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Sunday, January 31, 2010

cause he's like all bimbo and stuff

ah :)

i just swept my room just now. er, let's just say i can't believe i lived with that.

so, how was your weekend my dear blog?

because mine was not! hehe.

at una's, we do our check-people-out-on-facebook/blogger thing, and slept around 1 talking. first time waking up at any time we wanted.

last-minute decision to follow ryan to summit.

which i am never going again alone with two girls only okay. something creepy happened to me. disgusting.

and we had our kfc nugget lunch :D

and after church, we headed over to maegan's for su-lyn's/danielle's farewell. sigh :(

and bla bla sunday, i cleaned my room alil.
and in about 10 mins, i am going to watch tw0-hours of intense, stressful football that will determine my arsenal's being for the season.

to my football boyfriend, nicholas ng, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

pictures soon, i promise :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

no homework? really?!

hello! i'm just home after a jog with my girlfriend. a nice, long, jog.
see, jogging with yourself does not work. but when you jog with that girlfriend of mine which is so berkeupayaan, then you're doing enough :)

and i did much better than expected. we are going to make this a weekly thing! watch out all of you! :D

so, this week was nice. no training, no homework, studying only when i felt like it, and some jogging. and a busy weekend to end. muahaha.

i'm going to una's for a sleepover with aski :) accompanied with KFC nuggets. we're going to make it our thing ;)

and then tmr, haha, i am actually triple-booked! how happenning and wanted am i right?

i have su-lyn's farewell, that is the one i am going to, not just because it was planned the earliest, but because i love her the most! :D :D and she's leaving meeeeee :(

then there's also sam's farewell (i know right? why are all these people going at once?)
sigh but i can't go, and ptuh they sent the invites like, yesterday. joseph? explain yourself.

and a family dinner, my auntie from HK is back, sigh, and i'm going to miss ALOT of good food.

but whatever :)

in february i tell you, i'm going to have bad withdrawal symptoms man. like, what? i'm not doing anything on saturday and sunday night? since when was i so lame? oh loneliness, depression, inferiority, etc etc. oh wait! cny! lol

yesterday, after school, my sis surprises me and says lets go to parade, the ng's are there.

hee :) and we went to see them. buying clothes for nick, and oohing and aahing at everything at cold storage.

its so easy being a chef with alot money, because you can buy all the awesome ingredients you want. not like us, bajet, spinach also complain expensive adi.


i love my 5E! and sigh who watches glee lah. i don't know who does.

I, am going to take more pictures. sigh. see ya!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

eu mun's sudoku is driving me nuts.

haha! don't listen to whatever i say, i'm a big fat procrastinator.

i said i wanted to study today, but i couldn't draw myself from glee, so i watched episode 4 and 5 and next thing i know, BAM i am here. and probably won't leave.

i'm not trying to don't worry :) today was nice. a non-pressuring boring day for once, however, that does worry my because i am not utilizing my time well enough argh.

had english and est today, need i say more? simple tests. but its mean how they stack history, chem and physics in one day tmr. sigh. and i am not studying because? i am somehow stuck up enough to believe i deserve a break, but i've had more than a break for the past 20 hours or so.

tuition yesterday, of which i usually do some hardcore notes and studying, i actually did some of here and there and daydreaming alot. and when i came home i literally did not move from the couch watching ugly betty and lipstick jungle for 2 hours. after a bath, i did some old homework, and well, more tv, till ah, almost 1.

and today in school, besides the lame latih tubi, we pretty much talked and goofed off till we went home. come on, two periods of chemistry with a teacher who is btw, NOT AROUND, and two more of sivics, and just one of est :)

all of us just sat at the back of class and talked :D

and they raped hasif, because it is his birthday today, and we sang happy birthday too, although softly because another rap at bbi and my class is going to hell.


oh yeah, today is also a special day because, my soulmate, the one i was meant to be with from when i was 6 till forever, una teoh, turns 17 today :)

i know she is too short to drive, let alone drive me around, but i will still love her :) and ah happy birthday darling!
go here will you?

i made this for her for valentines last year :)

this is her sleepy-oh-you-taking-picture-of-me? face :D

Monday, January 25, 2010

i don't know how p diddy feels like in the morning :(

i want your love! (L) Adam Desa!

hey hey :) i haven't updated in a while huh.
sorry loh, but its been busy.

been staying back in school alot, for training, and other stuff, but my homework's getting done, and its ALOT of it. except bm yeah right i'm gonna do karangan huh.

last sunday had danielle's surprise birthday party, and she's now 16!

see me laughing!

and then yesterday (sunday) was ryan's surprise 21st birthday party :) at A&W! with the bear and everything :)

also had camp over the weekend, camp is 10x better when you're a facilitator man. slept about an hour from saturday to sunday. sigh. couldn't catch up with my homework.

and today had to babysit form4 interviewees till 6 okay. thats like 12 hours of my day for school. and from 2-6, i did those stupid mod maths graphs.

needless to say, i am exhausted. and i feel so lifeless. but whatever.

tmr is latih tubi, i'll just be here till 10 lah. and study later. i am actually quite thankful for this. makes me wanna berulang kaji :)

ya know on friday after chem tuition, charmaine and i were having a romantic evening at the park :D hehe.

have you met nerd-pouch guy? :)

and yah go watch glee! its nice. really.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ra-ra my 400th post

this is my i-am-eating-bread-with-icecream!-yay! face :)
[why are my singapore pics so pixelated?]

hello blog, how are you? how nice that you can be just another url. so free, and can make friends with other websites and url's with no big chores to do, no homework, no tuiton, or nothing to study. i envy you, my soulless blog.

i am so mentally tired, abit of an exaggeration i know, but i can see myself with this packed schedule till the very night before my last SPM paper. 300 more days to go did you know that? i have no idea how pn.sharihah counted 329, its nowhere near, i'm abit more confident now my maths is better :)

lemme tell youu, about my weekend.

so on friday, i went home, not really a TGIF moment, because i had to go for my first ever tuition besides my usual other tuition. at pn.poh's at 3. it was OKAY, i just don't know anything about chemistry and there's alot of homework.

and there's ham, panda, oliver, jian xiang, chin hua... there.

and then i followed panda to play my first all girls futsal since...form 2. and it was fun. we all scored goals. i think i'm pretty good loh.

then why am i playing with these fat, ungentlemanly, barbarians, i mean guys on an early saturday morning? rar. i should do an all girls futsal within my own church girls.

and then rushed home to bathe, have dinner and go to church. ah.

and then on early satuday morning had the AGM which was OKAY SAJE, bad + good = okay
and then had a meeting about camp D:

went home at 12 ish, ate a burger, took some panadol and went to sleep because i was not feeling well at all. went to church at 3.30, i love love my cell girls :)

after that, i rushed home, changed, and went to pick adeline and debbie for the cf party. thought we were pretty late (like halfanhour late) but guess what everyone was lateR.

came home and watched a pretty lame game against everton. just lame lah. that 2 points are very important loh.

on sunday though i woke up with a mad fever. you know, warm, achey, sore throat, runny nose... took my beloved panadol and slept again. after lunch of sickfood aka porridge, did the same thing.

i even managed to do some homework.

honestly didn't wanna go to school on monday, but you know, can't miss lessons kan. i was still feverish, and my nose didn't help either, but hey add maths! :)

supposed to go to mcafee practice, as in walk there, but it was raining, and i was still sickly, so rarh i slept through.

i went training today though :) i, am, very, very, unfit. couldn't even make it past drills. whatever. i had tuition. though i came home and fell asleep first. then came home at 8.

my sister made dinner again. yeah we've been consuming pasta like ze italians recently. and then homework+tv!

i know its way more efficient to do homework without tv, but its was less fun, and you feel less.. lifeless. mm. idcare abt bm adi lah. tatabahasa my head.

and it's getting busier.

see you when i see you!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


yello :)

i didn't get the lowest in tuition today, YAY :)

i had some freak gastric attack from nowhere today, and its not like i don't eat. and i have a dry sore throat. so all these things are telling me i don't eat enough and i don't drink [water!] enough, but i so am, so i think my body is just throwing a fuss.

yah. so last monday i went into class and all the guys at the back were like aww :( because arsenal lost. sigh. and LOL it could happen again this monday, but the thing abt football is you learn how to let go and go on :)

did not go jogging or training this whole week. sigh. and i finished alot of homework this week because of that.

i have also finished watching all 13 episodes of glee sigh, i don't know if season two also got yet or not.

on thursday was nick's birthday :) yes he is 16 now! in the prime of his youth! and still young! lol. one of my oldest and best friends. nice to see you grow up so well nick :)

yeah, we went to kemuning to surprise him. yeah on a school night! first time weh :)
but we got lost and ended up in some ulu part of klang instead. reached there an hour late. i really thank God we're okay, didn't kena arrested LOL, or didn't end up in somewhere worse, or no petrol, and that we kept getting so many calls cause everyone worried about us. yeah.

came home at 12 -_- and i woke up this morning with like sore throat and stomach ache lah. yeesh.

today didn't do much at school either, talk alot loh.

and tmr is sports day. i think i am running lah. i dunno -_-?

i always ask myself, why do i want to be in the olahraga. the training hours are long and tiring, i'm not even that fast or have that much stamina, and i am scared to death of competing at mssd because of last year.

if i had any talent, and knew i could win something, then it'd be okay. but since i don't, i feel like i'm being more idealistic than realistic. maybe i just want the title, because it sounds cool :) and the training makes you more fit, and you feel healthier and you get full koko marks :D. i don't know. but it is very tiring, and i do know that my studies will suffer abit for the march test.

but if there's one reason i know why i'm still there, it's because i love running :) the feeling of running without feeling like you wanna faint/throw up/die is amazing :) and thats what it is, passion :) if you love something and you are willing to work hard for it, why won't you succeed in it? and i have God on my side. i can deal with disappointment.

haha. i think about this alot. sigh. and feel like just quitting all the time, or wishing i could turn back time and start training earlier. whatever.

and i don't find anybody sharing this passion with me either. i don't know. i never asked. but they don't seem like they do. whatever.

i'm no kantha :)

right. see you guys?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

apparently alot of people have the new york song stuck in their heads...

my morning face in singapore (yes i finally uploaded them into the pc) in the fancy apartment i stayed at :)


is fine :)

my classmates are the best really. seating's abit mixed up, not used to it yet.

adeline, panda, debbie and i should be randomly sitting in any of our 4 seats now yay :) and no aesya near us D:

and i dun understand why we have that one odd table there... and its so squished up.

i liked our last classroom better, because it's brighter, bigger, with nicer tables, more than enough tables to tablehop everyday :) and it feels like we can just walk anywhere do anything...

but this class feels cramped and too dim, and feels like we can't really move around and off that metal and plastic things that are a bad excuse as chairs and tables. hmph.

but we are all still buddies :) almost nothing has changed, and i love it that way. i dun get why some people's first week of school is so sien, or boring, or what, but to me its fun :) although there's alot of work to dooo.

i just feel busy and out of time. sigh somebody teach me to relax or else i will be a soul-less robot til spm is over. which is in about 300 days or so.

i am also hooked on football news :) cause when arsenal are doing good, they really do great. check your facts people, we're doing AWESOME. don't tell me they suck right now, we have a better current record than most teams.

we have games almost every 3-4 days, which is fun, but i am worried they'll tire out, and get more injuries or something.

and its winter there, they are freezing their athletic buns off okay.