Pick Me

Saturday, May 28, 2011

i ain't with it.

yeah, so i'm quite upset with this guy.
it's really silly, so i'm just gonna write it up and then let it go.

i have a very unhealthy way of dealing with the crushes i have on guys.
not that i have had many guys to like since i was...16. nice guys are going extinct.

well, i think i'm quite a realistic person. so when i do get crazy and stalkerish about someone it's definitely something short term and with no basis wan. unless of course the guy show's some sort of interest himself.

well. this new guy annoyed the heck out of me because of his utter lack of response. so annoying.
not used to it at all. i know i'm bragging here, but at least the guys before this had shown some sort interest right.

not this guy. no. so sickening. all he can do is show his stupid lopsided smile at me.

so i'm upset. but i guess for a short while only lah.

see, this is why i don't want a boyfriend. now. cause i'm crazy and i know it.

arsenal is coming to malaysia btw. i'm kinda uber happy.

adding on, in general, sometimes guys are real dumbos.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

change is good.

yes, i've added pages.
they seemed silly and complicated to create at first but then you know, i am gifted technologically so yeah i figured it out :)


i've put them in to make blogging less of a hassle for me.
cause i want to write down memories as vividly as possible and what i DON'T want to do is to write as if i'm desperate for your attention and acknowledgement.

check out the introduction. it'll help ALOT.

Friday, May 20, 2011

as we go on, we remember.

sigh. i know i sound so silly and repetitive, but I really miss my classmates :(

see. sometimes when it's you know, that time of the month, i get realllllyy emo. for no reason. it's crazy. and easily annoyed. sometimes it's not so bad, but like maybe once in three or four months, it culminates and culminates until i get frustrated with everything.

so the latest one was, frustrated with failing my driving, frustrated with form 6, frustrated with my blog, frustrated with arsenal and frustrated that i cannot see my classmates even though i miss them.

there's nothing i can actually do about driving, i have to pass eventually.
and i suppose i can get used to form 6. i don't and never did have a good mood on any early morning except saturdays, and there's no noobs to cheer me up, so i think i'm quite grumpy and unsociable in seafield.

and yeah, i privated my blog. cause i was annoyed with it. yes, an inanimate website that didn't do anything wrong, made me angry.

nothing i can do about arsenal, but to watch the last game of the season without throwing a remote at the tv. and then hope for the best for next season.

and, my classmates. i realize now how much they affect me and how school was alot better with them around.
the fact that we were, trying not to sound cliched here, a sort of family.

i never appreciated until now the amount of acceptance and belonging that comes from being in such a group of friends. everybody's equal yet everyone has their own special qualities and flaws.

i can be annoyed and grumpy all i want and yet they understand. i could be lame and messy and noisy and i bet (hope) they liked that about me.

oh you stupid internet >:( !


and then if i'm angry with one of them i can go to another. there was never really any backstabbing or fights and when there was it was because we knew that we loved each other enough to make up and say sorry.

okeh. i know i'm being ridiculous and i promise this is my last wimpy post about them.

and i am angry at them because we don't make the effort to go out. hmph.

less than three!