Pick Me

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

flip splash

a hot guy, not perasan at all, smart, funny, likes to eat and tells you he really likes you and loves to hold your hand and sit with you.
it would be really cool if the guy was actually older than u.
hes 4.
and he likes me alot.

i didnt go to school today.
i want to suria klcc.
with my moms kindergarten.
and a hot 4 year old like me!

thats all for now....malas wanna post.

oh. and i have a hp!
and i like having it.

Monday, July 23, 2007




why is it that i tend to classify everyone else as one whole big force against miniscule me? is it that im insecure?or is it one of those normal-teenage-phases we go through?if so,take it away. i dont like it.

my tendency to exclude myself is my worst enemy.

dont misunderstand. im not a total antisocial. i have friends. its just that some how, right smack in the middle of a comfortable conversation with my acquaintances, i get this tiny critical voice in my head. the thoughts will come pouring in:why are these people being nice to me? why does being classmates/senior-juniors/clubmates make us friends? if so, why didnt i approach them ages ago?

and usually, after those heart-to-heart-truth-or-dare tete-a-tetes, the fun runs out. brief greeting exchanges seem so mechanical. life becomes the normal dreary existence it was, as if the in-depth whole friendship moolah never happened. that will be the time i start questioning again. in the end, the "hellos" and "c ya later"s seem like chores. someting i do as a polite gimmick.

im such a fake. i hate this stupid plastic grin and this stupid plastic giggle on my face.

again, dont get me wrong.

i cherish friendship. just not so much when i have to mantain it.

back to self-exclusion.

i think my ego also plays a huge part in this. 24/7 im surrounded by people i find shallow. for a fact, i actually detest shallow people. though i find it hard to be so against them when even my closest friends are. i feign interest in boring conversations of little substance. im sick and tired of attempting to show my other side, my deep side, only to find it brushed away as 'anisa's being weird again lets avoid her for a while till she pulls herself together and tells us about what happened at so-n-so's party.'


and she complains about me being emo.
i seriously need to fully fully thank her for this.
i mean, i aint a good explainer and usually i confuse people so, the way she puts this is well...
almost perfect.
word for word, its exactly how i feel most of the time.
this is kinda why i was so emo last time.
oh and, she never leaves a space after commas and full stops.
its not good.

but anyway, good for her lah.
i mean, how many form 1's do u know..
(or anybody in fact)
could be so..
expressive and insightful.
oh gawd its like im her utmost fan or something.

i just know what shes going through.

the way u are.
i dont.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

whispers and bottles

not ok.
so...not evrybody can change back places.
turns out, our class, 2 cyber, is actually one of the noisiest classes in form 2 lah..
the teachers actually discussed about our class during a meeting...
thats what THEY say lah...
so, Pn Malliga(?) and Pn Saramah want us to permanently change our places.
makes me wanna rebel like crazy.

and..oliver and joshua are..um..weird?

thats me.
i can walk!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

wait for as long as you can.

we won futsal!
happy gila.
played 5 games~won all!
were first!
the finals against 2B was damn scaryyyyyyyy.
nadiah rocks as a striker...
and of course me too as a defender.
so. 2cyber isnt that bad lah.
oh teacher changed or places in class.
as if were gonna listen to her lah.
but...theres no nadiah.
abruptly replaced by daniel.
which....is...i shall not say on the world wide web.
needless to say, we'll all be back to our ori places.

scary like shit right?
it belongs to aski.
sometimes i feel like this on the inside.

i think i might be weird.
my brain is soooo weird.
weird in a bad way.
its making me evil.
and im serious.
i wanted to post a pic here.
but i dont have a pic to describe how im feeling right now.

if i were a big scary blue monster, would you go with me to a valley to possibly overtake earth too?
i think the monsters up there are lucky.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

duck walk.

doing ohp was fun today.
i get to press buttons and stuff.
lotsa errors though.
and i was kinda late also...
i was also kinda freaked out about the thing lah..
cos...first time..
i scared i would mess up and jam the com or something.
but still fun.
less work.
chewie was being..himself..
felt like taking his expensive looking guitar and slamming him with it.

i was watching national geographic today...
and...i found out that Australia's coastline is home to many of the most poisonous creatures on earth!
Sarah i hope u get stung by a box jellyfish or by a cone snail.
no i dont lah..
im actually kinda worried.
who knows where the hell Perth is?

non quality photo taken by janice.
long time ago..
u can hardly see our faces.

can u see me?

hello freaks-that-actually-read-my-blog...

dammit.i hatehate forwarded messages.
they send you the same crap again and again and its not even true(sometimes) so its sorta lying.
i mean the funny stuff is ok i guess but dontlah send to me that they will shut your account if you dont send this crap to more than 10 people who actually care.
and i especially hate the ones that say if u dont send this to another bloody group of people, you will have a bad love life and all that.
like an email could change your life.....

oh..i dont mean to insult people who sent those messages...
happier stuff!

what an overstatement.
happy stuff?
what happy stuff?
dont u know my life sucks?
what happy stuff are u talking about?

i did something with photoshop again.
here goes.

so how?

Monday, July 9, 2007

i need u to tell me.

i dont wanna be in love
i dont wanna be in love

ok. a sudden obsession with good charlotte?
i'm not the type that falls in love easily.
mostly, i like guys cos well, theres nothing better to do.

i didnt go to school.
cause i'm sick.
dam stupid.
i always always get sick near holidays and weekends.
why cant i get sick on a monday?
its good lah.
at least i dont need to do Pn Erna's bloody homework.
like siviks so important like that lahhhh?????????!!!!????

Sunday, July 8, 2007

such a beautiful lie to believe.

so..yesterday went to subang utama for their hari whatever.
i went with my auntie/tuition teacher. hee.
then she got lost...its a freaking huge place so i as mostly confused.
then i went to see amanda and cheryl.
then blablabla, walked around.
then i saw una and aski so i followed them around.
waited a long time for the haunted house thing but then so fannn(i used i Chinese word! im not a banana!) until we just left the line.
how many ppl we saw.
alot of lalas there lah. and weirdos.
i spent 20 bucks there. i think its a waste of money.
i dyed my hair greenish. but it didnt even last till youth meeting.
and i got a tattoo. tiny and shiny.
we got bored so we went to the park.
played on the swing awhile.
then we walked a gazillion miles to aski's house.
okla..maybe not that far but still..

then at aski's house.
camwhored alot.
played with hair straighteners and hair-dryers.
and we all exchanged skirts.
i had to change skirts with una about 5 times cos she was worried about how fat she looked and well, we were both selfish like mad.
anyways, eggs, shoes, bathing, joel, a dog named nike (i hope u guys know what i'll name my dog if i ever get one..starts with a)
and um girl talks.
thats how to sum up the day there.

and youth was well. youthish.
i think i have to tell someone something veryvery important.
the ambiguity in my brain is killing me.

my camera is with jess so i cant upload anything.

destiny vs. fate

Friday, July 6, 2007

bassguitar, electricguitar, drums

My Chemical Romance - Teenagers
Justin Timberlake - Lovestoned/I Think She Knows

ok. music is again taking over my life.

people, go watch Transformers. i feel like watching it again.

me ushering this saturday.
i got a name tag.
its chainy thing is......PINK!
i dont usually like pink...but still.

went to Jessica's blog just now.
thats my life.

seems like everyone is emo nowadays.
and so is the weather.

[my first time amateur try at adobe photoshop]

i feel like talking about the guy again.
*sighs and frowns*
he is not the perfect guy for me.

i need respect and attention.
if being rude is your way of communicating, maybe your life isnt so much better than mine.

Sarah freaking migrated to freaking Australia.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

anything but ordinary please.

laura: what will i get if i get no.1 in class?
parents: handphone lah..
laura: *shocked and disgusted*um...
parents: then what u want?
laura: jeans.
parents: .....

hee. weird rite?
whats wrong with me?