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Friday, June 8, 2012

catch me on fire.

i know i've been away.

the past 2 weeks have been awesome. sigh. :) such a teenage thing to say that, well, i wish life was like this always.

actually the moment exam ended it's been great. i do appreciate the times where i can just go out with no worries.

last minute sleepover at jam's house. me, ngs, boons, irving, jared, jam, kelvin. we played apples to apples and werewolf. seriously, i'd rather do this till 4am in the morning, than be in a mamak tolerating shisha smoke or just plain smoke or than in a noisy club not making conversations.

sigh, anyway. the main thing i want to post, is abt the ng's.

nat, nick, step, my sis and i have been like a power combo since i was 11 or 12. that's abt 7 to 8 years.

imagine, almost every wednesday for 7 years, they'd come to our house for cell, and we'd get to talk and play cho dai di, and monopoly deal. and make fun of the funny stuff that steph always does or says. when younger we'd do silly things like turn off all the lights and talk in the dark, or play with blindfolds. and flee from the occasional cockroaches.

it would make my week seem shorter and funner, and i'd have something to look forward to. and most holidays and big events like cny and christmas our families would hang out together. and movies! and our after youth camp traditions. and breakfasts, lunches, dinners and suppers. and even the tougher and sadder events.

through my numerous boy-crushes, and immature phases. sometimes they remind of the stupid things i used to do. wai i so noob also i dunno.

but now no more. yes lah, we'd still be good friends and see each other every week, but there were times where i'd see them everyday of the week. and now it's just the regular three days a week. :( haha.

there is no particular structure to my post, because i don't really know what to say and how to say it.
there would be no family bond anymore. but it's not a big deal really. i guess.

just that wednesdays just got a lot more boring.