
it looks so Hollywood!

ITS ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

whats a damn widget?

no more prefect stuff.
i would like to complain but anyone of them could find they're way here so...
it was fun.
thats all.

should i blog about why you all misunderstand me or about how weird people are?
i guess they interconnect somewhere right.
and the only reason i came online was to blog...
okla. im more important than any of you so i'll talk about me.

do you all know im actually...
ARGH. forget about it.
im gonna get pissy again.
the basic thing is.
you all are stupid.
not really la...but some of you are...

im going to be all girly and get high from sniffing too much nail polish.
lets see..
green.black.gold.pink.purple.or hit the malls and test evrything?
oh well.

blueberry pancakes from waffle world
i know! droool...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


i just got a shock of my life!
its a real happyfying one.
i cant even think of an emo title like always.
=D x 100000000
i dont even think its real!
maybe i'm delusional!
im so scared to check again cause then it might be gone!
omg its still there kill me im so bloody happy over one itty bitty thing how miserable and pathetic am i omg i think i shall drown myself in music again yeah im gonna do that timbaland here i come
im stiill gaping pathetically at it.

so my life isnt the most awfullest ever.
i should stop comparing it to other people.

if it wasnt for that tiny thing there, you just THINK what kind of post I'll be posting man.
it'll be really emo and i hate alot of people and you people are psychologically retarted (WHICH YOU STILL ARE) and why one earth you all are so darn sensitive.
oh well.

this one wont be so nice.
i just wanna show how i feel.
ok..dont have..too busy lol
another day ok?
not like u all care anyway.
see ya =D

Friday, November 2, 2007

he him that guy he rocks

i know 3 guys.
they are the kind of guys you know you cant have but are just too darn good to look at.
you dont like them or anything, but they are the ones you fantasise about.
and there are 3 of them.
its killing me.
really. they are that hot.

*grumble grumble moan moan yuck yuck*
its not like they're perfect or something (YES THEY ARE!!)
shut up.
i'm such a girl la ish.

anyway, photoshop again!= p

(finally! something not pink!!)
lol. click it.
=D will hammy like it?!? its purple!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

when you got no one to love

as much as i would like to fall in love, i think it'll be a while before i do.
i think love is one of the biggest things that can happen in someone's life and i doubt it'll happen now.
or do u think we'll have more than 1?
i dont know.
i'll just shut up about this kay...

anyway. photoshop!

i tried laying off the pink, but i guess i don't have very good willpower eh...
tell me what u think kay?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

i need u to hurry up now cause i cant wait much longer

need i say that exam is OVER?
should i tell u all the ridiculous nonsense?
yes i will brag to you how easy sej, geo, maths and science was =D
you know the most ridiculous thing is?
moral, sivik and art is KILLING me!

ok i'll tell you my marks.....
lowest to highest or highest to lowest?

moral-72 (a big hurray considering i almost failed last term)
english-78 (abit embarassing here nvm it gets better from here!)
sejarah-82 (well deserved i must say =D)
siviks-86(does it even matter)
science-90 (also very good considering i havnt done an ounce of homework the whole year...)
kh-92 (i have to admit, this one is just lucky)
MATHS!!-97 =D

Saturday, October 13, 2007

he hates you!

3rd post of the day.
laura is crazy.

laura is super emo today.
like REALLY emo.
you know the post before this?
i'm regrettin like crazy now.
its so IH.
IH is an expression.
its not explainable.
thats why its IH.
i mean, this is not the lack of attention kind of emo.
its omg! emo.
like an extreme sugar crash.
it happens alot.

when u get really hyper!!!!! and then only to be disappointed, like really.
its the worst feeling ever.
anyway. desperate for photoshop therapy.
oh well. tomorrow is a new day!

bomber man is fun to play.

jelly jelly woo!


when you're doing something wrong, u know its wrong but you do it anyway right.
you know it will hurt people.
you know it will slowly eat you up inside.
you KNOW its wrong.
its against all your policies, your standards.
you hate people who do it, but yet, YOU DID IT.
but u just need to know.
what will happen if you screw up so badly.
because everybody does it.
and they all seem fine to me.


but its too late.
i just have to wait and see what happens.

no. if in doubt, shut up.

stay away from jeremy tan.

will you stick with me through whatever

im not a vanessa hudgens fan.
i just like that song.
and i want someone who will help me through anything.
which i dont.

its funny you know.
someone likes someone. who likes me. who likes someone. who likes someone else. who might like him back.
i dont know la.
humans suck i tell you.
we are so psychologically complicated.
yet thats why i love humans.

i've been trying hard to not hate people.
so i imagine myself in their position.
and i think i would know better.

(looks like im self obsessed right??)
this is my desktop bg.
i like photoshop.hehe.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

a year, a length of hair and a red ago

dont mind the title.
so i havnt been online in a while..
i mean i have..but not in friendster or here.
and it seems pretty dead here anyway...
kinda my fault i guess...
anyway..the reason i dont emo on my blog so much anymore is cause i have found people to tell all my crap to!
and they rock!
they actually care....
i actually like people...
not so misanthropic after all eh...
its because i'm a positive person...

i know i used to be different..
i found out that people react positively to positive people and positivity but react negatively to negative people and negativity...
trying saying that realll fast muahaha..
i have to go study
geo somemore...
i shall nvr be a geologist.

this is ng againnnn..
i actually dont wanna put his pic here..but he asked me too.
and he asked me to say something nice..
which is hard...
okay la..he looks better than me..
i look blur with the drums.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

i might not care...

erm..2nd post of the day eh..hehe

guess what?
i think im starting to like pink again..
as in the colour pink..
my toenails are pink too!
suddenly entering the girly girl phase that didnt show up when i was into barbie huh..

a few tips. on how not to get called by teacher.
1. hide your darn name tag. inconspicuously of course...
2. avoid any eye contact with the teacher.
3. dont draw any attention to yourself
4. but dont ignore her too...
5.give boring answers
6.dont falll asleep

but if the teacher already knows and hates you then too bad ;p
=D have to go eat lunch and then YF so see yaa!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah =D

when their together...

ok..bitter post alert.

i dont think YOU should be anywhere near me.
in fact, if you're not gonna do anything just TELL ( shout, scream, yell, whisper, write, sms, email, or you know, something you haven't really tried, like TALKING!!)
yes, tell me!
then we can allll move on from this disastrous episode of my life ok?
instead of dragging it on for what it feels like forever...
i mean...the false hope is really degrading to a person =(
ok..maybe u have insecurity issues too..
but be a MAN for goodness sake!
theres only so much a teenage girl can take ya know?

but i know its fun =D
quite fun...i guess..
if u call depression fun...

anyway...phew...i got that off now =D

click on it for a better view!
class photo!
its funny how beginning of evry year i hate my class but then towards the end i love it instead?
to put aside my pride for a while,
i think the guys in my class are funny...
but they can still suck sometimes!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

people always getting your attention.

i was gonna give a deep post about how life sucks again but no..
i wanna talk about chairs =D

that day at the NECF thingy... me being me..i need to complain about their chairs.

oh what the heck i dont wanna talk about stupid chairs.
i want to talk about last night..but then..not really..
i just dont have a blogging mood ya know..

i dont like blogging much anymore..
it requires a kind of high i only get on the weekends..
so..you guys just have to wait..
not like any of you are reading anyway...

me and aski 'click'

Thursday, August 30, 2007

::no secrets to reveal::


its my 100th post!
i know this isnt much of an accomplishment, but for me it is!
it shows that i have managed to stick to this blog.
and i probably will for a long time.
this special post come with my new layout.
if u dont like it, i dont care cause i do.
i shall be posting about...
what else other than about ME!
i'm gonna tell you stuff that i like.

*i like drawings of stick-people than drawings of normal people*

*i like running*
*i like football*
*i like doing random things ( but its who i do them with that matters)*
*i like photoshop*
*i like putting smileys in msn, smses and here =D*
*i like surprises*
*i like taking pictures*
*i like deep conversations*
*i like complimenting people*
*i like insulting people XD but i never mean it*
*i like my bolster*
*i like my hair*
*i like adidas*

*i might love spongebob =P*

so hey!
this is my post!

and hey. did i tell u i LOVE my friends?
(pictures like shit..but since its a special event=p)

yee wan hammy me

me brenda

aski una me

janice me cheryl

everybody else!
(you cant see anything =C)
(click on the picture and it becomes big!!)

Friday, August 17, 2007

i think that i know.

i dont wanna be in love
i dont wanna be in love

ok. a sudden obsession with good charlotte?
i'm not the type that falls in love easily.
mostly, i like guys cos well, theres nothing better to do.

i didnt go to school.
cause i'm sick.
dam stupid.
i always always get sick near holidays and weekends.
why cant i get sick on a monday?
its good lah.
at least i dont need to do Pn Erna's bloody homework.
like siviks so important like that lahhhh?????????!!!!????

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

black and white. and BLONDE!

its already late btw.

i want cows to be their universally known colour.
black...and white!
not hideous browns, blacks and patches of unknown in between.


ive been thinking (as i always do..)
that its so tiring to absolutely hate humans...but then love the shit out of em(and love their Creator =D) at the same time.
so...ima explain it to you ok?

I like to think that all humans are genuinely good.
i , when meeting someone, try my best not to judge them.
i wanna think that they, have the absolute best intentions.
im serious here.
i dont wanna make you all think im so good and noble and all that la...hee.
ok. so, erm..humans.
so i set high expectations for people la.
in a way, thats judgmental too..but the good kind!
so er, when people are stupid (which happens alot),
then well, i just hate them lah.
which im trying my best to not do.

i dont think u people will understand.
but erm..yeah...
something like that lah.

mine*hammy*yee wan

i love adidas!

Monday, August 6, 2007

all i know

lol. theres so many things to blog i think my brain might malfunction.
phoo. slowly la ok?
basic juvenile crap first.
a nerd like me should have started at least 2 weeks ago.
people...thoughtless immature people etcetc...
and uh...
i have to re-download it.
i think i take it for granted. ish.

ok..now the deep emo stuff..
ok lah..another day.
im planning to sleep early.
( which might be impossible nowadays)
so many testies to reply...

My parents are threatening to take away my phone..and i just only got it.
i should stop smsing so much.
joseph ar joseph....

literally, friends for life!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

the world is worldly

so..sarah came back from australia.
i know lah..
bodoh sangat...make ppl sad and the suddenly only come back.
at least she had some sweets for me.

i was kinda depressed in school today.
about life and all that crap again.
i hate humans i tell u.
i need someone to talk to.
therapist perhaps?

nicky, me and a part of steph's head.
haha. not your typical lala pose i guess.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

flip splash

a hot guy, not perasan at all, smart, funny, likes to eat and tells you he really likes you and loves to hold your hand and sit with you.
it would be really cool if the guy was actually older than u.
hes 4.
and he likes me alot.

i didnt go to school today.
i want to suria klcc.
with my moms kindergarten.
and a hot 4 year old like me!

thats all for now....malas wanna post.

oh. and i have a hp!
and i like having it.

Monday, July 23, 2007




why is it that i tend to classify everyone else as one whole big force against miniscule me? is it that im insecure?or is it one of those normal-teenage-phases we go through?if so,take it away. i dont like it.

my tendency to exclude myself is my worst enemy.

dont misunderstand. im not a total antisocial. i have friends. its just that some how, right smack in the middle of a comfortable conversation with my acquaintances, i get this tiny critical voice in my head. the thoughts will come pouring in:why are these people being nice to me? why does being classmates/senior-juniors/clubmates make us friends? if so, why didnt i approach them ages ago?

and usually, after those heart-to-heart-truth-or-dare tete-a-tetes, the fun runs out. brief greeting exchanges seem so mechanical. life becomes the normal dreary existence it was, as if the in-depth whole friendship moolah never happened. that will be the time i start questioning again. in the end, the "hellos" and "c ya later"s seem like chores. someting i do as a polite gimmick.

im such a fake. i hate this stupid plastic grin and this stupid plastic giggle on my face.

again, dont get me wrong.

i cherish friendship. just not so much when i have to mantain it.

back to self-exclusion.

i think my ego also plays a huge part in this. 24/7 im surrounded by people i find shallow. for a fact, i actually detest shallow people. though i find it hard to be so against them when even my closest friends are. i feign interest in boring conversations of little substance. im sick and tired of attempting to show my other side, my deep side, only to find it brushed away as 'anisa's being weird again lets avoid her for a while till she pulls herself together and tells us about what happened at so-n-so's party.'


and she complains about me being emo.
i seriously need to fully fully thank her for this.
i mean, i aint a good explainer and usually i confuse people so, the way she puts this is well...
almost perfect.
word for word, its exactly how i feel most of the time.
this is kinda why i was so emo last time.
oh and, she never leaves a space after commas and full stops.
its not good.

but anyway, good for her lah.
i mean, how many form 1's do u know..
(or anybody in fact)
could be so..
expressive and insightful.
oh gawd its like im her utmost fan or something.

i just know what shes going through.

the way u are.
i dont.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

whispers and bottles

not ok.
so...not evrybody can change back places.
turns out, our class, 2 cyber, is actually one of the noisiest classes in form 2 lah..
the teachers actually discussed about our class during a meeting...
thats what THEY say lah...
so, Pn Malliga(?) and Pn Saramah want us to permanently change our places.
makes me wanna rebel like crazy.

and..oliver and joshua are..um..weird?

thats me.
i can walk!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

wait for as long as you can.

we won futsal!
happy gila.
played 5 games~won all!
were first!
the finals against 2B was damn scaryyyyyyyy.
nadiah rocks as a striker...
and of course me too as a defender.
so. 2cyber isnt that bad lah.
oh teacher changed or places in class.
as if were gonna listen to her lah.
but...theres no nadiah.
abruptly replaced by daniel.
which....is...i shall not say on the world wide web.
needless to say, we'll all be back to our ori places.

scary like shit right?
it belongs to aski.
sometimes i feel like this on the inside.

i think i might be weird.
my brain is soooo weird.
weird in a bad way.
its making me evil.
and im serious.
i wanted to post a pic here.
but i dont have a pic to describe how im feeling right now.

if i were a big scary blue monster, would you go with me to a valley to possibly overtake earth too?
i think the monsters up there are lucky.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

duck walk.

doing ohp was fun today.
i get to press buttons and stuff.
lotsa errors though.
and i was kinda late also...
i was also kinda freaked out about the thing lah..
cos...first time..
i scared i would mess up and jam the com or something.
but still fun.
less work.
chewie was being..himself..
felt like taking his expensive looking guitar and slamming him with it.

i was watching national geographic today...
and...i found out that Australia's coastline is home to many of the most poisonous creatures on earth!
Sarah i hope u get stung by a box jellyfish or by a cone snail.
no i dont lah..
im actually kinda worried.
who knows where the hell Perth is?

non quality photo taken by janice.
long time ago..
u can hardly see our faces.

can u see me?

hello freaks-that-actually-read-my-blog...

dammit.i hatehate forwarded messages.
they send you the same crap again and again and its not even true(sometimes) so its sorta lying.
i mean the funny stuff is ok i guess but dontlah send to me that they will shut your account if you dont send this crap to more than 10 people who actually care.
and i especially hate the ones that say if u dont send this to another bloody group of people, you will have a bad love life and all that.
like an email could change your life.....

oh..i dont mean to insult people who sent those messages...
happier stuff!

what an overstatement.
happy stuff?
what happy stuff?
dont u know my life sucks?
what happy stuff are u talking about?

i did something with photoshop again.
here goes.

so how?

Monday, July 9, 2007

i need u to tell me.

i dont wanna be in love
i dont wanna be in love

ok. a sudden obsession with good charlotte?
i'm not the type that falls in love easily.
mostly, i like guys cos well, theres nothing better to do.

i didnt go to school.
cause i'm sick.
dam stupid.
i always always get sick near holidays and weekends.
why cant i get sick on a monday?
its good lah.
at least i dont need to do Pn Erna's bloody homework.
like siviks so important like that lahhhh?????????!!!!????

Sunday, July 8, 2007

such a beautiful lie to believe.

so..yesterday went to subang utama for their hari whatever.
i went with my auntie/tuition teacher. hee.
then she got lost...its a freaking huge place so i as mostly confused.
then i went to see amanda and cheryl.
then blablabla, walked around.
then i saw una and aski so i followed them around.
waited a long time for the haunted house thing but then so fannn(i used i Chinese word! im not a banana!) until we just left the line.
how many ppl we saw.
alot of lalas there lah. and weirdos.
i spent 20 bucks there. i think its a waste of money.
i dyed my hair greenish. but it didnt even last till youth meeting.
and i got a tattoo. tiny and shiny.
we got bored so we went to the park.
played on the swing awhile.
then we walked a gazillion miles to aski's house.
okla..maybe not that far but still..

then at aski's house.
camwhored alot.
played with hair straighteners and hair-dryers.
and we all exchanged skirts.
i had to change skirts with una about 5 times cos she was worried about how fat she looked and well, we were both selfish like mad.
anyways, eggs, shoes, bathing, joel, a dog named nike (i hope u guys know what i'll name my dog if i ever get one..starts with a)
and um girl talks.
thats how to sum up the day there.

and youth was well. youthish.
i think i have to tell someone something veryvery important.
the ambiguity in my brain is killing me.

my camera is with jess so i cant upload anything.

destiny vs. fate

Friday, July 6, 2007

bassguitar, electricguitar, drums

My Chemical Romance - Teenagers
Justin Timberlake - Lovestoned/I Think She Knows

ok. music is again taking over my life.

people, go watch Transformers. i feel like watching it again.

me ushering this saturday.
i got a name tag.
its chainy thing is......PINK!
i dont usually like pink...but still.

went to Jessica's blog just now.
thats my life.

seems like everyone is emo nowadays.
and so is the weather.

[my first time amateur try at adobe photoshop]

i feel like talking about the guy again.
*sighs and frowns*
he is not the perfect guy for me.

i need respect and attention.
if being rude is your way of communicating, maybe your life isnt so much better than mine.

Sarah freaking migrated to freaking Australia.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

anything but ordinary please.

laura: what will i get if i get no.1 in class?
parents: handphone lah..
laura: *shocked and disgusted*um...
parents: then what u want?
laura: jeans.
parents: .....

hee. weird rite?
whats wrong with me?

Friday, June 29, 2007

free popcorn!

lets take a moment for me to express my anger.
i hate uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
u know what i had many things to blog..but im too pissed of.
im going.
it took me two weeks to hate someone i loved so much.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

if u ever change your mind...

the current love of my life...

arent they beautiful??
my adidas originals =D

if u see me in church not wearing them, its prolly cos its kinda hot to wear them cos i hate wearing socks...

tupidd jeremy stepped on my shoes b4..

and u know what?

today..in the meeting, we had to exchange shoes!
so...i had to exchange with chewie and some guy named chris...
they had HUGE (and ugly) shoes...
i was kinda scared they would damage my shoes..

ben lim had to wear una's shoes.

sad that 'somebody' couldnt be there...

dont u guys think were to young to love?
do we know what love is actually like?
i mean the bf-gf kinda love...
like..i dont get it when i see people around my age professing their utmost love for someone who they themselves know that they will prolly never even remember each other after high school...

im crapping i know...
maybe i ought to try it out and see if it has the same effect on me...
who to try on?

Friday, June 22, 2007

wrist in peace.

there was the concert yesterday.
i didnt go.
eunice didnt sponsor me another ticket again.

so...we stayed in class.
me, sarah and jen wen talked really long.
went in the lab late.
hideous mr.zabidi didnt even realize.
we let kavitra do the experiment.
i tasted it.
apparently, milk+water+flour+sugar+salt doesnt taste very nice.
then teacher asked sarah a question.
hehe. i mean, we were obviously not paying attention...
something magnesium+hydrochloric acid=???

then later in BM..
boring like dunno what lah...
that lame teacher was asking us to read from that book...
so i slept...
im an expert sleeper so of course teacher didnt catch me...
i think ima fail bm this year...

go be sausage lah.

i have always imagined someone else...u know?
no u dont..

so...im kinda annoyed now.
because some ppl dont know the importance pillow covers.
the living room has 8 pillows.
4 types of covers.
so therefore, there are 2 identical pillows lah.

brown pillows: flat, soft. good for head support and leg suppport.
coral pink pillows, cream pillows: slightly fat. very huggable. good for head also.
orange pillows: huggable also. nothing special. oldest.
red spotted pillows: huggable!

see...they all have their own purposes.
but when mommy washes the covers, and then puts them back, now i dont know which is which and watching tv now isnt that comfy anymore...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

from yesterday.

okay im very happy now....
smiling like shit onli...
cant tell u guys why lah.

guess what?
i havnt been online since last week...

and to my horror...
friendster is abit whack again today...

i had a dream last night.
i dreamt i went to Kelantan(???)
then we went to a mall...
and then i went to Levi's
i stole evrything there....
the clothes and jeans were damn nice lah...
and the dream lasted damn long..

this shows that desperately need a new pair of jeans...

so..now i am going to stress about homework that i will never do..
go and play with the photoshop thingy that my sis installed..
think about what to cook for lunch..
try and reply comments from friendster that wont appear bcos it is hanging now..
and try to discover where all these ants are suddenly coming from and what they are doing all over the computer...

see yous.

have i told u people i like fried rice?
and panda bears...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

me be useless.

v201 was good!
possibly one of the best courses ever!
despite sitting next to a big gorilla and a sad maiden that kept annoying each other, i could say i had a lot of focus...
and i half stole 2 name tags
danielle chun
lawrence ch'ng sim kiat
(fat hou sim card boy...)
nah just kidding.
later eu mun take.

Monday, June 11, 2007

i dont like people thinking theyre better than me....even if they are...

u know....friendship is something u have to maintain...and it isnt easy...
what if you had changed?
u made that friend when you were one person...and now.. youre totally 360 degrees different...
then what?
u no longer have many things in common with the person..
so then?

ok...different scenario..
how about if...
u and ure friend were friends by default?
theres nothing u can do about it...
i mean...u guys were around each other for so long it would be kinda lame if u guys just dont talk to each other right?

urgh... stupid post...
dont know what to do...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

expressive now.

damn. i spent the whole half hour looking for ivans damn profile on the damn friendster.
its just so huge u know...
so i went looking here..and there...
and got caught up looking at other peoples' profiles until...sien lar now..

i hate unproductive veggeiless days.

my heart is numb has no feeling.

a funny thing happened in church today.
like..imagine..two lil people in yer brain...one is Mr.Happy and one is...er...Mr.um....Mr.Not so happy...
or just call them Mr X and Mr Y(shit... i miss doing algebra and linear)
X is happy and optimistic..and well...Y is the total opposite...
they were like sort of having an argument in brain just before youth lar...
imagine them shoving, yelling, arguing with each other...

X: dowan larh weih..people like her more when she happy la...
Y: who cares what people likes...if she sad then dun need to hard larh...
X: she sad also not because of serious stuff marh...shes just being a bit superficial and underappreaciated..thats all..
Y: are u sure?maybe its worse leh...
X: let her be happy lah...she was so happy last week=\
Y:so...u had ure turn lah..now my turn..
Y: agrees....fine...THEN SUNDAY LEH?
Y: YA HOR....oklah...

so then Laura becomes happy in church again....

i love hugs now...especially the one that i dreamt...eeee...

looking forward for lunch tomorrow.
seems like were alllll going for v201 tmr.
joseph wanna belanja me again?

Saturday, June 9, 2007

hope u dont mind.

i was bored when my sis was taking a bath.
so i made a fake ransom video on the blue toy squid.
a million ringgit. hehehe. its on my canon camera now....
u ppl should see it..

aih...i want diversity...
for u not so smart people, its not a kind of university...
its just something i want..that i dont have...that other people have...
i mean..dont u hate having a totally monotonous uniform straight life?
i mean..u just wake up and know its gonna be a same day with the same people doing the same things...

thinking: are THEY planning a conspiracy plot against me?
conscience: yeah. they want to ignore me to get my attention.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

i miss you.

ah...what a typical topic.
im not the type that misses a guy until i wanna die kinda thing...
but yeah...i miss a guy.
a guy i havent seen in a bout a few years or so...
i somehow think hes the guy i truly truly like.
a guy i can tell lotsa stuff to and not feel uncomfortable.
funny and smart and doesnt compromise his morals to fir into the outrageous standards of humankind.
ahhh dont i wish i can turn back time.

oh..and btw...
im starting to obsess about base guitars now.
sesat lah.
its so hard to listen to proper songs nowdays cause i tune out all other sounds except base or drums.
so most of the time i barely know a thing i listen to.

[retarded betul lah]

ohmygawd i found a picture of una and aski!
and a proper one too!

PS.theyre hotter than they look now

Friday, June 1, 2007

just a donkey.

The following 16 people are getting baptized.
1. Lai Gene Lih
2. Lai Yi Jan
3. Chin Cae Me
4. Lee Le Min
5. Ong Hwee Teen
6. Yanti Tan
7. Nicole Kimberly
8. Nicholas Ng
9. Benjamin Lim
10. Daniel Mah
11. Daniel Poh
12. Joel Han
13. Bright Izoka
14. Inalegwu Ochoche
15. Collins Ozuzu
16. Chandler Obinna

heee. they getting baptized.


special post today!
since im feeling happy...

nah...just kidding....no special post...gonna emo and post something about the major (MAJOR) flaws of humankind...just like the other posts...

or... how about the major flaws of my Friendster right now?

no..im really bored...

hey..how bout i tell u bout melaka?

boring like dunno what lar i tell u...so sick of seeing old houses and gaudy trishaw pullers...
the best thing about the whole trip was the hotel and the breakfast buffet!
i ate and ate and ate at the buffet...
there was miso soup..and sausages and waffles and salads with expensive cheeses and omelettes and ahhh...
it was just amazing...

im such a city person.

pictures soon...(i keep saying that)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

bright green and furry.

i feel horrible.
my nose is stuck, i have a horrible stomach ache, and mosquitoes keep biting me.

guess what?
yesterday night...me and my family went to 1 utama.
and then we ate at Char Chan Teng(??) which i paid for. RM 60.61
so..im kinda broke now...
and then we went to the adidas shop.
which was next to the nike shop.
but in the end, i chose an adidas shoe...and daddy bought it for me!
im really happy...
pictures soon lah...

guess what i did today.
i woke up, and made 2half-bolied eggs for breakfast.(yummy)
and then i want to the tv.
and to my utmost horror, there was a list.

a)sweep and mop upstairs and downstairs
b)keep all the clothes
c)fold all the clothes

good gracious right??
so i ignored it a moment and i turned on the tv.
big shock.
'please insert your smartcard'
so..omgness...my mum is really serious..so i went to all the usual places where i might find the astrp card..(UPSR year...my mum hid the astro card everyday...so i usually know where it is)
but its nowhere so..
i watched pirates of the Caribbean(2nd movie, mind you) but the quality was so freaking bad so i folded the clothes at the same time.
then bored...i watched hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.
then i slept.
till 3pm.

i woke up. turned on the radio. and was in the mood for some old songs...like my daddy's era songs...
then i swept and mopped...upstairs and downstairs...
tired like shit...sweating even worse...
but i felt so...berdikari..

im going to Melaka tmr.
a very impromptu trip.
havnt packed yet

oh and btw, i know u ppl wont even be bothered to read this post anyway...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

how be you?

this is a danielle inspired post.
she said my posts werent happyfying.
well..im not happy person when computering.
i am happy outside though.

nicholas ng says: are you gonna wake up tomorrow?
i echo what he says.
i laugh.
i say: for what?
nicholas ng says: the game?
i say: liverpool vs AC Milan?NO!why should i?
nicholas ng says: (something i cant really remember)
something about arsenal?
i say: are u gonna wake up tomorrow??
i laugh again.
(thats about how the convo went..or something like that lah...i dont know the exact words...except for the first question...)

Friday, May 25, 2007

i thought i knew you

so hes that kinda person.
that kinda person in school.
which i dont think is good for me...or is it?

so anyway...today after church, me and una were the only ones left there....so we talked about last time...children church era...
about jo, aski, joyce...teachers(who's names will not be mentioned)...and stuff...
so many things to remember..

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

beautiful lalalalalala

i was thinking about first impressions.
personally, i dont like it.
because some people are generally random and unpredictable (like ME)(as i'd like to think)
or they may just be going through a rough day.
like it or not, it applies to my life or everyone's actually.
i dont like judging people at first glimpse, but yet, i do.
because naturally, since we try to find a way to connect to new people, you scrutinize and observe and then ooze out as much as your brain can interpret what kind of person they are.
well, subconsciously of course.

second or third impressions are usually the best.

the insanity of calvin and hobbes usually helps me regain sanity.

and so does this. although the guy in the book is somewhat an idiot.

how about this shoe???