Pick Me

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

i hate chelsea.

just when i thought i couldn't hate Chelsea more than i already do.
i watched the arsenal vs. chelsea game.
then again. it was kinda arsenal's fault too.
I thought that Drogba' s first goal was offside.
i don't even know what offside means anymore.
and don't try to explain to me. don't waste oxygen.

i've been very sleepy in school nowadays.
i mean..sleepy-er than usual.
post-holiday syndrome.
but then..in two weeks time...we gots another holiday.

and. im happy! er.but sad..uhhhhhhhhhh...
its Nicky's fault.
seriously...someone should shut him up.
but then again. i need to know.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

dont judge me.


i'm more hurt by what you said than you think.

augh. you should just leave me alone.
would you take a hint???

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

o man.how do i get out of this?

happy yappy dippy wappy.
ya wanna know why?
brenda came to my housey.
yup.. that day i came home from visiting...ready to sleep again..
and then..a green Myvi comes out of nowhere.
and then i see this gorgeous smiling girl that was too familiar.
and then she opens the door and yells my name.

wahahahaha. then her dad explains to my dad that i MUST go to Subang Parade.
usually my dad will say no. but i guess he had no choice la. cos it was such a big shock.

so we went.=D
went to mph and mcdonalds.
oh..and guess who i met.
rhys lee and family.
haha...faith lee look so damn cute!

it was nice talking to her.
after a long time.
theres no one else on this earth that i'll confide to.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

just so u know.

just so u know- Jesse Mccartney
i shouldnt love you. but i want to.
i just cant turn away. i wanna see you. but i cant move. i cant look away.
and i dont know how to be fine when im not.
and i dont know how to make the feeling stop. just so u know.

the chorus is even better.
go download it. it rocks.
im sleepy.
but i cant sleep.
too hot.
and the air con dries my skin and hair.
soo i guess im waiting till i practically drop of the chair only then i shall go sleep.
or if mummy comes out of her room and yells at me la.
and i feel abit,....oily..after the chicken at KFC at Taipan.
btw...it barely changed at all.its slightly blander la...but i like the black ceilings.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

i dont like myself.

i think i take too many things for granted.

it occured to me that i take my limewire for granted.
its been faithfully downloading music for me to suit my every mood.
but then i dont really think about it.
and then the earthquake thingy happens and then i cant dwl no music no more.and then i have a WHOLE list of songs to dwl but then i cant.
but then...my limewire has made a miraculous recovery!!!

but then i'm still sad.
for the loss of the Wong's.
my gravest condolences to the Wong family.
really didn't expect it.

i miss bananas in pajamas and mamee monsters.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


unforgettable. in every way. and forevermore. thats how u stay. thats why darling. its incredible. that someone so unforgettable too. unforgettable. thats what you are.

that song rocks.

note the bold part.
i wish it were true.



these words now looks weird.




but these words mean more to me than you know.

Monday, February 5, 2007

just the way u took my breathe away.

guess what.
I'm listening to daddy's Michael Buble', Nat king Cole, Elvis romantic-ish songs.

theres just something about you.
you're different.
maybe its your eyes. so trusting and longing.
maybe its your smile. so unforgettable and so sweet.
i need to see it.

your hair. so shiny and clean.
your skin. so dark but so radiant.
your body. so athletic yet so unaggressive.
i need to hold it.

the way you talk. so confident yet so humble.
the way you walk. so casual.
i want to walk with you.

is this love?or is it lust?
i don't know.
but i know he likes me too.
so what happens next.
should i make a move.
hes too precious to me to make any mistakes.
maybe i should get closer to him first.
'it had to be you'

i miss Brenda and color pencils.

i dont think so.

I dont think i can stand it any longer.
i hate school.
its no like we study much.
we should just have school in church.
i wanna go to church.
i cant wait for anything to do with church.
school sucks.
whats so nice about it huh.
i know u got friends and blablabla..
i mean...ugh...
i know la..so happy to see friends la..
but then..haix.. everything's all the same...
nothing changes.
sometimes i feel like i lose my purpose of life somewhere in between.


[an altogether different post]
whats it to me anyway.
it doesn't really matter.
or does it.
in the end we all just end up in heaven or hell right.
and then everything just goes away.
u just have to do what u have to do and be off with it.
all the little things smothered between are just for our selfish pleasure it it not?
[I'm so emo now i wanna write a poem like Brenda..
but my head is blank.]
i feel so selfish now.
here i am being depressed for an unknown reason while other people are doing far worse than me right.
i should be thankful i even have a blog to just rant about.
it just doesn't matter.
get that through your stubborn self-centered head.
i just want what other people have.
and THAT.
is a sin.
its inside the 10 commandments.
go check.
thou shall not er....somethingsomething....be thankful...somethingsomething la...

Saturday, February 3, 2007

and then the depression kicks in..


I went to school all happy and hyper but the moment i stepped into class all of that just...
then i was so depressed.
tooooo many reasons...
mainly cos i miss someone that i haven't seen in a while.
but then..during rehat i felt much better cos then i know got prayer meeting later hehe.

then..during prayer meeting..
i felt like i was on top of the world.
i was so happy.
i cant believe im not going to 365 today.
stupid school.
i would ponteng la..but then its the first ever meeting.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

my genetic defects.

everybody has their genetic defects.
the stuff we inherit from our parents that makes us who we are today.
but some of us have nicer parents then others.
but u cant really complain about it.
we got it from our parents, who got it from their parents, who got it from their parents, and so on..
*one can only wonder if one's ancestors were somewhat in one's history textbook*

so..my genetic defects are..i guess..less?? than my sibling..
when i was young..*ahem*i mean younger...
people always said i look more like mummy and my sis looked more like my daddy...
so i thought when my sisters grows up, she'll look like a guy...lol..(she still might..u never know)

one thing me and my sister have, is white hair.

whitish grayish hair?

with abit of gold if lucky..

sometimes there are different colors on one single strand.

actually, i dont mind it all. really. i dont.
i also dont mind if people say " hey u got white hair "
but..what pisses me off is..
if someone asks WHY.
why do u think its white?????
im old and dying????
i painted it???
i stuck it there??
i stress too much?
be smart for one second la.
asking why i have white hair is one way of making me strangle you.
i probably will..if under certain circumstances..such as
and so on...
otherwise..i will just say dunno, pretend to smile..come home and vent it out on my blog...
(which is what im doin)

i don't mind if u wanna pluck it or something...
but not in school la hello..i take all my time tying up my hair but i have to take it all down just because u want to have an insignificant strand of white hair?????
AND THEN ar..u have to go all pitiful on me..i can just hear it from your voice..
" ah..too bad la for u..."
"oh..poor laura..nvm la..people wont notice wan"
oh shut up la.
i don't care about it why should you.