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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


i knu. we're all oily and sweaty, but it's still a great pic.


just a short post kay :D

i had an osm weekend :)

saturday morning i went to play futsal :) and it was a HOT HOT day. totally cloudless.
and after that went to coffee shop for a long time. 4 guys staring at the tv talking about pool, 1 girl (me) stoning wondering why i can't spit seeds at jeremy with devastating speed and velocity. haha.

sunday was a better day :)
after church and goooooood nap, we went to pyramid to buy jie's laptop. and then, the parents let her and i drive to kemuning alone! at night! we made it alright :)

at nick's house. waiting for faya. and like some failed plan all, we waited in the park in the dark, and then back to the house again?
and yum all the food was superosm! esp mae's and nat's. rahh :D and cake.

then we played taboo. so fun man :) epic moments la, that i will remember for life. and it makes me laugh like nobody's business.
i realized, it was like a mini-lockdown, cause 1 group playing ping pong outside, one group playing monopoly deal and one group with taboo. hehe :)

then most of us went to a quiet mamak there to watch eng vs ger, but of course we made it noisy lah. haha.

we left around 12. and ptuh we took a wrong turning and got lost. at shah alam. but its okay. we found our way back.

came home around 12.45. super tired. and this whole week nothing but busy busy busy with that talent search. i haven't sat in a single math class all week. since last week too.

lazy lazy lazy lazy.

rimup. tak bagus. tak apa. kami sangat bersporting dan seronok. tak menang tak apa. nak menang captain ball doh.

basketball, i fell, and there's a deep cut on my knee. and the area to long and wide to put plaster. so it keeps leaking interstitial fluid :D hahaha.

noobs. my marks are still bad, but improving! nvr failed anything!

nxt week i going taylor's lakeside campus with the noobs.


Friday, June 25, 2010

there's nobody as bomb as me :)

love :)

despite my happy title, i am not happy.
i'm quite angry and frustrated nao.

since i last posted, i've been busy. holidays were good, although NOT productive AT ALL.
sigh. form 5s are dumb. we are all worried yet we don't do anything about it. unless its just me?

i went to hammy's house on wednesday :)
and to pyramid with brenda on thursday :)


went back to school on monday, and BAM my semi-final auditions were set on thursday. the same thursday as in four days from one we come back fresh to school.

okay i sorta knew it would be on that day adi, but i didn't really believe till i was in pn.teo's office with my mouth gaping open whatttt and an okayyyyy.

the planning would be easier than the first auditions, because there were less people. then there's always the nonsense of afternoon session which are so detached from us why do we even care?

thank goodness for fu ying though. he did all the physical stuff like walking from class to class when i was having the period cramps from hell.

but besides that, its still difficult for me to delegate to form 4s. they're all busy with teachers day and RIMUP anyway. i didn't have a group of trustable prefects like xin li had with me, dianne and eugene last year.

funny ah? i abuse what i love about prefects, you know, the you can skip perhimpunan, recess early, print nonsense of pn.teo's and bbi's computer, coming late to class, no spotcheck evryday thing.

but when it comes to actual prefect duties, i thank my lucky stars i'm an ajk and don't have to do this nonsense.

sometimes i get away with anything, i do feel invincible :D not like i'm dealing drugs in school or anything like that lah -_-

but in the end yesterday's auditions turned out OKAY. not perfect but okay.

afternoon session one was nonsense, cause of the laptop problem. and pn teo scolded me okay :( and i admit i was so angry at everybody that time i refused to talk to them for like a minute and asked them to freaking handle it themselves. but it was solved, and sigh, afternoon session did produce some really good easy to watch talent, so i calmed down. and we were on time anyway :)

morning session audition pissed me off too. there's nova, which i put first and then they bother me cause they don't wanna go first and the whole room was noisy and all the bands took so long to set up i didn't have the energy to do anything.

i folded stars though. and ken jee lah. i felt better after awhile.

i didn't eat anything till dinner though. had a bad headache. then rushed for tuition. kept falling asleep.

then explorer was supposed to go futsal together this morning, but all of the guys are noobs so i angry. dowan go.

and rimup. makes me angry too.

whatever. i ranted everything to my sister and she laughed and said my friends are noobs. so as long as somebody agrees with me, i'm okay dah :D

i'm worried for the next two weeks though :(

pn teo gave me two weeks to do a HUGE final which I have to plan. you know, plus staying back for captain ball, basketball, and futsal for rimup. and add maths project. and pn heng keeps giving us alot of homework you cannot NOT do.
oh yeah and spm is less than 5 months away, no, you don't need to study. really.

sigh. i love planning this stuff i do, but what does it benefit me? i don't even get one of those stupid gold or silver star pins -_- and i'm retiring in a month anyway -_-

hmph. perpetual -_- face.

ps: i already know your audition finalists. haha :D

i am also having a terrible cough that just won't heal.

and, yay for holland and robin van persie :) i do love them :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


yo :)

i had an osm weekend :)
on saturday, i went futsal again. :) and then maegan and i went home to bathe, and jamie fetched us and aski to summit :D met jess, elena and joanne :)
and we watched the A-team which was OSM like nonsense :)

really. hee :) and then mae and i bought matching dinosaur tees. lol

then we forgot where we parked the car. like bimbos we went to every floor to look. and you know summit is creepy with faulty lifts.

then, sunday, we went for lunch. we totally filled the restaurant with 365-ians. there were so many people! :) and then we went to the ng's!

for two days 1 night. nat and my sis cooked good food for us :) and we played the ps, cho dai di, thats also where i got my 500k+ bejeweled score :D

we also went to the chan's where we played taboo and chinese charades. and the four of em are all crazy :) so we had fun.
at night we watched julie and julia, a movie about cooking.

we came back yesterday at 10 something. hee. and today? did nothing much, but the next few days are packed.

study? i wish lah.
and i got flu now. cause i emo. i dowanna do my project :(

Saturday, June 12, 2010


er. the bird in the sidebar. annoying as anything. there's a mute on the bottom left of it. :)

hi :)

i went for futsal this morning with the explorians. ish. don't plan stuff with them. notorious for ffk-ing. 7 out of 13. tsk tsk. and why the heck you all live in kemuning and puchong anyway?

so there was me, panda, oliver, rajiev, chin hua, kantha and wen liang. haha.
fun la :) then we go yumcha also.

i'm going futsal again. tmr. same place. same time. different people. people i generally am more comfortable with :)

world cup starts today, but so noob, between two noob countries. and its group stages anyway. not thrilling.

i like that the wc brings people together :) and is appreciated almost everywhere in the world. it also gives berth to alot of plastic fans. that i hate. i mean hey, everyone! just jump on the Spain ship and get on with it. it almost makes it hard for me to like Spain.

BUT, in the spirit of, er, sharing? i dont mind. who can't love spain anyway? sexy players, sexy passing, sexy goalkeeper :D :D :D, sexy midfielders, arrrr :) i admit though, if fabregas wasn't in the team, i wouldnt really like it.

but, i also love holland/netherlands. sigh :) so osm. i can't wait for the last 16 rounds. now is just like eh. predictable.

sometimes, i think i know way more about football than some guys do. but i don't show it. because of the stereotype. i don't like talking too much about football to some people.

ANYWAY. kyle's picking me up in 6 hours time. i can't sleep because... i duno. bejeweled lahh.
bai :D

Thursday, June 10, 2010


i still have not finished telling you everything yet :)

did i mention to you the love of my life, left me? i see him everyday but one day he just left without saying goodbye :( sometimes i think i see him around, but they all look the same. i'll never see him again.

i'm talking about bulbul. my awesome bird. he is unimaginatively named bulbul, after his species, which is a yellow vented bulbul. at first i thought he was a she, but it could be either since he and his wife? take turns incubating. yup. they gots kids! i name them all bulbul lah.

the hubby has a long tail, while the mummy has a short tail. and a rocking mohawk :D

i stalked them everyday. until one sunday, they left. yup. four of em. all gone.

theres just an empty nest nao. ;(

okay. and now i talk to you about langkawi.

it was okay la. sigh. not that enjoyable, i had a chemistry book with me everywhere. don't go langkawi. its not that nice.

but we went snorkeling in pulau payar which was osm :) the water so blue and transparent.
and i think i have this crazy need to be accepted by animals, (except cats) so i was mad happy when feeding the fish cause they all love you and want to be with you! until you run out of bread lah. then they're like, no, don't touch me with their fast reflexes and all.

i going futsal tmr. with my classmates. that i love :)

and next week overnighting at the ng's with the goh's.

and i finished all my moral tugasan harian today. :)

i have alot of pictures :) tmr :D

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

lots to tell :D

lazyness prevails! :D hello! i know most of you have given up checking this space, but mostly i don't care, because this blog is for my documentation okay?

but i know some of you all miss hearing from me :)
this is where i tell you things that don't really matter and not important enough to bring up during conversations. lah.

alot of things happened since.. when? what the...MARCH!? omg i didn't know i took off that long my goodness.

warning: long and continuous load of unimportant information. don't read unless you genuinely care, or have lots of time to waste. :D

well. why was i so busy? i know i was tearing my hair out over the talent search (which i have no ideas nor motivation to keep planning) for the whole of april, and was immediately followed by hari kantin, which was osm :D and then the whole month of may exam which i think has burned holes, in our brains.
so now, not to say i'm free-er, just less occupied.

the talent search, was stressful as anything, it went well but bloody hell that was just auditions! still have... alot more. and i hated it HATED when you all would come and bother me about the results. and after the holidays will be another mad rush -_-
and i think i can't trust anybody anyway. you give me a very capable set of people, yet i am reluctant to delegate properly.

and kantin day. i told myself i did NOT want to get involved and focus on my studies haha but i couldn't :) what? miss planning this with the explorians? no way :)
we made OSM OSM OSM cupcakes :) and the OSM OSM OSM dunk tank.

and then one week later BAM! 5 weeks of exam stuffed in your face whether you have the time to breathe or not. needless to say, studying was last minute. the jps exam was better, because by then you would have studied a subject twice beforehand..er, do you understand?

i am proud to say i did not take any of the exam tips.
except for bm, and paper 3s.
i did not understand AT ALL why you people took all the tips.
i didn't take them because i wanted to know my overall progress in my studies and evaluate what needed more help than not.
i mean, WHAT satisfaction would you feel if you got high marks for something you did not work hard for?

this applies to alot of you, i love you guys really, but all the tips really made me, how you say... dumbfounded.
and i'm sorry and thankful to charmaine for listening to me rant my frustration.

and now? well. the important thing would be...

finishing projects, studying, finishing the talent search.

and, i have the weirdo ear infection that hurts like nonsense. i have to take really strong painkillers for it, and eardrops.
and i'm much too addicted to bejeweled and have in fact infected alot of my friends with the bejeweled bug. and they are getting better than me :(

i also need to tell you about scrabble.
back in...er. april i think, before exams, i went for the CIMB junior circuit district competition in klang. we played eight consecutive two-player scrabble in a hot stuffy hall. i didn't expect much, but yay in the end charmaine and i qualified for nationals. this time, in times square. immediate saturday after exams.

it was hard. and it was 15games over two days.

i hate scrabble now.

stupid nerds. i know, i went for it so i'm also a nerd, but really, charmaine and i went to get marks and a cert. and try our luck lah.
anyway, i took comfort in the fact that well, i am
1. more good looking than any of them
2. definitely have a more active social life, or even just a social life
3. the best hair there. no kidding.
4. the least stressed out and kiasu one there

or something like that. not counting charmaine of course :)

saturday night, the ng's were somehow at my house. so we went upstairs and talked. and laughed. and laughed and couldn't stop. i went into one of my uncontrollable laughing fits, triggered my something mildly amusing, and laughed till i teared and couldn't breathe. i heart the ngs :D

sunday night, reached home at 7, bathed, had dinner and went for the lockdown yo! 8pm to 8am of nonstop fun! i thought i would have been exhausteeeddddd after a whole day out and no afternoon nap, but it was osm :) here's what i did in 12 hours:
1. watched meet the robinsons
2. played a noisy game of congkak with una
3. watched a monopoly game
4. played some ball game?
5. talked for awhile
6. played battleship with una and mae-gan
7. played the BEST game of taboo with jeremy, irving, una, mae, and nick. really. laughing fits again :D
8. played a tiring and sweaty game of captain ball at the bball court. that was at 3 am :)
9. watched people play PES in the ps3
10. played nfs with mae on the ps2. alot of bimbotic screaming :)
11. cho dai di
12. bluff
13. cleaned toilets

haha. then had breakfast and went home.
i slept, from 9am-5pm. thats 8 hours. and i woke up, brushed my teeth, and bathed.
and i went for tuition :) and then murni with zack, roland, lou gong, adeline, debbie, panda, and rajiev.

and i cleaned my room today! :)

i tell you more, tmr :)